Wedding Inspo!

From the beginning of The Perfect Palette, the one thing I've loved more than anything is taking special requests and putting together wedding color palettes for my readers!

Do you have a vision you want brought to life? Or perhaps you're having a hard time determining the perfect color palette for your upcoming wedding?

Want me to put together a palette just for you? Simply leave me a comment below including the colors you're considering, the theme and/or venue and any comments you'd like to add regarding the look you're going for.

Every week, I'll take your requests and create custom boards with your thoughts, color palettes and ideas in mind! Please note - Not every request will be fulfilled and we do not accept requests via email.


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ali September 12, 2012

Your pallets are truly gorgeous!
My wedding is September 7th, 2013 and am stuck between summery/fall colors.
I was looking for something with Emerald Green, Sunflower Yellow, Light Orange, and/or any other colors you may have in mind!

Ali Bradley :)

Ingrid C September 12, 2012


This site is awesome! I just started wedding planning and was thinking of these colors but I am having a hard time visualizing.

-purple (plum, lavender, african violet or any other shade)
-coral (any shade)
-grey (any shade, mostly for the men)
-a shade of aqua or turquoise vs. a shade of green (I am undecided)

I am not sure on the date yet, and I really wanted to make the purple and coral work so if I need to add other colors as accents, to make it work i am interested in pink, champagne and yellow but I am open to any other colors you may suggest.

pretty Please help! Thanks in advance.

Ingrid C

Neela Rajendra September 13, 2012

Hi Chrissy!

Thank you for such a beautiful blog - it is truly inspiring. I've just gotten started wedding planning, and am having a little trouble reconciling the tastes between me and my fiance. It's a summer wedding (June 2013), in Wilmington, NC with some beach activities, but the ceremony itself will not be on the beach. My fiance wants hues of purple and blue (specifically the color of my engagement ring, a Ceylon blue sapphire, and it's also what my name means "blue sapphire"), I love oranges/yellows/corals because of their warmth and the feeling of sunshine when I see them. Is there some way to reconcile the two preferences? If you have any suggestions at all, I'm all ears!! Thanks so much.



Love your site! Would love to see a palette with jade green (#558a84) as the main focus~ :)

Thank you very much!

Fillydelphia September 14, 2012

I am having my wedding in the Fall of 2013. My Dress is Ivory, so that colour is a given, and since it's in the fall, I will go with Orange.

I'm looking for a palette that shows Orange, Ivory and subtle notes of Chocolate brown.

On a brave note, maybe even subtle amounts of Lilac. :)

Thank you,


Anonymous September 14, 2012

Perfect Palette: I am so thankful for your site! We are having a rustic winter wedding right after Christmas, outside at a farm in the South. I would love to see ideas for a champagne/beige/pale blue wedding. We want the wedding to be warm and cozy, but with touches of blue to soften everything.
Happy times!


I would love to see a bright palette with orange and electric blue or maybe peacock blue--we are having an eclectic fun wedding and those are the colors I'm leaning towards!


Chrissy, You blog has brought so many more colors to my wedding mind!! I just love being able to see all different colors put together!! I couldn't of stumbled upon a better website, thank you for loving color!

I'm looking for a combination to fit my spring/fall outdoor, rustic, country, vintage, southern wedding. "Sourthern Chic". The ceremony will be outside followed by barn style reception.
Deep Purple
Nary Blue
Tan of some sort(Carmel,burlap)

I'd love your color crazy help!!!

Thank you,


So, I'm thinking about a fall wedding outside near a bunch of big bright oak trees, and I want some good fall wedding colors, but I hate the color orange. I was thinking maybe red and chocolate and gold or cranberry and latte, something along those lines? I'm just not sure what they'd look like together. Thanks a bunch!!!


Loving your blog, all the way in New Zealand!!
Getting married in January which is summer here. Rustic, romance type idea. Outside ceremony and reception with plenty of fairy lights, candles, garden flowers in jars type thing. Hoping for a woodland/Forrest venue but may end up going for a woolshed (barn).
Color scheme is really tough for me to pin down. For the engagement party we've gone with a midnight blue, cream and a brown which is best described as Manila envelope brown.... Perhaps its a kiwi thing? Burlap/twine colored? Anyway, the engagement party invites look fabulous with this color scheme but I definetly think I need a 'pop' of color To brighten things up, perhaps a green?
Any ideas would be amazing, thank you!!

Sonyell September 15, 2012

Hi I'm definitely in love this website I think it's great what you are doing! I need a color scheme for my wedding. My ideal colors are seafoam green, creme, and gold. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks in advance!


Just found your site and I love it. Need help finding my color. Thinking About classic black white and red. Please help!


Hello from Australia! I just came across your site today and I loved it! But I can't seem to find the palette I've been looking for. We're planning to get married on January 2014 on a beach in the Philippines (our home country)! So we're thinking tiffany blue (to represent the ocean), light yellow or cream (to represent the sun), and lavender or lilac (a lighter shade of my favorite color purple! :D)

Hope you could help us! Thanks so much in advance! :)

Kate H September 17, 2012

Hi Chrissy! So I'm getting married in little old New Zealand in March 2013, and I'm having a beautiful rustic themed wedding on my fiance's family's property. They have a barn... drool. Anyway, I have bought my bridesmaids dresses which are awesome, and they are a baby pink/salmon and cyan/turquoise. I'd like to request a palette that includes these colours, as well as a pale lime green and coral, and of course, white. Could possibly include a hint of yellow?? I really hope you can make one for me :)Thanks! Kate


Hi Chrissy!

You have an awesome website! I'm getting married in Autumn in South Africa. I would really like to see a palette of Cranberry red, navy blue with white. Help please?



How about mostly black and white, but with some gold and pink thrown in? I love hot pink but I think pink and black can look a little immature or overplayed, so maybe a more subtle shade?



Hi there! I'm getting married next April at an old movie theater in Jersey City, NJ, built in 1929. It features, not surprisingly, lush scarlet curtains and a lot of gilt. I've managed to complicate matters by choosing a seafoam-green dress.

I haven't figured out a combination that works with my dress and with the venue--if you could offer your expert help, I'd be grateful.


manda2684 September 17, 2012

Hi! I love your boards and couldn't be happier to have stumbled across your blog. We have just set a date for October 11, 2014. Our wedding will be at a local park by the gazebo and lake. Our reception will be in our family's backyard. We're doing chocolate, light sage, white with hints of pink. There will be a photo booth, tents. 8 round tables seating 12 each and square sweet heart table turned diagonal. I would love if you would do a board inspired with these colors! Thanks so much. Amanda

Focused Tiff September 17, 2012
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Focused Tiff September 17, 2012

I would like to see a Palette with Lavender, Light Yellow, Silver and Black. Still haven't really thought of any themes yet, but I know that I want an elegant look, very classy. The location of the wedding is likely to be done in a church setting. I'm still trying out thoughts. Thanks!


Hello! I love your palettes! I follow you on Pinterest too! I was wondering if you could make a palette for Watermelon. I know you have colors similar to it on your website, but I would love to see the exact color with some accents. Our wedding is in June 2013 :)

Thank you!


Dear Chrissy,

First of all I have LOVED looking thru your wesbite. The palettes you have are awesome. I am struggling with the colors for my wedding. We are planning a fall wedding in Charleston SC. It will be a military wedding at the Citadel chapel followed by a reception at the historic rice mill house (exposed brick walls, pressed tin ceailings, dark hard woods, right on the water). My fiance is is the marine corps but none of his groomsmen will be wearing uniforms. He has his heart set on wearing his marine corps blues. Because it is a fall wedding I don't want it to look too "springy" but I also do not want to incorporate quote on quote "fall" either. i.e. no pumpkins etc. I am really drawn towards lace & burlap accents. I like the idea of using mason jars in leu of vases. I would like to incorporate yellow (my favorite color), a pink or coral & maybe a navy in a way that doesn't look too nautical. I am struggling as to what the groomsmen should wear... I don't want too many colors nor do I want them to clash with the groom's uniform. I am having a really hard time visualizing everything together. HELP!!!


First off, your website is absolutely wonderful and you put together such classy and pretty palettes. I just love all of them!

I am 22 and getting married this May. We are having the wedding in Greenwood Village, CO. The ceremony will be inside but the reception will be in my fiances families beautiful backyard.

My fiance and I both grew up in Colorado and we got engaged in Vail, CO. I want to theme the wedding after the Rocky Mountains/Vail since it is so significant to us but I just can't find the right color palette that represents those places.

My fiance is insisting on wearing a pink tie (any color pink-ish that is light colored, I personally really like peach). So that needs to be part of the palette but I wasn't sure how to mix that in with the mountain/forest type colors such as evergreen and the aspen trees or even the blue skies.

I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me!
Thank You :)


Stephanie Raptis September 18, 2012

Hi! This is such a great site!! We are having a traditional Greek Orthodox Wedding in fabulous Las Vegas 10/26/13. We are having the reception at The Cosmopolitan which is a very modern hotel with a unique vintage chic touch. We want eligant yet fun colors that go with the season. Thank you for any help!! xoxoxo Stephanie


At last I have found a site which gives real inspiration to brides like myself that just can't decide on what's best for their colour schemes. Thank you!

We are getting married next august in St Lucia and are struggling on deciding on a colour scheme. My dress is white with gold in parts as little features and the strap around my neck. After looking through your palettes I really like the fig colour, do you think this would go beautifully with gold and taupe? Is that suitable for a beach wedding?
Really hope you can help.


I just stumbled upon your website the other day and have fallen in LOVE!

I am working on the rehearsal dinner for my brother and his fiance and would love your help on the color scheme. I was thinking maybe something in the jewel tones. They both like deep purple, emerald green, and gold, but I'm not sure how to put them together. Can I put those three colors together safely? Do I need to add another color to the mix? I have searched your blog and wasn't able to find anything quite like this. Any suggestions you give would be a huge help!

thanks so much!


