From the beginning of The Perfect Palette, the one thing I've loved more than anything is taking special requests and putting together wedding color palettes for my readers!

Do you have a vision you want brought to life? Or perhaps you're having a hard time determining the perfect color palette for your upcoming wedding?

Want me to put together a palette just for you? Simply leave me a comment below including the colors you're considering, the theme and/or venue and any comments you'd like to add regarding the look you're going for.

Every week, I'll take your requests and create custom boards with your thoughts, color palettes and ideas in mind! Please note - Not every request will be fulfilled and we do not accept requests via email.


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Kelly Hammick

LOVE your blog, so happy I found it, I am getting married September 1, 2012. (church wedding)-than a barn reception in CT.
The Barnes at Weslyean Hills, Middletown CT

Would love to see a palate with Taupe Bridesmaids Dresses, white/cream flowers, and a brighter reception, with berry & purples, some greens and white also to brighen up the darker space.

THANKS! a bunch!


Carolyn Nowakowski

Hi Chrissy,

Let me just start by saying your blog is amazing! Your combination's are beautiful! You're very talented and I hope you can help me out. My destination wedding takes place January 2012 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. As the wedding will take place at a resort I won't know exact location of the reception until I'm there, however it will either be pool side or in an open aired gazebo like space.

With that said when I picture my wedding I see lots of twinkling lights, candles creating a very warm and enchanting feeling. I really like purple, green and any neutral colors. I'd like to avoid a very hard looking pallete and at the same time I don't want something too soft and "fru-fru" looking too. And so that leaves me here, stuck with a vision I can't put together. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this email...I really hope you can help.

Thanks again,


Katie Carder

Hi Chrissy,

I just stumbled on your website yesterday -- and I love it! What a great idea.

I am getting married July 30, 2011 in Seattle. We are getting married at a beautiful church and having our reception at the Seattle Yacht Club. I've been struggling over colors and themes for the wedding - I know I'm not unique in that!

There is a lot of blue in the Yacht Club, so I thought I would include Navy to make sure that everything melds with the venue (without having to rent chair covers, etc.) We really don't want a big nautical theme though, because its just not our style. The other colors I've thought about incorporating were Green (an apple or olive?) and Yellow - and perhaps including a Slate Gray?

I would love to incorporate sunflowers -- they are my favorite flower - but I worry it is too autumn for a summer wedding.

I love the look of both a more "country" style wedding with mason jars and sunflowers, but worry it won't mesh with the Yacht Club venue ... I like modern, but worry it becomes too nautical ... I can't seem to figure out how to reconcile this at the moment.

Any ideas from you would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Samantha John

Dear Chrissy,
I really love you site. I'm engaged to be married next year and the colors are purple, gold and white with gold as the base. It's a brunch style wedding with an elegant, relaxed feel not formally stuffy. I know you get numerous request. I will greatly appreciate if you can do a palette in those colors. Thanks.


Samantha V.John

Kathleen Donlon-Miller

Hello! I just discovered your blog and facebook page! I am helping out my soon to be sister in law in planning her wedding which is in July of this year. So far the color for the bridesmaid dresses is Turquoise Blue. Very pretty!!! Other than that, there is no “palette”. Would love to hear what you think!! I Know you must get a ton of emails everyday so I won’t hold my breath! LOL I just thought I would send an email just to see! Thanks so much! Glad I found your blog!! Kathy Donlon-Miller

Heather Brown

I would LOVE your help!!!

Here are the details:

·July wedding by the Lake - formal

·Bridesmaids in little black dresses – knee length

·I’m leaning towards a blue (think tiffany blue, but not as intense, more calming), a watermelon color and a grass color? Maybe with a light neutral thrown in there?

I’m fricken clueless, and would appreciate anything you could come up with!!!!!


Heather Brown


Hi Chrissy!!!

Surprisingly, I got my first inspiration palette from you! (Gold, Latte, Ivory and White) - I just added a crimson color to it. However, I've changed my mind and chosen to go with Crimson, Latte, and White. I tried looking for a palette including those colors, but to no avail :-(

The type of latte I was going for is here:

Hope you are having a wonderful new year and am looking forward to the palette!!!!!

Morgan Erika January 16, 2011

Hey Chrissy!

I love your blog and I too am from Georgia, except I am in central Georgia. My wedding is an outside wedding in May at the McCranie Lodge which is a cedar cabin! It is beautiful!

My wedding colors are Sangria/Fuschia and Green!

The theme is rustic - using mason jars as centerpieces filled with flowers and lanterns and old jugs and milk bottles. I would love to see what you have in mind for an outside rustic late spring/early summer wedding!



Your palettes and photo collages are amazing! I've used a few as room design inspiration rather than wedding stuff. :x

I'd love to see something like a light powder blue in a Summer inspired palette!


Oops, accidentally posted the comment before I finished.

Continuing from where I left off; a light powder blue in a Summer inspired palette. It's a casual outdoor affair at a TN state park. The lake is visible from the reception venue, but the ceremony is taking place in an amphitheater among the trees.

Other than the powder blue, go nuts! I personally lean towards softer/delicate colours with contrasting hues for accents, but part of why I love this site is seeing some of the more unconventional combos come together beautifully.



First off I want to say I love your site, I am on here almost every night looking at all the amazing palettes!

I had originally been planning a fall wedding and had decided on colors based on one of your palettes. However, my fiancee was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago so we had to move the wedding to June; and now my fall colors don't fit with a spring/summer wedding. Luckily, my fiancee is cancer-free after a long road of chemotherapy, but now I am trying to put a wedding together and I do not know what colors I want to base it around!

The wedding ceremony will be at a cathedral style church with the reception at a beautiful country club. I want the colors to feel romantic yet summery and fun. I love blues, teals, and sea foam green but I am torn between that and pinks/purples. I want the colors to look good with black also. Please help, I am so indecisive/confused!!

Thanks so much!


This is such a great way to help brides visualize their wedding day! Thank you for doing this :)

My wedding is August 5th and our colors are coral, sunny yellow, and white. So everything is bright and lovely :)

However, I believe our theme incorporates some romantic chic in their with fedora hats and a rolls royce.

I would love to see if you can pull this together so I could have a better visual of what it would look like :)

Thank you!

Sara Lim


I love this blog! It is so inspirational as I intend to become a wedding planner some day soon. Your ideas are always beautiful!

My best friend asked me to plan her wedding for her in a couple of years. Though we know already what kind of colours she would like to go for. She would like either a silver or white wedding. This is really tough and I'm hoping she will give me lee-way in contrasting shades of silver, chrome and grey. I hope she'd let me add a hint of fresh green in form of plants. She does not like gold or even off-white.

Would you please inspire me again with a silver colour scheme?

I'm sure I will be referring back to your blog many times to come! Thank you so much!


Unknown January 17, 2011


I love your blog... Perhaps you can help. We are having a winter wedding next Dec 30th. The venue is a rustic wooden barn in Ontario. Their 20 foot Christmas tree will be up. My wedding dress is a light blue. Not sure what to put the Groom and bridesmaids in, but I love cream and brown. Thinking fiance might look better in black suit..
I like the idea of Rustic Glam..

