Wedding Inspo!

From the beginning of The Perfect Palette, the one thing I've loved more than anything is taking special requests and putting together wedding color palettes for my readers!

Do you have a vision you want brought to life? Or perhaps you're having a hard time determining the perfect color palette for your upcoming wedding?

Want me to put together a palette just for you? Simply leave me a comment below including the colors you're considering, the theme and/or venue and any comments you'd like to add regarding the look you're going for.

Every week, I'll take your requests and create custom boards with your thoughts, color palettes and ideas in mind! Please note - Not every request will be fulfilled and we do not accept requests via email.


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I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! I am very newly engaged. I love all of your ideas. I love the Black-Grey-White-Yellow combination. I always wanted to get married in the summer so it was perfect. Now that it's acutally happening I would like to get married in the winter in the mountains, but I still really want those colors. I am not overly girly nor very traditional. I really envision a tea length dress. I don't like tuxedos or fancy cakes. I love fun!!! I want it to be very original, not like other weddings I have been to. I would so appreciate some of your amazing ideas!!



Hi Chrissy,
I love your work, and I'm so glad I found this blog! I'm having trouble picking the right shades for my wedding. It's going to be in the fall, but I want a brighter look than the typical fall colored theme. The theme is tropical sunset, but without a beach-y feel.
The colors I'm thinking of are gold, red, orange, yellow, purple and pink. My dress is light ivory, and the bridesmaids are wearing a champagne/tan color. I really want them to each have a different colored accent flower on their dress, but I'm having second thoughts about all these colors (there are 6 female attendants). Do you think the color scheme works? And what shades of colors ahould I be looking for?
Thank you,

ecanlas March 22, 2011

Your palettes are amazing and inspiring! The additional pictures are very helpful so that you can see the bigger picture of the color scheme.

I'm getting married at the end of September (great transition from summer into fall). The reception will be held at a private banquet hall that donates to local charities in New Jersey. There's a beautiful patio that wraps around the main room with a garden and small fountain that leads to a pond. The colors that I'm trying to envision are jade, lavender and gray. Jade is the middle name of my daughter and lavender (or any shade of purple) is tolerable for my fiance (he requests no pink). We want to stick to pastel or soft colors. We're staying away from the fall colors.

Thanks for your help! Hopefully I can see my vision in one of your color palettes.


Mallory March 23, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

I've been engaged less than a week and your blog has already been a lifesaver! It's provided so much creative inspiration. I would love to have your help coming up with a color palette for our big day! You have such a great eye for these things!

We're having an outdoor wedding this October. Our venue is an old mansion in downtown Little Rock, AR. I'm having trouble coming up with appropriate colors. My favorite color is chartreuse, but I've wanted a red wedding for a while. Is there a good way to use both of these without making things look too summery (too bright, bold colors), or worse, Christmas-y?

I'm not totally attached to using green, but I really like the idea of red on my bridesmaids and flowers. I would like the feel of the wedding to be classy but not suffy, maybe with a touch of whimsy. I imagine that the color palette would help set the tone for the whole wedding and reception!

Please help!



hello! I simply adore your blog!I'm from Indonesia and I'm getting married this September in Bali. Gonna throw my wedding in cliff view.. and I am so confused in deciding my color palette.. I want warm, classic, elegant color combined with bright color. Can u help me to give me some suggestions... thank you!

madmusicsheets March 26, 2011

Amazing blog!!!
I'm getting married on September 10 2011 (09.10.11 as we fondly refer to it) and we've decided on a vintage wedding. I am terrible in all things girly so i've simply done a search on the color of the year. Amazingly, I loved the Vintage wine and Honeysuckle by Pantone and would really love to know how to use it in my wedding. Finding you online was like the answer to my prayers! i am desperate for some help especially because I am totally helpless if left to my own resources! I hope you have fun playing around with these lovely colors.

Lots of love,

Ashley March 26, 2011

I love your site, but I can't seem to put words to the palate I see in my head. I have a vision, but I am not sure if it will work. I would love to have you put together a palate.

My wedding is late August, 2011 outside of Seattle. It is at my parent's house, and the ceremony will be held on a 40 foot bluff overlooking the water. My vision is one of garden freshness meets late summer romance. I know our palate must include green, as that color is so representative of my fiance and myself.

Right now I am picturing greens (multiple shades), plum, white, and accents of fuchsia and maybe peach. Too much?

I love the outdoors, mountains, beach, woods, fresh and clean lines and colors.

Please help!

Thanks so much,



Getting married this October and looking for inspiration -- reception venue is an old barn. Any suggestions?


Hi Chrissy!

Your blog is amazing, thank you for all of the inspiration!

Unfortunately I'm having a heck of a time with my palette! We are having a very formal spring wedding (possibly black tie). The ceremony will be in a large church and the reception will be in a rotunda with large pillars circling the outer edges. Everything will be indoors except the cocktail hour.

I love simplicity and elegance! I was thinking of doing black, green, and white/crystals. However, a "splash" of color may be nice, maybe something in the purple family? I don't really like pastels however. Also, another element that I love is champagne colors.

Ugh, is there any way to fit these things together??!?! Or do you have a completely different idea for a formal spring wedding?

Thank you so MUCH!


Sammantha Lee Imprint Cinema Orlando Wedding Videographer March 29, 2011

My fiance and I are having the hardest time choosing colors for our wedding and it is only a year away and I need to start planning. We are getting married in March next year at an outdoor woodsy venue. The best we have mingled our thoughts together has been slate gray, yellow, and peach. We have a very indie DIY style and a small casual wedding but I need your help! I am going crazy wondering if these colors even mesh well.


Hi my name is Amanda and I am getting married in July of next year. We are having a Masquerade Ball as the reception and the colors are scarlet, black and white with gold accents. I'm visualizing something elegant, formal and beautiful. Thank you very much and I hope you pick my palette!


If there's one thing I love, it's colour. And as a bride planning her backyard BBQ wedding I want to incorporate a LOT of colour. I'm thinking a full rainbow, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Not actual rainbows, just bursts of colour everywhere: the cake, the DIY paper flowers and pinwheels I'll be decorating with, the bridesmaids attire. We want everything bright, cheerful, and fun.

We are getting married June 2012 in my parent's backyard and doing everything ourselves. Please help me with my rainbow dreams!


This is such a helpful website!
I once visited Maine in the summer and was completely inspired by the colors of the lupins, all of the beautiful foliage and deep purple maple trees. It gave me a vision of a wedding with a scheme that included a very dark purple/red, a deep green, and a lighter green, maybe a sage or charteuse. I will be getting married next year, outside in Florida and haven't chosen a date yet. I would be thrilled to see what ideas you would have to bring my Maine inspired wedding to life.



Hi Chrissy!

I love your blog! I'm hoping you can help me with my palette (like everyone else, I see!). I'm getting married in the fall in MA and I'm thinking of using a palette of marigold (flowers) with straw and/or burlap and maybe some peach accents? Is peach one of those colors that can only be used in spring or summer, because that's the only time I've seen it used. I love marigold flowers but I couldn't bear to make my bridesmaids wear that color, I was thinking some kind of neutral peach might keep the feel soft and low-key - does that sound crazy? I've considered so many palettes, I can't even tell what looks good anymore ... please help!



Hey there,

I love your blog! So many great ideas.

I'm having a Hindu-Catholic destination wedding in Punta Cana. So we're having four events: a pre-wedding henna party, a Hindu ceremony, a Catholic ceremony, and a reception. I want everything to have a coordinated polished look. For example, I would like to keep the stationary a coordinated theme for all the events. I guess my question is this: How do I use one palette so that it works for four events without getting boring? Or how do I use more than one palette but the events still look coordinated?

The wedding will be relaxed because it's at the beach, but with Hindu ceremonies everyone still gets really dressed up and everything's very colourful.

I'm partial to coral, navy, gold...

Thanks in advance!!!

Toronto, Canada

Rose April 01, 2011

Hello there... ur website is truly amazing ang its been helpful... btw, i'm getting married in December 2011, its going to be a garden wedding near the river and i have a chances riding on the boat.... in my head i am thnking the colour of royal blue but cannot make up my mind any other colour that cam suit the bluee... do u mind helping me... another colour would be taupe, champagne so can u help me with 2 palette... thank you sooo much!!!


Shavonne April 03, 2011

Hello Chrissy,

I am get married in August 2012, at a City Club in downtown. I am looking to do a City Chic wedding theme. However I am lost for with colors, I know what colors I do not want but can put togethers colors that I do like please help. I am doing a right at sunset ceremony, and I already know that I want the bridesmaids dresses to be black so that they can where it again. Howevever I am lost with any other colors. Please please please help.

Kate April 03, 2011

Love your site!

I'm planning a wedding for this December in Michigan, and want to get away from the standard "ice" or "holiday" themes. Added challenge - it will be in my parents' basement (which used to be a speakeasy - LOTS of wood, a bit dark).

Only other color I want to incorporate: I plan to keep my hair dyed purple :)


I must echo the sentiments of the 200+ comments before mine: this website is amazing! Every time I see a new color scheme, I want to use it because you put the combinations together so well. Thank you for this website!

My request:
I'm getting married in March of 2012 in a hall that is described as having "renaissance architecture." It also has very high celingings.
I am thinking of pink and wine or pink, wine and mauve. I didn't see these on your website.



You are a God send! I have shared your blog with so many friends and they love it!

I'm sending you a mayday, SOS, please Lord help me beacon!! I'm getting married on December 3, 2011 and I'm having nightmares that the reception will look like Treasure Island with red, green and gold everywhere! I really envision a white on white (ivory) floral palette maybe with hints of some dusty millers, birch logs as place card organizer, maybe some softer colors in the ivory, gold, pewter, sage family but not the blue/navy idea which I've seen. I'm hoping for a sophisticated, elegant, and soft color scheme...and I'm clueless as to what color to choose for my BM's dresses! AHHH! I love the idea of a Holiday wedding, but I'm hoping to stay away from the campy and tacky things I've seen when I do searches for ideas. My rehearsal dinner and wedding reception are at 2 different country clubs on Long Island, think North Shore, Gold Coast, Gatsby-esque surroundings, Waspy demographic, and yes there might be a Muffy or 2 in attendance. Heaven help me. Chrissy please help!!

Best Regards,



My wedding is in 76 days and I can't seem to get a color scheme together! I'm just not the girl who has envisioned her dream wedding all her life. However, I do know what I like and what I don't like.
I can't seem to settle on one color to bring everything together. I am wearing off-white. Groom is wearing a dark brown suit, my bridesmaids are wearing and off-white dress with silver and grooms men will wear black or brown suits. Can you help me visualize all this?
Please help me!
Lame Bride

Marie April 05, 2011

Our wedding evening reception will be in an indoor high-ceiling hall with architecture that's reminiscent of Parisian outdoors. So we wanted to go with a Parisian vibe with plum blossoms.
I need to choose colors for the maid of honor, 3 female secondary sponsors, 3 bridesmaids, 2 mothers, 5 middle-aged female godparents! I initially wanted plum and mauve but I don't know what color to go with whom. Everyone has brown skin. Can you suggest colors for the other members of the entourage if the 3 bridesmaids would be in plum?
I think I like teal and peach too - but I don't know if they would go with the plum and dark skin.