Angie Hudson September 18, 2012

Hi! I am so excited that I found your website! I have been looking through several color palettes but am unable to find what I am looking for. Our wedding is in mid August and I wanted to do plum and charcoal for colors. My issue is we now want to do a nautical theme. Our venue is in a building with light color exposed brick and it's located on a lake. Is there a way to keep my original colors and add a color or two to keep with the new theme?



omg!! this is what i have been searching for:)
Our wedding colors we love i can not seem to find a pallets with all of them.
we are getting married in august 2014 in an out door ceremony.
our colors we want are
steel grey, champagne, peacock blue accents.

my bridesmaids i would love in different shades of grey with darker shades to lighter grey shaedes dresses my MOH will wear till my white dress walks down the isle.

can you help because i can not seem to put these colors together in my mind

Vancouver BC


Hi! So I am planning a wedding for June 2013 in Flagstaff Arizona :)
I would really like my colors to include copper and turquoise. We are having an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception. Our theme is classic and earthy.. haha somewhere in between. We are definitely a budget wedding!
Thank you!!!


Hi! love your color boards. I'm following you on pinterest for more inspiration!

We are trying to put together a palette of moss green, cobalt blue, aqua or tiffany blue, sand, champagne, and gold. I'm thinking the primary colors will be champagne/gold tones with sand, aqua/tiffany blue and moss green, with accents of cobalt blue mixed in here and there as a splash of color (i.e. cake stand maybe?). It'll be a beach wedding and outdoor reception nearby and it's in the winter (but we're sticking with beach theme). A little lost as to how to do this without looking confused and indecisive (which I am, a little). Decor will be largely twinkle and tealights, and a ribbon wall, as well as star lanterns dispersed here and there. We'd like to incorporate baby's breath as well. :-) Hope you can help!


I absolutely LOVE your website, not only for party and wedding inspiration, but for all sorts of design and planning.

I would love to see a palette that is uses pride and prejudice and jane austen as inspiration. Morning weddings don't get a lot of recognition, but that's what we are planning and would love to see something light and airy but with antique touches.




Love your blog, and always come to it for party inspiration.

I'm helping hostess a fall, gender-neutral baby shower. Our theme is a "winter warmth" theme -- so hot chocolate, apple cider, fireplace, etc. The color palette I'd like to work with is pale yellow, pale green or blue, and a latte brown.

But I can't really envision this! Can you put together a "Perfect Palette" blog post! If you do, please email me to let me know at
mbkraft {at} gmail . com

Thank you!


First of all, your blog is amazing! Before I found it we found it very hard to "see" the combinations of colors we had in mind. Your site is very helpful!!

We had decided to go for dark red (cranberry), ivory and details in gold. The main color was to be dark red. We are thinking of changing the colors because it feels a bit like christmas and the wedding is in beginning of August. So, the other combination is chocolate brown, lime green and ivory (maybe some gold details too)

There is no special theme in mind in any of the cases. In the second one brown is the main color with lime green as an accent.

We would love to see these combinations especially the brown, lime green, ivory one. It would help us SO much!

If you can, I would love you to show an example of a bouquet in brown, green and ivory.

THANK YOU for your blog!

Lara September 19, 2012

I would love to see a turquoise, rust, and white wedding, without it being too vintage-esque. It'll be an outdoor Summer wedding, but maybe a bit more modern than vintage.

I love this blog :) It's helped me plan so many friend's weddings :) Now it's helping me plan mine!


Hi!!! I absolutely love your blog!! I am wondering if you could create a color palette that would work for my wedding?? I am getting married in April and I would like the color scheme to be coral, teal, and slate gray. I saw that you have some similar to that on your site, but I would be so thrilled if you could make one with those colors!!

We are getting married in my friends backyard in Elk Grove, CA where there is a lake and weeping willows and it will be happening in the afternoon. We will be using vintage suitcases with twine and lace and mason jars.

Thank you so much!!!

Colleen Smith September 21, 2012

Hi Chrissy -

I love all the palettes you've pulled together - particularly the ones with plum. I'd love to incorporate plum into my wedding, but it seems that you only use it for Fall/Winter weddings?

My wedding will be September 2013 in Lake Tahoe, Calif. The ceremony is on a lawn lakeside, followed by a reception in a lodge next door. There are aspens on the property that we'd love to incorporate somehow. It's a relatively new lodge, but has a rustic cabin feel with dark wood (so may need to bring in some bright color) and big windows showing views of the lake.

I would LOVE to see what how you could work your magic and create a palette for us!


Hi, I'm having a Halloween wedding in a barn. And I wanted to know what colors besides the typical orange, black, and ivory colors that I've seen on here. I would love to see a different color palette.

Emily Kearns September 22, 2012

Hi Chrissy,
You have such a clever eye...such stunning and balanced color combinations! Unfortunately, I don't have your gift but I do have a fashionista fiance that wants to wear a brown 3-piece tweed suit so I DESPERATELY need your help! I don't think I can persuade him to lose the tweed so I have to adjust my color concept. We are getting married in October at a historic Boston hotel. Originally I loved the idea of grey and blush with some darker color (fig?) to keep the fall season in mind. Now I have to find a way to incorporate brown tweed.... HELP!!!

Any ideas or suggestions you have would be helpful (and if you think he's got to get rid of the tweed, I trust your opinion!).

Emily Kearns September 22, 2012

Hi Chrissy,
You have such a clever eye...such stunning and balanced color combinations! Unfortunately, I don't have your gift but I do have a fashionista fiance that wants to wear a brown 3-piece tweed suit so I DESPERATELY need your help! I don't think I can persuade him to lose the tweed so I have to adjust my color concept. We are getting married in October at a historic Boston hotel. Originally I loved the idea of grey and blush with some darker color (fig?) to keep the fall season in mind. Now I have to find a way to incorporate brown tweed.... HELP!!!

Any ideas or suggestions you have would be helpful (and if you think he's got to get rid of the tweed, I trust your opinion!).


I am getting married on 12-15-12 and would love to see a palette of white and gray with just a hint of navy blue. I am looking for a subtle look but need the navy for just a pop of color. I did look at the navy, white, and gray palette you already have but am wanting a little less navy. Could you do that??? Thank you!!!




So I am recently engaged and have no one to walk me threw any of this wedding stuff which is very overwhelming. I stumbled on your website and I love all these colors. So my fiance and I are coming up with the theme and its more or less old school we are having a 60's soda/shake bar instead of a normal beer and wine area. Polaroid with chalk board to do the guest book, and I plan on making pretty much all of the decor. I have no idea on what sort of color scheme to do. His favorite color is red, and mine is yellow but I feel the two together is too bright. Any ideas? I want it to be elegant but fun like us. I would appreciate any ideas.
Thank you :)


LOVE your blog!! I'm hoping you can help me. I've been unable to find the right colors after months of pairing and asking around at stores and from friends. I want to combine my inspiration for the wedding color scheme, a sunrise, with my man's favorite color, crimson (after his school Washington State) but any shade of red works. I think a shade of pink and a shade of dark blue, maybe even indigo, would complete the sunrise idea BUT I can't find any color palette that combines the three colors and looks good. Any ideas? I appreciate any advice!

Ellen Guitard September 23, 2012

Hi Chrissy,

I love your blog and love the ideas! I am having an internal struggle while planning my own fall wedding (for 2014, I know its a ways away!). I LOVE NAVY but want the event to have an elegant, glamourous vibe and I see a lot of nautical navy which is far more casual than I'd like to go.

What can I pair with navy to take it from nautical to elegant and glamourous?

Thanks so much for even reading this!


Fantastic website!
I am looking at a formal seaside wedding in late summer/spring 2013 and would love to see a palette with Navy/Dusty Teal/Antique Gold and Ivory. Think the Dusty Teal brings out the colour of the ocean and the antique gold the colour of the sand. I think the groomsmen would need to wear navy suits with antique gold ties to work with this. Any inspiration would be very welcome. Thanks so much for your time!

Emily Braveman September 24, 2012

Hi Chrissy!

Your blog is such a resource for so many people, brides, couples, and party-planners alike! I was wondering if you could help solve a dilemma of mine. Like most women I'm pretty opinionated but I've always wanted to include my fiancé in the planning process. We're going for a vintage inspired (after my heart- think 40s and 50s, royal typewriters, t-strap shoes, etc.) meets rustic chic (after his- think mason jar vases and fabric pennant banners) celebration in the scenic Columbia Gorge (Oregon side!). So what's the problem? While we can visualize how to meld our two tastes perfectly. we can't seem to agree on a color palette that reflects that as well. I adore mint or pale blue, ivory, and neutral browns but he'd love to include silver/pewter and possibly navy. I'm afraid the navy mixed with pastels will turn out too preppy which isn't at all what we're going through. Please work your magic!



Hi Chrissy

I just love your webpage and would really like your ideas on our wedding. We are getting married in September 2013 at a Ranch in San Antonio, Texas (but we are organising it from our current home in Australia…eek!!). The inspirations for my wedding are Fall and Texas (think Pecan Trees, creeks and a western style Corral for the reception). I would love your advice on the colors you think I should go with, especially for dresses/suits/flowers to match the surrounds. The colors I’m considering are a faint pink/blush or lilac for the girls and a brown or tan for the guys (I don’t want to go with black or grey suits). I am trying to avoid yellow, as it has been the color of choice in a number of my friend’s recent weddings. Hope you can help. Keep up the great website!




Hi! I saw that you were interested in playing with mint some more - could you try a mint/peach/slate palette? I'm flexible on throwing in some other colors too - I just would like to see at least those! I think it'd be amazing!


alexandrapaige September 24, 2012

What a wonderful blog. I've been driving myself crazy trying to find a palette that incorporates the colours I want without looking too summery - my original plan was to have a summer wedding but now we have booked one for October 12, 2013. The venue ( ) comes with silver chiavari chairs so I'd like to incorporate silver into the wedding. I also LOVE anything blush, and would love for my bridesmaids to wear blush/nude type colours. Can you give me some suggestions to make this colour palette look elegant, not too feminine (gotta have some masculine in there for the fiancé) and still look autumn-y? Thanks in advance, really hope you can help me out!


I am making a palette to give out to the family for our annual christmas family photo - this way we'll all coordinate without being matchy matchy. I'd like to include some staples like black white khaki or denim just so everyone will be able to find pants lol but a 5 color palette would be perfect. We don't care what colors we use - we do different colors every year. Any suggestions?

jeaniquemg September 24, 2012

Hi! I'm loving Purple, Pink and Teal for my wedding! While I'm finding one or two snippets of inspiration it's mostly two of the colors together, not all three. I'm seeing ones close to it, like pink purple and blue. I'm doing a largely do it yourself wedding and would love some ideas of how to put things together colorwise! The closest I've been seeing are Indian themes.

