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{Giveaway Winner}: Delovely Details!

September 30, 2011 / 2 Comments
A big thanks goes to all who participated in the recent giveaway that we hosted for Delovely Details. Unfortunatley, there can only be one winner. So without further ado, the winner of the personalized hanger is Elise! Thanks again everyone! Oh, please enjoy 15 % off from Delovely Details by using the discount code: PERFECT15 at checkout.

*Do you have a product and/or service that you would like to introduce to the Perfect Palette readers? Please email us at chrissy@theperfectpalette.com for our current advertising rates and media kit.

{Rustic Romance}: A Palette of Chocolate, Latte, Mustard + Ivory


{Chocolate, Latte, Mustard + Ivory}

Well, hello there friends and happy Friday! I hope you all have been having a nice week so far. Today I have a rustic palette perfect for Fall. I don't know about you, but now that there's a slight nip in the air...I'm finding myself drawn to colors like mustard. For me, it's just one of those rich colors that looks gorgeous when paired with chocolate and latte. Looking for a Fall palette perhaps? Why not try this one on for size? {continued...}

{Click to Enlarge}
{bottom row}: lovely bouquet, baskets, shawl, glamorous.

Details We Love
Portrait + Baskets

Personally, I'm loving these details. What I think makes this particular wedding board work is the attention to detail brought to life through texture. I love the idea of using woven baskets to hold programs. Oh, and what's not to love about this bride's gown? So tell me, are you a fan of mustard? If so, might you consider using this color as a part of your wedding day color palette?

{Color Your Wedding Beautiful}: Coral, Orange + Gray

September 29, 2011 / 40 Comments
If I had to pick a color of the year, I think Coral would be it. Coral is such a vibrant color and to me it's the kind of color that you can really use for any season depending on what you pair it with. Coral is just a special color. And since gray is admittedly my favorite neutral of all time... I love it when I see these colors come together. Throw in a pinch of orange and you've got yourself a palette that's full of potential...

1. pretty bride 2. arch 3. newlyweds 4. heels

So tell me, are you as much of a coral lover as I am? It's definitely a color that I would love to see more of in weddings. It just has that something special that we don't see enough of! I personally love to see coral used in tropical settings and destination weddings. Maybe because I mostly associate coral with being exotic. So what do you think? Might you consider using coral for your upcoming wedding? Or maybe another project?

Still on the Hunt for the Perfect Palette?

September 28, 2011 / 45 Comments
In a world that is bursting at the seems with color, I often find it difficult to find a palette that I don't adore! Maybe it's because I appreciate so many colors or maybe it's because I have the ability to see the potential in most all palettes? Whatever the case is...one thing is for certain! I see in color. I'm a visual person. And when I find an image I love, I become attached. And so I save these images, like the photo hoarder that I am... Always with the hope that I will get around to incorporating said photos into my palettes. {continued...}

Who isn't loving this cool gray-blue color and how it contrasts with these brighter shades?

Oh, and just look at how the brightness of these red cherries is perfectly accented with black, white and shades of aqua and green. I'm absolutely loving this one!

Shades of green and yellow pair together effortlessly with neutrals such as latte and camel. Don't you think?

Oh, and what's not to love about how these shades of yellow are playing off these shades of teal and gray?

Well, the truth is that some photos are special. So special, in my opinion, that they don't need any further explanation. Not too long ago I started a series of color palettes that showcase simply one photo. Not ten, not five, not three. Just one. And so today I wanted to share with you a few more of these. They're simple and to me they speak volumes about where and how color palettes are born. Your typical palette is simply composed of a few colors and a couple of neutrals. Easy peasy, don't you think? So tell me? What colors are you finding yourself gravitating towards here lately? Are you a yellow gal at heart? Or maybe you're more drawn to the oh-so girly colors like pink for instance?

{Giveaway}: Introducing Delovely Details!

