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Celebrating Love's Diversity in an Ivy Garden Elopement

Love knows no boundaries and every love story deserves to be celebrated regardless of gender, identity, or orientation. In a heartfelt effort to promote inclusivity and spread a message of love's diversity and unity, a group of talented vendors recently organized a breathtaking styled photo featuring two male models (who are also part of the LGBTQ+ community in real life).

Set amidst the enchanting backdrop of an ivy-draped garden at the Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm, this whimsical celebration brought together various elements of design, delectable cuisine, and a passionate creativity that's evident in each and every detail.

Brittany Bloom Events & Design played a pivotal role in envisioning this beautiful project. Their dedication to inclusivity and the celebration of all kinds of love was evident in every perfectly crafted detail. From Chelsea Duff Photography, "One evening the Brittany Bloom team and I had a deep conversation about the importance of inclusivity in our work. This dialogue gave birth to our vision, which celebrates and advocates for the love shared by same-sex couples."


Capturing Love's Essence

Chelsea Duff Photography, with her keen eye and heart for inclusivity, beautifully captured the essence of this remarkable shoot! Eager to create a visual narrative emphasizing the beauty of diverse love stories, Chelsea shared her passion for breathing new life into tradition while celebrating and honoring the love stories of the LGBTQ+ community.


The Venue & Design

The Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm, covered in lush green ivy, served as the perfect setting for this ethereal affair.  Brittany Bloom Events & Design masterminded the creative aspects, bringing to life a concept rooted in ageless beauty and elegance infused with a modern twist.

The choice of sage green, ivory, amber, cream, and gold hues created an atmosphere of softness, romance, and sophistication as seen here with this stationery suite from Minted.
"I elevated that idea with amber and crystal goblets, mirrors, candles, an antique trunk, and textures like velvet, gauze, and satin." said Chloe Honeycutt with Brittany Bloom Events & Design
From the elegant decor, including antique trunks, crystal goblets, and mirrors, to the textures of velvet, gauze, and satin, the design flawlessly encapsulated the essence of love and weddings.
Stylist suits from SuitShop ensured the guys were looking dashing and dapper while The Cake Occasion created a stunning two tier cake.

A Culinary Symphony

Vibrant Occasions Catering, led by Mary Krikorian, curated an exquisite menu that delighted both the eyes and taste buds. The selection included innovative dishes such as pepperoni pizza egg rolls, bacon-wrapped dates with goat cheese, mini frito chili pies, and BBQ mac and cheese 'tinis topped with shredded BBQ pork. 

The creativity continued with po boy crostinis featuring crispy fried shrimp and Cajun mayonnaise, along with refreshing strawberry and caprese salads. 
To complete the indulgent culinary experience, garlic mizithra pasta was served, blending flavors of mizithra cheese, browned butter, pancetta, garlic, and sautéed mushrooms.

Floral Delights

Althea Wiles from Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio played a vital role in crafting the dreamlike ambiance of the shoot. Lightweight summer flowers such as lisianthus, ranunculus, open roses, gomphrena, and stock were carefully selected.
Mixed foliage, including ivy, abelia, ruscus, and ferns, added texture and depth. The locally grown amaranthus, lisianthus, gomphrena, abelia, and ivy added an authentic touch.
Notably, Wiles's favorite part was designing the pocket square and lapel piece, which added a personalized touch and complemented the overall theme.
“I wanted a whimsical but rich feeling, so I used a lot of lightweight summer flowers...lisianthus, ranunculus, open roses, gomphrena, stock & trailing amaranthus."
"The mixed foliage added texture with ivy, abelia, ruscus, ferns. The amaranthus, lisianthus, gomphrena, abelia & ivy was grown locally. My favorite part of this shoot was designing the pocket square and lapel piece," said Althea Wiles with Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio.
"The ivy covering the Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm not only played into that as well, but also brought an old-world feel. I love the way it makes itself a part of the building, growing over the stone in a way that reminds me of a secret garden where two lovers meet."

Blossom Beauty and Maggie Mae provided exquisite hair and makeup while Kindred Provisions and Alchemy Event Rentals for provided the most of elegant rentals.



From Brittany Bloom Events & Design and team, “There is still so much hate and judgment in this world. Love is love and everyone deserves to have that. It really irks me when a same-sex/LGBTQIA couple comes to me and has to ask if it's ok that they aren't the "traditional" couple. Here at B.Bloom we have open arms and hearts for everyone - there is no room for more hate in this world."

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