Blammm September 24, 2012

Hi Chrissy,

I'm planning my wedding for July 2013. The venue is on the north shore of Long Island, NY, and our ceremony and cocktail hour will be outside on the beach. I'm thinking purples, blues, and a champagne or sand color. I was looking through those new colors you posted for spring 2013 and the combination of Monaco Blue, African Violet and Tidal Foam or Linen stuck out to me. Our style is vintage/classic and the wedding will be a day time wedding. My dress is fairly simple with lace detailing on the neckline and the bottom of my dress. I would absolutely love it if you could come up with a pallette for me. Love your site!



Hi! I was hoping you could give me a good color combination for travel-themed afternoon wedding in nov-dec. We were initially thinking of red and yellow but not sure which shades to combine. looking forward to hear from you.thanks in advance!

Victory Ralston September 26, 2012

I would love a palette featuring the colors peach/blush, cream, brown, and robin's egg blue. Looking for something very vintage inspired/rustic.



Hi there!

I'm so happy to come across your site, as my wedding is 7 1/2 months (5/19) away and I'm STRUGGLING to come up with a color scheme. Initially we thought we'd never be able to book a venue in May with it being so close, so my head is stuck on fall colors when I really need to readjust to spring. Any advice would be GREAT!

Ok, so our venue is a historic mansion, with the ceremony outside and the reception inside. The interior has lots of champagne tones (chairs, etc. are champagne), so that would have to be incorporated. I also love dark purple, but am not sure how to incorporate that without it feeling too much like fall. Perhaps pops of apple green? I just don't know!



- MKaciban2B

Ms. Jen Miller September 26, 2012

This blog is great!! Thinking of a palette is driving me crazy because what I want is something that's not completely traditional. I want bright colors without being tacky or kiddy.

The theme we had thought of was Mexican Day of the Dead. We love the colors but don't want it to seem silly. I like the solid colors of red, yellow, orange, teal, purple. Those are basically the basis of the Day of the Dead celebrations. Like, what you would mostly see the sugar skulls painted with.

We're looking at next October at the Great Hall at Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island, NY. I would love if you could help me with a palette! I do think it would be a fun one to put together ;)

Take care!!

Leelee September 26, 2012

I love all the lovely ideas you have & would like your advise as my theme & colors my not work together but if anyone can, I know you can. The groom may possibly be wearing his blues, firefighter uniform, we are have a fall wedding next September, & I would really like to put my girls in cooper or rust, if possible & go with the theme of firefighting. Please advise of any way that could make this worker something similar would be nice as well!!! Thanks so much!!


I love your website! I have a kind of different request though :)
My hubby-to-be and I are a bit geeky, and were hoping to plan the wedding with a few geeky details. Especially, Doctor Who references. Pantone 2955C has been officially approved by the BBC as 'Tardis blue' and I would love to have it in my wedding! I don't know what to put with it though. We are planning on an early fall wedding.

If you could help, I would be so thankful!



Your blog is amazing! I'm inspired by the latest Pantone colors and would love to see a palette with grays, bright oranges and green. I'm imagining the nectarine or vibrant orange, tidal foam or alloy, and the grayed jade or emerald. My wedding would be very colorful, modern and unique in an open space where anything goes!

Candace Woods September 27, 2012

I love love love your blog and it has helped me so much throughout this process. I have narrowed it down to a eggplant/light purple, ivory, green and gold. Do you think that you could give me some inspiration? I have 6 months to go and this would be a great time for me to see your vision for this palette! Thanks :)

Alexis Lardieri

HI!!!!!! I love your website...
I am planning a destination wedding in May 2013 in Cabo San Lucas. It is a beach wedding, but it is in Mexico so I am definitely looking for color!

I am torn between fuchsia and royal blue...But, I would really love to include both! I would love for you to create a color scheme incorporating fuchsia,royal blue, white, and lime green.

Let me know your thoughts....


Hi! I love your website!! I had to change my wedding venue from a chic black and white hotel to my fiance's family farm. Huge difference I know! I already have a glitzy dress and my bridesmaids already have their dresses (black, knee length, convertible dresses). My colors were black and white. Still love it I think it's classy but now I need a color or something that will incorporate black into a fall-ish (September) wedding outside on a farm.


Hi! I love your website!! I had to change my wedding venue from a chic black and white hotel to my fiance's family farm. Huge difference I know! I already have a glitzy dress and my bridesmaids already have their dresses (black, knee length, convertible dresses). My colors were black and white. Still love it I think it's classy but now I need a color or something that will incorporate black into a fall-ish (September) wedding outside on a farm.


Hi Chrissy,

I'm just barely engaged and I'm already obsessed with figuring out my colors for my wedding next August. Since we're already having holding the ceremony and reception at my finance's 100-year-old(+) farm, I want to make sure enough of my family's color is brought in, why staying true to our rustic settings. Last week's Pantone announcement made me feel like I was on the right track, but I can't find any good examples of how these colors work together. Here's where I'm at so far:

Grayed Jade (Dusty Aqua): Bridemaids dresses, succulents, antique dishware (sea glass) and painted furniture. Blankets to cover hay stacks, Groomsman's ties.

Poppy Red (Sunned Red): Bridemaid's lips and small accessories, details in bridal bouquet (red strawberries), red candles and red paper flying lanterns (end of the night send-off).

Alloy: Groomsman suites, Bridal jewelry (silver and pewter), farm metal/hardware (lawn games). (Base color), blankets to cover hay.

Tidal Foam: Haystack seating for ceremony, Table clothes (burlap), tulle wall coverings, burlap curtains, etc., (repurposed wood, farming equipment), lawn games, tables, chairs, etc.

Hoping you might be able to bring this all to life!!

Thanks so much!

- Christel

Alexandra Hall September 28, 2012
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Hiya! I'm having some major trouble picking out a wedding palette. I'm just really not very good with this stuff, but I love the ones you make, so I'd love your help!

I really love the look of rustic-style weddings, but I want color in it (preferably pink, blue, or purple) instead of just tan, brown, and white. However, my fiance's only requirement is that he gets to wear a black tuxedo. I'm just not sure how to put these colors together and to match it with centerpieces, burlap, and other rustic elements.

Any help you could give would be extremely appreciated! Thank you! :D

Oh--I almost forgot! We're getting married in October of 2013. :)

Melissa Rosa September 28, 2012

Hello Chrissy! Your site is incredibly helpful and I ended up pinning tons of photos from your pintrest boards. Thanks for the ideas! I am getting married in the Fall at an eco-resort in VA, so naturally I'm looking for a fall palette that includes a lot of warm, earthy colors. I'm thinking specifically cranberry, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and latte. I'm open to other suggestions if you think there are colors that should be added/eliminated. I look forward to seeing your ideas! Thanks! -Melissa

Diana Jirsa September 28, 2012

HELP PLEASE! I’m getting married on December 1, 2012. There isn’t much time and the ONLY thing holding me back is a color palette. I hope you’ll read our story so you can understand.

Kirk and I have lived together for 12 years outside of marriage. Together, we have 4 children. Two are his, one is mine, and one is ours. We have wondered and fumbled around for the last 12 years in darkness and despair. Never knowing quite what we were missing, but knowing something wasn’t right.

Recently, I found the Lord and accepted Him as my Savior. Because my heart was convicted of the sinful lifestyle I was living, I moved into a separate bedroom until I was able to find an apartment to move into on my own. Even though I loved Kirk deeply, I knew I could no longer live my life the way I had been living. Shortly after I was baptized, Kirk also found God!

We now know what has been missing all these years; it was God’s love and direction! We now know we must make a commitment to each other in the presence of God and our wonderful, amazing church family.

We are having the ceremony and reception at a lodge on Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma. We have already decided on a rustic/vintage theme and I have found the dress of my dreams! I am in desperate need of a color palette so I can move forward with Tuxedo’s and Bride’s Maid Dresses, not to mention some decorations.

I love blue; my ring has deep blue sapphires in it. My dress is Ivory. I just don’t know what colors to pick because I don’t want a “Christmas” colored wedding, but I’m not sure if anything else would be appropriate with the date we have chosen.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and we pray the Lord will allow you the time to help us.

God Bless!


I am trying to help my Son and his Fiance. They are having a Summer Wedding, outdoors, either in a park or on the farm. They want to use birthstone colors with an accent. These would be Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple with a yellow accent. I am having a problem finding pics for ideas. Any help from you would be GREATLY appreciated. We have 9 months to put this together.

LTisME September 28, 2012

Hi Perfect Palate!

I'm such a big fan of your site ever since I got engaged in March. As I'm not getting married until next October, realities have changed ever so slightly in terms of my colors. I had originally wanted to move forward with your "I love simple colors" palate (shades of grey, gold, and white). My bridesmaid dresses are actually "truffle" - a light brown a touch darker than camel. Would it be possible to see a palate that incorporates truffle in a "neutral" colors palate including gold, grey, and white? Thanks!

Amanda Anderson September 29, 2012

i absolutely adore your blog and pinterest! i wish that i had the talent & eye for design like you do. I am getting married on sept 20. I have my heart set on orange, plum, and lime/chartreuse green. BUT my fiance will not allow brown. I'm struggling trying to figure out how to make it all flow and still look semi-fall without a brown!

Niki Braman September 29, 2012


We're doing a really romantic, vintage feeling wedding full of pearls and chandeliers and peonies. I'm thinking peach, robbin's egg and ivory with maybe a slate or dusty blue in there to keep it from looking too pastel. Its an outdoor ceremony by a huge pond on my fiance's parents grounds with the reception in a big "barn" that is really romantic and has never seen a horse;) Do you think you could create a romantic palette for us? I found some similar ones, but they involve coral and I'm trying to avoid that.