September 27, 2011 / 166 Comments
Nothing makes me happier than introducing you to a shop that I truly love. Today I'm excited because not only do I get to introduce you to one of our newest sponsors, but there's also a sweet giveaway included!! One of the things that I neglected to even think about when it came to planning for our wedding was finding a wedding hanger that was worthy enough for my wedding dress! Coming from a girl who is all about the details, you would probably expect that I would have thought of finding a pretty one, right? Well, it actually never crossed my mind. And although my gown looks pretty in photos, I think if I could do it all over again, I would probably find something a little more special.

Please tell me that you've heard of the Delovely Details shop? Specializing in custom, hand crafted wedding hangers, Delovely Details really is a great place to find personalized items for your wedding. Because who doesn't love the idea of adding a little personalization?

Well, get excited because today we're giving away one premium wooden hanger! Please note that the hanger can be personalized with both your name and wedding date and also a variety of fonts are available.

Contest Rules: {Please leave a separate comment for each entry}

To enter, simply hop on over to the Delovely Details shop and take a look around! Then come back and leave us a comment telling us how you would personalize your specialty hanger, should you win! {please remember include your email address}

For a third entry, share this giveaway on Facebook by clicking the facebook button below and/OR share this giveaway on twitter by tweeting, ''I just entered to win a personalized hanger from @delovelydetails via @perfectpalette Enter here ☛ http://ow.ly/6GdHc for a chance to win!''

The contest will run until Friday September 30th when a winner will be chosen. Good luck and happy planning!

{Fall in Love}: A Palette of Teal, Chocolate, Copper, Latte + Ivory

September 26, 2011 / 41 Comments

{Teal, Chocolate, Copper, Latte + Ivory}

Well, hello there pretty ladies and Happy Monday to you. I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend! This weekend I found myself cleaning out some stuff...and while I went through all of the boxes...I found myself reminiscing a lot. You know, just thinking about my past and the people who were once in it. For some reason, I was just completely emotional! And that, my friends, caught me completely off guard. Have you ever felt that way? Just completely surprised by your own emotions? In any case, some of the memories that resurfaced really made me think about a few things that I had buried for quite some time. It was almost as if I had locked those memories away. In any case, it was nice to revisit those memories, but at the same time I was surprised by how emotional I became. Sigh. Why must I torture myself like that? The truth is that I thought I had shut the door on those feelings long ago. Guess I was wrong. {continued...}

{Click to Enlarge}
{bottom row}: pies, spiced latte, place setting, love.

Details We Love
Attraction + Teal Door

So I guess what I'm trying to remind you is that the heart is a very, very complex thing. We can be going about our daily lives completely happy and content. And then, bamn! Something happens and those little memories start creeping back. They take you back to a time and a place you thought you'd never revisit. Funny how things happen in life the way they do. So tell me...has planning your wedding brought forth any unexpected emotions? I remember those days!

{Autumn}: A Palette of Bright Orange, Chocolate, Latte, Mustard + Green

September 23, 2011 / 44 Comments
Happy first day of Fall! I can definitely say that I've anticipated Fall more so this year than any other year previous. Maybe it's because this Summer was sooo hot or maybe it's just because Fall is my happy place? Whatever it is, I'm just so excited that Fall is officially here. Can you tell? Bring on the trips to the pumpkin patch, apple cider and the changing of the leaves. Speaking of the changing of the leaves... that's probably one of the main reasons I'm so smitten with this season. There's nothing that compares to the vibrant colors that Fall leaves bring about. And that, my friends, is why I personally had to have a Fall wedding.

Fall, for me, is a time for family, friends and cozying up to the ones you love. One of my favorite family traditions has got to be going up to the North Georgia mountains, renting a cabin and spending the weekend soaking up all of the scenery, some good wine and some nice family time. So tell me, what are your family traditions for Fall? Oh, and am I the only one who is obsessed with seeing the leaves change colors?

{Pantone Color Report}: Spring 2012

September 22, 2011 / 43 Comments
Being the self proclaimed color lover that I am, I have to admit that I'm always waiting eagerly to see which colors that Pantone will deem the most fabulous for the season. And guess what? It's that time of year again! Time for what...You ask? Pantone has announced their Spring 2012 Color Report for 2012.

