what is the perfect palette?

Since its launch almost five years ago in 2009, The Perfect Palette has been the go-to color resource for couples who dream of a unique, creative, and meaningful wedding day. By featuring only the most thoughtfully curated content, and by bringing heartfelt advice and creativity to every post, The Perfect Palette is a place where couples can find ideas and advice for planning their dream wedding.

At it's heart, The Perfect Palette is a blog dedicated to exploring the color palette possibilities for weddings and parties. But a lot of our readers continue to come back for inspiration long after they say 'i do.'  From inspiration boards, to color tips, The Perfect Palette is all about sharing ways that color can be used to bring creative party planning ideas to life! 

For the past 5 years The Perfect Palette has been named as one the 'Top 100 Wedding Blogs,' by Bridetide. And additionally, we were also awarded the title 'Best Wedding Blog by An Industry Expert' by onewed! 


chrissy arpie ott is the founder and editor of The Perfect Palette, where she brings together two of her favorite things: a love for color and a love for helping people. Chrissy is known for her distinctly creative inspiration boards, her keen attention to detail, and her unique sense of style. She lives near Atlanta with her sweet husband and their three kiddos (all under 3 years of age).


how did the perfect palette come about?
What started out as a hobby has really blossomed into more than Chrissy could have even imagined. Chrissy started this blog while planning her own wedding. As she went through the planning process she found her in awe over all of the swoon-worthy photos and inspiring ideas. And before she knew it, she found herself saving photos and dreaming of ways that she could bring those photos to life in her own wedding. In order to create a collective idea of what she wanted their wedding to be like, she began collaging her ideas together using various color palettes.

Creating inspiration boards soon became an everyday thing for her. She was creative up between five to 10 a day! Once she had determined their 'perfect palette' she started offering to create inspiration boards for other brides-to-be just because she love to help other people! And then one day, someone asked her if she had a blog? At the time she did not. And so the Perfect Palette was born! Now, almost five years later, Chrissy still enjoys helping couples find their perfect palette!


things chrissy loves!
Blogging, photography, sushi, meeting new people, fashion, antiquing, writing, vacations, cupcakes with sprinkles, new york city, decorating, mexican food, red lipstick, event planning, stripes, the color orange, fall weather, crafting, polka dots, design, fuzzy socks, chevron, diet coke, colored pencils, wedding blogs, pottery barn catalogs & champagne.  


how do i request a palette?
If you are interested in requesting a palette, please check out our 'Requests' page here. We love taking requests from our readers!

how do i become a sponsor?
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we invite you to email us at chrissy@theperfectpalette.com to learn more about advertising options & check out our 'Advertising Information' page here. Please make sure to include a link to your website, or attach some examples of your work.