Erin Brown September 29, 2012

Hi, I love all of your color combos. I am having a difficult time choosing for my wedding. I have a summer wedding at a country club (July 5th) and would like a darker/rich bridesmaid dress to contrast with bright summer colors. I am looking at the "Gem" color on David's Bridal-

and was thinking of paring it with "sunset" type colors or maybe tangerine and yellow. I am trying to get a tropical or beachy feel without going to themey or without using light colors for the bridesmaid dresses. Can you help?


Hi! I love the palettes that you come up with and I am in need of help with our wedding colors. We are getting married in November 7 of next year and I love the fall leaf designs that I see but we are not big fans of orange. We were thinking Copper, Dark Blue, and Purple except I'm having a hard time putting it together. I want a simple but elegant feel to it, lace, pearls but I also love the warmth that the autumn time brings. I would love any suggestions and thank you for your time!

Nhi N. September 29, 2012

I stumbled upon your blog a few months back, and we picked our perfect palette for our wedding! But then, I realized our wedding doesn't involve my heritage. So I'm revamping, and I feel the current palette doesn't show case my new idea of our wedding. I'm Vietnamese so I would like to include Reds & Yellows. My FH's favorite color is Purple. Is there any way you could make a color palette from those colors? Oriental, but fun & corky. I couldn't find a palette with those colors on your blog. Please help!

Sydni Hiroskey September 30, 2012

I love this page not only because how useful it is for chosing wedding colors. However, I love looking at it all the time for the ideas for decorating my future home. It's wonderful! I'm having a hard time finding the colors....

Gray, Turquoise, Lime Green and Ivory

...those are the colors I'm considering or.....

Chocolate Brown, Turquoise, Lime Green and Ivory

....I was considering a love bird theme or a gray damask accent. We are getting married April 20, 2013 with a catholic ceremony and a ballroom reception.

I definitely need some advice. Thank you so much! Xo



I was hoping you can help me I'm trying to envision our palette which was originally blues(bright to navy) with touches of gold but now i've fallen for a blush dress and i'm trying to encorporate slight accents of blush into the mix too. Please help !

Christine September 30, 2012

I would love you to help me with a palette, I'm feeling so torn! My wedding will be July in Breckenridge, Colorado, halfway up a mountain at a ski lodge. :)
The venue is Ten Mile Station - some photos here:
Outside: (ceremony)
Inside: (reception)

I want something that really channels summer in the Rocky Mountains, but incorporates some softer neutrals. That's what's tripping me up, they feel like contradicting thoughts! My current vision includes shades of peach, gray, and navy... But I'm changing my mind frequently so I'm open to any of your thoughts.


Karen September 30, 2012

I love your website and am trying to find a palette for my wedding. I've been really struggling visualizing my big day for my mom who is incredibly visual since I am not!

My colors are sky blue, lilac and green - we're going for a woodland theme as my fiancé and I grew up in Washington state. Our reception is at The Carter Payne in Colorado Springs - it's basically a great room and we can decorate however we want.

I'm thinking the groomsmen will be in grey suits but I really don't know - any help would be fantastic!!


Your palettes are truly gorgeous and your site is so amazing! I would love your help visualizing the colors for my backyard wedding next August. I was thinking of yellow, aqua, red, camel and white, but I'm having a tough time picturing it altogether. I've seen this color scheme here and there, but not in a wedding. I'm open to suggestions, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!! -- Jena

CSocha919 October 01, 2012

Hi Chrissy! I am so happy to have found your website. I am recently engaged and starting to feel a tad overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning process. I am having an especially difficult time finding photos to put my color concept into a visual. Perhaps you can help. I am leaning towards green (my fiance's fav), red, yellow (my two fav colors) and white. No orange permitted (per my fiancé). We are looking towards a late summer or early fall wedding, with traditional/classic characteristics.

Any help is appreciated!

Chrissy S.


First and foremost, I have to tell you that I breathed a big sigh of relief when I found your website. I did not know where to begin in picking colors for my September 2013 wedding in DC. I just simply do not have an eye for things like this. Any thoughts you could give me on colors would be EXTREMELY helpful.

Our wedding is in an old historic mansion in DC. The wedding itself will be outside in the garden, and the reception will be in a ballroom. The ballroom has browns (mainly in the ceiling), bronze, and salmon colors.

My biggest concerns with picking colors are making sure that (a) the colors fit the season; (b) that we can find a good deep color for the bridesmaid dresses; (c) making sure we do not clash with the ballroom colors; and (d) not having to pay an arm and a leg for flowers that fit our colors during DC fall.

Things we have considered include chocolate brown with pinks, light greens, or light blues. My fiance is a little nervous about what the guys would wear if we have bridesmaids in chocolate brown. We are generally thinking grey suits rather than the typical pure black tux.

Any help you could give me would be fantastic! Thank you!


I love this blog! I'm having a late fall (beginning of November) wedding, outdoors, at a very historic, elegant estate. I'm thinking dark green and dark blue- I know Fall is orange and brown, but I just look terrible in those colors so I want to avoid them. But I would still like it to be a Fall-ish look, if that makes sense. Any suggestions you might have would be great!


Our wedding is over Memorial Day weekend 2013 in Evergreen, CO. My favorite color is a lovely true purple (not lavender or eggplant)and I scoured your site for palettes incorporating purples. I can't find what we are looking for, and hope you will create a palette for us (luckily, my fiancee and I see eye to eye on the purple). I'm torn between summery purple, orange and fuchsia and a spring palette of purple, green and white like our state flower, the Columbine. Memorial Day is really right on the cusp of spring and summer - I hope by seeing them I'll be able to decide! Our ceremony site is surrounded by evergreens, and the reception site is in a remodeled barn with light red, white and wood interior.
Thanks for your help!

Lauren O.

Hello! I would be so happy if you could create a palate for me. My wedding is next November 23. My theme is harvest-not too cutesy of fall decorations but incorporating white pumpkins along with some nice fall colors. My main color will be emerald, along with some plum/bronze.

It is semi rustic-not mason jar but mercury glass,etc. more like vintage-rustic, but classic. I want to incorporate wheat j to my decorations and flowers. I cannot find an emerald palate on ur blog which I am obsessed w btw!!!! Could you help?

Thanks so much!!!! Lauren O.


Hi Chrissy.

I am getting married in the summer at the local art museum. The building is gothic in style and very beautiful. My fiancee and the groomsmen will be in tails and the bridesmaids' dresses will be black. I am going for an elegant evening affair. I am hoping you can put together a palette for me using black, coral (my signature color), and the warm whites like ivory and champagne. My favorite flowers are sunset roses if that helps. Thanks so much!

Belinda Isabelle Boothby October 03, 2012

Love your blog!
Would love a pallette with the colors blush, ivory, white and maybe some gold?

Please email me if you make something like this!


Good Morn, from Calgary, Alberta
I LOVE your website, but I am wondering would Plum, Powder Blue and Silver make for great wedding colors? Our wedding is not till September 2013, but I am not a big fan of the colors of Fall. I would love any comments or suggestions you might have!!!


I would love to see a cranberry/maroon and navy blue color palette. It is hard to find combos that have those two colors, most red and blue color palettes are "patriotic". I want to see something that is more romantic and dramatic.


I was hoping you could create a board with plum, ivory, and gray with a wine/Italian theme.
Thank You

Sara A October 05, 2012

I am having a wedding on the coast of Maine right on the bay. It is quite rustic. I am having trouble figuring out my color palette, but I know I want sunflowers (so a pop of yellow) and a very dark plum. What can I do with that palette? Thanks so much!


Im having a destination wedding in punta cana, DR. I'm looking for a vibrant palette of coral and aqua.


Hi I love your website it's so helpful to all brides.

So I'm getting married October 26, 2013 at Oakwind Bed and Breakfast. My finance and I love the outdoors so we are having our wedding at this beautiful colonial home on 22 acres of land. The ceremony will be outside in front of this arch that is covered by nature. The reception will be behind the house under a big oak tree that's gonna be covered in lights. My theme is southern country, my bridesmaids will be in short dresses and boots. Not sure on the color they will wear. I love the color teal , and if I could incorporate it somehow i would be happy. I'm not big on fru fru colors. I want fall country colors that are romantic. We will have mason jars as decoration and are using burlap as well.

I really hope you can help with making my ideal wedding come true. Please help me with this.


Do you have a palette for Egglplant as primary color - will be trying to stay earthy as well with Manzanita Trees.. so greens & yellows? Having the wedding at a wildlife park but dont want to go all wild animal print or anything like that.


We are having a June wedding in a Sequoia forest. I love the color Oasis and grey but I can't choose a third accent color. Can you help? (I was thinking coral? orange? yellow?


Natalie C

LOVE the work you have put into creating amazing palettes! I am trying to look for a palette to incorporate magenta (Jim Hjelm's idea of magenta for bridesmaid dresses) and black (men's tux) for a Fall October outdoor wedding.... I don't know what other colors to match with the two to create the elegance and sophistication we are looking for our black tie event. Your genius input would be much appreciated!!!!!

Brittany Render October 08, 2012

Hey Chrissy,

Love you website! I am a wedding and event coordinator and I always point all my brides to it! I am actually starting to plan for my own wedding! I have great ideas but would just love to see my color palette all put together and I would love to see what you would do with these colors.

I think I want to do a vintage nautical theme with maybe hints of a country flair.

The colors are white, tan, navy, a lighter blue (maybe slate), and some yellows.

Navy bridesmaid dresses, maybe tan suits or navy jackets and tan pants with sperrys of course!!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Jacqueline Henry-Lucio October 08, 2012

Hi! I wanted to say that I love this website! I've gotten tons of ideas from it but....I would really like to see a combination of dusty aqua, slate grey, blush and lavender and hints of gold. I'm working with a color palette for our October Vintage inspired wedding and I just quite picture everything together. I have a romantic lace dress and we're having an outdoor garden ceremony. Any thoughts?



Hi! I'm in the SUPER early stages of wedding planning, and I am absolutely clueless when it comes to picking colors. I'd love to do an Art Deco theme for a fall wedding. I'm thinking royal blue or sapphire with gold accents (i'm probably going to be wearing a nontraditional gold down instead of white!). However, it's always been my dream to have hot pink peonies for bouquets. Is this clashing? I want something classic and tasteful and not gaudy. Can you please please please help?!