Thanks so much !

Carly Sparks

Hi there! I love your inspiration boards! I hope you can help me. I have color ADD-- I just can't seem to find a palette that I love for more than a day...

My fiance and I are getting married on Sept. 17, 2011, at a Kentucky horse farm. The reception will be in a ballroom on site with hardwood floors and lots of taupe and golds.

We're hoping we can work with colors we like to create a vintage theme. We both really like the idea of a sapphire blue or tiffany blue with gold, but we don't want it to feel too stuffy or winter-ish. We both like bright colors for accents, but haven't been able to come up with a combination that we think we can pull off. In short, we want to use one of the blues as a base, but we are open for suggestions on pretty and colorful accents.

Oh yes, and my dress is ivory lace with a gold underlay.

Thank you!



We are getting married October 21st at a country club Bucks County PA. I would like to see a board with gold bridesmaid dresses, fall colored flowers for the bridesmaids and white flowers for the bride. I want our colors to be gold, brown, and maybe one other color but I am not sure what. Maybe you can help us with this? My dress is casablanca bo10 if this helps at all, and the men will be wearing black tuxes. I am thinking caramel apples for favors. Also, I am stuck on invitations- I am looking for brown and gold metallics (possibly pockets. Any ideas you could give us would be great!


I would like to see a palate of cranberry and teal for my october wedding in pittsburgh, pa!


Unknown January 18, 2011


In the world of absolute desperation on Palette. The venue is a 15th century Palazzo in Italy. It is absolutely wonderful but with many colours.

The walls of the Palazzo are light blue grey and pink. The cealing is yellow in the main room.

Light Blue Grey in and white in the bar area.

And white pinks and blues in the relax area.

Being from the 15th Century this is all quite ornate.

The chairs that are provided by the venue are ghost type acrylic chairs so one can see the original floor. We like the concept of mixing old a new but are lost.

We started thinking black and white but no longer now if that is possible.

Any thoughts link below if it helps.



Your palettes are beautiful and so helpful to look through!

I'm getting married this summer at a small, stone church with exposed wood beams and rustic chandeliers in Asheville. The reception is equally rustic at a stone pavilion overlooking the mountains.

While I certainly want to keep the theme rustic, I don't want to overdo it, since the venues are already pretty rustic. Therefore, I was hoping to soften up the feel by using soft colors.

The bridesmaid dresses are taupe (and pretty flowy). I like the idea of using celadon, taupe, some shade of yellow, and maybe a pale gray.

Our decor includes wooden chalkboards, wildflowers, and mason jars.

I would really appreciate your help!!! Thanks!


Hi Chrissy,
I was recommended to you by Tessa at Evenstar Paiperie. I actually have a request similar to one posted earlier.

Im having a late June wedding on the Water on Long Island

The girls are all in black dresses, and my Maid of Honor has a black dress with a light blue sash.

So i am working with black, light blue, silver and ivory. We just placed the orders for the dresses so i am having a hard time figuring out and explaining the color scheme to family....

Please help!!!!


help!!! i'm trying to envision what a slate gray/light peach/light pink palette would look. i'd rather not have the guys wear gray suits but cannot imagine how black suits/tuxedos would look with these colors! i'd love to see a palette!

atosa January 18, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

I stumbled onto your site and would love your help with my upcoming wedding.

It will be a June wedding. I found these beautiful marigold (yellow) dresses for my bridesmaids and would love to see the color with a shade of white, bronze and possibly kelly green. What do you think?

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thank you!

Unknown January 18, 2011

Hi Chrissy,
Your site is amazing. I am getting married in Lake Tahoe, Nevada June of 2012. I was thinking Teal, White, and Silver but cannot put it together in my head! Hoping you can help!
Thank you!


Hello Crissy,
I just stumbled across your blog today and may i say your palettes are beautiful!
Ive been picturing purple bridesmaids and sunflowers with white tablecloths and such but I'm having trouble really seeing it all together! Since purple and yellow can be such vibrant colors I don't want my flowers and bridesmaids to clash!
I hope you have some help for me!

lauren loves you January 20, 2011

Hi there,

what a beautiful blog you have here! I am getting married in July 2011 in Wales where my fiance's family is from.

It is at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel which overlooks a beautiful lake and green hills and a tower that actually rises out of the lake.

Because the scenery is so beautiful, I want a really soft color palette even though it's a summer wedding.

I was thinking of doing largely blush,cream, and sage as my colors (which I've seen inspiration palettes of before)

However, none of my girls are really the right skin tone for blush or sage. I am wondering what deeper (more jewel toned) color would work best with sage, blush, and cream. I was thinking aubergine/eggplant or a rich cranberry/burgundy. (the wedding will be outdoors but the reception room has a deep burgundy carpet).

Any opinions/advice would be appreciated!
Thanks so much


Hi Chrissy!

I am AGONIZING over choosing a color palette for my October San Diego wedding. My bridesmaids dresses are Bill Levkoff color "Euro Royal Blue" which I love. I chose it because I've got girls of all different skin tones and this one really looks great on everyone. My main problem is choosing "go-with's" as I like to call them. I want something fun to go with this "standard" blue and I originally was thinking a rich warm yellow/orange palete because it's fall... But I'm having a hard time imagining it... or even what color shoes to choose for my BM's to wear! I figured I'd have accent colors too so it wouldn't be just two colors... and i love the way muted aqua/teal looks... what do you think? Can you help me put together a color combo along those lines??


Tara January 21, 2011


You have such a way with color, and as an artist, I normally do as well. But when it comes to planning my own wedding, I seem to be at a complete loss!

Our wedding will be in November this year, and although we are unsure of the ceremony site yet, the reception site is a very rustic watchtower lodge with large wooden beams, ironwork, stone, and large, beautiful windows. I know that our centerpieces will involved various clear glass thrift-store candlesticks, with tall tapers at each table, but again, beyond that, I don't know.

I chose my dress, Swiss Meringue, from It's in ivory, which I love, and complements my skintone (fair, hazel/green-eyed, redhead). I plan on adding some embellishments, and making it "my own", but I can't until I decide on colors. I would love to have an ivory and black wedding, but I can't settle on an accent color (or 2 or 3).

I also plan on having my bridesmaids in vintage or indie-style dresses, and I would like them to coordinate, rather than match. Boots will also be worn, instead of dress heels. I love the idea of a rustic, vintage, indie feeling, with some bling mixed in.

I also adore birds...owls, swallows, peacocks, being my favorites. I love the colors green (emerald or muted), copper, dusty lavenders/lilacs, plum...though I'm not sure I want them all in my wedding.

I won't be using flowers in my wedding either...rather, branches with perched birds (not real of course), jeweled bouquets or clutches, something out of the ordinary.

