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What if a diamond isn’t forever?

As a new bride or bride to be, it’s probably hard to imagine losing your ring. You have invested in it both financially and emotionally. However, accidents happen. In fact, according to claims received by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, provider of Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance, loss accounts for nearly one third of all jewelry claims received.

What should I watch for?

All kinds of accidents happen to rings. From “a crab stole it off my beach towel” to “I must have lost it when I took out the trash.” So what should you watch out for? 

Here are the top six reasons individuals report claims to Jewelers Mutual:

1. Mysterious disappearance. This may mean anything from setting your ring down and forgetting where you placed it to having it stolen without drawing your attention.

2. Lost at the beach or swimming pool. Water makes skin slippery, so if you keep your ring on your finger at the pool or beach make sure you keep a careful eye on it.

3. Left it in a public restroom or flushed down the toilet. Double check that your ring is still on your finger before you exit any room, especially a public restroom.

4. Lost while traveling. Your normal routine is completely thrown off while you travel, and there are many ways to lose your ring. You could forget to pick it up after going through security, lose it at a hotel, or have it slide off in a strange place without your knowledge.

5. Accidentally threw it in the garbage. You can accidentally throw away your ring when doing things as commonplace as drying your hands over the trashcan or tossing out a lunch tray that you had placed your ring on.

6. Chipped a stone when bumping something. All of your daily tasks will be different with your new rock, so decide which activities may be dangerous for your ring. If you remove it, designate a ring spot and make sure you only set your ring there when you take it off.

How can I protect my ring?
Acquiring jewelry insurance is an easy and important step in protecting your ring. Insurance is a cost everyone should build into their budget for purchases of valuable jewelry items. Sites like offer handy premium calculators so you can easily get a quote and apply for coverage. Finding the appropriate insurance for your wedding ring in advance will alleviate the anxiety associated with even the most extreme cases of loss.

What does my policy cover?
There are a variety of companies that insure jewelry, and costs can be similar among them. However, coverage can vary a great deal. Moral of the story? Do your research and make sure you’re covered in the event of any loss. That way, you’ll have confidence that your ring is protected so you can focus on creating more memories.

Underwritten by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Neenah, Wisconsin. Coverage is subject to underwriting review and approval, and to policy terms and conditions.

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