Katie April 06, 2011

I would LOVE to see a palette of tangerine, lemon, and red; I'm planning on combining different shades of the three for a beautiful outdoor wedding. The venue is an antique barn with bright red and white trim on the outside and gorgeous wood and white lights on the inside. The ceremony will be outdoors. Really hope you could do this color combo since it is so unique!



This Website is really lets you see the colors in your mind come to life. I was inspired by a Martha Stewart color palate of Lavender and Cherry Red and Black and White. Its different, but I think i could pull it off. Its a casual wedding and the reception is in a green house type setting. What do you think?



Hi! ur web is truly facinating!! anyway i hope i will be they lucky one :)

I m visualize my wedding to be a fun and all filled with happy colors!!

there r 3 particular colors i LOVE! Yellow, orange and red :D

So if u could do help me visualize okay?? THANK U SO MUCH!

Christina April 08, 2011

Hello!! I found your website through Magnetstreet! I love all your pictures and the ideas are truly great! I'm getting married next St. Patrick's day! So obviously I'm thinking green and maybe some pinks and purples to break up the green. We are Irish, (my fiance' is 100%, me, maybe 50%) I'm hoping to incorporate some Celtic symbols as well. We are getting married in a beautiful church in NJ. The reception will be in a two story ballroom that has a beautiful wooden staircase connecting the two. The top level overlooks the dancefloor. It is AMAZING! I picked my dress, a fitted mermaid with gorgeous pickups at the bottom. I want everything (bridesmaids' dresses, centerpieces, etc.) to have the same feel, beautiful and glamorous, but not stuck up..AHHH HELP!

megan April 10, 2011

My Fiancé finally agreed to let me have Pink as one of the wedding colors! However I do not want to monopolize the wedding colors and his favorite color is Blue. I have seen navy and fuchsia together but I would really like an array of soft blush and dusty rose colored pinks is there a blue or blues that will compliment those without making it look like a giant baby shower?
Megan L.

Zeres April 10, 2011

Hi Crissy,
I came across your site not long ago and i love it. I am newly engaged and getting married next July but having a hard time trying to decide on a color palette. We are having a semi big wedding and are thinking about traditional yet modern. We are looking at getting in the ball room of hotel or a loft downtown. The only color we know we would like to have i silver. We were thinking about silver, gold, and one other color but not really sure. We would love your help and to see what you come up with. Thank so much.
Sherry R.


I just came to your website and fell in love immediately! I'm clueless when it comes to wedding colors and could really use some help!

I'm getting married in October 2011 in at a stunning Southern mansion that doubles as a bed-and-breakfast. It's still going to be very warm, so I'd like something that's still summery and festive. I'm not the biggest fan of pastels, but I LOVE color, so I'm really open-minded. Thanks in advance for the help!


Kelly April 13, 2011


Your blog is a godsend to the bridal world!! I have spent hours looking at all you concepts-and it's truly beautifully done! I know what colors I like but I'm having a hard time visualizing how to use them for the type of wedding/venue we want. I love dark sapphire/navy, apple/lime green and some sort of tan or brown as the neutral. I don't want the navy and green to scream nautical because we aren't boating people! We are getting married in may under an old pavilion with cobblestone floor in old city Philadelphia. The site is historic in nature. Then we think the reception will either be in a greenhouse, or rooftop atrium. So I guess out theme is historic/urban/garden? I'm struggling to tie all of these elements together. Please help me!

Kelly April 13, 2011


Your blog is a godsend to the bridal world!! I have spent hours looking at all you concepts-and it's truly beautifully done! I know what colors I like but I'm having a hard time visualizing how to use them for the type of wedding/venue we want. I love dark sapphire/navy, apple/lime green and some sort of tan or brown as the neutral. I don't want the navy and green to scream nautical because we aren't boating people! We are getting married in may under an old pavilion with cobblestone floor in old city Philadelphia. The reception will be in a greenhouse or rooftop atrium. So it's historic/urban/garden theme? Please help?!

shardiy April 13, 2011

Hi! Looking through your blog has been so inspirational to me. But, if anything, it's made me more confused about the colors for my wedding! Too many good ones to choose from.

Bottom line, I'm completely torn.

My reception is going to be in an old-school jazz club in a downtown area. It's an old building (complete with marquee outside) where people come from all over to play jazz shows at. I'm not sure what kind of palette would compliment something like that. I'm open to any and all suggestions!I'm a big fan of all colors, nothing scares me!

Thanks for your time. I truly appreciate it.

Shardi Youngblutt



I love your blog, and thank you so much for putting these palettes together!

I will be getting married in late May of 2012, in Southern California. The ceremony and reception will be in my parents' garden, which is planted with California natives (generally a dark green). The tricky part is that my fiance is from Scotland, and he, his family, and groomsmen will be wearing a rather bright tartan (

My mother would like a primarily gray palette so we don't contrast with the mass of tartan. Is that appropriate for a backyard wedding, or is it too formal? Can you suggest anything else that would be more casual, and would work with the tartan?

Thank you,

belladilemma April 14, 2011

Hello hello!

This site is to die for! I've got it set in my google reader, ready for my dream palette to appear.

I'm getting married in March 2012, a garden wedding & all I can think of is my bouquet!! I love all shades of purple, peach, pink, white & can see green leaves. So natural but so bright. My FH & I also have a strong love for apples & music.

However I cannot see past the floral arrangement. Please shed some light for me!

Hope to see my dream soon!


Dear Chrissy,

I think all the inspiration boards I have found have come from your blog! Its a great site. I live in Canada however I am from the UK and we are getting married there in Sept 2012. I have an idea of the colors I want but I'm not very good at visualizing the end result.
I love the idea of a rich chocolate brown and cream with an accent color like a deep vibrant purple. The purple would only be there to add some color as I would not want it to over power the brown and cream. But I cannot figure out if these colors would go well together.

This is possibly venue number one:

and this is possible venue number two:

I want the colors to be elegant and subtle, but as I said I'm not very good at this kind of think and would appreciate any help!!


Summer April 14, 2011

Hi! I'd love some help. We're getting married March 10, 2012 in Orlando at Paradise Cove. We're going for a rustic theme complete with mason jars and bright daisies. Our colors are watermelon (for the bridesmaids dresses), and pale green and pale yellow for accent colors. I'd love some help with getting my ideas down :)


I just came upon this blog and fell in love instantly! I am getting married next year and really like the hill country feel. I am debating between colors and I am completely overwhelmed. I know I want very subtle colors, and a lot of creams and browns. I want a lot of candles and lanterns everywhere. I have been debating between having a subtle accent color like navy or yellow or gray. I would just absolutely love your opinion and anything else!!


Hello! I've been browsing through your palettes, and I must say I love your combos! I've been finding great inspiration boards with one or two of my colors, but none with all! I'm getting married December 3, 2011, with a church ceremony and a semi-formal reception at the Walter Hall Rotunda on the campus of Ohio University. We're planning on have navy and pale blush pink as main colors (navy bridesmaid dresses, pink flowers), and accents of white and silver/gray (the men will wear gray suits). I'd love it if you could put together a navy/blush/white/silver inspiration board for me! Any suggestions on other ways to work in the colors would be awesome!



I figure if anybody can make this risky color combination work, then you can!

No theme...we just know the tuxes will be grey and we are looking for a classy, sophisticated but modern look. The venue will be a "small" ballroom in the suburb of Boston, Ma. Beautiful landscaping.

We want to work with both light and dark pink, grey, and peach...I would also like some notes of black. Here is the major issue...I don't want the pink and peach to overpower the wedding. But I want two different shades of pink AND peach...I don't know if this is possible. To add ANOTHER challenge, if you could think of another color that would make this palette more "stereotypically masculine" that would make my life soooo much better!

We are looking to have our wedding in either September or October of you can see we are under a short time line. And I can't figure this out for the life of me!

I know I am being repetitive when I say, I LOVE your blog...

Panda April 15, 2011

I have a request. My fiance and I picked out colors of originally pale yellow and yellow and Navy then my dress came in a dark champagne! so I wanted to add champagne/gold to the mix. He wants the men to wear a grey tux with yellow to match the brides maids dresses of yellow with a navy sash.
We are getting married in barn in October and i am making all the centerpieces out of tissue paper and the bouquets out of fabric.
Can you please help me vision it? I am losing track of what I wanted.
Thank you!

cmccuskey April 15, 2011

Hi Chrissy,
Wow, what a fun, whimsical, inspiring site! So happy I stumbled upon you.

I'm getting married late January 2012 in Denver, CO (my hometown, Seattle's home now). We're hoping for a mountain lodge feel (even though we'll probably only be in the foothills), cozy, warm, candles, pine cones. Thought about copper, but not sure, always wanted green in my wedding, but don't want the traditional hunter green Christmas green. I would love your perspective and insight. Thanks! Even if you don't pick me, I love your site. Tons of great ideas!

Celia April 17, 2011

My wedding is July 29, 2011. We are having a 4 1/2 month engagement which is why I don't have everything planned and picked out yet.

I chose sangria from David's Bridal for the bridesmaid dresses. The sangria looks bright on David's Bridal website but in person it really isn't a bright color. I was thinking a light pink would go well with it since it's a summer wedding...? Our ceremony is in a church but the reception is in a lodge on a mountain with big glass windows overlooking a big lake. I'm having trouble imagining decorating and colors to go with the sangria.

I would love to see your ideas!!!


Hi Chrissy,

Your website is absolutely fabulous! I would love for you to put together a color palette for me!

We are having an outdoor ceremony on the bay in June 2012. I do not want anything too beachy but I love bright colors and seaglass. I was thinking of bright green, blue and slate gray. I have been searching everywhere for pictures of this color combination but haven't been able to find anything. I'd love to see what you can come up with.

Please help! Thanks!


Hi there!

LOVE the website. You are so creative! I'm looking for a palette of antique gold, tangerine, and plum.

Any ideas??

Thanks so much!!


I'm so happy that I found your blog, but I'm still having problems finding a perfect palette. All I want is a bouqet of red roses and a beautiful candlelite wedding reception. Why did everything that I came across reminded me of valentines day or christhmas? Why is it so hard to plan an elegant and romantic wedding with the red color? By the way I love all your palettes but ..none of them have the red roses that I'm set on having on my wedding day! =)


I am having a summer wedding in june 2012. i love indigo, bright yellow, chartreuse and orange all together but have no idea if those colors even go...


Jennifer Brooke April 21, 2011


One of my bridesmaids tipped me off about your site, and I must admit that I haven't gotten much work done at the office since discovering it! My fiance and I are getting married December 3, 2011, in Charleston, SC. I always wanted a fall wedding, but unfortunately my two younger brothers are involved in college football, so December was the earliest we could do it.

We're getting married in a charming little white chapel with a red door, and having the reception at a pavilion on a plantation that's got a rustic vibe.

Colors... HELP! I LOOOOVE yellow, but December isn't exactly yellow-friendly. Would something combining a midnight blue, gray or silver, antique gold and some yellow accents work?

PLEASE help me :)


LC_Koemans April 22, 2011

I almost wish I could have multiple weddings (to the SAME wonderful man!!) just so that I could try out different color palettes! There's so many pretty ones! And to have your job of putting palettes together...that'd be almost just as good! (Probably more affordable and realistic too!)