Lori October 09, 2012

Hi Chrissy

I was lucky enough to stumble upon your website today as I was browsing some ideas for my wedding palette. My fiance Paul and I are getting married in La Jolla, California at the Women's Club - a beautiful venue with a quaint garden, gorgeous big tree we will be wed under and a stunning blank canvas of a reception hall with stained glass windows, french doors and beautiful hard wood floor. The venue is near the ocean where I was raised and was designed by the famous landscape architect Kate Sessions.

Paul and I know we want Lavender to be a part of our wedding palette as it is a very symbolic color for us representing Paul's 93 year old grandmother and my childhood spent living in England surrounded by Lavender bushes. Paul and I are a modern, young couple, but we want a timeless and classic wedding - beautifully simple. Paul is from Australia and I am originally from South Africa so travel is extremely important to us - we love bright vibrant colors mixed with subdued tonal shades that represent our travels. Some other colors we love are lilac, turquoise, watermelon pink, white, grey, and black. Our wedding is September 1st, 2013 so the weather will still be warm.

I want all my bridesmaids (9) to wear whatever dress they'd like in a purple color scheme ...

I would love for you to make a palette for us to begin the journey of planning - it is the first wedding in my family and I have no idea where to start! I need some inspiration.

Thank you very much!


Rebeca Rivas October 09, 2012

Hi I love that you and your site exist. lol I am getting married next October and I have royal blue, ivory and want a green but can't figure out a shade, any help would be loved! not only appreciated but loved! My fav color is blue and his is green and I want to incorporate them...


Hi Chrissy,

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas. I've loved looking through all of your colour boards! There are so many beautiful options!

I wonder if I could draw on your expertise a bit... I'm in need of some advice on working with a colourful venue. We'll be using the same room for both the ceremony and the reception. It's a lovely room with big windows, 2 fireplaces, white colums with gold detailing... but with pale yellow walls and slate blue patterned carpets. Before booking the venue I'd hoped to use pale pink and taupe but now it seems like those colours won't really suit the space. I'm looking for colours for the bridal party and flowers that will go well with the colour in the room, but that won't blend in. It's a winter wedding (this December!) but I don't want a Christmasy look. I thought about blues, but I don't like blue flowers. I also don't want to have all white flowers. I'm also concerned about making sure that the colours I choose will look good on the groom and bridal party so in terms of the bridesmaid dress, the ties and waistcoats, I'm looking for something that will look nice with darker skin tones.

Any ideas?!

Thanks a million.

Caitlin A

I LOVE your blog! You helped me pick my colors, and your little swatches were great to print out for reference. My biggest problem is that most people using the colors I'm using have fall or winter related decor, but I'm doing Spring. I don't care that they aren't Spring colors. I'm doing cranberry, chocolate, and ivory. You have a very similar palette up, but it's Christmasy. I don't really know what to call our "style" but we will be using a lot of antiqued items like mirrors, frames, candelabras, and books. We're going for an old english castle feel. Would love to see what you could come up with! Thanks a million!

Katie E

I love this website! It is amazing! Your palettes are great and I am overwhelmed with ideas!

I know you have somewhat of a love afair with yellow + gray palettes, and I do too. I'm looking to incorporate yellow and gray into my day, but I still want it to have a really formal feel to it. I just feel like the yellow + gray palette is often used in a rustic or laid back style of wedding, and I want to break away from that. I am getting married at a country club and we don't have a theme necessarily but I do want it to be black tie. I love the look of black, white & gray together, it just looks so classic, but I also want to jazz it up a bit with a bright accent. I am getting married in the summer, so I want at least one bright color! I am thinking of doing black, white, light & dark grays, and then light yellow as an accent, but I am not really sure if it will really work or if it will just look a little confused/messy. Do you have any suggestions and/or would you mind creating a board with these colors so I could see my vision come to life? That would make my year!

Thanks for any and all help!


Let me start off by saying that I LOVE your site. So many ideas and options! A girl could go crazy trying to decide the best one!

I would love to see a color combination of blue (not navy or light, a middle of the road blue), yellow, brown and cream. I was thinking blue bridesmaid dresses with sunflowers (the yellow and brown) and cream as a nice accent color.

It would be amazing to see if my vision makes sense!

Thanks! :)

Heather October 11, 2012

As a soon to be bride, I have been faithfully stalking your site in hopes of finding THE color that strikes me. Well, I did... Fig!

However, I'm planning a February wedding in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, and want to incorporate warmth, coziness, and a little bit of glamour into the palette. I love the camel, as well as blush, and am madly in love with the glisten of a cool grey that is reflective of snow and ice. Could you create one that captures all of these feelings?

I'm picturing elegant versions of really great comfort food, fireplaces lit, hints of sparkle, and a clean, rich, luxurious but still warm atmosphere.

Shed some light on my winter vision!

Diana October 11, 2012

Pantone Honeysuckle and Yellow!
Rustic style in the fall! <3.



I have an idea for a color palette for our wedding however I'm not seeing the combinations I'm thinking of, on the internet and would be really interested to see if you could bring this to life..

I'm looking for cobalt blue with a hint of purple in it (bridesmaids dresses) with flashes of bright pink, white and maybe gold? -for some warmth?? Also feel silver could work well too. Its a summer wedding, July 5th 2013 in England. The ceremony is in a old church dating back to 12th century and the reception is in an castle, which is a warm sandstone empty shell and can be transformed in to anything as it's a blank canvas... It's all located near the south coast near the sea... any ideas you have to pull this look together would be wonderful....

Love your wesbite!

Shmerbal October 12, 2012

I'm getting married in August 2013 and have been thinking of doing a Purple and Blue color theme. I am having trouble finding much on the web but have been seeing this color combo in a lot of TV shows. I was wondering if you would be interested? I have been thinking of a darker purple with a lighter blue but am open to anything.

Kelly October 12, 2012

I LOVE this site!! I keep going back and forth with colors and this sight is really helping. I loveeee the light coral, I am thinking with peach and pink and lavendar. We are having and outdoor wedding and reception in a barn and I am picturing coral peonies, lots of burlap and lace, maybe some lavendar in mason jars, seating chart on an antique window.. that kinda vibe. Thanks for any inspiration you can bring my way!
PS I start to think of adding a bright fusia or bright leafy green here and there, but cannot decide:)
Thanks again and hope you can help!!

abelee October 12, 2012

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24 hour locksmith October 12, 2012

With the many blogs which I have encountered, I never expected to see a very beautiful post online..After reading this one, I felt so lucky to see its content..-)

I am having the hardest time finding out what is my perfect palette for my wedding. I like so many colors and I see all of your palettes and I wish I could have them all! So you can get an idea this is my pinterest board.

You will see I have a lot of golds and pinks and whites, I like the combinations but I also like other colors like orange and green and blue. I'm just not really sure yet! I really hope you can help!


What an awesome find! I'm trying to envision a palette for my summer wedding (August 31, 2013) at a working ranch in Sonoma County. We'll be outside, underneath huge oak trees, and the B&B in the background is painted yellow and white. It's a very vintage-y, rustic feel. So... I'm having a hard time! My groom wants to wear grey, so I know I definitely want grey to be one of the colors. I am thinking also of incorporating succulents into my bouquet / along the aisle and on tables, so the colors would need to work with that green color (sort of a light sage color?). Suggestions?!


Katie McD

HELLO!! I follow you guys on Pinterest and absolutely LOVE this site and your pinterest pages. I use them SO MUCH as I'm trying to narrow down a great color palette for my wedding which is in November 2013 at a rustic themed ballroom. I want to add some details of burlap and I have loved your burlap wrapped candles and invitations that you guys have posted.

I'm trying to narrow down a purple palette. I want to use a deep purple or plum for bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen ties and then I want to add accents of a pale pink, gold and potentially a lilac or lavender?? I'm just not sure how to tie in the light pink and gold with the plum.. I don't want too much purple on the tables and in the centerpieces so there is where I think I would use the light pink, burlap and gold... Could you create something like that?


Brooke October 15, 2012

Thank you for all of your hard work! Your site has my brain spinning around with all these fun ideas :) My fiance and I are going to be married next October in AZ. The venue is an Italian Tuscany type restaurant with dim lighting and lots of candles.

We both really want a romantic vibe for the wedding. But I feel stuck. It is fall and I am not a fan of typical fall colors (orange, yellow, brown). I adore pastel colors like lavender and blush as well as ivory and antique gold and silver. However, I feel like it would be missing something so I would love to incorporate hot pink and deep purple or even a burgundy. Oh dear, I just gave you every color on the palette almost.

If you can help inspire me on how to go forward I would appreciate it with my whole heart!!

Thank you so much :)

Jamie Kraker October 16, 2012


Love this site! :) and I am in need of your help! I'm getting married next October in my church, and am having the reception in a tree house setting. I would like a somewhat rustic feel.. My bridesmaids dresses are lapis, as I love the deep purple color, but I have NO idea what other colors to use! I am really going to stick to the fall theme using pumpkins, leaves, mums, and other fall decorations to create the fall theme. I'm worried the purple and orange look funny together.. HELP!

Thanks so much! :)

Lindsey H October 16, 2012

I love your blog - it has been SO helpful getting ideas together!

I would love to see a palette of navy blue, camel, and white (and possibly lavender, because I'd love a lavender bouquet!) made for a rustic summer wedding. Most of the palettes I've seen with these colors have been nautical and that doesn't really fit. My fiance and I are considering getting married and having the reception in a historic German restaurant - the ceremony would be in a grapevine covered bier garden and the reception in the cellar. I really love simple, elegant DIY decor and am looking for some ideas.

I would love some help!

Sarah Elizabeth October 16, 2012

Navy, Fig & Lavender, with a potential gold accent. An AF groom. A knee length lace bridal dress or a tea-length dress. Vintage, tea inspired brunch reception. Early fall. Thinking lavender for the bridesmaids bouquets and unsure for bridal bouquet.

brittanyNHO October 16, 2012

Your color palettes are so incredibly beautiful. They have been such an inspiration to me!

My fiancee and I have finally decided on colors and I would really love if you could create us a palette.

Our colors are navy blue, plum, grays, silver, and black. We will be having our wedding next fall at the Breaks Interstate park on the Kentucky, Virginia line. It will be a beautiful southern outdoor wedding.

