April 21, 2011

{Just Peachy} A Palette of Peach, Ivory, White & Black

April 21, 2011

{Peach, Ivory, White & Black}

Nothing says Spring like the color peach. Personally, I adore this color. Not only because it's effortlessly pretty, but because it really is the perfect color to use for a wedding. This color has all kinds of good vibes associated to it. Romance, sweetness, love - all the things we dreamt of as little girls! But what about our hubby's-to-be who say 'no way' to peach, pink or any other 'girly' color? How do we convince them that it won't be overly sweet, or overly 'girly'? Well, the answer is simple, pair it with black. And don't be afraid to use quite a bit of black. Typically, we see black in the groomsmen attire, naturally. But why not incorporate some more to create a strong visual contrast like the example below? {continued...}

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{top row}: peach bridesmaid dress, chair detail, champagne toast, table setting, {middle row}: peach and white clutch, earrings, bowls, handmade ring, butterflies, {bottom row}: menu and place setting, groomsmen, chair detail + table, 1st dance.

Details We Love
Chair Detail + Champagne Toast

I personally love the black chairs. They stand out boldly, in a very fun and modern way. Plus, who isn't loving the little paper pinwheel with ribbons attached? I think that's a very fun way to add a touch of femininity. And don't those groomsmen look so nice with classic black tuxedos and peach colored neckties? What I like about this palette is there is a lot of texture and layering. Just look at that tablescape! A real peach at each place setting? How cute is that? Oh, and why not toast with pink champagne?


Danica said...

ALL kinds of PRETTY!

Ella W. said...

loving THIS!!

molly said...

the perfect palette, really and truly.

la petite coquine said...

Such a gorgeous palette-that peach is delicious!

Diana said...

Beautiful colors together, very elegant. Love the bridesmaid dress. :)

Naomi said...

This is a killer combo...one of my faves because the black just makes it so chic!

Molly said...

Love this combo

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

Love this palette! Pretty without being overly feminine!

Linh said...

Hi there! Thx so much for following me via twitter :) Saw your blog and love it!!!! I just did a post on the color peach and this would have been perfect :) Would love for you to see my blog and follow. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more.

Luna and Chloe said...

Now this is my kind of pretty!!! And it is perfect paired with black to tonedown all the girly of it. I adore those chair details ~ so cute!!! And dahlia's are the perfect flower to incoporate into this palette! So very pretty ;-)