My fiancé helped choose my colors...and they are a bit unique! But I'm LOVING them! Since they're unique, I was wondering if I could see them together in a palette? Here they are, all six, bright, bold, and vibrant (just the way we like them!)
- hot pink
- emerald-like green (with hints of lime/apple green)
- bright, deep purple
- sunshine yellow
- orange orange
- bright, bold sailor blue

No, I promise it doesn't look like a rainbow! We have 6 groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids, each "couple" is a color! The groomsmen are wearing black pants/vests and white shirts, with ties and (converse) shoes in their color. The bridesmaids are wearing knee length black dresses with accessories and shoes in their color.

And...he and I are wearing bright royal blue as our color! (Shoes, accessories, his tie, etc)

I'd love to see a color palette with our colors!

aa98761e-6cde-11e0-bcf0-000bcdcb2996 April 22, 2011

You are BRILLANT, I look through these palettes and drool at work :)
So, we are doing a courthouse wedding, although with a little more flair. That Saturday we will be having a reception with all of our friends and family. We are in Georgia and both TRUE Southerners. Our theme is "Rustic Southern Charm", when I think of this I think of soft pinks, BUT I would rather go the yellow route and a touch of pinks or blues.
If you have any ideas that would be great! The Reception will be at a Neighborhood CLubhouse.

Again, I LOVE your blog!

weng April 25, 2011

hi there..=)
your color palette is really amazing..i have this thing in my mind and i want to picture it out..hope you can help me..
want a combination of flourescent purple,navy blue,powder blue and gray..
i'm looking forward to see these colors on your color palette..please please help me..
thanks a bunch..
love your website..=)


Carrie April 26, 2011

As already stated you are great and amazing with colors! I love your color boards very inspiring. I recently am engaged and trying to figure out a perfect color palette. I am hoping to get married at the biltmore estate in asheville, nc in a garden type area. I have always imagined using an aqua type color and having a vintage type wedding "antiquish looking". I am thinking I would like to combine aqua, peach, white and a muted silver, but really having trouble imagining it all.

would love love love to see what you come up with!!!


Hi! I just want to say your website is absolutely amazing!!! There are so many of us that unfortunately do not have that creative eye when it comes to color palettes and envisioning things for what we want to be our big day. Myself included in that for sure!!
Our wedding is going to be Nov. 6, 2011 at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma, Ca. The ceremony will be on the lawn, cocktails under a tent, we are doing a stationed dinner in a very Modern building, then the party moves to the barn for dessert and dancing and everything. Cornerstone is amazing, it has the vineyard views that you expect of the valley, but everything is infused with art...the entire property is modern and just has the greatest vibe ever!

We would love it if you could help us with a palette for our wedding.
It seems as though a lot of the combos we love are only meant for "spring/summer" weddings so we are trying not to get frustrated!

We really love the color gray and would love to see that in the palette. Other than that we are very open, one bright accent color to make things pop would be awesome...we also love the idea of basing the colors off of a peacock feather but there are so many colors to tie in it is so confusing!

We are so excited to be getting married and we really want our wedding (colors included) to reflect our modern yet simple sense of style.

Help us please! :)

Lindsey and Damian

Elaina May 02, 2011

I'd love to see a Black & White wedding with touches of purple (a grape or plum shade)! My roommate wants to do that for her wedding but it's hard to envision! Thanks!

Elise May 03, 2011
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Elise May 03, 2011


I have decided that you have one of the greatest gifts of all can make beautiful color palettes. I tend to get too heavy handed and use WAY too much color all over the place. (I love color, what can I say?)

That being said however, I am in DESPERATE need of your help! I was originally looking at a spring wedding, but because of family circumstances we decided to accommodate and move it up to Late November (Thanksgiving time). Problem: I hate winter/all the orange of late autumn. The only thing I know I want are sunflowers,(yellow is my favorite color) but I would love to use some other rich colors too...maybe cranberry/garnet and navy? I'm planning on doing a lot of DIY with a rustic outdoorsy feel since we're both huge nature nuts! I was also looking at maybe an overarching vintage feel as well. We met because we both do swing dancing and are on our school's advanced competing team, and my dress is very 1950's inspired with a full tea-length swing just fits us both.

The problem is that I just don't know what colors I'm using other than yellow and it's making me lose my mind...would primary colors look bad/be stupid because of the time of year? The male counterpart is no help - he just tells me that he'll love what ever I do! (...good thing I love him...grr.) I don't even know...summer or spring I'm better off, but with winter fast approaching and the hated white stuff on the ground (snow...ugh), I'm afraid that we're so busy arranging things for all the family that my wedding will lose that feeling that belongs to us...

Anyways, I don't know if you can tell that I'm about as lost as I can be, and I would really be forever indebted to you if you could help me out! Thank you so much!!!


Madeleen May 04, 2011

I can spend hours on your website! Such a cool idea!

I have an idea for a colour pallet and I can't seem to find proper examples of these colours together. In my mind it looks very rustic, but elegant/vintage.

Plum/Aubergine, Cranberry/Wine Red, Light Green and Ivory (and this is in the order of importance).

I hope to see what you can come up with!



I love your blog! This is exactly the type of creative guidance an inspirationally challenged bride-to-be is dying to find!

My finace and I both love fancy down to earth styles. Which is turning out to be a challenge because it seems as if in the wedding world you get one or the other. We are planning on getting married at McMenamins Edgefield outside of Portland Oregon. The venue is this amazing whimsical adult playland with everything from a Japanese soaking pool to a vineyard. The venue is amazing and full of fun little artistic touches that make the venue in of itself part of the decor for our wedding.

We are having a late afternoon/early evening indoor reception. And we are considering a color palette of teal and green.

Almost everything I come across has some variation of a peacock theme intertwined with this palette. I do like the idea but I would also like to see other options and/or accent colors. I am afraid against candlelight the cooler colors of teal and green may be lost in the dark .

Any advice you have for me is welcomed with open arms!!!!!

Thank you so so much!


hello your combinations are AMAZING!!! My wedding is in November and I have no clue on colors...One of the colors is silver and I have no clue what to pair it with...all I know is that I dont want red...Please help Im very confused..Thank you!!


My husband and I are both active duty military, and we have an eight month old baby girl. We are having our wedding in 2015, but with so much to do at work, we dont really get to plan. We are getting married in march, and i am trying to put together and end of winter/beggining of spring time wedding. kind of woodsy, but also elegant and winterlike.

I would love if you could put something together with and ice blue, woodsy color, with yellow and gold in the mix.

fleur de lis May 05, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

I love your website, it has definitely given me a lot of colour inspiration. I still don't see exactly the one I want though!

My fiance and I are getting married July 1, 2012, and I've literally spent the past few months trying to come up with something he and I will both like.

I love pink flowers, ones that are slightly brighter than baby pink, I think they are amazing and I want to do all my floral in them. I've figured out that the only color that really goes with pink that my fiance likes is blue. However, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for inspiration that isn't navy/fuchsia or aqua and pink. We are getting married outside in a mountain/garden type setting and then are planning on having the reception at a hall in town. Any help you could offer would be amazing cause I literally don't know where else to look for the colors I am thinking of.

Kathryn May 09, 2011

Hello! Love this site! I am recently engaged, and was given this site by a good friend who's wedding I was in. She used this site, and her wedding was GORGEOUS!

I was wondering if you could create a palette for me based off of the following details.

I'd really like an evergreen/sage green, ivory, and teal or navy, depending on what you feel would go together more. We believe we will be getting married outside at an old plantation in southern louisiana. I would like to incorporate peacock feathers into the theme somehow. I'm hoping to have them in the flowers of the bridal party, and then in my hair, which is dark brown.
I can't really decide if I want a vintage type wedding, or a more traditional/classy type. Maybe a combination? I don't want a holiday theme, and I'd like to stay away from browns, but I'm open to seeing how they would look. No pale pale colors if it can be avoided.
As of right now, I'm looking at either a March wedding or a November wedding. (March outdoors in Louisiana is probably a horrible idea, but we will see!) I was hoping I could find a palette that would coordinate with both seasons? If that's not possible, I understand. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to things looking good. Hope you can help me! Feel free to email me if you need any more information!

I have looked through your ideas with navy, and your ideas with the sage green, and even some ideas with the teal, and I LOVE them! But ... none of them are together, so I'm hoping this won't be too difficult, but maybe there is a reason they aren't together?? Thanks again for anything you can do to help me out!! Once again, LOVE this blog and will officially be adding it to my favorites and subscribing!

-- Kathryn in Tx


Hello! My wedding will be on November 12, 2011. I am pretty decided on using brown and pink for our wedding but I am not sure what shade of brown and pink. I envision our wedding to be romantic, sweet, and fun. It's going to be around 10 in the morning. We both love eating. By the way, I so love chocolate.

With this, I hope you could help with choosing the perfect palette. I wouldn't mind adding a third color too.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Chrissy!
I am getting married in late September 2011, in Seattle. One Hindu ceremony, one Catholic ceremony, one winery reception and one hotel reception. I am not very girly and at first wanted mostly white but with some green, until I learned that in my fiancee's Indian culture, white is associated with funerals! I do love color, but am having a hard time with something that is appropriate to all the venues and both cultures, and also seasonal and in a palette I like! I would like a combination of green (celadon or emerald) and a deep fuschia or purple, with some gold or taupe or brown. But I can not find any images in that palette, which makes me think there's a reason it has never been done! ANY help you could provide would be much appreciated!
Thank you!

Ashley Carole May 10, 2011

I love your blog, it has been such a great inspiration for deciding on wedding colors! I would love a suggestion for my upcoming wedding in June 2012.

We are getting married in Southport, NC on the intercoastal waterway. The ceremony will be held outdoors on a deck overlooking the waterway and the reception will be held inside. I love the idea dark teal for the bridesmaids dresses but also want to incorporate coral along with different shades of green. I love the look of large bouquets with peony or hydrangeas also.

Thanks so much!


Hi, I'm a Brazilian bride and I always look this blog to take inspiration for deciding on my wedding colors. I am getting married in July, 16, 2011,I have an idea for a colour pallet and I can't seem to find proper examples of these colours together, there are yellow, orange and something blue. I would love if you could help me with this palette.
Thanks you!


Hi Chrissy!
I'm so excited to have run across your site .... I love, love, LOVE everything weddings. As I'm working on plans for my own I'm continually distracted by pictures and inspiration boards that are nowhere near our own colors/theme. That's not a bad thing though ... it's fun and I've subscribed to your blog! That being said, I wouldn't mind your help. I have been head over heels in love with navy blue (I saw a picture somewhere and that was that!) and love the idea of pairing it with chartreuse but am worried that that is too springy for our November wedding. Any ideas on how to add to that color scheme to make it more fall-ish? Our wedding is a little more modern, being held in a converted furniture factory so it has a very loft-like feel. We don't really have a "theme" but are incorporting some elements remeniscent of New Orleans which is where we got engaged (nothing to New Orleans Saints or Mardi Gras-ish though!!!) .... signature drinks from New Orleans, understaed fleur de lis patterns on the stationary, etc. I'd be curious to see what you would come up with .... you do great work!


Hi! We would like to create a fun and romantic feel on our wedding day. We are considering the following colors: fluorescent purple, lime green, and sky blue. Would love to hear your thoughts!


Hi! So I found this cake and I absolutely love it! I was wondering if you could design a palette around it. I plan on having the ceremony in a chapel by the lake. Thanks for your help!


