January 11, 2011

{White & Pewter}: A Landscape Blanketed in Snow

January 11, 2011

{White & Pewter}

Here in Georgia, we've had a couple days of heavy snow and a lot of ice! So much so that we've had to stay in, and stay off the roads completely! My husband has been home from work and we've had a lot of unexpected down time! It's been so great!! There's nothing better than a snow day! When I looked out my windows these past couple of days, I had a hard time not imagining a wedding amidst an all white back drop! Sometimes in the absence of color, something really special happens. Imagine a landscape blanketed in snow...a Winter wonderland if you will. A white palette accented only by a hint of pewter, perhaps a little silver. 

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{top row}: bridesmaids, stylish bridal shoes, creative napkin tag, vintage gown, {middle row}: china bowls, snowflake cake topper, keys, bridal clutch, earrings, {bottom row}: angel food cakes, groomsmen, lemonade straw flags, bridal veil.

Details We Love
Vintage Bridal Gown & Bridal Shoes
I don't know about you, but I'm really loving this look. It's clean and sophisticated and depending on your style, it can be perceived as either modern or traditional. Some of the ideas I'm really loving are those creative napkin tags, those decadent angel food cakes and that vintage bridal veil! Hope you all are staying warm wherever you are!So what do you think about an all white wedding palette? Love to hear your thoughts! It's definitely a sophisticated palette that has all kinds of glamorous appeal. There is so much to love about this all white look! So tell us, what do you think? Too bland for you? Or is it your perfect palette?


jenna b. said...

gorgeous, love this palette.

emma said...

pretty! sometimes white is so classic looking.

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Never thought of pewter as a pairing for white at a wedding. But this is so lovely!

Hannah said...


gretchen R said...

oh, my! now, this is dreamy.

fiona said...


Stefanie said...

That is really a lovely color combo.

stella said...

great inspiration!

Kaylee said...

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