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May 13, 2010

{Blueberry Bliss}: A Palette of Shades of Blue.

May 13, 2010

{Navy Blue, Blue, & Slate Blue}

Following our fruit-inspired wedding series for the week, I thought why not put together a wedding inspired by blueberries! Blueberries are such a delicious treat, wouldn't you agree? And for a Summer or Spring wedding blueberries make a really fun theme! For this wedding I incorporated a subtle blueberry theme mostly throughout the food display! Topping cupcakes with berries makes such a lovely presentation and why not treat your guests to little jars of blueberry jam for your favors? I'm really loving patterns these days and with this color palette, they really seem to work. Why not throw in some gingham here and there on things like the guys shirts or even tablecloths? For bridesmaids I chose a collection of blue dresses that were unique and stylish. Pair those with cute handmade clutches and jewelry and you have a bridal party that's fit to be photographed!

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top row: newlyweds in love, invitation, blue bridesmaids, blueberry cupcakes,
middle row: floral invitation, clutch, candle, blueberry pie, necktie, candle,
bottom row: blueberry jam, blue gingham shirt, beautiful pendant, suit coat.

Details We Love
Blue Bridesmaid Attire & Pendant

So how are you feeling about this lovely look? I have to admit, I L-O-V-E it. There is something so lovely about this palette. Any blue lovers out there? Or maybe you're thinking about using a navy blue in your upcoming wedding palette? Tell me all about it!


dognbird said...

Love the bridesmaid dresses and the blueberries on the cupcake. This is such a classy hue.

Ella B. said...


Sweet Sentiments said...

love this one!!! So great!

Kim @BrideGoggles said...

Blue-tiful! I love blueberry jam - and I can only hope to find bridesmaids dresses that gorgeous.

Liz said...

I love that you posted this because just this week, I've been creating a "blueberry" inspiration myself - more for my father's bday this summer...he loves blueberries:)

Thought you may enjoy these adorable place cards to fit your theme:

Azure Islands Designs said...

Now to me this is very classy & elegant it almost as much as black dresses with fuchsia accents!!!


Sonya L. said...


Kate said...

thank you for this post!! i'm getting married labor day weekend and our palette is all different shades of blues. my bridesmaids are wearing three shades of dresses(cobalt, french and ice blue) from thread bridesmaids, and our save-the-date and invitation have both incorporated the color.

Melissa said...

Love the blueberry color. The blueberry jam favors are such a great idea. And if you were a diy type you could come up with personalized labels to add to the small jars.

Nishant said...

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Odd Sundays said...

gorgeous palette!
blue gingham on the jam jars would be a great version of a classic too.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where the blue bridesmaid dresses are from?

Guiniqua said...

Please tell me where you found that locket. I'm totally obsessed!!

Millene said...

My wedding color will be a shade of navy blue. I want that long bridesmaid dress! Where did you find it? (what store/brand/designer)?

Thank you!