I posted before I told you more information! I absolutely love hydrangeas and peonies! My favorite color is green also. Thanks again!


I love this site.

I'm having a summer wedding and the venue is a garden rooftop. I want to use red, yellow, gray, and cream and have it be a classy yet casual look.




I am planning a southern destination wedding and I am trying to decide what colors to choose. I want bright, tropical colors. I want purple and blue in the palette but I also want another color to brighten it up. Do you know a nice bright tropical color that goes well with blue and purple?


I'm getting married 12.01.12. We're planning on having a modern wedding with military influence (fiance is in the Marines). I was hoping you'd help me with a palette. I love cranberry, cream, black, and some sort of blue that will stand out, but not conflict with the royal blue of the groom and groomsmen's dress blues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Meg


I love love love your website! SOOO incredibly helpful!

I'm having a fall wedding in VA and my colors are Deep teal, chocolate, gold, and ivory. It is going to be an indoor/outdoor wedding and I want pops of peacock, like peacock feathers in the bridesmaids hair and some in the brides bouquet maybe, but I dont want it to go overboard with peacock feathers. I also have NO idea what to do about flowers. HELP!

Erin May 20, 2011

This website is a lifesaver, and such an inspiration!

I have been struggling with colours for my wedding, as I have been considering black bridesmaids dresses as this would be easiest for my busy bridesmaids to find something they like, but don't want to have a colourless wedding.

The colour I love the most is a dark purple (plum?), but the palette I was considering was black, ivory and the colour of antique roses (kind of a dusky pink).

I'm just not sure if those four colours will go together. I want to create a very elegant feel to the wedding, as our reception will be in a colonial style building with beautiful french doors everywhere. We are getting married in Australia in June, which is our winter, but no snow in sight!

Any help you could give us would be fantastic. Thank you!!!


Holy Mole that's a lot of requests!!I guess one more couldn't hurt =)

So here is the scoop:

My favorite color is in the aqua/turquoise/ teal range, BUT I am a huge fan of bright citrusy colors as well (originating from aqua and lemon yellow color schemes but having grown to include grapefruit pink, limey greens, and tangerine oranges). My gown is ivory and my grooms suit is a taupe-ish shade of grey.

We are having a festive outdoor/barn party at the end of August with a Matrimonial Margarita Bar and Citrus Juice Bar =) We want to grow our own dahlias in bold coral pinks and deep raspberry magentas or maybe go for a lush and loose greenery bouquet or incorporate the adorable "button" appearance of ranauculous flowers. I've considered putting my maids in deep navy dresses to give the flowers something to POP off of, but my sister thinks a variety of aqua/blues/teals might be more fitting for me.

I'm afraid there will be too many loose colors flying around and there will be nothing to ground and solidify our overall look! An outside opinion could be delightful and helpful :) thanks!


Hi Chrissy!

Your boards are so inspiring! I wish there was an application to plug in different colors to see for yourself if a potential palette is actually your dream palette!

I love the look of your dusty aqua, aqua, teal boards and was thinking to combine that combo with chartreuse, yellow, ivory (my dress), gray (men's suits), with a dash of brown/wood grain.

We are holding our ceremony outdoors (hopefully under a tree!) and I love the idea of lanterns hanging from the branches and using more green filler plants than flowers. I love the look of suspenders and vests on groomsmen and for things to have a more layered, vintage look then things being too matchy matchy.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of these requests and keep up the great work! Color is one of the best things in life!


Love your site! I'm planning a wedding in the fall and would love to see some examples of chocolate brown, a creamy white, rustic gold and a pop of hot pink!


Hi there,
I have come across your blog and found it to be the most helpful resources out there for wedding color palette ideas. I am hoping you can help me with some color ideas for my wedding. I am planning an August 2012 wedding at a small private island of the North Carolina coast. I love blues, purples, pinks, and greens and am having a hard time narrowing it down. The wedding will be outside under a tent by the intercoastal waterway. The reception will be inside a yacht club. I am envisioning elegant with a twist of fun. Possibly encompassing a nautical theme. Is there a good way to tie together blue, green, AND pink?

Thank you in advance if you are able to help with some suggestions!!


Jacquelyn May 23, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

Your site is amazing. I've been going back and forth trying to pick colors for my March 2012 wedding. I loove green and purple is my second favorite color. I've seen a ton of inspiration boards with a dark purple/plum and lime green. Do you have any inspiration boards with a dark green and light purple, maybe lavender?

We are getting married at a golf course country club. The reception room is a little on the darker side, so I would love some color to add some light to the room.

Please help me put my favorite colors together in a unique, but elegant way.


- Jacq

EMK May 23, 2011


I'm getting married in Fall 2011. I'm looking for the bridesmaids to wear navy blue cocktail-length dresses, and the boys in grey suits. I want accents of . The ceremony is in a corner of a country club surrounded by pine trees, and the reception is in their ballroom, which has high ceilings, exposed beams, and tans and neutral browns. I want accents of Tiffany Blue, yellow, and purple (mainly in the flowers). The theme will be New England preppy, with splashes of fun color. I would love to see a palette for this!


I was woundering if anyone thought about the colors Hot pink and black for a wedding? Or even if you could do pink and black or just stick with black and white? ammm.. I've looked at the silver color and kind of like the brown color. I love blue like the sea color blue. Is there a way to put them all together? how would that look?


Thank you for helping the color-challenged of us out there. Your blog is inspiring and incredibly helpful. But I need more help. I'm getting married in June 2012 in the Deep South. The wedding will be a pretty formal event since my guy will be married in his Marines dress blues. His pants will be white but the blouse is a dark navy, almost black color. I'd love to have my favorite color green be the main hue, but I'd like to incorporate the Marines color scheme as well. The combinations I've looked at so far have been either too harsh or unseasonable. I'd really appreciate your palette suggestions!


We are having a Friday evening wedding in late October. I choose to have my wedding in the fall as it is my favorite season with it's natural beauty, and favorite childhood memories of apple orchards and of course Halloween!
I have always wanted a simple, classic wedding ceremony with my bridesmaids in beautiful black, long dresses. I did not choose an 'accent' color as I wanted all the 'color' to come from their flowers. My concern is will the fall colors in the bouquet clash with the black dress, or should I choose brown dresses? I am also having trouble incorporating these colors into the reception hall decorations. I would love your help in choosing a palette! I love the rustic reds, oranges, yellows, etc.



I am also getting married on January 2012 and we're having a hard time on choosing the perfect color combination. We just wanted yellow and blue. But we're having a hard time choosing the perfect shade. Can help us, pretty please..


Elisabeth May 25, 2011


Your blog is wonderful!It's been really helpful as friends and I have tried to pick out colors for their weddings - but now that its my turn it just makes me like so many different things! I am getting married this summer (August 6 - soon I know but we've only been engaged for a few weeks). We will have a small intimate ceremony in Boston but then a large reception at our home in Bedford, New Hampshire.

I have narrowed it down to a deep red with brown and cream and gold accents.I know its more of a fall or winter mix but..... The bridesmaids will wear red dresses and my fiance insists on a brown tux. I am having a hard time picturing tables and flowers (i think just having roses would be a little bland). The reception will be outdoors/ indoors with tables and a dance floor set up outside. I am hoping for a deep elegant, romantic feel - think the hills of Tuscany.

If you have any ideas on how to work with that I would appreciate it so much! I'm getting home from being in school in less than a month and then will go into heavy planning mode.




I am having a really hard time deciding on my colors. Every time I tell someone what I have in mind they don't like it. I want Blush Pink, Black and Champagne. Please help me see and prove to everyone that it will be elegant and beautiful!

Racheal Chan June 02, 2011

Hello Chrissy,

I am Racheal from Malaysia.
I felt very lucky and happy to found your page. ^^
I will introduce your page to my friends, it was fantastic….

Btw, hope you can suggest me the color theme for my wedding dinner on January 2012.
It's going to be a poolside + garden (Tropicana feel) wedding...I will email you some pictures of my venue.
Now I'm having difficulty to visualize the perfect color combo for my wedding.
I wanted a romantic, sweet and lively feel wedding.
Almost all are young people for that night.

Do you think pink/carol + blue/aqua + white + cream is a good idea?
Can you specify me the color code as well?
Looking forward to your reply.

Your help much appreciated.
Thank you

Racheal ^^


Hi! i think i have a fun challenge for you! i'm having a traditional wedding in Accra,Ghana, West Africa in Feb, 2012. its a bit more informal than a normal wedding, and the highlight of the whole program is the negotiation and payment of the bride price. afterwards anyway, there is a reception like at a wedding, just a bit more informal and so much fun! the colours i'm looking at are yellow and silver for the main colours, with highlights of green and plum. it looks nice in my head :-), but i juct cant seem to find a palette with those colours. also, in this part of the world, there are limited ways to acheive the colurs. we would normally use alot of drapery, some flowers(we dont have much fresh flowers) and the table setting. i'm not having any attendants, and our outfits are traditional.i do hope you will be able t help me out. And do look foward to some fun pictures in febuary! thank you!


I'm getting married at an historic bed and breakfast in Ohio (Simon Kenton Inn) in June 2012. I've always envisioned my wedding would be red, black and white, but now I am not so sure. I am loving teal and black at the moment, but my favorite color is red and can't picture my wedding without red.

I'm wondering how red (more magenta/lipstick red), teal black and white would look together or if it is just a wrong choice. I'm hoping you can put together a beautiful palette that reflects a rustic and laid back theme to go along with the venue and an outdoor ceremony and reception.



Your blog is awesome! I've been losing my mind trying to decide on the perfect colors for my March 31, 2012 wedding. I originally wanted navy bridesmaids dresses with bright flowers, but the more I thought about it the less I loved it.

My fiance are getting married at a yacht club in Maryland, and the ceremony will be outside (in the evening) with the Chesapeake Bay as the back drop. The reception will be at the same venue (inside) the yacht club. I have tons of ideas, but no real direction. Since March is considered a spring wedding (barely), I want something bright, but not too bright. My style is clean and simple, but fun. My dress is lace, with romantic ruffles at the bottom. I was thinking about using coral, but I don't know whether to make that the main color, or an accent color. So far I have considered coral with gray, lilac, sage, tiffany blue, brown and/or aqua. All the possible palettes are getting mixed up in my head and confusing me more :)

Can you help? I feel like I'm close, but I just can't put my finger on it!

Thank you!!


Best website (twitter/facebook) I have come across for wedding colors! You make everything look so complete and easy to look at.

We are getting married next May in Ohio and would love to see a palette using green, blue and maybe a touch of orange? We've also considered orange, blue and yellow. Would absolutely love your input and palette help!

Thanks so much!

MonicaMaria June 05, 2011

i got my color inspiration for my wedding from your blog! (so pretty in pink and plum)
My friend is having a backyard wedding in September and she would like a deep plum purple and some other fun brighter colors (pink, blue, maybe green).
It is an outside wedding and will be fun and simple. i would love if you could help! (:


I'm getting married August 27th 2011 in a simple grange hall. My budget is very small so I am having a difficult time trying to decide on colors and decorations that will be inexpensive but still look elegant. I am thinking of periwinkle, aqua, and green for my color combination. Periwinkle and aqua would be the main colors, with just a hint of green in a few areas. Not entirely sure yet, but playing around with it a bit. Your site is very inspiring. Thank you.