It would be absolutely wonderful if you could create this palette.

Thank you!

Zah October 17, 2012



I'm just really hoping you read and comment on this. I'm actually from Singapore and I've been to so many weddings here. People tend to play it safe... I wanna go for a more exciting colour combination. I REALLY do love your colour palettes!! It's just AMAZING!!

My main theme will be turquoise, closer to the sea green slightly brighter than dusty aqua, and ivory. I'm using silver chiavari chairs. I'm having problems with the flower. I think darker shades of blue may be over powering. I was thinking of getting darker shades of green with perhaps yellow and orange to spruce things up. I do love blue though... So I'm really mixed up.... What's your opinion...? I want something light, refreshing and excuting! Please do share!!

Many thanks!!!



I love your blog! This is an amazing website for weddings!

I would love to see a navy blue and mint green board. Thanks!


Love your website! I would love some help with a palette.

My wedding is August 2013. I'm thinking of something with fuschia and orange for and Indian wedding. Any ideas would be great!



Hi there,I really need your help!

I'm getting married next October.

My dress is lace, and vintage looking. I am going for a vintage fall pallet, with out the bright pumpking colors!

I really really need help.... i can not put my finger on a combo that I love...

Thank u
Christina, vancouver

Mary O'Connor

I'm getting married October 26, 2013. I cannot decide on any color combos and it's driving me nuts. I LOVE fall and wouldnt mind doing tradition colors but then again, I want something unique that isn't overdone. There will be leaves somewhere in my wedding (center pieces) I also saw slate grey dresses with burnt orange flowers that I thought was beautiful. I like orange, gray, browns but I' lost! can you help me out? I can't find anything to help me see my vision!



I plan on getting married in march 2013 and the venue is going to be at a golf club in the i.e. I am having trouble visualizing my theme colors (aqua or teal, ivory, metallic, fuschia or magenta).I'm undecisive about the teal and magenta. I would like some help in regards to which ones would blend together better. I would like some ideas for bridemaids dresses, centerpieces, cake ideas. I want a really romantic/ elegant/ classy wedding and want my guests to be amazed.. I love floral and lace designs and my theme is lovebirds. Thank you so much for your help!!!



I have been think of color schemes for my wedding for a while. I've always dream, as every girl does, of what my dream wedding would be. Mine would have to be a elegant winter wedding by candle light in the evening, probably in a hotel. But what I decide since being an adult and getting engaged is the perfect color scheme to make it work. I pretty set on the colors of pearl white and royal blue with accents of fuchsia. But I also want to incorporate a little of the holiday theme being that the date was set to early December. I need help with floral, table decor, cake, and anything else. I just really don't want the fuchsia to be too overpowering.
I would love the help.


I absolutely adore your website! Great way to search for color ideas. I'm having an outdoor wedding in September, and I haven't completely decided on my colors. I'm thinking coral(maybe a deep coral), ivory, gold, and mustard. I keep going back and forth with the coral and mustard, so I'd like to see a palette with both. I love gold too! If you could put a palette together with these colors, that would be incredible!

The feel I'm going for is outdoors, but not rustic- more like a magical garden wedding that is simply elegant. Thanks!!

Mairead Cory October 20, 2012

I love your color palettes! I stumbled upon your blog and have been browsing through it getting a better idea of what really goes together. I have always wanted purple and blue for my wedding colors. The wedding will be early November 2013. The ceremony will be in a beautiful little chapel and the reception will be nestled in a forest preserve surrounded by 3 rivers. I want a elegant but rustic theme.

My conundrum is picking a dark blue that is compatible with a plum/deep purple. I also want to use more fall colors into the mix.

I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks for all the palettes!


Hi Chrissy!
This is such an inspired website!
I am getting married on July 25 in an outdoor pavilion. My fiancee and I are 100% positive that we want our main color to be a dusky heather/lavender. We are also looking into some color combinations that include a silvery blue and/or pale gold/champagne. But even though in my head I can see the floating lanterns and the hanging glass balls filled with candles making a fairy wonderland, I can't tell if my colors are going to work. Can you help?
Thank you!

john October 21, 2012

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Alright so I have a very unique idea for my wedding. It is a vintage romantic theme. Colors are red and plum with black accents. I cannot seem to find very many images on this color scheme. I am thinking alternating plum and red tablecloths all with black lace overlays. Thought it would be a fun idea to create a pallet similar to that. :)

Leah D

Hi! I have been following your website long time now! (even before I was engaged :) but now I am engaged and I'm having a June 2013 wedding! The church we're getting married in is pretty neutral woods with kind of a rustic feel. I want my colors to be black, grey, and white with accents of green and peach and maybe a little gold/silver sparkle! It's going to be very simple and laid-back and understated. Thank you so much!!

Emily Small October 22, 2012

I am planning on having a winter wedding and my fiance and i are toying with different dates. We originally planned a beautiful wedding for 12/13/14 and then i thought i might like it to be sooner so i am back to square one. The colors I am thinking about are black for the bridesmaids dresses and accents of royal blue and purple (giants and ravens colors). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Melissa Winton October 22, 2012

Hi, I love your website, amazing!
I'm getting g married in New Zealand in march, will be very start of autumn, late summer.
We have a garden wedding with the reception at a local golf club, which I am trying to make pretty, has exposed rafters so am going to use fairy lights and Pom poms or lanterns.
Are you please please please able to help me with a palette, the Colours are
Coral, brown (like the colour of burlap), ivory and maybe a pale pink, or something which goes well with the other Colours, but my partner does not want it to be too much of a pink wedding!

a star* in the margin October 23, 2012

I hope you're still taking palette requests! I am just starting to plan for my fall wedding next year, and I am wondering if peach and gray with sunflowers would make for a good fall color palette. I just don't want the heavy oranges and browns like so many fall weddings.

My fiance and I both love the outdoors, so I'm hoping to keep a more natural, almost woodsy theme without getting too dark.

Thanks! :)

Faye Eastick October 23, 2012

Thank you Chrissie for making my wedding colour decisions that bit easier!

I have recently booked my wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall for July 2014 (so quite a while to plan yet!) and was wondering if you could suggest a colour palette for me? I really like two colours in particular at the moment, plum and a blue that is almost purple (not sure what you call this colour!). Any thoughts on whether these colours could go together or suggestions of other brighter colours for a more summery feel would be much appreciated! Perhaps adding brighter pinks or greens?

Thanks for your help!

Kristen Schoney Lee October 24, 2012

My dress is an ivory color and it has a very vintage feel with lace. I love the metallic colors but would like something with a pop of color maybe fig. My theme is kind of rustic vintage winter I also love the browns but again would love a pop of color. Can you help me please I don't know what to do.

Kristen Schoney Lee October 24, 2012

My dress is an ivory color and it has a very vintage feel with lace. I love the metallic colors but would like something with a pop of color maybe fig. My theme is kind of rustic vintage winter I also love the browns but again would love a pop of color. Can you help me please I don't know what to do.


This blog is amazing! I'm getting married in California in Sept 2013 in a California mission. The reception will be in a historic building as well ( I'm thinking that I should have a bit of a vintage feel that plays to the local history and setting. I was considering some tans/oranges/corals and yellows and perhaps a slate blue or cerulean blue for a bit of contrast. I'd love any ideas you can provide! - Anna


I am getting married in March, 2013 and would love to see a palette of my wedding colors. I chose black, pale pink, pale gray and some pale blush and pale peaches. Is this a good combo? Can you put a pallette together so that I may see that please? We are getting married at a southern plantation home, garden, and barn. Thank you!!!!


Looking for a palette incorporating the following colors and Caribbean flavored:

Turquoise for the ocean

My favorite flower colors: Stargazer Lillies, Colorful Cally Lillies, Cymbidium Orchids, and Peach Colored Roses.


I just found your website today and I love the pallets you have created. The colors in your celebratory pallet (when your boy turned one) are some of the colors I want to use for my wedding in February, with slight changes.

I want to have a romantic, classic feel. I am wearing a lace dress and my cake is capturing that lace theme as well. The colors I am wanting are aqua, shades of peach/salmon, light yellow, ivory, light-medium purple (I don't know which), and shades of grey. However, I am not sure how to combine all of these colors. Will you put together a pallet that has these colors with that theme in mind?



I love your website! I would love to see a palette for red (maybe cranberry?), gold & ivory for a Fall Catholic wedding & a Chinese reception.

Please, Please, PLEASE!

Bloomski October 28, 2012

I love your website so much! I have looked at it for years, waiting until it was time to plan my own wedding. :) Well, the time has come! My fiance and I are getting married late next May at a local farm. I love all the yellow and gray palettes that I've seen on your website, but I'd love to see one with green worked in. Thanks so much!

Jazmine Green October 29, 2012


I'm in the very beginning of planning a wedding. I'd like to create an Anthropologie-themed wedding with cranberry, fuchsia, fig and ivory accented with chartreuse and sky blue. At least that's what I'm thinking right now.

I'd like it to feel funky/world cultured but elegant. I'm open to suggestions. I want an ivory wedding dress. Bridesmaids and groomsmen in grey and slate.

I'd love it if you could create a palette for me. It would be so helpful in getting my network on board (mom, grandma, sister, best friends...). They all have very strong ideas and a palette would really help us get on the same page.

Our wedding and reception will be outdoors in the spring. I like bright colors but I want it to look more like an ethnic quilt than a circus tent. Any help you can throw me will be so, so helpful!

Thank you for all that you do! This site is wonderful. I've had so much fun browsing and I've been sending the link to all my friends.

Peace, love, and cartwheels,


JTemp12 October 29, 2012

I am so excited to have found your site! I am getting married next fall at a winery. I have always really wanted royal blue in my wedding but don't know how to incorporate it into a fall wedding. I'm also not a huge fan of the oranges and reds you see a lot in fall wedding color palettes. Can you help me out? Some people have suggested champagne...some have suggested lavender. I just don't know! Thank you so very much!


Love the site, it shows that you are very creative and talented.

I am having my wedding in the land of the eternal spring. Cuernavaca, Mexico.

It's going to be a 2 day black tie event, with a magnificent ballroom open to a big garden and artificial waterfall.

I Was thinking about going all white but then again I love color.

