May 16, 2011

{Giveaway Winner}: Estylo Jewelry!

May 16, 2011

Thanks to everyone who entered the recent giveaway we hosted for Estylo Jewelry! We absolutely loved the response and it was really exciting to hear about what you'd choose from their beautiful jewelry collection if you were to be chosen the winner! We were thrilled to hear that you loved their jewelry as much as we do! Today is the day we announce the very lucky winner! A big congrats goes to Jessica Klein! Jessica we'll be passing your contact information to the folks at Estylo Jewelry! So be on the look out for an email from them!

Do you love the giveaways we host here on The Perfect Palette? Have a product that you think our brides would love? Contact me at to request a media kit and current rates.


Jenna said...

congrats to the winner! xoxo, jenna

Lindsay Rae said...

Congrats Jessica! I demand to see pics of the super hawt jewelry you pick out! :)

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