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Simply by Val Stefani

Bridal fashion week in New York City always leaves us feeling so inspired. And the new Simply by Val Stefani collection? Consider us smitten. Because what's not to love? Having had the opportunity to meet with Val Stefani for the past two years during Bridal Fashion Week, we can tell you that these gowns are just as dreamy in person as they are in the photos.

With a collection that features an array of mix and match styles and stunning bridal separates, these exquisite pieces are perfect for the bride who wants to create her own distinctive look on her wedding day. Mix and match and make it yours, we say!

Want to see a few of the looks we're loving the most this season from Simply by Val Stefani? Well, get ready for gorgeous, you guys! Because these styles are simply swoon-worthy.

 Simply by Val Stefani

Create a unique silhouette that speaks to your personal sense of style with this sleeveless net and lace halter bridal top. Crafted from a combination of soft net and re-embroidered lace, this halter bridal top offers a timeless and elegant look that makes it easy to pair with a variety of separate bridal skirts.

Perfect for the modern bride who wants to create her own distinctive look (and available in classic hues like ivory and white), this piece features an illusion back that lets you reveal just the right amount of skin. Sophisticated and oh-so elegant!

 Simply by Val Stefani

Set-in sleeves and a scalloped hem make this short sleeve style perfect for the modern bride who wants a conservative top that's rich in texture and taste.

Beautifully crafted from soft and luxurious lace, this short sleeve bridal top is designed for the woman who wants to crate her own wedding gown by combining separate tops and bottoms of her choice. Perfect to pair with a trumpet, ball gown, or a-line skirt.

 Simply by Val Stefani



Paired with an a-line chiffon skirt or a tulle ball gown skirt, the embroidered beaded camisole is a stunning option for the bride who wants to wear a separate top and bottom rather than a traditional bridal gown.

Offering women the ability to craft their own unique look, this mix and match option also allows women to order different sizes for tops and bottoms. Um yes, please!

 Simply by Val Stefani



Looking to wow your guests with two completely different looks for your ceremony and reception? Well, look no further, friends. Because Simply by Val Stefani  allows you to switch it up like never before!

Doing double duty as both a top that can be paired with a separate skirt and a mini dress that can be worn on its own, this sophisticated and sexy design provides incredible versatile for the bride who wants to customize her look or wear two different looks on your big day

 Simply by Val Stefani



A strapless bridal corset is perfect for the bride seeking a one-of-a-kind look for her wedding day. Designed to pair easily with any of the separate skirts in the Simply by Val Stefani collection, this corset can be worn with a ball gown skirt, paired with an a-line silhouette, or teamed with a trumpet style in order to create a variety of chic and elegant looks. Talk about dreamy!

 Simply by Val Stefani

Want to know what we're loving most about this designer? That would be the fact that a fierce and feminine aesthetic is the inspiration behind every Val Stefani gown with styles that are accented by delicate beading, hand rolled rosettes, cascading ruffles and lace.

Each gown evokes a timeless beauty and a vintage inspired elegance that transcends generations and trends by using the most luxurious silk fabrics, intricate french lace and hand sewn Swarovski crystal detailing.

These hand crafted details and romantic silhouettes are signatures for every Val Stefani gown. And for those reasons alone, we're absolutely in love!

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Chrissy Arpie Ott

Chrissy Arpie Ott is the founder of The Perfect Palette. Since its launch in 2008, The Perfect Palette has been the go-to color resource for couples who dream of a unique, creative and colorful wedding day.

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2 Comments " Simply by Val Stefani "

spatena July 28, 2019

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جهت خرید  بلیط اتوبوس ایرانیان می‌توانید در مِستر بلیط و در همین صفحه مبدأ و مقصد خود را جستجو کنید.

بلیط اتوبوس رویال سفر

alibabaticket August 03, 2019

علی بابا به عنوان استارت‌آپی که ۴ محصول بلیط پرواز داخلی، پرواز خارجی، قطار و اتوبوس را با بهترین خدمات پشتیبانی ارائه می‌دهد، خدماتی مطلوب به شما ارائه می‌دهد. خرید اینترنتی بلیط سفر از علی بابا، یک راهکار ساده و سریع است که به شما کمک می‌کند برای تمام مقاصد جهان با چند کلیک ساده، خریدی امن داشته باشید.

این وبسایت علاوه بر ارائه خدمات کامل در زمینه فروش بلیط سفر، امکاناتی در اختیار مسافران قرار می‌دهد که پشتیبانی ۲۴ ساعته در ۷ روز هفته، پرداخت اینترنتی هزینه خرید بلیط سفر به هر نقطه از جهان با کارت‌های شتاب بانکی، امکان استرداد هزینه پرداختی بابت خرید بلیط در صورت لغو سفر، امکان بررسی و مقایسه قیمت بلیط سفر به صورت آنلاین و… برخی از آنها هستند.
خرید بلیط سفر علی بابا

پس اگر اهل سفر با قطار هستید، شما می‌توانید برای خرید بلیط قطار رجا علی بابا تنها در چند دقیقه اقدام کنید. همچنین برای خرید بلیط اتوبوس و هواپیما، اپلیکیشن و وبسایت علی بابا گزینه‌هایی هستند که می‌توانید روی آنها حساب کنید.

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