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Seaside Engagement Shoot at Victoria Beach in Laguna, CA

Captured beautifully by Jessica Jaccarino Photography at Victoria Beach in Laguna, CA, today's shoot captures the beauty of the coast with its rocky landscape, not one but two gorgeous dresses from BHLDN, and a whole lot of love and romance.

Yes! Brace yourselves, because this dreamy, fairytale engagement shoot is filled to the brim with the prettiest moments. We're swooning over the groom-to-be's casual but sophisticated look and dreamy man bun, these lush blooms designed by Not Just in Novels, and these stunning detail shots. It's the dreamiest engagement shoot we ever did see!

From the photographer, "We chose this location because of the dramatic rocky ocean front, the iconic pirates look out tower and the rough textures of the sea rubbed rocks."

 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-3.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-117.jpg
"Krista with Not Just in Novels created a beautiful bouquet using quicksand roses, home grown distant drum garden roses, blush butterfly ranunculus, dried wild grasses and golden fern and yarrow."
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-71.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-90.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-41.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-116.jpg
"We felt this paired well with the Avery dress from BHLDN - more specifically, with the color morning mist."
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-25.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-115.jpg photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-34.jpg
"Krista finished the bouquet with a few pops of fresh dried lavender to tie in with the color of the dress. She finished the bouquet off with tied chiffon ribbon by Belleme Ribbon in truffle and a golden velvet ribbon from Honey Silks & Co."
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-23.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-89.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-38.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-9.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-16.jpg photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-97.jpg photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-11.jpg photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-2.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-113.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-26.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-37.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-1.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-110.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-24.jpg photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-111.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-15.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-112.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-20.jpg photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-106.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-62.jpg
"For the second look, we were going for a lighter and more airy look with the blush pink the Ryder dress from BHLDN."
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-45.jpg
"With a brighter palette in mind, Krista crafted a bouquet with a little more pop using all fresh ingredients vs ( the other dried elements look)."
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-103.jpg photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-65.jpg
"In addition to the quicksand roses and distant drums roses she added more spring favorites including white foxgloves, "Clair De Lune" peonies, fritillaria, sweet peas and bunny tail grass. A blush velvet ribbon from Honey Silks & Co was tied coupled with some blush chiffon."
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-72.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavidEshoot-102.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-70.jpg
 photo JessicaJaccarinoPhoto_MJandDavid-61.jpg
Ribbon: Belleme Ribbon + Honey Silks & Co
Dresses: BHLDN / the Avery dress & the Ryder dress
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Earrings: BHLDN
Men's Attire: Friar Tux
Models and Real Couple: Mary Jo and David

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