Hi! I'm getting married in Hawaii with an outdoor ceremony and reception. Dress is ivory lace over a light gold satin. Since Hawaii has so many beautiful colors I was thinking slate blue, light green and yellow....or slate blue, light green and peach....or slate blue, light green and light pink. Would love to see what any of these would look like with an ivory dress. Thanks for your help.

Kate June 06, 2011


I am in love with your website. Would you be able to create a palette of pink, green and orange for me? I will be having a summer wedding next year, it will be inside to get away from the Florida heat, but I would like to have summery and especially southern touches throughout the wedding!

Thank you! :)


I love love love your site. Is there anyway you can pull together a palette of navy blue, grey, and shades of yellow?

Getting married late next summer and would love some inspiration.

Thank you so much!
Shana :)

Shelby June 06, 2011

I'm getting married next June. I *think*, after MUCH deliberation, that I've finally chosen our colors. I'm going for a palette of mainly magenta (or bright, rich pink, fuschia?) and slate grey with hints of chartreuse and ivory. We're going to have a small wedding, around 60 people, and our reception will be in our favorite Eastern European restaurant full of charm. Feel of the wedding is elegantly whimsical (is that a feel??) and would LOVE to see your ideas on this. Thank you (hopefully!!!),


What a miracle! Your newest color , florescent purple is exactly the color that we have picked for our wedding! I saw it first at Dessy as Persian Plum and its been so hard to find it elsewhere. Our wedding theme is Tropical Elegance and I know we also want to have platinum silver as a backdrop color and then the tropical colors like pistachio green and some orange as a pop color and lots of hanging crystals.We will be married in Hawaii in a small chapel and it will be a cocktail garden reception with bridesmaids in tea length dresses. The wedding dress is a silvery ivory trumpet style from the Priscilla of Boston's Platinum collection. Please create a palette for us! No one else can do it better than the Perfect Palette! Thank you so much for all you do for us brides. Inspiration boards are the real foundation of a great wedding! -Angela of San Francisco

hockey_love June 06, 2011

Hi! As I was searching for wedding color ideas I stumbled upon your page I absolutely love the work you do, I spent a while looking and I would love if I could get your help. I am planning an April 2012 wedding. The colors I have been thinking of using are some sort of pink, dark blue, and some other neutral tone. My fiance is in the Marine Corps and will be wearing his dress blues therefore I am trying to find colors to go with his uniform but still incorporate my girly personality with the pink :) Hope you are able to help me!

Thank you,

touchxOfxpinkxO June 07, 2011

Coming upon your blog is the best thing that has happened during our wedding planning.

We are having an issues with colors though. We are just so happy with everything we have a hard time making decisions between the thousands of things we like. We also find it hard to visual very specific wedding details.

We are having an outdoor ceremony/reception. It's going to be a Kentucky, southern comfort kind of wedding complete with a homemade biscuit bar, Kentucky Hot Brown's, Fried Chicken, bourbon, cheese grits, Derby Pie and a stack cake instead of a traditional wedding cake. It's elegant but understate and casual. We are a mix of traditional, fun, modern and boisterous. Our wedding is September 2012. Our taste in colors is all over the board. Something lovely and romantic but not super girly. Muted reds, orange, clover, light blue, chocolate brown, peach, purple, and ivory are just a few of the colors we enjoy. If you could help I'd appreciate it.


I am getting married in June of 2012. I would love to see another summer palette with florescent purple! The one you have is great but I want more.

Lene June 07, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. My wedding is October 12, 2012. I am having a fairytale theme wedding. My fiance and I have always loved blue, so we decided to have royal blue and silver. I currently have two bridesmaids and I am thinking of having them wear a plum colour dress to make them stand out a bit. The other bridesmaids will wear either navy blue or royal blue depending on what looks good.

Our wedding is the fall, and I was trying to think of ways to incorporate fall colours to the wedding and the theme. I'm kind of stuck.

If you could please put together a pallet with those colours, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

All the best!


Megan June 08, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

I am really struggling with choosing my color palette and could really use your help. I am getting married June 30, 2012 in Wisconsin. We both have large families, so the wedding is going to be pretty big. Also, I'm still in school, so our budget is not huge.

The church is large and ornate, but the reception hall is a little rustic. There is a lot of wood (it use to be a ski lodge) and a lot of windows, so whether I like it or not, there is going to be a lot of brown and green.

I want my wedding to feel bright (like summer) and elegant. I am not a huge fan of rustic (even though my venue choice would suggest otherwise), and would prefer a more posh feel. The groom dislikes pastels and I am not a big fan of purple or red. I was thinking of maybe a bright yellow, but would love to hear your suggestions.

Hopefully, you are able to suggest the perfect palette and inspire us. Thank you for such a great website!

Best regards,


I adore this blog!! For almost a year I've been anticipating my engagement and dreaming of gorgeous weddings (with some inspiration from your posts), but now that I have a date and venue I'm STUCK and I need help!!

We are having an evening wedding in October in a large church in the mountains of Tennessee. My bridesmaids will be wearing navy; groomsmen in charcoal grey; I will be in ecru/ivory. I really want to use soft pink/peach cabbage roses and I'm allergic to mums. SO how can I work these things together with a formal/vintage feel that works for fall? HELP (please, I'm desperate!)


We are getting married in August 2012 at a cabin on the river. The cabin is really rustic looking and we are thinking a rustic/country theme. I really really like the palette with the dusty rose and brown, but I would like a green or an orange. Do you think you could put together something like this for me. Hope you can help. Thank you.


Hi Chrissy,

My fiance and I are getting married in October this year and my bridesmaid dresses are from jcrew in the spiced wine and graphite. I have chosen some white garden roses and yellow button poms for the flowers (as a small accent and pop of color). We are getting married in my fiance's parents' backyard with a garden theme in mind. We also picked up a bunch of mismatched brass birdcages. I would love, love, love to see your take on this since your taste is amazingly spot on. Thanks for your time in inspiring your readers with color.



Hi Christy!
I love the blog and I'm so glad that I stumbled upon it. My wedding is next June in an old carriage mill by the river (open air, pretty natural looking area). I'm trying to find the perfect color combination to give it a more vintage/natural feel while still having a sense of elegance. My latest idea is to try something incorporating blush, navy, and a light but bright green. I'm not sure how this would look though, I just really like all of the colors and haven't found the perfect mix for me. I would love it if you could help point me in the right direction :)


** sorry for the typo Chrissy :)

Jess June 10, 2011

I am hoping that you can help me. I love the inspiration boards that you come up with on your site.
I am stuck in respect to colour choice. I think my real problem is that I like every colour (except blue)! I love colour and want to incorporate it.
I am getting married in June at a butterfly conservatory. Here comes the problem for me. Everything in the conservatory is green, lots of foliage. I want to go with something bright and fun and at the same time something that will really pop from the green in there.
I was thinking something along the lines of pink and orange, but purple is my all time favourite colour!
I don't know what direction to go in. Do you think you could help?
Thanks so much!


What a great idea teamed with your creative talent. Well done!

I'd love to see a color palette set in a lush jungle/rainforest. My vision is to have an outdoor wedding in amongst the ferns and gorgeous Australian tropical trees. The tables would be decorated with moss terrariums, wood features, quail and pheasant bird feathers. It'd also be cool to incorporate snake skin design somehow, but tastefully. I took inspiration from Duet Wedding/Jose Villa shoot. Colors could be bottle green, tan and teak brown, but up to you.

Potential venue:

Inspire me!!!


Your various colour schemes are gorgeous and have helped my fiance and I greatly in narrowing down potential color choices. While there were a few we REALLY enjoyed, I was hoping you would consider creating a palette for our wedding. =)

We are getting married in October of this year. It is going to be an indoor/outdoor wedding at a historical craftsmen/bungalow styled home here in Alabama.

Our wedding theme is vintage-country chic. For our table decor I was going to set out mismatched china with floral patterns at each table and put our centerpiece decor in various sized Mason jars.

We both appreciate simple and effortless elegance. I would love a whimsical feel while loaded with charm as it will be an intimate wedding. We actually decided to put our invitations on old vintage postcards and would like to stay near the colours found there, soft beige, ivory, white and X.

We'd love a gentle splash of color that would tie our wedding together. Can you help us dear?



Hi Chrissy,

I am getting married next May in an English village church, then having a capri marquee in the garden of my parents cottage. We are not having a full sit down meal, but champagne afternoon tea waitress served as canapes, then a hog roast and live band in the evening.

I have a main colour theme of a bright cobalt blue (already have some fabulous Ted Baker shoes!) and am thinking of a rainbow scheme for flowers/bunting with Cath Kidston style prints. I want it to be quaint/country but also bright and modern!

Any help on this would be most appreciated!!!

Many thanks,


Chrissy -

If you happen to come across this request then it would be great to see what you'd have in mind.

I'm getting married in early May of 2012 and am having a Catholic wedding in Kansas.

At the moment, I'm thinking navy for the bridesmaids/groomsmen.

I'd like to have the bridesmaids in different styles of dresses. Only problem is finding a store that offers dresses at a REASONABLE price. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

I'd also like the brides to wear different shoes - whatever they're comfortable in.

Next up, I'd like the flowers to be peach colored, maybe with some ivory and coral/pink as well. I'm thinking bouqets with different open/closed blossums. Also, I'm liking peonies at the moment.

Last but not least, I think that I may have a bit of caramel/wheat color on my wedding dress, and I'm considering having my fiance's tux with the same color of vest.

To sum this up, I'd like to see what you could come up with for navy, peach, coral, and caramel/wheat.


Heather June 14, 2011

I love your website! Lucas and I are getting married on September 1, 2012 at Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. He is from Colorado and I am not. Currently we live in Louisiana so it is soo hard to plan and I could really use help! I am leaning toward the following- peach, gray, coral, and ivory. I would love help with this as I love to plan, but because of our jobs, we have so little time to plan. The boys are going to be wearing traditional black tux with black vests-- no color to them at all except their boutonnieres. your help would be super appreciated!




Getting married in October of 2012. The ceremony will be outside and the reception will be in a ballroom. I would love to see a color combo with plum, navy, and gray. I want it to feel majestic!

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Cathy June 14, 2011

I loved your website!!! I love the fall gold, brown and blue palette but I can't get away from my love of fall red as well. Do you know of a combo that combines blue gold and red? I'm lost, but I love those colors soo much!!

Thanks so much



I saw this gorgeous teal dress that had bronze beadwork & sequins and thought it would make a great palette. Love your blog!


Ok. I know you have six billion colour palette requests but I'm hoping that something about this desperate comment jumps out at you and you take pity on my dire situation. The only thing I know is that I love vintage polynesia. I love the muted greens and reds and taupes and whatever other colours that might suggest something has a slight nod to this era. I'm sort of talking about the romantic era of travel. 1950s Hawaii. I have no idea what sort of colours I can use to draw on this idea. I'm seeing lots of deep greens and brilliant reds and bright yellows but how the heck do you bring that all to life without looking like a traffic light? HELP!! I'll be eternally grateful (and I'm sure my bridesmaids will be too!) xox C & M


Hi there, my fiance wants to wear a kilt for our wedding
I don't want to have a red and green wedding... what else could I use?



I am just in love with your this blog! You know how to put together the best Palettes!

We are looking to have an outdoor backyard CA wedding in May of 2012. I want it to be a beautiful romantic reception and knock everyone's socks off when they walk in.