As you can see, I have "thought" myself into a whirlwind of confusion. I really need some outside help. I would be ever so grateful if you would put together an ivory and black color palette with an accent color (or 2...). I've looked all over the internet, and it is so difficult to find anything combined with black and ivory, other than gold.

Thank you so much!


I stumbeled upon this blog after my fiancee' and I decided on our color palette... I loved loved loved your color boards and would love to see our combination on your blog. We are both huge foodies, love lucious reds and deep browns and so we went with a palette of Pomegranate, Chocolate & Champagne. My mom is blind and makes phenomenol cakes and candies all by touch and she is going to make us a special confection with these flavors for our big day. I cannot wait to see these gorgoues colors blend together both in our clothes and dancing across our palettes on our big day!




i have been viewing your blog for almost a year now and i absolutely love it!! i am getting married this year in July and would like to see a palette of cappuccino, ivory, and silver.

im sure you will come up with something that is gorgeous!

cant wait!



I was just engaged on Dec 26 2010! I should be fine in the artsy areas of the planning being a graphic designer and all but when it comes to planning my wedding it has to be just right and my perfectionist self is going into freak mode! I have a narrowed down list of colors that I can play with but no idea how to arrange them. I am loving blush pink, taupe, champagne, pewter, rose pink, eggplant, ivory and antique gold. I kinda think these all tie in together for that romantic/glamour/vintage feel I am going for but not sure what colors to have dominate and which ones I should put on the backburner as accent colors. I love the satin, pearls and lace textures as well and want them to play into the setting. I'm looking at beautiful flowers and candlelight to really set the tone for the romantic feel I am going for. Ideally I would like a ballroom/museum wedding but I would absolutely love the perfect garden outdoor ceremony. If you could help me bring this all together as one cohesive idea I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Best Regards,

Unknown January 21, 2011

We're getting married in October. Our colors are burnt orange and ivory. My BMs dresses will be burnt orange... aside from that I am having difficulty envisioning the day.

Love your blog by the way :)


I absolutely love this blog! You are so creative and have such great style!

I am getting married this August using Taupe, Ivory, Light Blue, and Plum as the colors. Here's what I'm thinking...Lot and lots of taupe and ivory, decent amounts of blue, pops pf plum to keep things fun. Maybe the bridesmaids will be in mismatched taupe dresses and the guys in taupe suits with blue ties, blue flowers and blue/purple succulents. The feel is elegant vintage. We're getting married in an old church and the reception is in the parlor room of an old estate.

I'm having the hardest time envisioning whether this looks good or incredibly off. My mom isn't really sold on these colors and I can't find any pics that throw these colors together.


Great blog :]

I'm planning a wedding and am having trouble with color -- mainly because my dress is ivory with black accents, and there's going to be white everywhere. I'm accenting my dress with black shoes and jewelry, my bouquet will involve mostly royal blue vanda orchids (I think?), and I'd like to accent with white/off-white/green orchids/tropicals. I'd like to accent the table with black, and don't know how -- I seem to be stuck with white tablecloths. I wanted a white/blue/black palette, but the dress I loved only comes in ivory -- how do I blend it in? I'm worried that my dress will clash with just about everything.

I'm also trying for a mix of traditional and modern, classy and asymmetrical/casual/natural, formal and casual. The venue is a B&B restaurant with eclectic styling -- I need help pulling all this together -- help!



Alyssa Cannavino January 23, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

My head is currently spinning like a color wheel! I see all the beautiful inspiration boards on your blog, and I simply cannot choose!

Planning a wedding, I have found out, is a lot of work. We just got engaged about 3 weeks ago, and we are officially getting married on August 14th of this year. My fiancee and I are both law students in the US, and we are graduating in May. Planning a wedding in law school is one kind of challenge - but to make matters worse - we are currently an OCEAN apart from our family and friends. We are finishing up our last semester of law school through a study abroad program at Oxford University in the UK.

The planning process so far has been difficult. SInce I am so far away, I can not really observe some of the things that have already been decided on. Plus, the time difference makes it difficult to contact vendors.

Luckily, I have the best families on my side! Everyone has been so helpful. And of course, thank God for Skype! It has been a practice in trust and patience for a couple of type-A lawyers to delegate such important decision-making.

So, I think that by coming up with a fantastic color palette - I will be able to get some more of the planning done. Plus, there are a lot of fun things to be found around the UK, and I can't commit to buying them until I pick some colors!

The wedding will be taking place in the Fingerlakes Region of NY. I grew up in Ithaca, NY - and the venue is really close to my home town. The venue is called the Fountainebleau Inn, and it's great (or so I have heard!) It is a beautiful, historic inn located on the shores of the lake.

The wedding will be (weather permitting) an indoor/outdoor event. I want the wedding to be elegant, but still have whimsy. The main goal is for everyone to have a really, really great time. For the colors - I was thinking of dressing my bridesmaids in either navy blue or plum. But I have not made any decisions yet. I simply want to pick a color scheme that will bring the wedding together, make the beautiful inn shine in its own right, and help to create a celebratory ambiance.

Please help me if you can!

CherryLisa January 24, 2011

Helloooo! First of all: this website is really cool and gives a lot of ideas, so Thank you!
I'm planning a wedding in August, vintage style, the primary colors are White, Red and Blak. The dress is white with a red embroidered band under the breast. My future husband's outfit will be black and white. Could you give us some little colours advice??

Kitty Bakes January 24, 2011

hi chrissy!
i love your website! im a cake decorator and your color palettes really inspire me in my designs :)
a best friend of mine is getting married soon and she wants a maroon and champagne color palette. i just noticed that you've not covered maroon and would love to see what you come up with for a maroon & champagne color combo! thank you!! :)


I'm considering a colour palette of charcoal gray, coral and purple for my wedding and haven't been able to find any examples. I would love to see some inspiration!


Hi Chrissy! I recently discovered your website and I love it! I just started the wedding planning process and this is super helpful.

I'm getting married at the end of April 2012, at a yacht club-type venue down the Jersey Shore. Initially I was thinking navy blue and a light green, but then started thinking about navy and tangerine. Now I'm wondering if it's possible to do all 3 in a way that'll work for late spring and a for yacht club/shore venue. It's a formal venue, and I'm trying to go for a subtle nautical vibe - nothing too obvious (i.e. anchors, sailboats, etc.).

Would love to know how you would recommend incorporating those three colors into my theme and the season.



Kevin and Madelon January 24, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

I would love to see a color combination with navy blue, orange, yellow, and lighter yellow, and pops of apple green.

My theme is Rustic Elegance, with lots of candles, navy blue bridesmaids dresses, orange, yellow, and green flowers. I dunno what to do for the guys, I'm thinking gray suits or tuxes with navy ties. (I'm trying to stay away from the traditional black tux.) I'd love to see the inspiration you come up with!

Thank you. Thank you!