And I was thinking pastels, soft, romantic, elegant, whimsical.

Thinking of mint, soft aquas, pinks, baby blue, Lilac, and maybe to tie it all together an ivory/sand/khaki color.

Caitlin Lisenko October 29, 2012

Hello! I'm getting married in the middle of next December and I have been loving the idea of barely blush pink with a dark mocha brown but now I'm being swayed towards a cranberry red with the dark mocha brown. Could you make a cranberry and chocolate palette?? Thanks!!

Nikolina B.

Thank you for inspiring me!!
I was searching for the perfect combination of colors for our wedding.
Now I know what colors I want: brown/nougat, gold and wine-red.
I sadly didn't find a palette with such as these colors. Is it possible to create one?

Kelsey October 31, 2012

Hi Chrissy,

I love your blog!

Getting married in June and would love love a palette that uses lavender, honey shades of yellow, peach, and maybe aqua?

Thank you!

Bronwyn November 01, 2012


I LOVE your blog. The colour combinations are truly inspiring. Could you perhaps put together a palate of Purple, Silver, dusty blue and a light pink? I am really interested as to what that would look like!

Mrs. Sasquatch

Hi Chrissy!

Firstly love this site for both weddings and home decor! I will cut to the chase, we are getting married November 2013. We are on a tight budget and are getting married in a venue/city that we can afford but I do not love. That said we are trying to be positive by bringing elements of us to the venue and colour palettes that speak to us! I am thinking deep teal, silver and fuschia/garnet/deep pinky..purpley...even rosey colours. I think we will be working off white table cloths. I would love to see some examples of how this can fleshed out. We are going for a wow factor in colour in order to cover up the boring nature of the venue. We are passionate, nerdy and down to earth people. We would like this small wedding to be a fun but classy affair! Thank you so much! Please keep up the good work!

Liene November 02, 2012

My husband and I are going to be doing a vow renewal in a few years. When we got married our colors were ivory, green & gold and now I'm ready to go in a completely opposite direction.

Could you please put together the following colors:
light pink, fuschia, light plum, plum & ivory. I'm looking for elegant, classy, and uptown chic. Lots of bling a plus. Reception will likely be held in a swanky loft type setting.

Emily November 02, 2012

Hi Chrissy.

Love this site!

I am getting married on May 3, 2013 in Chicago with a short ceremony on a terrace overlooking the river downtown an reception in adjoining hotel. We are having a laid back wedding - no bridal party, groom in a suit, not tux, no veil for me - with just close family and friends. I would love to see a palate with chartreuse, powder (or sky, I can't decide yet) blue, and chocolate. I would like the flowers to pull in all 3 colors, if possible. And I'd love to wear blue shoes but am having trouble finding the right color blue this time of year. I haven't met with the florists yet but will soon.

I'd love to see what you could find. Thanks so much!

kmorosz November 02, 2012

Hi There!
Love love love this blog and have spent waaaay too much time browsing it while planning my 8/2013 wedding! I'm planning on having my bridesmaids wear navy blue and I'd like to accent with dusty aqua shades and light coral shades. i cant find a whole lot of this combo online so I'm hoping you can help! it will be a church wedding and an evening/outdoor/garden reception in wine country/Sonoma, CA.
Thanks so much in advance!


i'm looking for a brown, turquoise and... color palette. i'm not sure what other colors will go with this

Whitlee Cox November 03, 2012

I just found your site today and I'm in love!! I just got engaged last Sunday and we are having a hard time picking a date but we don't want to wait and we are thinking April or August. I love purple and green and no matter the date our wedding will be outdoors at this beautiful plantation in South Georgia. I am looking forward to see all of your wonderful creations.

Rico November 03, 2012

Hi! I am looking for a palette for my August 2013 wedding. The colors I am interested in are aqua (but a deeper bold color), orange, light gray and lime green. My wedding will be held at a museum in downtown Chicago with a foodie theme. I have been reading your website for two years, and I'm so excited to look at all the palettes more!


Hi! I was hoping for some help. We are getting married in the Texas Hill Country in November 2013, and were debating color choices. I'm really interested in a dark turquoise, gold/deep yellow, and gray color palette. I didn't see that combination on your current palette list, any chance you could help us out? Thanks so much!


I've recently just stumbled upon your site and it is great!! You are very talented.

I'm having a really hard time choosing my wedding colors.. I am getting married October 12 outside at a woodsey park the reception area is at the park as well and used to be a train station some years ago. Its a big white open wooden building with natural wood floors, so as you can tell its going to be a very woodsey whimsical more natural feel type wedding. I am from the south and love the whole burlap and lace concept with the natural feel. I had originally chosen peach but with the wedding being in the fall I'm unsure as to how that would flow with everything.. I know for sure that i want my guys in gray suits but am stuck on the other color..
I need your help! You're a pro at this and I clearly don't know what to do.. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could do your magic!


Cindy C Blakis November 04, 2012

I'm planning on a end of summer wedding, September 2013. I would love to see your ideas and ask for your assistance in creating a palette that includes shades of pink and greens. Specifically Sage Green as my engagement ring has emeralds. We are planning on a beach wedding in Long Island.

BTW, way I love this site! <3

Alayne Holland

Help!! I'm horrible at making decisions (I know, right, how did I even say yes after being put on the spot) and I seriously love just about every color. My fiance is a volunteer firefighter, so he and most of his groomsmen are wearing their dark navy blue class a's. We've picked May 3rd, 2014, and I'm pretty sure we're going to have it at a cobblestone barn area with lots of stringing lights. I'm sort of drawn to turquoise. And I'm not a huge fan of bright pink, possibly light pink. Please HELP!!! :)


Your site is absolutely amazing! I am so glad I stumbled upon it! I am trying to create the perfect color palette for a September 7 wedding. It will be in East TN. We are going for a simple, laid back wedding with country charm. The ceremony will be outside and reception in a rustic/barn like reception hall. Please help!!! Thank you so much!




My fiance and I are planned a 'rustic chic' wedding next October in PA. We would love to incorporate

*navy blue
*hints of antique gold and wheat colors

We want to keep it fall-inspired and warm, even with cool colors (and temperatures!)

Help? Please? :)

Shannon Fletcher November 05, 2012

Your schemes are gorgeous! I love color but am having a hard time narrowing down what I'd like to see - I fear that my love of the fall doesn't match my color choices. I'd like to see pewters and cranberries softened with shades of white (I also really love navy but I'm not sure how I can make it all together)! I've seen a few beautiful examples of this on your site, but it tends to be more winter-y. We're having a church ceremony and country club reception. Luckily the venue will match whichever direction we choose, with a gorgeous fall landscape. We're hoping for a fun but elegant vibe, just having a hard time "marrying" all of the color elements :)

Thank you!

Allison W

Hi! My wedding is September 28, 2013 in St. Louis at a place called Moulin. The venue has a ton of exposed brick, hardwood floors and authentic structural details that I want to make look more delicate. I am thinking golds will really look beautiful in the space, but would love your help on complimentary colors for this time of year AND how you would suggest coordinating the black chairs and white tablecloths they provide at the venue. The black chairs are really hanging me up, but I don't want to spend money on chair covers which I don't particularly like. Open to throwing a new tableclothh over the white though, absolutely. Thanks for your help!!!


Hi Chrissy,

Your website is absolutely amazing - you are doing such a great job!

My wedding is in April 2013. I am planning on having a church servince and then evening reception at a garden location bordering a lake. Our location is Sri Lanka which is in South Asia and a tropical country.

I am wearing white, and want my bridesmaids in champagne. But always wanted to have a splash of color at my wedding - desperately need help deciding what my accent color should be. One of my bridesmaids is fair skinned and the other is quite tanned, so need a color that will match them both.

Please help!! I would love to see what ideas you could come up with


Hi There! I could really use your help as I am having a late Spring wedding at the below venue but I am in love with fall/winter colors! My favorite colors are the deep reds (merlot) and I also like deep orange or hunter green but I'm not sure how to incorporate these stronger colors into a Spring Wedding! Can you please help? Oh and the chairs at the venu are blue velvet! Thank you!



Hi! I love love your blog! You have such a good eye. I hope you get a chance to do my request. I'm getting married summer next year, 2012; and I'm thinking salmon, grey and a shade of green but I couldn't figure out what will be a good match.

I hope you can help! Thank you!!!


Hi! I am trying to find a color combo of yellow, red, & green! It's a rasta themed wedding in april 2013. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Renee Benevides November 10, 2012

Love this blog ! These Palettes are amazing! I am having some issues coming up woth color schemes for my upcoming wedding. I will be having the ceremony outdoors on a lake homewith lots of land. The reception will be indoors over looking the lake. The home is a little country, and has a farm/petting zoo on the property. I am going fo more of a rustic italian look for a theme. Im trying to incorporate a lot of wine bottles/corks, wine crates, etc. I am possibly interested in colors such as deep burgundy like red wine, mauve, and grey? Not sure..maybe plum, camel, and something ? PLEASE HELP :) thank You !!! Any italian color ideas would be great


Hi! Thank you so much for creating this site! I have been searching endlessly for my colors and so far nothing! I guess you would call my wedding colors a little vintage/romantic/country. The colors are a light coral (a peach shade).. a light pink (maybe tea rose/blush).. ivory/cream/champagne color.. and a dash of lavender here and there. My wedding will be outdoors.. Almost a garden setting. When I find something similar or something I'm interested in, it doesn't have the lavender/lilac I want. My bridesmaids will be carrying parasols instead of bouquets. I hope I have given you enough information to make the palette of my dreams! Thank you in advance (=


Hey Chrissy,
I love your blog, it is such a great place to search for color inspiration.
I am writing all the way from Switzerland. I am getting married in my hometown in Germany next year (end of May) and am still searching for the perfect palette. The ceremony will be in an old European Church (think 500+ years, however, the church is protestant so the interiors are somewhat modest) and the reception will be in an old mansion (150 years) with very detailed moldings and architectural features (dining hall kept in white, all other rooms in elaborate colors and with mosaic floors etc.)
My dress is a very light cream (almost white) with a taupe/camel detail. So I guess this color is already set. I'd like to include colors that can be easily incorporated in flowers (peonies, roses etc), like pinks and corals. I'd like to have one strong color that "pops", not just all pastels...
I'd love if you would create a color palette for me. I am really kind of stuck with in this process.
thanks so much

Kristen November 10, 2012

LOVE your blog! ...Which is exactly why I am reaching out to you! So my wedding is June 8 on the rooftop of a hotel in South Beach. The venue is a little more swanky (think all white with white marble floors), but our ceremony is outside at 6 pm. I have settled on bridesmaid dresses from Jcrew in Rich Peacock, but I am struggling to think of a good secondary color to go with it. My fiance are looking to keep our wedding more like a really fun, chic party, so I am hoping for some inspiration that screams "Miami fun!" Please help! Thank you :) Kristen

Nicole Pierre November 10, 2012

On June 15, 2012, my fiancé and I will be married at a rustic mountainside restaurant. Our colors are a deep moss green and light pink with burlap accents. I would appreciate it if you could put a palette together for us as I have found none on the Internet with that color scheme.
Thank you
Rustic Boho Vintage NY


I adore your blog. Is there any way you could make a palette using lavender and Slate gray?


