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January 27, 2011

By Request: Yellow & Gray: We Adore this Palette!

January 27, 2011

{Yellow, Gold, Shades of Gray & White}

There's no mistaking, we adore this color palette! When shades of gray meet shades of yellow something truly special happens! It's just one of those palettes that is effortlessly chic. So when Marissa came to me with this palette in mind for her wedding, I was excited to put together this board! So many ideas came to mind! I imagined bridesmaids dressed in yellow knee length dresses with groomsmen in gray pin striped suits. Such a fun contrast this makes! I also imagined a beautiful modern wedding cake with tiers of gray and white. I think it's simplicity really makes for a nice statement. {continued...}

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Details We Love
Newlyweds in Love & Bridal Shoes

And for some added fun, why not wear some bright yellow shoes in lieu of the traditional wedding heels? Makes for a fun photo opportunity now doesn't it? Thanks so much for your request, Marissa, we hope this enables you to really see this palette's potential! And as you can see there is nothing to worry about, this palette is truly a fun and beautiful one! We adore it!Gray & yellow is a fabulous duo! Wouldn't you agree? Super chic, great for any season, and just the palette that will surely make your guests remember your wedding as a unique and special day! So are you using gray and yellow in your upcoming wedding?


emma said...

gorgeous! i love this palette!!

brenna said...

wow! this is pretty.

La Vie Le Gage Couture Events Wedding Planning said...

I personally love this palette, because it is my business colors! I just love yellow and gray together.
The shoes are to die for! What designer?
Love your posts!
Joyce Goeppinger

gretchen R said...

oh, swoon, you've done it again. i'm loving it.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Loving the pop of yellow! Very nice palette!

Thanks for your sweet comment.. plans are coming along great! We're a couple days away from being 3 months out! Crazy! About to send out invitations! Hope all is well with you!

becca said...

this is to die for. so fun.

Jenna said...

love this!

Jenna said...

oh and I have to add that this palette is just PERFECT together. ha ha

Emma | Emmaline Bride said...

Nice job as always! Your house must be perfectly paletted ;) I always love your inspiration boards! Yellows and grays happen to also be my favorite.

Nikki said...

This blog has been a blessing for my DIY wedding! This is the exact palette I'm using for June!

I'm in search of some inexpensive ($150) GRAY suits for my groomsmen. We are going to have them purchase instead of rent...but am having trouble finding a national chain that sells a good priced suit. Any suggestions are welcome!

marissa moss said...

i just stumbled upon your blog, and that's me up there!! me on my wedding day with my four beautiful bridesmaids in their yellow dresses! so fun to come across this. :)

YesBride said...

Yellow is such a happy color. I really like those yellow shoes a lot. I can;t seem to ever have enough shoes.

Tonya said...

Oh, so pretty! Soft yellow is my favorite color!

kh007 said...

Where did you find those yellow shoes? I have looked all over for them and haven't been able to find them :(