I wanted Navy and Pink for my colors but my fiancee would like to include a color of his own - Orange! How do I make them all work? Navy or Slate Blue as the main color and Pink and Orange as accents?

Your inspired palatte would be a HUGE help.

Thank you!



Hi Chrissy!

Your inspiration boards are so beautiful! I'm getting married on the beach in Santa Barbara this September. My color palette is coral, dusty aqua, and khaki. I would love, love, love any ideas you can give me! Thanks!


Meghan June 18, 2011
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Meghan June 18, 2011

I'm getting married in June of 2013, so I have plenty of time to choose my colors. But because I'm so excited for my wedding, I'm already making my lists of favorite combinations.

I love the bright, summer colors and all, but I've always dreamed of a black and white wedding. But black in white in June? I just can't picture it. Can you create a palette for a summer-y, soft black & white theme, maybe throwing a bright summer color in the loop, like coral or spring green? I'd love the see this palette so I can actually envision it.



Hi Chrissy,

Just stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad! For the past 3 months, my fiance and I have been struggling with just one aspect of our wedding - the colors. I am a color fanatic and love them all, he is partial to black. Our wedding is next spring in early June. The reception will be at the beautiful Lakewood Memorial Chapel in MN with a reception in the park to follow. We have been himm-ing and hah-ing about the colors teal and plum with some bright greens thrown in there. And to make matters more perplexing, my wedding dress may be brown or light blue. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Color uncoordinated,

ELYSE June 20, 2011

I would love to see a mint, slate blue and power blue palette. There are similar combinations, but not quite this one. If there are, then I'm having a hard time finding it.



We are getting married May or June 2012. Having a hard deciding what colors will go with what. We are looking at doing Pink, Green, and Black. My better half doesn't think that it would go to well. Also, we have considered orange, pink, and white.


drakeland June 20, 2011

Dear Chrissy,

All I can say about your blog is...WOW! Suc han inspiring resource for brides!

I'm getting married next summer at a butterfly conservatory. Our color palette is cobalt/navy and charteuse and we are going for a garden chic style, with a just a hint of girly girl :)

I've been looking for a third color as an accent, particularly for the reception flowers, but I'm stuck! I dont like many darker blue flowers, plus they are hard to come by up here in Canada. Hoping you can help!


Hi there! I have two precious friends who are getting married this fall. This couple has been there as close friends for me countless times. As a thank you, I am helping them plan their fall 2011 wedding. They are on a tight time schedule and budget due to their moving across the country for a job. We've bought the dress, and set the colors: Deep Purple and a Wine color with accents of gold. Would you possibly be able to do a palette for one of the most deserving couples? They haven't set the wedding date, but it will be between September and November.

Desperate in California

Hi! I love your website - thank you for putting these great color ideas together and sharing it with us! SO, I am having the toughest time with colors due to the fact that the first two orders of bridesmaid dresses came back from the manufacturer as "sorry, we stopped making this color" so my vision has been changed a couple of times. Here are the details:

-Evening Catholic Mass
-Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing at the Country Ciub
-girls in Midnight Blue
-Guys in Tuxedos

I was toying around with different color ideas - I would like to mix in some feminine colors and a metallic - so maybe midnight blue, coral and blush (accent of gold or silver)? OR midnight blue with varying shades of coral and a metallic? I do love your existing palettes of varying shades of blue and silver or blue/green or blue/ I am open to all of these and would like to find a way to add in a coral or blush. What are your suggestions? Thank you for your help!

Tiffany June 21, 2011

Hi Chrissy

Love, Love, Love the site! Can't wait to see the new palettes each day!

Can you create a board for me with black, white, charcoal gray and yellow? I would like to do all 4 together and need some inspiration.

I just got engaged and we are planning a fall 2013 city destination wedding in Austin, TX (we live in Boston). Our venue is most likely going to be an upscale cocktail lounge that has a great patio/roof deck. I would like a very modern wedding but with a certain vintage feel to it.

Thanks! Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you so much for this amazing website!

I am getting married in early November of 2012. I was hoping to incorporate a cranberry red, a deep mossy green, and perhaps a blush pink. This third balancing color I'm still debating on but I would like to see if they would mesh.
Please send us some inspiration!!




Your blog is awesome! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it.

I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm getting married at a country club in Dallas, Texas. The ceremony is outside and the reception is inside. I'm planning on using a peacock theme but I am absolutely stuck on colors to use. I really like royal blue, but I don't want the blue to be too overpowering.

Thanks for your help!


your blog rocks!!

it hepl me so much.i'm looking for help for my upcoming wedding which we are planning to be intimate garden party at the afternoo. i'm from indonesia (which is tropical country) and i'm planning to combine peach, ivory white, and lime.
please give me some inspiration.

thanks a lot for your help!!


Your blog is great! I was hoping that you could help me with my wedding color palette. The color is the only thing that my fiance really cares about and he must have maroon/burgundy. I was thinking maroon and wheat/tan/burlap. But my Maid of Honor is not thrilled about maroon dresses and she keeps trying to add brown. We are going for a rustic feel and I planning on using burlap overlays on the tables. Can you please help? Will maroon, brown and wheat look good together?


I love this blog, its brilliant, its just the thing I have been looking for to give me some inspiration! I have a challenge for you.... My fiance is from Zimbabwe so we would like to have an african feel to our wedding. We will be having an outdoory style wedding, but I am struggling to put together the colours, especially the bridesmaids dresses. I have been looking at oranges/reds/browns and earthy type colours so far. The one thing that is a must is that we use the "African flamed lilly" in the flowers!! An ispiration board would be brilliant help to us.


I love your website!
I am getting married next July 2012, I really love Orange lillies, it's actually my Grandma's and my favorite flower.
I am having a hard time on thinking of what color to go with orange and should the main color be orange or would that be to much with having orange tiger lillies as the bouqets?
I was kind of thinking orange, green, and white would look good. I like bright colors and my fiance likes subtle colors, is there a way we can meet half way? lol I really dont know, please help! thanks!!

Lisa Tenbrink

slate blue, deep red, white, yellow, burlap, and white.

Vintage Backyard fall/early November wedding, in Gilbert, AZ

YOUR BLOG ROCKS!! I love it all!

Thanks a MILLION!!



Hi there,

Just stumbled on your blog site today! I love it!

My wedding is in july and going to be held in a church and the reception will be in an Italian Center (with chandeliers, wood walls, hard wood floors and a warm, romantic feeling)

I am trying to piece together some colors that my fiance and I would love to use, however I am not sure if they would blend well together, with the venue in consideration also. PLEASE HELP!

Fiance wants the men to be in slate grey suits, that has already been decided.

As for the other colors, here are some of the choices we are considering, including the bridesmaid dresses:

Navy blue with white and green accents

Navy blue with white and pale pink accents (flower centerpieces and reception decor would be pink cherry blossoms) LOVE THIS, not sure if it works with the grey and/or with the feel of the venue and a summer wedding??!

Please help! Thank you!

From Alberta, Canada


Love love your site! Just started to plan my July 2012 wedding and would love to see a colour palette of grays, coral and dark purple! :)

uberneicy June 24, 2011

Hi Chrissy, your blog is awesome! I'm having trouble coming up with a palette. My dress is a tea length justin alexander 8465 in mocha/coffee color. We're getting married in july 2012 in colorado. Its in a farm like setting, outdoor ceremony, barn reception. I love aqua and definitely want it to be one of my colors. We want a vintagey feel but FUN (old mint colored pickup, pop bottles, vintage tin signs, robins egg) rather than stuffy ( antique lace, chandeliers, etc). The dress is kind of an odd color but absolutely gorgeous n I think its the perfect centerpiece for a dreamy palette. I love your teal, aqua, silver, white theme and cant wait to see what you'll come up with!! GO CHRISSY!

Nicole June 24, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

I love your palettes! I have something very specific in mind for my fall wedding in 2012. The wedding will in the valley at the peak of autumn. I want a vintage feel with a touch of rustic or country. My dress is ivory with navy accents and my groom will be wearing a navy victorian style suit. We thought the groomsmen could wear grey or slate and the bridesmaids would be in a nude colour. We's like to have navy and yellow accents for everything. I guess I'm wondering if you think that will work or if you have any design suggestions. So the colours I'm interested in are ivory, navy, shades of grey, nude and yellow. I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks so much!

Nicole Gervais <3

Emily June 24, 2011

Hey Chrissy!

I am SOOOO glad I stumbled upon your blog!!!! This is awesome, what a creative talent you have – and what a wonderful way to put it to use helping brides from all over the place!

I am having some trouble envisioning my wedding colors coming together…I can’t seem to find the exact palette I am looking for on your web site. I hope you will pick my request!!! It does include orange-your favorite color!!!

Our wedding is going to be in the Colorado Mountains in August 2012. It is in a beautiful valley at the base of the Saguache mountain range (which are all “fourteeners”). The location is a personal favorite of ours. There is a lake and a small trading post which has about 30 cabins (very rustic) and an RV park. The ceremony will be outside with the mountains as the backdrop. Hopefully the reception will be close to the cabins - also outside. We will have picnic tables for the reception and will cater BBQ. Décor- thinking galvanized tin/mason jars/blue glass as flower holders. This will be a causal affair; however I would like to find ways to spruce it up!

My original “vision” is one with ~ a really rich dark/navy blue for bridesmaid dresses and orange/yellow flowers with green fillers. The flowers I am dreaming of are sunflowers, dark orange Gerber daisies, maybe snapdragons and light yellow roses. (check out these links :; ) I think the contrast of the blue dresses and bright vibrant flowers will be stunning in the photos!

Now here is my dilemma…I found a beautiful dress and bought it (which is fantastic in itself!) BUT it is a light champagne color. I am worried that the flowers won’t go with my dress!

I would also like to incorporate chocolate into the color palate. Thinking of putting the groomsmen in chocolate and perhaps putting a chocolate “sash” on the bridesmaids to tie it in…Groomsmen will be very casual in nice short sleeve button down shirts.

I want the wedding to have a romantically rustic feel. Casual and fun! Love color! So here is my palate: dark/navy blue, chocolate, champagne, accents/flowers - dark orange, yellow, green filler

SO…what do you think? Is it crazy to try to pull all this together? PLEASE HELP

Thanks! Emily


Hi Chrissy.
I love your site. You really have some amazing color palettes here. Including some in colors I would never think of ever putting together.

I would really like for you to put a palette together for me. I'm getting married in February 2012. I really don't like Valentine's Day and want my wedding to have NOTHING to do with it. I'm going for garnet, amethyst,and aquamarine to be my colors. Deep reds, purples, and light or pale blues. Because his birthday is January, mine is March and march also marks the time this year I almost lost him due to a bad wreck. Our flowers are a mix of differnt flowers in theses colors along with using carnations, violets, and daffodils.

It is possible that this could take place outdoors in the south on my farm. Witch if it is outdoors then I will walk down the aisle on horse back.

Please help me I have been looking for what seems like forever looking for something even kind of smilir to my color palette.

Thank you for your help!


Im looking for a turquoise and chocolate coloring, we are having an outdoor weddign July 21st, 2012 and are going very "cheap" and nothing fancy, please help!


I am the mother of the bride. She wants dark green (hedge of green or deep forest moss) and Pink (bright fuscia fizz or true royal love). The wedding will be in November, 2012.


