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{Wild Horses}: Chocolate Brown, Latte, Mustard, Camel + Ivory

{Chocolate Brown, Latte, Mustard, Camel + Ivory}

Yesterday I touched on the fact that it wasn't until a few years ago that my opinion on themed weddings changed. To be honest I used to think that pretty much all themed weddings looked pretty tacky. Maybe that's because for the most part people were not too in tune with what worked and didn't work with incorporating a theme - and sadly it showed! But nowadays, things have really changed, I think! There are so many ways that you can tastefully incorporate a subtle theme into your wedding! Now, my opinion is that there is a way to make most themes look gorgeous - if given the right styling that is. Still, there are a few themes {that will go unnamed} that there just isn't any saving. Am I right, ladies? Or am I right? {continued...}

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Rustic Details + Lovely Fascinator

In any case, there are guidelines you should follow so you don't end up in the tacky category. Because tacky is never a good thing. For this wedding, I incorporated subtle nods to farm life + equestrian symbolism. The trick was to find a way to not over-do things. For instance, I love the idea of a bride wearing a pair of cowboy boots under her dress. It makes for a cute photo opportunity without being too much. It's charming in a very sweet way.

Here, I imagined a barnyard wedding with a small gathering of friends and family. Nothing overdone, nothing overstated. Ultimately, there is a fine line between charming + tacky. Just stick to being subtle and you'll be just fine. Okay, somehow I feel like like this post has oddly somehow turned into a rendition of 'What Not to Wear' on TLC.' The truth is, I'm actually no expert, these are just some of my ideas and I thought I'd share them with you. Remember yesterday when I shared these tips with you? Here's a few other Dos and Donts I came up with to add to the list!

{#1}: If at all possible, DO choose a venue that plays up the theme. For instance, there's no better place to incorporate a farm theme, than a farm itself. Get me?

{#2}: If it feels tacky, then it probably is tacky. DO step away from the artificial + try to find ways to bring your theme to life that are natural.

{#3}: When it comes to props, DO choose ones that will make a statement, but not something that will overpower a space. Think about the scale of your reception space.

{#4}: If you're trying to achieve a timeless look, DON'T require your guests to dress in character in any way. You might think your wedding is a theater stage, but trust me it isn't.

So what do you think? Are you feeling more equipped in terms of how to incorporate themes into your wedding day? I sure hope so! If you're still feeling a little lost, don't fret - I have big plans to show you more themed weddings here soon. This past Sunday I actually spent part of the day putting together a good hand full of themed wedding boards that I'm so looking forward to sharing with you. So stay tuned for more like this...

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