Top 5 Most Flattering Bridesmaid Dress Colors!

Ever wonder what colors are considered the most flattering when it comes to bridesmaid dresses? Hoping to find a dress that will look nice on everyone? Well, get excited my loves because today I'm breaking down the top 5 most flattering bridesmaid dress colors and a couple of the selections might surprise you! So let's get started, shall we?


If finding a flattering bridesmaid dress color is high on your list of priorities, then I urge you to consider a color like teal. Not only is teal great at hiding any imperfections it's also the sort of color that really flatters most skin tones. This is because teal is the opposite of pink on the color spectrum and so it flatters the healthy flush in your cheeks!


Looking for a color that is vibrant, versatile and oh-so flattering? This gorgeous shade of purple really is a beauty. Wouldn't you agree? Rich, elegant, and originally associated with royalty, this deep purple shade is a universally flattering color. And because this color falls into the middle of the color spectrum, meaning it's not too warm or too cool, you can easily use this color for any season!

All dresses are part of the Dessy Group collection and can be purchased here.


This next color is one of my all time favorite bridesmaid dress colors. And I'm hoping you can see why? Gray is cool and modern and the perfect neutral for any wedding no matter the season! It's a dark shade and so therefore it instantly minimizes any imperfections. 

Navy is as versatile as black but a tad more fun and modern. The perfect neutral color, I love to see navy used for nautical weddings. If you're looking to incorporate a bit of a preppy feel I suggest a color like navy. Not only is it one of the most flattering colors around, but it's definitely a color your friends can wear again and again.


Black is and will always be the most flattering color to wear. And this holds true when it comes to bridesmaid dresses as well. It easily flatters any shape or size and has a very classic feel to it. Looking for a color that will look amazing on everyone? Although it might not be the most creative color on the block, there's no denying that black is the most flattering color of them all.

So there you have it! The top 5 most flattering bridesmaid dress colors of all time! Were you surprised by any of the shades? Or disappointed you didn't see a particular color represented? Not to fret! There are plenty of other flattering shades! My advice is to simply keep in mind the different skin tones and body types when making those oh-so important color decisions.

Okay, so now you might be asking yourself, ''what are the least flattering bridesmaid dress colors and how do I avoid them?'' Well, I'm here to tell you that there are surely some very unflattering colors out there. You know the kind. They're the sort of colors that are very pretty, but only certain people can pull off! Want to know what these colors are? Well, be sure to stay tuned because next week I'll be sharing my top 3 least flattering colors for bridesmaid dresses and the colors might really surprise you. 

Looking for more bridesmaid dress tips and ideas? Be sure to check out these colorful wedding wardrobe ideas! Oh, and before you go, definitely leave me a comment and tell me which colors you personally find to be the most flattering? 

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Chrissy Arpie Ott

Chrissy Arpie Ott is the founder of The Perfect Palette. Since its launch in 2008, The Perfect Palette has been the go-to color resource for couples who dream of a unique, creative and colorful wedding day.

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21 Comments " Top 5 Most Flattering Bridesmaid Dress Colors! "

dana H.

Such a great article. And very helpful too :) I love that purple made the list!

Erika {Borrowed and Bleu} September 23, 2013

These are my go-to colors for my wardrobe! Guess I have better taste than I thought! ;)

The Perfect Palette September 23, 2013

Beautiful selections =) And definitely flattering for sure.

the sweet shop

Beautiful choices. I like that teal shade a lot!!!!


Sukey September 23, 2013

Classic colors!

sugarbee invitations

Happy to see that two shades of blue made the cut =)

Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss} September 23, 2013

Such a great post. Good to know I wear these colors a lot as well :-)

A Crimson Kiss September 23, 2013

Love those steely gray and navy alternatives to black!

Occasions In Print September 23, 2013

Great choices! So important to make the bridesmaids look attractive. They won't let you forget it for years, if you don't!

Sara September 23, 2013

Such great choices!

Elizabeth | Bridal Musings September 23, 2013

Such a helpful post - black is universally flattering but it's great to see some more exciting alternatives for bridesmaids!

Elaine {Events by Elaine} September 23, 2013

Black and navy are so standard. It is refreshing to see gray and teal as flattering shades that can match most any style of wedding.

bridesmaid September 23, 2013

Gorgeous shade of purple bridesmaid dress,i know that dresses just from the dessy group.

PassionArte September 24, 2013

Interesting! I especially love teal and plum! Generally, the shades of purple with pink and white are the much requested color also for the customizations of my cake toppers so actually the brides love them! :)

Sherry September 30, 2013

I am very pale with warm skin undertones. Gray does nothing for me but make me look ill! It is not a color that is good for warm skin tones, and a warm gray is next to impossible to find. Emotionally, gray is dull, boring, and business-like to me, not at all a happy wedding color.

Marissa H

I love that black is on there! I had a number of people tell me I was 'boring' and 'bland' for having black as my bridesmaids dresses. I loved it though--my variety of body shapes looked great, I could jazz it up with ANY flowers I wanted, and they looked good with the church carpet, outdoor scenery, and the reception carpet, all of which were very different! Added bonus of a black dress? 2 of my girls have already worn them again :)


My own experience with grey leads me to think that not all gray shades flatter everyone. Light gray does me no favors but look absolutely amazing on other women.
The popularity of gray for bridesmaid's dresses has meant I've gotten to wear it three times in the last year! Luckily two brides had me model a lighter shade of gray dress and promptly opted for me going with the darker shade. The third changed from plum to light gray without telling (a surprise when we picked them up!) and let me know I looked "icky" on the day of her wedding. Eeek!


Black is often unflattering to people with light complexions (light hair/light eyes)
And it can also be unflattering to people with darker or olive complexions.

I imagine for very warm people a Navy could also be unflattering.

The other three colors will work if they're made up of a mix of warm and cool tones.


Among these, plum and teal are the best choices if you're after a modern, youthful, and flattering look. Black and grey are, I'm afraid, just too safe and makes one look like she's going to a job interview or a business meeting.


Black is not universally flattering. Only those with a winter complexion can truly get away with it. All the other colours mentioned here are fabulous though!

Angel Claudia August 07, 2019

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