You see, after fashion week in New York, Pantone always puts together color reports for both Spring and Autumn. And although these aren't meant to be wedding specific per se, it's fun to see what is considered the ''it'' colors for the season...especially since what becomes an ''it'' color for fashion, tends to have a way of affecting wedding color choices as well.

I'm happy to report that this time the brights are even brighter, but that's not to say they didn't round out their top 10 with a pretty pastel. Isn't Sweet Lilac dreamy? I'm also happy to report that this list is definitely very close to any list I would have put together for Spring weddings. I can't wait to play around with this palette and see what new and exciting palettes I might discover, but in the meantime take a look at this list and tell me... what's your favorite? Personally, my favorites would have to be Tangerine Tango and Driftwood. However, I must admit that I can't wait to put together a palette of Margarita, Cockatoo and Starfish.

{Giveaway Winner}: My Wedding Favors!

September 21, 2011 / No Comments
A BIG thanks to everyone who recently entered the contest we hosted for My Wedding Favors! We just wanted to take a moment to announce the winner of the My Wedding Favors gift card!

Congrats to Shannon! We'll be sending your email address to our friends over at My Wedding Favors so be on the look out for an email! Like the giveaways you see here on the Perfect Palette? Well, stay tuned because we have yet another fabulous giveaway to share with you next week!

{Color Your Wedding Beautiful}: Yellow + Gray

When it comes to finding the perfect color palette for your upcoming wedding do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed with possibilities? If you do, I want you to know that you're definitely not alone. And although selecting a color palette should be one of the easiest things you do along your journey to say 'I do,' I often receive distressed emails from brides just like yourself who are struggling with their choice. Well, I'm here to tell all you palette confused brides out there it's going to be difficult to make a bad decision. Because the truth is...you can make almost any palette look lovely!

1. newlyweds 2. popsicles 3. polaroids 4. bouquet

Take this palette of shades of gray and yellow. Admittedly, this palette is one that I've had a long time love affair with. And although I ended up using a completely different palette for my wedding day, I definitely was tempted by this one. It's just one of those palettes that I thought my guests would be pleasantly surprised by. Ultimately, though another one just spoke a little more to me and so I went with my heart! So where are you at with your palette decisions? Have you decided? Are you on the fence? I'd love to hear how it's going?

{High Heels}: A Palette of Aqua, Silver + Warm Neutrals

September 20, 2011 / 46 Comments
Sometimes I come across a photo and I say to myself, ''now that's a perfect palette.'' For me, it's when I find photos like this that I can really start to imagine all the lovely possibilities. One photo speaks volumes for me. Does it for you? I happen to be absolutely smitten with this photo not only because I just happen to think that these heels are the perfect mixture of romance and sweetness. But also because of it's background. Such a lovely variation of neutrals we're seeing here. I can see this color palette looking lovely in a bedroom, in a nursery or even a wedding!

{photo credit}

What do you think? Are you loving how this lovely shade of aqua is blending with all of these warm neutrals? It's palettes like these that make me eager to go create something. And since my wedding is over, I instantly see the possibility that this palette would have in our master bedroom. Isn't it great how color transcends all things? In any case, there's no mistaking that this is a perfect palette and would look lovely for any season!

{Inspiration Board Contest}: The Lab!

September 19, 2011 / 15 Comments
Have you ever dreamed of having the chance to see one of your wedding inspiration boards brought to life? Well, brace yourself gals...because today I'm giving you that very opportunity. That's right! I'm hosting an inspiration board contest and the winner of the contest will actually have their design brought to life at the Lab event in Sonoma, California on January 14th, 2012. Sounds pretty fabulous, right? Oh, it gets better!! Not familiar with the Lab? Here's a bit of 411 for ya...