Renee W.

i'd love your help, looking for a palette that's yellow and gray, feels fun & would work good in summer or spring. guys will be in gray suits. Would love to incorporate a subtle bird them and a printed pattern of some sort. Wedding to be held at a winery. Can you help me? Thanks, Renee.

rachel b.

hi, chrissy love your blog! I am in desperate need of help. would love a palette with shades of gray and white- something that would be good for wintertime. i love fascinators and the vintage look. I also want to use a floral design on my invites, can you help? please do!


hi, love your blog so much, you're so inspiring! i'd love to see a pale pink and black palette with white also. Summer wedding to be held at my hometown church with reception to follow. want it to feel light and airy and romantic.

Brittney U.

I am so excited to have found this blog! I am really having a hard time narrowing down colors for our October wedding. We will have a small traditional church ceremony, and our reception venue is a gorgeous indoor/outdoor facility overlooking a golf course. We want something beyond the everyday fall colors, but we also want it to flow beautifully into the scenery. I was kind of thinking colors of the sunset...maybe orange, coral, and purple.

I'd love some help!! Thanks!


This blog is so great! I have always dreamed of a wedding with red, orange and yellow. We are getting married September 24, 2011 at a country club and now that I have to make the decision on colors I am second guessing myself. I picked out the bridesmaid dresses and currently have picked the color pomegranate. Would you be able to put together a palette that would show pomegranate, yellow and burnt orange? I need some ideas of what to do with the color scheme! Thanks! Jen

Jen P. January 25, 2011

I love this blog! I'm definitely one of those people that needs to visualize things, and the palettes have made it so much easier to picture the final outcome. My wedding is Mediterranean theme, and I was playing with the ideas of aqua, teal, white, and sand. However, most of the inspiration boards, invites, etc. in this color scheme are beach-related, and our wedding will be in the Poconos. Would you be able to put together a Mediterranean palette with these colors, without it being too beachy?

Thanks! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! :)

Scarlett January 25, 2011

This website is my anti-drug, I swear.

I am in desperate need of your artistic palette-ical inspiration. I am getting married this summer in a 1920s theatre. It's a beautiful structure. The lobby is rose/taupe/ivory marble with pale sage accent panels. The theatre itself has the same rose/taupe/ivory marble, with brilliant red velvet seats/carpet, & gold leaf EVERYWHERE. My conundrum is finding a colour that's not black, white, ivory, or gold. How would you scheme it? It's a semiformal evening wedding, if that helps any. (& I can provide a link to my pictures of the interior!)

Again, let me just say how much I LOVE this site. It even inspires me to play with colour in my own wardrobe!

XOXO, Scarlett


Hi Chrissy,

I'm getting married in September in Stone Mountain, GA. The ceremony will be outside by the lake, and the reception inside in the ballroom.

We'll have a formal wedding, and I'd like it to have an old hollywood feel. However right now, all I can think of is black, white and red. I don't really want bridesmaids in red dresses (or black).

What other colors could I incorporate to feel glamorous, formal and vintage?




I'd love to see your take on a chartreuse and yellow wedding with a modern spin. something we can use in a modern space, like a city loft.


we'd love to see fuchsia! with lavendar! can you do that? I haven't seen that anywhere, pretty please!!

Meg January 25, 2011

I would love to see Deep Plum and saphire blue. My wedding is in a catholic church and then the reception/dinner is at an old- western type steakhouse with insdie/outside room. I love different shades of dark blues and purples.



I love your website! This is such a great idea! I could really use your help! I had origianally planned a wedding which we had to postpone due to some very serious health issues I was going through. FINALLY we picked our new day, December 16, 2011 in Broomfield, Colorado. I want everything to be perfect and could use your help with that! Our location is a a Chateaux with large scale windows and white fabric draping from the ceiling. Since it is around Christmas time, there will also be trees with white ornaments.

I do not want to go overboard on the Christmas theme because the girls dresses are a candy pink color. We also want to incorporate silver, lighter pink, black and ivory/white. We were thinking roses would be nice as our flower choice. We want the wedding to be a classic elegance that is fun but sophisticated. Can you help us? I'm not sure how to incorporate all of these things to make the perfect day.

Thank you!!


Hi! I'm getting married on a farm in Colorado in May, and I'm totally struggling with colors. This website is so helpful, but I would love advice... I adore the bright orange-bright pink combination for flowers and bouquets, and my dress is ivory, which should work well. However, I was considering have my bridesmaids wear different shades of grey (it's a color that they all look good in and most have dresses that they can reuse). But I'm not sure if this will work? Would orange and pink be too much color, or should I just go with one? I would appreciate some thoughts and help! Thank you!!


Dear Chrissy,

I'm from malaysia. Your job are very awesome. I'll getting married by the end of this year. can you please match red, white and green for me??

Megan C January 26, 2011

Dear Chrissy,
I love your blog! I have read it even before I became engaged in October. My fiance and I are getting married on October 29, 2011.
We are going to have a country/vintage chic but classy and simple wedding. We are using brown, tan, burnt orange, a dark moss green. We are using a lot of orange flowers and having a lot of twine with a little bit of galvanized tin and burlap.
I am having trouble visualizing how this is going to look. Could you help me with that?

Holly H.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. I'm actually getting married in April and have recently begun to have some trouble pulling everything together.

Our colors are Clover green, chocolate brown, a touch of lilac, and ivory

the theme is kind of English Tea Party in a Garden...with a little Irish heritage thrown in (coming mainly from the color choice)

the flowers are mainly white and green hydrangeas with some light purple thrown in.

I have an intense love of books and would like to incorporate that in a romantic way but i just don't know how to do it. We are getting married outside under a gazebo at an old Victorian house. its a gorgeous venue and my dream is to make it romantic and beautiful and all about us.

We are using some twine, wooden hearts for boutonnieres with our initials on it and a mix of cupcakes instead of a traditional cake.

I would love to see what your ideas on our palette are.


Very very very excited that I found this blog. I could not stop reading once I found it. The concept is wonderful and it's so helpful. I am getting married in May 2011 and have always loved light pinks and blushes with navy. I know the fuchsia is very trendy, but I wanted something a little more tailored and classic.

The men will be in a three piece taupe suit (haven't decided on ties or shirts yet), the girls in dessy navy blue dresses. I have an all lace ivory gown by Rosa Clara and the flower of choice is peony. It's on our stationary and incorporated throughout the wedding.

I'm struggling because navy lends itself to silver, but everything else is creamy, not metallic, although my dress does have some bling on the belt and in the hair flower as well as my shoes. The ceremony will take place in Cleveland, Ohio in the Arts district at an old stone chapel on a university campus. The reception will take place at a country club with floor to ceiling windows, ceiling swags, ivory linens, peonies and blooming branches. The cake is ivory buttercream with ivory lace trickling down all 6 tiers and a single peony on top.

I'd love to see what you come up with! I really need help visualizing the silver and bling accents next to the taupe and ivory. It's hard for me to visualize, but I love the individual pieces so far!


I love your blog. I am having some trouble trying to mix colors. I love the new Pantone color honeysuckle and I would like to find ways to combine it and possibly red with tiffany blue for a late spring wedding. My problem is that I don't want it to look too cutesy. I like the upscale romantic feel. Please help!