Hi Chrissy,

Having difficulties coming up with a color combo. My groom is wearing his Army Dress Blues, and my dress has dark forest green details on it. I LOVE hunter/forest green, and my groom LOVES deep blues. We need something to compliment both and bring it all together. Something other than black. Any suggestions?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jenna June 27, 2011

Hi Chrissy, you truly are so impressive with your color palettes! Please help me! I'm thinking that we'll marry in the spring, somewhere outdoors, somewhere in the south. I love your chartreuse palettes. Do you think Chartreuse goes with pink at all?

Please let me know. I could use all the help I can get!

xoxo, Jenna.

Mary Targia


I'm a HUGE fan! With that said - I need major help. My wedding will be in May of 2012 and I want it to have a sexy, romantic, soft feel. I am in love with orange and champagne as a combo but not sure how to blend these colors throughout the affair, and been considering yellow (although I feel that its not as sexy as orange) and deep purple (but not sure how sexy or soft that is). Our ceremony will be on the beach with the cocktail hour and reception to follow at a neutrally decorated elegant hall located on the boardwalk. How do I capture the sexy, soft, yet elegant feel that I'm looking for? Help!


Hi Chrissy!

I love your website and all the color palettes, but I don't see mine. Could you please try one with Horizon Blue (bridemaids dresses), Fushia (flowers), and Ivory? I'M having difficulty picturing everything together!
Thank you!


Great idea for a blog! This is so useful.

I am planning my wedding and would love to see your take on this combo:

mainly white, with blush (eg bridesmaids), apple green and silver accents.


Great idea for a blog! This is so useful.

I am planning my wedding and would love to see your take on this combo:

mainly white, with blush (eg bridesmaids), apple green and silver accents.


Farai here

i liked the `Sweet Love' theme of pink peach gold and ivory etc.
I would like a palette of Peach pink cream green
and gold,
For the out doors ceremony.
Please help


Hi, let me first say that Im in love with your blog! Its sooo inspiring!!! And also I would like to comment that besides all the ideas and the colors suggestions I would like to see some tips on what season of the year to use what colors... thanks! and keep inspiring us!!


Hi Chrissy

I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG!!! I've been recommending it to all my girl friends.... :) I have so many friends who are getting married soon!!! =) It's just the season of love! :)

Anyway, please please PLEASSEEEE help me with my colors.. :) I love your romance + whimsy look that you created last June 17,2011 but my concern is for my male entourage and my male principal sponsors.

What's a nice color to blend with dusty rose, copper rose, antique gold and peach. Am thinking of dusty aqua, ivory and taupe for the male. Would that work? :) Oh.. my theme is pearls and laces :) My bridesmaids will be wearing pearls instead of the usual glitzy glammy beads. Am envisioning it to be light and romantic. :)

My wedding is on March 25, 2012. That's a summer season here in the Philippines and I would love love love to get your insights. :)


hi there. i've been looking for the perfect combination of colors for my November wedding. Initially i want yellow as my accent color for table setups and centerpieces. as for my entourage, im thinking of salmon pink, maybe... im just not sure if this is gonna combine well though. and im thinking of a third contrast color like gray or black.. seems i cant go for gold because me and my entourage are gonna be wearing white gold/silver accessories. i badly need your help. what goes well or should i ditch this entire combination and look for other colors? thanks so much!!! :)


I LOVE your website. Though my wedding date isn't set, and I'm just starting out with all the wedding planning, I'm really interested in seeing a blue and red color palette. Anything with blue and red, aside from all of your July 4th ones. Thanks so much!

dawnfire July 04, 2011

I absolutely love your blog! It´s amazing and been really helpful. My fiance and I were orginally going to do a fall palette of orange, red, and yellow. Then we switched to various yellows with white. We´ve since switched again to not knowing what we want.

He really would like red and I would really like to have yellow. After looking through you´re website I really like the idea of light yellow with light pink, white, and red.

However complicating all of this is that we are getting married in Brazil (He´s Brazilian) in July which is actually their winter (coldest month of the year and yes in southeren Brazil it gets quite cold). I really want light summery colores but don´t know how well that meshes with the season.

Also I don´t know, maybe we should include somthing with the fact that I´m from the US and he´s from Brazil.....

Any help you could give would be great!


Sbrewer July 04, 2011

Love your website!! I have always envisioned the perfect wedding colors together but now that it's actually happening I am having a hard time since we now live near the beach and trends change by the minute.
I quite often get made fun of for loving brown, everything I own is brown! I promised I would never have a brown wedding, but I think I could pull it off by using some shades of brown and bringing in a beautiful dusty rose to make our wedding super romantic. I'm also so in love with Hibiscus flowers. Hope that helps, I am so lost!! Any ideas? Thank you!!!

Kobie July 04, 2011

This is the most incredible blog I have ever found! I am far from getting married, but I am one of four sisters, with no brothers, and wedding-planning has become something of a hobby. I know I want cranberry to be my center color and grey has become the accompanying neutral.

I was so inspired by the cranberry and grey palette you did. I was wondering if you could do something similar with pale yellow accents, to give it a more whimsical feel. I like things that are classical and elegant, but with surprising funky twists that add a lot of character. I would love to see what you could create with this!!



Hi Chrissy, your blog has been very helpful to me in choosing my wedding palette! I am having a fall wedding, I want it to be elegant with modern elements as well. I love eggplant/plum as my central color for bridesmaid dresses, and I was thinking of doing accents of camel and gold, for place settings, invitations etc. I also saw a bouquet design with mostly plum flowers, with some dark fuschia and sage green in it as well. I would love if you could figure out a workable color scheme for me, I am trying to decide if this is including too much, but I don't want it to be a boring palette either! Thank you for your help!!


Hi Chrissy,

I'm getting married next August in Tuscany in an amazing villa from the 17th century. There are some wonderful purple flowers growing up one side of the front of the villa and I would love to see a colour pallette incorporating a plum colour with an orange/peach and a green - I couldn't find anything similar on your website and would appreciate your expertise.

I hope you can help me!


Jenna S.

My best friend/sister in law is getting married in April 2012 and she's very concerned about her colors! She is thinking about doing navy and yellow with pops of lilac, but since she hasn't been able to see it "done" anywhere, she can't decide! If you could make an inspiration post for her we would greatly appreciate it, she has been so helpful for my wedding and I wish I was more creative so that I could do it myself! Thank you so much!


hi! i love your website and all of your color combinations. i am getting married next july and am having some color combination difficulty. i was thinking of a berry shade (not too bright like a fuchsia) and incorporating plum as well. to this i was thinking either lighter shades of pink or perhaps a simple subtle shade of green (this could be tied in through leafy accents?). my reception is being held in a nice catering hall. all of the colors are up in the air. i have not picked out bridesmaid dresses yet. thank you so much!!!


I love your blog and I desperately need help. My sweet 21-year-old and her 22-year-old fiance have just told me they would like to marry on August 27. Of THIS YEAR!!
They like the colour combination of coral, pale yellow and an almost pewter grey. What do you think?
Can you help?
Stressed Mom



My name is Adrielle. I love! your blog. I'm getting married in September and I was wondering is you could do a palette with Champagne bronze (I don't really want bright gold) cream, white, and accents of dark fuchsia?

My reception is outside by a lake with a vintage but elegant and chic theme. Have you seen anything that could help me out? Thanks for reading! :) Your posts have all been beautiful and helpful.



Hi Chrissy!

I just came across your site and was thrilled to see all of your ideas. My wedding is not until September 15 2012 but because it is such a unique circumstance the planning has already begun and I am really struggling with my colors. To make a long story short, my Fiance wrote into Oprah for her last ever Harpo Hookups. He told her how we met in the musical Cinderella where I was Cinderella and he was the prince, he also told her of our great love for Disney. She ended up choosing our story and is throwing us a wedding in Disneyworld. So obviously, it has to be perfect and I really need your help. I originally wanted a fall wedding, but Disney won't really be in fall colors at that time so now I am not sure. I know I want it to be breath-taking and true to Disney romance. I have no color preference I just would love if you could come up with a palette that screams Royalty, Magical, Romantic, and Classic. I am thinking bold, but my fiance is not crazy about purple. Please let me know what you think!

Thank you




I'm from Poland and I'm getting married August 2012. I'm looking for my perfect wedding palette. I love all the colours so i have huge problem which ones I prefer the most. As my name is Eva and my future husband's Adam we're thinking about having a lot of apples in 3 colours yellow, light green and strawberry red... but i'm not sure if those 3 colours are gonna look good together:( I need some help :(


ileigha July 08, 2011

I'd love a vintage inspired palette for

Plum, Turquoise and Mustard (or yellow)

I'm a DIY bride love vintage (especially the roaring 20's) but I also love color. I'm planing on using lace, pearls, buttons and mason jars.

This is our planned reception venue

Thanks heaps

Amanda Queen


I'd love to see a palette of white with accents of lemon yellow, grass green, grape purple and chocolate. We are having an outdoor summer wedding and I want a modern and fresh look but also romantic with a bit of whimsy... :) I can't decide between these colours and am having trouble working out how to bring them all together!

Christina L Romano July 08, 2011

Dear Chrissy,
Your site came recommend from a local bridal ship in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA called Bustle. I cannot tell you impressed I am with the magic you work!
I was hoping maybe you could give me some advice if not work up an inspiration board for my upcoming wedding in New Orleans in April. I am calling it an "Old World New Orleans Wedding" with a vintage feel. I am having trouble picking colors however because I ever much of a gem tone kind of girl. I do NOT want to go with Mardi Gras colors as that as been done too many times. I have my gown which is in oyster.
I am looking at colors to compliment me, the season, and new orleans. My first thought was to go with a peacock theme but that has been SO many time and I would go with classic black and neatreuls but I am trying to keep it classy and fresh for spring. I have been look at muted teals, purples, greens, and silver. I would be blessed to for any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much! Tina



I really enjoy your blog and love the new palettes you come up with.

Our wedding is March 24th, 2012. I am looking at doing a plum, or some shade of purple, lime green and gray. I would love to see a palette with these colors. If you could help out I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks! Kari

Jennifer711983 July 08, 2011

I am wanting to do a Rose (Dusty) Pink & Silver (Gray) combo :o)

Amy Morrisette

I looooove all your palettes!! That are a few that are super close to what my vision is but not quite there. HELP!

I will be having a garden wedding in a beautiful space. I love the slate gray tuxes but having trouble pairing it with something. I love the orange and yellow looks but I want more of a vintage feel. I will be wearing ivory for sure.

Plus, my finance's family are farmers so we will have wheat centerpieces that we are harvesting ourselves. My thought is bright orange and yellow are awesome but may to bright or contrasting.

Thanks for the help!


Thank you for creating this website! It's sooo helpful! If you have time and could help with a palette for my wedding, that would be wonderful. Of course, if you can't, I understand and still find your blog super helpful.

I am getting married next year in the Blue Ridge mountains in summer. I love fall colors and green. Chocolate, marigold, fern, orange...those all seem great to me. My idea of my wedding is "greek goddess garden fairy" (if that makes any kind of sense at all...I have a hard time figuring it out myself :). It will be pretty laid back and low key. I want it to be beautiful but fun, earthy but elegant, rustic and vintage.

Anyway, if you could help me at least find some sort of direction that would be sooo helpful!

Thank you so much!!!