I am getting married on July 20, 2013 and am planning on a coral and navy blue wedding. I loves flwoers but am tryign to stay away from going overboard bc they are so expensive so have been tryign to find some neat centerpieces with ese colors and would also liek to encorporate some bling... diamondy accents and silver.. My bridesmaids will wear navy dresse with coral shoes and my groom in a grey tux and his groomsmen. Any help you could give me would be appreciated!!

Bride of Wade


Hi! I am being so indecisive with my colors and your website has been a great tool to help narrow down my choices. I want elegance but romance too...could I see a plum, blush and gray palette please?


This is a really helpful website!
I would like to see a color pallet with cerulean, gray, chartreuse, and mauve colors.
Thanks so much!! :)

Taylor Lorenson November 14, 2012

I am planning on having a rustic wood/log cabin wedding this summer (in May!)
I don't know if you know anything about Carharrt pants, but I am from Alaska and they are everywhere up there. They are essentially a camel color.
Thus I wanted to have camel and lavender be two of my colors. However, I don't know what colors to put with, teal, etc??
Can you help me make my wedding summery looking, also combining elements of Alaska with the camel?



I'm still in the dreaming of colors phase and wanted thoughts on these:

sunflower yellow
blush pink
light grey
navy blue

I love the blog and have gotten some great inspiration from your perfect palettes!



I'm planning a winter wedding next year, and I'm having a hard time coming up with a color palette that works for winter, isn't too Christmassy, and incorporates some of my favorite colors. Do you think silver, blush, ivory, and teal would work well together? Would love to see that one.




I just stubbled across your site. It is wonderful. I originally had a few ideas for a wedding color palette. Teal/aqua, grey, and yellow. However, I am now looking at dates next December. I was wondering if there was a way to salvage my original ideas while being season appropriate.

Additionally, my man in red-green color blind. Most colors to him are brown, orange, blue, yellow, and grey. He cannot see pink, purple, green, red, aqua or any variants for what they really are). He said whatever colors I choose will be fine, but he would like to see some color on our wedding day.

Thank you for your inspiration on this site!


Hey your blog is awesome and has already helped me so much.
We've kind of painted ourselves into a corner because I couldn't tell my FH that my dress is blush pink/ivory and so he's organised himself a navy suit. I was thinking a mushroom/taupe colour for the bridesmaids but would love to add some bright colours to the pallette. What would you recommend?

Thank you so Much!!!! xx

Jaymie November 19, 2012

Hi Chrissy!

I love, love, love this site and have already been drawing much inspiration from your palettes. I'm getting married in early October (2013)and have a few colors in mind that I'm SO hoping will pique your interest to help me create the perfect palette! I love neutral and subtly warm colors, and am thinking of having my bridesmaids pick any dress of their choise in a shade of rose(dusty rose)/blush/champagne. The other colors I'm thinking of are ivory and green for flowers. The wedding will be at a country club in the suburbs of NYC and my dream for it is to feel very warm (lots of lights, candles, tree-branch centerpieces), without being the typical fall colors. Any help here would be forever and greatly appreciated!


Amy Berthold November 19, 2012

Hello! I love looking at the different palettes you have created, but I'm having a hard time putting mine together. I'm planning on getting married in April in 2013,14, or 15, depending on budget. The reason we chose April was because we want to go to Japan to see the Sakura bloom for our honeymoon. We are a cute and geeky couple that love to have fun. I wanted pale pink, like the sakura petals, as an accent with light blues and black. I would love blue and white roses as well. (Blue roses are my favorite flower even though they aren't real, yet ;3)

I want an elegant feel, yet still see our geeky and cute personalities. There in lies my problem. I'm a visual learner, so seeing a palette with my colors would be absolutely wonderful! <3 <3

-Amy B

Lauren November 20, 2012

Hello! And thank you for this website, I was starting to feel hopeless trying to describe my colors to friends and family!

I am getting married in sept. 2013. It will be a laid back wedding up in the southern california mountains surrounded by pine trees.

I was hoping to find a palette with a slate/dusty blue, blush pink, cream/pearl and for a little pop of color chartreuse!

I have no idea if these colors even work, but I'm hoping you may be able to help me with that! Thanks!!


Oh my goodness I'm in heaven! I'm having the worst time putting together a color palette. My bridesmaids are wearing Fig (David's Bridal calls it Sangria) with silver accent broaches. I'm wearing soft white. I wanted to add teal as my accent color but my mom thinks it looks like Mardi Gras. We are getting married Feb. 2 of next year and I NEED an accent color! Thank you!!

Kit November 20, 2012


I'm getting married next October and the colours my fiance and I have chosen are teal, a pale purple/fuschia and silver. Our theme is "Zen" as we're both of Chinese origin and we're planning to have 1000 paper cranes as background, kimono-styled invitation cards, kois in our menu card, floating lanterns etc.

We would prefer to have the teal as our main colour but we're really stuck as to how to combine the colours for flower arrangements and table decor. We're also a bit scared that the colours may be too in-your-face so I would like to request a palette to help us visualise a rich and opulent wedding without it going too overboard colour-wise.

Thanks and regards from Mauritius


Hi Chrissy, your blog is AMAZING, it's been helping me a lot!
But I still can't put together the best color theme for decoration and invitation and such.
I'm getting married next november in Brazil. The venue is very rustic made of wood but surrounded by glass ( my dress is going to be off white with a mauve/copper rose belt which is the same color of the bridesmaid's dresses and they'll be wearing a cranberry belt. my fiance will wear a dark grey tux and I believe he wants the guys in black but not sure. We're planning on using lace and burlap for table linen and wanted to keep a neutral color but with a hint of something darker (like cranberry maybe) but I'm not sure how to put all that together without it being too much =/
I'd love if you could create a pallet with this in mind. It would save my life! :)

Myla Mercado November 21, 2012

hi! i've been thru your different pages and i justlove how you present each combinations. We are having our wedding by next year and we are thinking of having olive green and lemon yellow as our motif. It will be a beach wedding- do you think the colors will work great? please suggest or i hope you can create a pallete for me. thank you so much and more power.


Thanks for helping us all visualize our weddings, you're really doing a tremendous job.

My dear groom has requested a colour that I can only describe as "blackberry" for our wedding. At first I balked at purple (being a pink loving girl myself) but the idea of a purple so dark and regal it's nearly black is starting to really appeal to me. Some people are claiming that blackberry is the new black. So, with that colour in mind, I'll let you know that we're having a small, vintage family-oriented and formal wedding at a bed and breakfast that was built in the 1930's and has been decorated to fit that time period. We will be married in September/October- which is blackberry season around here, conveniently.
My first instinct is to pair this blackberry colour with an antique gold. But I would like to see more of a colour "pop" in there.

Do you have any ideas for me? Ever think about adding "blackberry" to your colours? Thanks so much!

Carin Alderman November 22, 2012

I love your palettes! They are truly amazing!

I'm having an autumn wedding and we are thinking of matching copper with something beautiful. We (I say we, but in truth, my fiancee is color-blind, so it's just me :) ) cannot decide between shades of purple or a dusky, petrol blue. But maybe they could all work together if the right kind of shades are choosen?

Hoping that you can amaze me as you always do!


natalie lachance November 22, 2012

Hello, I love your blog and the color pallete you bring to life. They inspire me in my own line of work.
I'm doing a concept shoot in the next little while and would love to see your spin on it. The concept is "Frozen in Time"
being held outside :) in the wonderful winter wonderland of Alberta Canada. The colors I'm using are Sky blue, white, silver and brown. Lots of snow, and trying not to make it look Christmasy.
Looking forward to you spin on it

Lighthouse Wedding Coordinator


First of all, I love your blog! I've visited it several times looking for a palette that would help bring my wedding vision to life, but sadly it has yet to appear. What I am picturing is a wedding on a snowy winter evening, pure white that is softened by candlelight and set sparkling like crystal champagne. Blood-red roses and dark green stems hint at the fast-approaching holidays, a time of family, tradition, and cozy nights by the fireplace. Rich plum satin drapes throughout, adding elegance and depth to bridesmaids' dresses and venue decorations. The overall feel captures the magic of Christmas, maintaining the traditional, sentimental feel while emphasizing sophistication and elegance.

I'd love to see this idea brought to life in one of your palettes. Once again:
white for the bride, black for the groom, plum satin for the bridesmaids, cranberry and sage for the floral accents, and details in sparkling silver and crystal.
Thanks so much!

Diana Stutzman November 22, 2012

Hi! Your blog is beautiful!!! I have never considered myself a very creative person, so thinking about my wedding palette is a rather intimidating prospect for me. Your creative palettes leave me a bit in awe.

I am inspired by green leaves on a blue sky, but in my perusals dark green and sky blue don't seem to be a popular combination for weddings. In addition, I've always dreamed of an October wedding, with all the leaves on fire and the air perfect and crisp, but I feel as though my colors are more summery than autumnal. The final crimp is that my fiancee looks amazing in navy blue, and I would love to have him wear it, but I'm not sure if I can work navy blue in with sky blue and dark green... Should I reconsider my inspiration? Or is there a way to reconcile all this into a beautiful, clean color palette?

Anxious About Colors

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