I'm thinking about cranberry/red/scarlet, plus white, black and touches of silver. My thoughts are based around a bridal bouquet of all deep red roses, and black and white damask. The look would be very classy, modern, and yet traditional with the damask. What do you think!?!

Mollie Cain January 27, 2011

What a wonderful site! You just may save my sanity! "Plan a wedding in 6 months? You're crazy!" I've heard it a lot recently but I think it is totally do-able. Only problem is that now the Mr. & I can exactly decide on a color scheme. We know we want bright colors & we want blue & green. Other than that no real specifics. The wedding will certainly be Shabby Chic & we do want the color to really pop!
I mentioned Chartreuse & Aqua which seemed to go over well. However, I would also like a good neutral color & apparently Chocolate Brown is a no go. What about gray?
Also, do you have any good pictures of the groom or groomsman in colored shirts? This is something that the Mr. would seriously like because it will add more color to the wedding party. (I would just like brightly colored ties & boutineers.)
Please help me!

Vanessa H.

hi chrissy love your blog would love to see orange and yellow ..oh, with gray too, can you do that? thanks!! vanessa.


I love that you're taking requests! I would really like to see a palette of pale greens and blues with pearl for May wedding.



Dear Chrissy **sorry, I accidentally posted this on your initial request announcement!!**

Your palettes are truly wonderful on this site and I would definitely appreciate a little bit of help from you on mine! We know vaguely the colors that we are hoping for but here is the gist of it: My wonderful fiance and I are having a June wedding that we hope to be rustic, organic-feeling, and down-to-earth. We love throwing no-fuss dinner parties and are trying to make our wedding feel like a larger, more magical dinner party. We are getting married in a place that has lots of plants/greenery and are trying to keep our palette relatively neutral--whites, kraft brown (our save the dates were made with a wood-related theme)--we are hoping to incorporate a blue/gray/slate range of colors but are having trouble defining the exact range of colors we'd like to do. We love the feel of Anthropologie and the idea of woody, rustic elements throughout the decor. We would love your help in creating this soft, romantic vision of our wedding.


"Pushing Daisies" theme--red peonies, white daisies, also some yellow...

Unknown January 28, 2011

Hello Chrissy!
Cant even express how happy i am that I stumbled upon your website! it was added to my favorite within two seconds! You've given me so many ideas! I'm getting married July 16,2011. My original colors were cypress green, sliver and white and hints of black but then I changed it to autumn red, burnt orange and dont know if I want ivory or white. the guys will be wearing gray tuxedos. If you could PLEASE put it together for me!!! PRETTY for all the work and effort you do for color crazy brides like Take care and have a good day!!!

Emily January 28, 2011

Palettte -SOS!

Disclaimer - I am terrible with coordinating things. Please help.

Our wedding will be in November, in Houston, TX. Both of us LOVE red, and I love roses, in yellow, orange, and red. We want something that says "modern fall" without being rustic. I like jewel tones, and navy and chocolate brown are excellent. I really have no idea what I'm looking for in terms of coordinating tuxes/bridesmaids dresses, flowers, decorations, etc. I'm really open to a lot of fall-ish ideas, but some shade of red has to fit in there somewhere because it's kind of our signature color. Thanks so much, this site is a lifesaver.

Belle on Heels January 28, 2011

this would be a HUGE help, as this is the one area where i'm really struggling! we're getting married on october 29, 2011 in virginia. we'll have a noon church ceremony and our reception is on a farm. i do NOT want the typical fall palette of oranges and browns. we already know that navy blue will be one of our colors and then some touches of grass green, but i'm having trouble finding the other color. i want it to match the beautiful pink cameo apples in the orchards on the farm where our reception is. so i want a pink that's so dark it's almost red. without being like a crazy magenta color. so you see my dilemma :) honeysuckle is just a little TOO pink and i definitely don't want pure red.

we're going with a virginia/southern theme with cardinals and apples. HELP ME!!!!!


Hi Chrissy,
First let me say how much I LOVE your blog. It's provided so much inspiration and has truly made me love every color out there.

I'm getting married in a grand historic art deco ballroom. We decided to stray from the traditional art deco colors of black and gold. I would love to see a palette of navy, gold and accents of magenta that espouses the glamor of the art deco era but infuses it with a slight modernity.


My fiance and I will be getting married in Vegas in April. Our ceremony will take place in a garden at Caesars Palace, and we're looking at using Black with Apple Green accents. My dress is off-white, fiance's suit is light grey. Our main flower will be cymbidium orchids.

Lindsay Rae January 28, 2011

Now that my fiance and I are planning for our 9.10.11 wedding, we've been in a bit of a rut with what to do with decor. We will be getting married in our friends' back yard garden (they are horticulturists and will be growing all of our flowers on site!) in Michigan.

Here are some things that I have been working with: this necklace is the main inspiration for color. I will be giving them to my MOH and bridesmaid as a gift. Also, this is my oh-so-stunning dress, in the natural coffee color.

Our wedding will be DIY, laid back, and obnoxiously fun. We are sectioning a part of the yard for bocce, croquet, and lawn darts, and we are planning to use etched mason jars as glassware/favors. What do you think?

ModestBrideinBK January 28, 2011

I love this blog - I'm always amazed at how well these color palettes work with some really surprising combos!

I'll be getting married this July at an old estate home in upstate NY. The venue has several gorgeous gardens and an eclectic country home feel to the house. The colors of the venue are all over the place but tend toward neutrals and rich deeper shades (walls range from muted oranges, yellows and greens to burgundies and gold and white trim/accents; there's a beautiful mahogany bar as well). I'm going with a "bringing the garden inside," rustic (think potted herbs, big simple blooms) theme with a vintage feel to it (paper flower accents, vintage containers). But since it will be summer, I want slightly brighter colors to help bring some pop to the neutrals. I am tending toward mixing two summery brights - coral and a light, melon-y or pistashio green - with ivory as a primary neutral and chocolate brown as an accent neutral. I've seen lots of coral and brown, green and brown, or ivory and green palettes, but never the mix of all of them. I would love some help putting them all together!

Unknown January 28, 2011

Hello, I love your site - it's a awesome resource:) My colour scheme has been chopped and changed a few times and I'm getting a bit worried it's going to look like a mess. What do you think of navy, ivory, gold with touches of lilac? I can't find one story board with this combination so I'm starting to think it's not a great idea.

Unknown January 28, 2011
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Jess Dee

Hi there!
I looooooooooooooooove your creativity :)
You're so great at putting together colours I'd never imagine would even work!