Amy Morrisette

Help, I need some inspiration!! These are the details.....

Outdoor ceremony, early spring, bride in ivory, groom and groomsmen in slate gray. I love the orange or yellow look but think it is too bright.

I want a vintage or rustic feel. The centerpieces for the table will be wheat that my fiance's father will harvest himself.

What should my accent colors be?


Amanda July 10, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

Just saw you mentioning "taking requests" on twitter so I thought I'd stop by and make a request! My wedding is coming up in two short months (eek!) and we are still trying to nail down the details of the big day. Our colors are peach, light blush pink and grey with a pop of deep red for some added drama! The wedding is outside at an old fruit packing ranch in the mountains so the venue provides a lot of natural colors and wood tones. We're going for rustic yet fun and whimsical! I've searched through your blog and haven't seen a color palette exactly like this so I thought it'd be fun to see it come to life!



Looking to do navy bridesmaids dresses and use gray tuxes, I think. Then flowers of bright pink tulips, white calla lilies, and lilies of the valley. Navy and silver ties??? not sure - looking for ideas with that color palette! Spring 2012 wedding

Kyri July 10, 2011

Hey Chrissy,

I am a girl just waiting to be engaged...this upcoming weekend might be the time. I am a crafty DIY kind-of-chick and have been planning my wedding since who knows when (most of which is done when I am sleeping). I have so many ideas but I have not nailed down a color palette. I really love the romanic/whimsy color palettes with pastel pinks, yellows... such as the one from Martha Stewarts most recent magazine. I would, however, like to incorporate a brown of sorts. I am planning on using brown paper and maybe gray suits so I am wondering how this may be incorporated into the palette. I love anthropologie if that helps at all. My imagination will run wild with your palette. I look forward to some help!


Ashley July 10, 2011

Love this website it gave me great ideas! However I can not decide. I'm getting married August 25th 2012 and so far I know I would like to combine some summer colors and sum fall colors but i cant decide how to put them together. Please help if you can. Thanks

Unknown July 10, 2011

Im getting married in Sept. and I have always loved the peacock theme, but have yet to find a great color scheme. Thought u would be the perfect one to make it :)
Mrs. Savich


I LOVE this website, it is truly inspirational! I am having a hard time putting together the pieces of my August 2012 wedding. We are getting married on a waterfront estate in St. Michael's Maryland. We are doing a toned down beach theme.

My dress has a navy sash, my brides mates can pick their own slate gray dress short not long, the groomsmen and groom are wearing slate suits and then the reception is going to feature pops of teal blue and orange (possibly). I was wondering how this would look and I can't seem to find anythingggg online with these colors together!

Ideas?? I don't even know if these colors would look good together to make a fun beachy wedding!

Thank you!

Curlymitch02 July 11, 2011

I'm getting married in April 2012 and I just purchased my dress. I was originally going to get an ivory gown but feel in love with a champagne one. Now I want to change my colors to Navy, Scarlet & Champagne. Could you please help me??


Dear Chrissy, a brilliant website! After browsing, I fell in love with the darker gray shade. This will work for bridesmaid dresses. I'm thinking yellow and white flowers for them in hand will compliment my wedding in late April of 2012! My fiance went to school at Notre Dame and loves kelly green. Can I throw that color in there --- Yellow, dark gray, kelly green, and white? Would be very excited to see a palette such as this! What do you think? Thanks for your expertise and advice! Kate


This is for my soon to be sister in law, she is from Brazil but they are getting married here in Salt Lake city Utah on December 16, 2011. The colors she wants are red, cream, and gold (like the antique gold color you have in your palettes) I saw that you have done lots of red and white or red white and black but I didn't see any with this combination. I would love to see a color palette put together for this Christmas-y wedding!

Seantel Soon-to-be- Butler July 11, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

I would like to start out by saying that I love your blog and it has completely been the inspiration I needed to jump start my wedding. All your creations are completely amazing. :) With that being said...I am in desperate need of your help.

My fiance and I are high school sweethearts. We are 19 and can't wait to get married. We have set the date of March 17, 2012. We are both Irish and would like that to be laced lightly throughout our wedding. That is why we chose that specific date. However, I do not want that to be the primary theme of our wedding. We are either getting married outside in the country, at a small country church, or (if we can find one) a cool looking barn...March is kind of hard to predict the weather when you live in the Midwest. My fiance and I both like blue, he prefers darker shades, I would like there to be colors though. I like different shades of purples and pinks and also blue. Either way I would like a modern take on a country wedding.

Thanks so much for all your help and inspiration! Even if you can't find the time to respond to my request all your other palettes serve as great ideas and wedding reinforcement.

Seantel Soon-to-be Butler :)


Hello! I want to plan a wedding in October. I love fall colors and I NEED to incorporate red (cultural wedding). I would LOVE to see the colors purple, red, and orange work together for a fall themed wedding. Thank you!

vertelle July 12, 2011

My theme would be old fashioned I guess. I want my line to all wear toms (preferably the crocheted ones in nude for me) :) My dress shall be slightly off white, to add to the old fashioned effect. I want my man to wear a grey suit. I want my colors to be a bluey-aqua and soft yellow, with heather grey added in there. The venue, well we'd get married in an LDS temple, but hopefully have the reception in a garden type of area in the summer. Think you could do an awesome palette? :)



I love looking at your color combinations! I've been searching for the perfect colors for my wedding and am at a loss.

Here's the set-up:
March 3rd (in Ohio, could be wintery/could be springy)
Ceremony and Reception in a lodge. Carpets for both are very dark reds and greens. Lots of dark wood, very rustic, wintery, and outdoorsy.

Here's the problem:
I'm not very fond of the red/green combo and if I had a white slate of a room to work with I'd choose something along your Dusty Rose, Chocolate, Taupe, Camel + White. I'm really drawn to muted and matted pinks, blues, and greens and stray away from brights, yellows, and oranges.

My gown is Mori Lee 1612 if that helps. I'd love for my wedding to have a vintage-y, classic and romantic feel without being overly feminine.

Can you help? Please?


Anna Whitlow July 12, 2011

I am getting married in June of 2012 in my parent's background and my fiance and I are wanting to have more of a vintage feel to everything.
The only thing is I LOVE the color pink and really want our wedding to have a romantic, girly, pretty feel to it. Only my man is not too keen on pink, Too girly for him :) SO we were discussing green and pink together, with possibly grey to offset everything but is that even possible? Is it possible to do girly pink and a shade of green together without making it look like a 13 year old girl's birthday party? :)

Would love love love to hear your input!

Anna Marie


Hello! My caterer told me about your site and it is great! Our venue is a beautiful estate and the ceremony is on the property in an old barn. The thought I have for our wedding colors are Raspberry, Tangerine, and Lime. I would love a lot of green in the bouquets and dresses a raspberry color. Think July wedding with fresh fruit. I love farmers markets :) I have a year to go but would love some suggestions!



First, I love the blog and I check it daily! I will be getting married next year, most likely in April or October. We are looking mainly into barns and botanical gardens where we can be around mature trees. We are polar opposites as I am very girly and he is a "man's man." So agreeing on colors has been a chore! That said--we are looking for a color palette that will coordinate with the laid back feel we are going for, gray suits, and lots of homespun elements. I am open to anything other than orange.

Sorry for being long-winded, but your help would be so appreciated!



Hey there! What an amazing sight :) Colors make me smile and I so enjoy taking a look at this site every once in awhile for inspiration on my wedding. It is this december, 17th 2011. I didn't want typical christmas colors, so I have chosen cream, cranberry, gold, champagne and black. The theme is a vintage christmas and there will definitely be a tone of sparkles and candlelight. I would love to have you give me some ideas with this palette!


Heather E July 13, 2011

Good afternoon!
Your blog is really helpful to see how different combinations would look. My photographer actually recommended your blog to me when I was having difficulty picking a color. My dress is ivory, lace and sort of vintage looking. I chose the bridesmaid dresses, Sangria, because the color looked the best next to my dress. And my florist recommended using some peach flowers and with a little bit of green along with ivory. I have not really seen any of your palettes with this color combination, but I know it would be very helpful for more ideas.
The wedding is May 27, 2012-Memorial Day Sunday. The ceremony is in my church and the reception is at the Bethlehem Mason Temple, a big tall-ceiling-ed hall with big tall windows all along it.
If you would be able to make a palette with these colors, I would be ecstatic! However, I know you are busy, I will continue to enjoy whatever projects you take on.
Have a great day!
---Heather from Bethlehem, PA

Calla Bryn July 13, 2011

Hello! Love this blog. I've made a bunch of inspiration boards myself...but I'm worried about the actual execution of my choice of colors. We want Deep Purple and Navy Blue and I think to balance it out with a brighter color I'd go with White. I was thinking Green because it would be in with the flowers anyway, but can't think of how it really fits. I have trouble finding inspiration boards with Blue, Purple and White (or Green) that don't have peacocks! Not interested in the peacock theme. I can't wait to see what you choose!


Hi Chrissy,

Thanks so much for keeping up with this blog! I've been following it since I got engaged over a year ago. Love it!

For my wedding, I envision something vintage, feminine, and soft - I would love to incorporate peach and blush colors. However, I just purchased this dress with a light mocha sash:

I love the dress but I'm worried that the light mocha won't fit with the color theme I had in mind. Any ideas how to make peach, blush, and the light mocha work? I would appreciate your feedback so much. thank you!!


Danielle July 13, 2011

I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I'm planning a wedding in September 2012 in eastern PA. The ceremony will be in our 250+ year old church and the reception in a lovely old bank barn. My concern with picking out colors are that the sanctuary has a lot of red (carpets and pew cushions). I have been considering a deep purple and burnt orange. I'm aiming for a traditional country feel. Thanks for any help that you can give :D

shana July 14, 2011

Just wanted to say I love the blog!

I'm planning for a Mucha/Beer theme with plum and chartreuse with amber accents. Outside during the fall.

Would love to see your go of it!


Your blog is amazing, I look at it almost daily! I am a cosmetologist and I absolutely love color! So much in fact, that I cannot choose a palette I feel goes with my dress. It is light ivory. Its not true ivory, or real white. I know you cant respond to everyone and I know this is going out on a limb here....BUT is there ANY way possible that you could come up with a palette just by looking at my dress. You are so creative and I think your work is brilliant. I want to know what you see when you look at my dress. Bright colors, or deeper rich colors?? I need help Chrissy! Pleeaaasssseeee!! Im stuck here! I would be so grateful! If your up for the challenge here is the link to a picture of my dress..

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing what you come up with if you can get to it. I love color but being a hair stylist I wear a lot of black. I want it to look sophisticated and classy, but a little playful as we are a really easy going couple!

Hope to see something soon!


Hi! Picking colors is SOOOO much harder than I thought. I'm getting married in September 2012, on the last day of summer in Newport, RI. LOVE Navy Blue but it's so dark. Thought about pairing it with apple green, but having a hard time finding a palette that represents what i'm looking for.

Hoping you can help me!

Many Thanks!!

Melis July 15, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

What a great blog! I find it so inspirational!

I'm hoping you can help me out, I just found the PERFECT bridesmaid dresses but they only come in emerald green. I absolutely love jewel tones but I feel like most of those color combos provide a fall feel. My wedding is at the end of April. Any spring combos you can come up with that include emerald green?

Thanks a bunch!! :)

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