Some fabulous wedding planners in Northern California have teamed up with some equally fabulous vendors and sponsors to host The Lab Event. A handpicked collection of some of the top trend-setting wedding industry professionals Northern California has to offer, the Lab is designed to be an experience for couples seeking vendors, inspiration, and style definition for their wedding day. The Lab won’t have typical vendor booths or pushy salespeople. Instead, in a laid-back setting, couples will experience inspiration boards brought to life, sips + bites from some of the best caterers, sweet and treats from top dessert designers, a vendor library, a non-traditional runway show, and one heck of a party to round out the night.

So here's how it will work... The Perfect Palette along with 3 other wedding blogs, {Weddingbee, Snippet and Ink, and Style Unveiled San Francisco} are accepting inspiration board submissions. Once all submissions are received, the ladies of The Lab Event will select four submissions from each blog, which we’ll then post for you to comment on. The inspiration board from each blog with the most comments will be turned into real live vignettes by the wedding planners and designers at The Lab Event! I don’t know about you, but I would have loved to have had the opportunity to bring one of my boards to life!

The winner will not only see their inspiration board brought to life at The Lab event on January 14, 2012 in Sonoma, CA, but they will also receive free VIP tickets to the event including early access to check out the vendors putting together your vision, hair and makeup, and front row seats to the runway show, along with a great swag bag!

Can't make it to California? No worries, there will be professional photographers there to capture all of the details and of course I'll be the first one to share it with all of my readers here on the Perfect Palette. Oh, and we'll be sure to ship a swag bag chock full of wedding goodies.

To Submit An Inspiration Board...
-This contest is open to planning brides, wedding professionals and/or all creative thinkers!
- Please submit your original designs to chrissy@theperfectpalette.com - including image credits, your full name and email address. {Submissions without credits will not be considered}. Please do not include any kind of business logo and/or branding on the inspiration board itself.

-Please write “THE LAB EVENT CONTEST” in the subject line.
-You have until 11:59 PM (EDT) on September 29th to submit your inspiration boards.
-The four finalists will be posted on October 4th.
- Voting will take place from October 4th - 7th and then on October 11th a winner will be chosen!

We simply can't wait to see all of your lovely ideas, your favorite color palettes and most importantly the inspiration boards that you're dying to see brought to life at the Lab in Sonoma, California! This is surely an event that you don't want to miss. And having your wedding inspiration brought to life would just be icing on the cake, don't you think? Interested in attending the Lab? Click here for tickets.

{Giveaway}: My Wedding Favors!

September 15, 2011 / 127 Comments

{Chocolate, Copper, Latte, Camel + Ivory}

Today I have a couple of things to share with you! First thing's first, I'm hosting a really amazing giveaway today for my friends over at My Wedding Favors! Are you still on the hunt for the perfect wedding favors? I definitely would recommend that you check out the great collection over at My Wedding Favors. No matter what the theme or season, they're surely to have something great. Oh, and because Fall is now fast approaching I thought that it would only be fitting to share with you a Fall board complete with some of my favorite favors from their shop. I personally love the idea of giving away maple syrup as a favor! I mean, can those leaf shaped bottles get any more charming? I think not! So let's cut to the good stuff... How would you like to win a gift card to My Wedding Favors? Of course you would! See below for details {continued...}

{Click to Enlarge}

{bottom row}: fall favors, wine stopper favors, lanterns, newlyweds.

Details We Love
Maple Syrup Favors by 'My Wedding Favors' + Lovely Bride

Official Rules
{Please leave a separate comment for each entry}

1. To enter, simply visit My Wedding Favors and find the items that you love most. Then come back here and leave us a comment letting us know what you'd spend your GC on should you win. {be sure to include your email address}.

2. For a second entry, simply follow My Wedding Favors on Facebook and also be sure to follow the Perfect Palette as well.

3. For a third entry, become an official follower of the Perfect Palette by clicking on the 'join this site' button on the left hand column.

4. And for a fourth entry, simply tweet this contest. ''I just entered to win a $25 GC from @MyWeddingFavors via @perfectpalette - Enter here: http://ow.ly/6uPLs for your chance to win xo!"

A winner will be chosen on 9/21 so good luck to everyone and happy planning