I was thinking about a really rustic, "home-grown" wedding. My brother's wedding colour was brown and orange.. so that's kind of "off limits"
I was thinking maybe some deep purple, almost a plum?
I really don't know how to pull it all together!
heeeeeeeeeeeeelp! :)

Unknown January 29, 2011

Hi There!
We finally found the perfect wedding venue but the colors of the place has thrown off our original plans. At first we were doing chocolate brown, crimson red with gold accents, but the place we will hold the reception at is done in all cobalt blue with gold. I've already bought a ton of stuff for the original theme (lovebirds using red birds as the birds of choice) and would like to incorporate the red lovebirds into the new color scheme. Maybe cobalt blue, gold with splashes of crimson red? IDK??? Help Please!!!

morganeh January 29, 2011

You have such an incredible eye for design and make it seems so effortless!
We're getting married in September in a medieval church in a little Italian town, followed by a reception in an elegant yet rustic restaurant in the middle of a thick forest of Chestnut trees and pines, grosgrain ribbon details, dahlias and lisianthus flowers with rose hip branches.
For certain we will be using bright white, and I'd love to use a bright shade of red, like vermillion--what would work with these? Sienna brown? We want something warm, earthy and vibrant, yet contemporary. Any thoughts?
Thank you very much!

Kate January 29, 2011

i've been trying to find the color scheme i plan to use in my wedding on your site. i've found the light blue and chocolate brown inspirations, but i'm trying to incorporate fall colors as well. Our wedding is in October and at a garden that will be filled with seasonal flowers and it already has a rustic feel to it.

I'm envisioning light blue bridesmaid dresses with a chocolate brown sash. Then bouquets with those colors and fall accent colors of light orange, light yellow, and light reds.

When I type it, it sounds like it clashes but when I toss the colors together it really does look beautiful. Here is a picture of an inspiration bouquet I found:

I just can't envision bringing it all together. Help!


I am getting married March 2012, and I am having trouble coming up with colors or even a theme. I don't want an over the top St. Patrick's Day theme or anything. My favorite flowers are Sunflowers and I am really liking the Bells of Ireland flowers. I think gray is beautiful and soft for a wedding. I just want something light and fun.

We are wanting an outdoor wedding. (we are even considering Central Park!)

I am just beginning to plan things out and would love any ideas you could throw my way!

I love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Amber January 30, 2011

I hope you like theme weddings!
I'm having a very hard time coming up with a color palette for my late spring wedding. The best way to explain it is "steampunk meets Anthropologie." We will need to have GOLD, since we already purchased an absurd number of gold charger plates, and my dress is IVORY, so no white. I need some colors that evoke a Victorian time era, that will give us some floral options, and that don't include pink (or at least not too much. Maybe as an accent color...)

My venue is in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Central Community Center.Here are a few pictures:

Thanks for the help!


Hi Chrissy

Our wedding is going to be on a beach near Waikiki in spring. I'm thinking a colour theme of white and yellow, with touches of burnt orange and grey/silver.

Am hoping you could come up with some ideas and inspiration to guide me, as I'm on the fence about whether it will look fab or a mess!!

We live in Australia so planning a wedding in Hawaii all online is dificult enough, so all help and advice is greatly welcome.


freida January 30, 2011

Hello there!

I will be getting married in October, 2011 and will be having a Spanish-themed wedding in hills of Oakland, CA. I will be serving tapas, paella and sangria to the guests. My dress will have lots of fabulous ruffles on the skirt to carry the spanish theme. Our ceremony will be outside on the terrace next to oak trees and the reception will be indoors in a lovely restored building from the 20's. See this link:

My colors are shades of merlot, pomegranate and burgundy (think red wine) and I'm trying to figure out what other color for contrast/pop. All the bridesmaids are picking their own dresses based on their body type/style. What contrasting or complementary color would you recommend to my Spanish theme and red wine color scheme?




Hey im not engaged yet but i do want an a opinion of the color choice i made. Purple and yellow.


or anything with purple in it is great.


I am considering black, white, red, and pink. Black and red are fiance's favorite colors and mine is pink. Would love to find a way to incorporate our favorite colors together. Our venue is a golf country club in quiet cannon in montebello.


Hi Chrissy!!
I LOVE your blog! It has helped clear up so much confustion and helped me at least get started in the right direction:) I am getting married on June 2012 in Vacherie, LA at Oak Alley Plantation, an old southern plantation with incredible history. My fiance is in Iraq right now, so I am kind of planning this on my own, and I would really like some feedback from you! :) I love the "Sweet Summer's I Do's" palette, but I would love to add some darker reds, oranges, or something a little different to make it my own. :) Either way thank you again for posting this really helpful blog!

Dee January 31, 2011

Hi there! I wanted to give this a try because I am up to my ears and cannot figure it out. Wedding is Jan 7th 2012. The reception will be in a resort with a swimming pool. We'd like emerald but don't know what to pair it with. We live in a tropical country. I hope that helps. Thanks!


I've been struggling with finding any palettes that display the colors in my vision! I'm not sure if it's because they are really unique or if they won't work together, so I'd love your help!! My wedding is 9/24/2011 on a river, and the colors I'm imagining are a greyish silvery blue with salmon/cherry/melon accents. Thanks so much!


Hi there! We're eyeing teal, brown, matte gold & clover green as our wedding colors. The reception will be in a private garden/pool resort. We'd like our wedding to appear somewhat modern feel, but still fun. So far, we'd like to have teal as the entourage colors, and brown & matte gold in the reception decors. WEdding will be in Jan 28, 2012 (Philippines). Thanks!

tinski January 31, 2011

Hi there! We're eyeing teal, brown, matte gold & clover green as our wedding colors. The reception will be in a private garden/pool resort. We'd like our wedding to appear somewhat modern feel, but still fun. So far, we'd like to have teal as the entourage colors, and brown & matte gold in the reception decors. WEdding will be in Jan 28, 2012 (Philippines). Thanks!

Pitbullgirl February 01, 2011


Can I just say I love your blog there are so many interesting ideas here. We are looking at having a spring/summer wedding and the reception will be over looking a large lake in the mountains of Whistler BC. The colors we are looking at are sky blue, purple and white as we are pulling colors from the dendrobium blue orchid to follow our Chinese theme but I am having a hard time making these colors work in my head. Our wedding will be June 4th 2012.

Thank you


Hi Chrissy!
We are getting married 10/1/11 in New Hampshire! Looking to have a palette involving chocolate brown, rust/ burnt orange and some type of green (sage?)! Our wedding is in the tiniest colonial era chapel (think new england church)at the foot of the mountains and our reception is on an organic farm in an outdoor rustic "pavillion" (more like lodge meets outdoor park pavillion if you can picture that). We love the idea of incorporating outdoor elements like pine and pinecones, gourds, bird nests, etc with classic new england colonial touches like candle lanterns on tables (or any other ideas) etc. We'd love to be able to meld the history of new england with the beauty of new hampshire!

Kelly February 01, 2011

Hi Chrissy!
We are getting married in Washington DC a historic, all white marble, building on Sept 10, 2011. I'd love to see a dark teal, charcoal, and silver palette. I'm thinking about dong that with white flowers.

Aubrey February 01, 2011

Hi Chrissy! We are getting married at my fiancées' parents lake house in southern Michigan. Because the ceremony is going to be outside, I wanted to go with a brighter color palette, while still finding an arrangement that is elegant and modern. I'm leaning toward a clover green and black. The thought is that the bridesmaids will wear green and I will accent with black. I am realizing that I need to expand my palette since there will already be so much green in the outdoor setting. Do you have suggestions that will accompany my green and black decor, so that I can use other colors for accents, flowers and decorations? I look forward to your fabulous ideas!!


Unknown February 02, 2011

hi chrissy,

i am organising my wedding for may 2011 in bratislava slovakia.
i am originally hungarian an my fiance is from india - so we would love for both of our cultures to come together on this day also through our palette and decoration...

the color palette that we chose is: all shades of blue (from royal blue to almost turquoise) combined with gold
all this with a touch of the paisley-pattern (as my fiance is indian)...

we have golden charger plates and i plan to have four different fabrics (always blue/gold paisley) to be napkins that also will be wedding favours in the end... this is a big part of the decoration and of the impression of the whole venue...
flowers i was thinking white with some gold or blue details...

it all seems too indian and i am not sure how to incorporate the hungarian part of it all...
after all the fusion of those two cultures should be visible in the palette and decoration too - not just in the couple :-)

can you please help us with this? how to get the hungarian - european culture into this picture?

with your experience and taste i am sure you already bubble with ideas!
i would be super thankful for an inspiration!!!!!!



Hi Chrissy! We are getting married September 25 in the mountains in North GA! I am set on using orange as the main color with some green mixed in, I'd really like some ideas with some pink thrown in to though! I'd love to see some of your ideas!! Thanks!


Hello love your blog!

I Love plum and silver and I love plum and cranberry/red, is there any way to combine all three for a spring wedding?

Thank you!


I love Navy blue, emerald green and grey. Do you think these colors could work for a spring wedding

Unknown February 02, 2011


I am so happy to have stumbled upon this wonderful site while pondering my wedding palette.

I am a Mountain Girl born in British Columbia and I am marrying a Country Boy born and raised in the Prairies. We are planning an outdoor wedding at his families farm where there is a perfect view of the rocky mountains and we will be surrounded by warm wonderful wheat fields.

My vision is to combine both of us in our day. To incorporate blues for the Moutains, a light wheat accent for the prairies, and green for the expanse of trees and grass everywhere. I want simple decor but am a little stuck on how to make my vision come to life.

If you could help I would be most greatful.



Hi there!

I just found your blog and I am obsessed! I am interested in your thoughts for overall wedding palette. My bridesmaids' dresses are charcoal gray and my maid of honor is wearing what they are calling french blue (more of a slate blue I think). I want a more sophisticated, chic look. Thoughts??

Looking forward to seeing what you think! Best of luck with everything!


Good Afternoon!

I am having a Christmas wedding in December 2011. I am looking for a whimsical theme and my main colors are going to be cherry red and lime green. I would love to see if there are any ideas that I could use to make my dream wedding come true! Most people think of the traditional red and green when they hear about it being a Christmas wedding, but I want to put my personality into the decorations etc. :) I am a cheerful twenty-one year old that loves any bright color! I also like to keep everything classy, so I don't want to go overboard. Any suggestions?

Christina Clark



My fiance and I are getting married in Nashville, TN at Marathon Village n July 2nd, 2011. With exposed brick walls, huge windows facing the Nashville skyline, and old wood floors, we want to pull off a vintage/chic evening wedding. I like a simple, elegant, vintage look.

My dress is Wtoo style Vannessa 15410. He wants to wear a black suit and his groomsmen to wear black pants and suspenders. I love craspedia flowers and thought I'd use them for boutonnieres. At this point my 3 bridesmaids will either wear navy or gray dresses (can't decide). I want to use yellow and white flowers but am interested in some pops of other accent colors. I'm at a loss for what color shoes the bridesmaids should wear and what color ties/bowties the groomsmen should wear as well as accent colors.

Would love your artistic advice! Thanks :)


Hi. My reception will be in a antique site. I thing about a combination of red and gold, What did you recomend me? Thank you. Sylvia

WanderLust February 04, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

I'm having an outdoor wedding in Junda, I love the color combo of peacock blue, yellow and white but I also love some of the purple/plum combo's you've done with teal. Do you think peacock blue/plum/yellow/white could work? I'm envisioning a glam garden party.

If you could do a color palette I would really appreciate it!




Hello! I have loved looking through your blog - it's given me some inspiration already! However, I'm a little stuck. I want my wedding to have an ethereal fairytale/storybook feel, and I plan on combining those elements with elements of literature (excerpts at every table, ring bearer carrying antique poetry books instead of a pillow, etc.). My reception is in a giant grand ballroom (

I really want my colors to be sage/moss green, light pink or mauve, and champagne/latte or ivory. I've looked and can't find any pictures of weddings using that color combination, so I'd love to see an inspiration board with a fairytale/ethereal feel using those colors.

Thank you!



Seeking color palette of gray, blue, black and silver including a pinstripe if possible. I would like these colors on a field of white. Would anyone know where I can find that specific palette?


You have so many amazing palettes!! I'm truly impressed by the variety and creativity here :) I was hoping you could help me bring my vision together - it is quite different from anything I've seen on here, but you seem to love a challenge.

I am dreaming of a vintage-y wedding with a white eyelet gown, flower girls dressed purple gingham, and tons of irises. The palette would be purple and white with lavender, spring green, and lemon yellow accents. Very simple and fresh with a vintage spring feel. Can you help?


We're having a fall wedding with deep oranges and navy/midnight blue. I'd love to see your take on that.


OH man. Do I need your help. I can't figure this out to save my life.

We are getting married in NC in Oct 2011 in a beautiful open loft with great sunlight on the river. Our ceremony will be on a deck over the river.

Our theme comes from all those great movies of the 40/50's. Roman Holiday, An American in Paris, a little of everything. I've been searching antique stores and old photos for inspiration and can't figure it out.

Colors I'm fond of our greens, reds, and purples. Any thoughts?


Hi Chrissy, great site!
We are having an Oct. wedding in NYC right on Central Park. The venue is beautiful but very formal and traditional. There is already a lot of color in the room in deep shades of red, gold and brown. I would like to go with a vintage style to make the room more romantic. At first I was thinkig all white flowers and candles to soften it up a bit, but it still leaves me undecided on the bridesmaid dresses and accent colors. I do love light green, taupe or mocha and orange. My dress will be ivory or off white and the guys will be in black (or dark gray if needed) Any suggestions would be wonderful!


Hi Chrissy,

I really admire your talent for combining colors. I guess when god showered his blessing for this talent I am either sleeping or hiding. I didn't got anything not even a tiny drop of color sense. I am really bad with color combination.

My wedding is in July 2011 and yes that's 5 months away, but until now I am not sure which motif to use.

It will be a garden ceremony wedding at sunset while the reception will be indoor.

I love violet and fuchsia pink.

I am thinking of violet for bridesmaid dress with an accent of silver. Then perhaps a fuchsia pink flower girl dress. Does that make sense?

I would really be grateful if you can help me on my crisis.

Do you think you can help me work out the violet & fuchsia pink with a silver accent as a motif for the wedding.

Thanks in advance!


HELP! I have spent all day resurching color palettes and still am having a hard time making it all come together! I am having a late October 2011 wedding and am wanting the bridesmaids to wear long black dresses. I do not want to go with the tradition fall color palette which is all I can find when I research fall weddings. I was wanting to bring in some charcoal or slate grey as well but fear it will look too much like Halloween which is what I dont want! The ceremony is going to be a very traditional catholic ceremony and the reception is being held outdoors at a local estate! I want for it to take on a very classy elegant southern fun feel all at the same time! My personality is very fun but my color trends seem to be very classic! Please help I am so confused! Thank You!


Hi. My name is Glennis and I would just like to say that your website is very informative. i love it! anyway, i am a soon to be bride and i don't have a color motif yet. i am thinking of plum and turquoise. i would love to hear your expertise on this matter. thank you and i look forward to hear from you the soonest time possible. more power and god bless!


Hi Chrissy,

I chanced upon your blog & I think I need your help like everyone else..

My wedding is this November & I've yet to choose the colors for my wedding.. I'm thinking of a rainbow theme wedding but I just couldnt figure out the color combinations and all..

It would be great to get the expertise view on the color palettes for a rainbow theme weddings... Your great help is much appreciated!


Katherine & Jason February 06, 2011


I'm planning a late August wedding here in Boulder, CO. It will be in a friend's backyard, with a lake setting and the mountains as back drop (I'm a lucky girl!).

We're aiming for casual, lighthearted and fun.

I have been toying with the idea of blues alone or with pops of red. But I'm worried about pulling it off.

Any help would be wonderful!

Thanks, Katherine

Lyndsay February 06, 2011

I love your blog!!
I am getting married October 22 of this year and our colors have a fall theme. My bridesmaids dresses are floor length in Lapis (it's a dark purple) and I would like to have burnt orange as another color. Is there a palette of Fall colors that have purple and orange? Thanks!!!

Unknown February 06, 2011

I would love your help. I want an elegant wedding and have chose an allure dress that is cafe satin with a ivory lace sheath allure 8800. I was looking at colors that would go well with that maybe plum, eggplant or wine, my original colors were black white damask and red. Now with this new dress choice my colors have to change. any suggestions?

Emily February 06, 2011


I am planning an August 2011 wedding. I have already picked out beautiful navy blue bridesmaid dresses. The groomsmen will be wearing dark/slate gray suits. Our wedding will be at a country club/golf course in Minnesota. We are going for that low key, but classy hometown feel.

I am mostly looking for some inspiration in terms of accent colors or ideas. I like the idea of yellow, orange or green (as I have seen paired with navy in other posts)... but I just can't narrow it down or put it together in my head. What do you think?


I'm another "new fan" of your blog, and just like the majority of these women I'm not sure about most of my wedding, but we're just starting to get things figured out... We're having a long engagement and getting married 2 years from now ~ January 2013. We are planning to get married at a ski resort in the northern rockies in CA. It'll be an evenign wedding on top of the mountain, with a beautiful slopside reception in a gorgeous all window restaurant. I love winter, and love snow, and love the palettes you've done for the winter season. My dilema is a little more specific...

My fiance does not want any pink in the wedding, and is hesitant to have a "girly color" as a primary wedding color at all. We know we both want silver is part of our wedding colors, which goes with the wedding season. I was thinking of a rich dark blue or maybe royal purple as their strong colors without being too girly. But I have a floor-length red velvet cape to wear over my dress when outside in the snow, its' stunning and I love it, and luckily so does my fiance. We didn't want to have red be one of the primary colors of the wedding, but now we're trying to figure out how to tie in just a smidge of red into the wedding without it being a primary wedding color for us. We've thought of grey, silver, and black? silver, plum, and white? black, silver, and blue? it's hard because we're tying to pick out colors that will compliment the tiny splashes of red, but not let it go overboard. and then we don't want a red, white, and blue because its too 4th of july for our taste for our winter wedding...

I would love your help :)

Unknown February 07, 2011

Hello. I would love your help!

I'm getting married in August this year. We are having a church wedding with a reception at an apple orchard barn. We are thinking of having olive green bridesmaid dresses and tan suits for the guys. We will be using aqua mason jars as our vases. The only problem is that my fiance loves red and wants red involved with the wedding somewhere.

I'm having trouble visualizing how this is all going to come together. Can you help?


6 months to go before my August Wedding, and I need some help! I am getting married in the cloister gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art. We will be surrounded by stone walls from French Monasteries, but behind that is brick red. Our reception is in a super modern white loft space in another part of the museum. We will be the first of 4 friends to get married this summer/fall, and our wedding is being pegged as the "modern/trendy" event.
I would love a subdued, classic look for the ceremony, then move to a bright and whimsical reception space.
I was thinking about doing dark teal-black-ivory/silk with either yellow or pink as an accent, but now I am having second thoughts about how it would come together.
Please help!

Sarah February 07, 2011


I am getting married in December 2011. My fiance and I are out of the country for school at the moment and are planning the wedding thousands of miles away. We rely heavily on the ideas that we've gathered online. We have come up with what we think is a good color combination, but haven't found anything that can really show us something similar to our vision. We are having a small ceremony in a local church with a reception at the historical Richmond Main Street Train Station. So far we are thinking of doing dark/hunter green and gold with black and ivory accents. We're trying to get a sophisticated but not stuffy seasonal atmosphere. Can you please help us see our vision come together?? Thank you so much!
PS I'm loving all the gray combos and peacock themes at the moment as well :) but we're going a more seasonal route!

Laura February 08, 2011

Hey! I am getting married in October 2011 at the beach. We had originally planned on getting married in the city where we both currently live, but fell in love with the idea of a wedding weekend away in his beach home town. I have always loved Fall, but have no idea of how to incorporate Fall colors and a Fall feel while having a beach wedding?!?! I would love a palette that had hints of the burnt orange, gold and plum but with a beachy twist.

Thank you!!



Hi! I found your blog listed in one of the top 100 bridal blogs. I just got engaged and as a graphic design intern, I absolutely love color. I guess you can understand then why I would be so excited to find your website.

My fiance and I are looking at getting married in December 2012. When he proposed, he gave me a sapphire ring. We will be married in the Catholic Church and we are hoping not to have to decorate too much due to the time of year and abundance of Christmas trees. I thought about doing something related to snow. I guess I am just having a hard time "wrapping" my head around the combination of colors blue, green, and red. I don't have much choice about green and red being used (even if just on the trees), but I would really like blue to be in the mix somehow someway. If you could wrap your head around this mix of colors, I would really appreciate the help.

Thanks so much!

I look forward to continuing to use your blog as inspiration! Keep up the good work!


Yay palette requests! My fiance and I are getting married September 24 this year in a gorgeous Art Deco theatre (complete with amazing theatre red velvet walls). We're looking to add a Moroccan influence the the existing Art Deco decor. We want a bit of a Casablanca feel. We want to highlight to theatre red and accent it with plum and burnt orange with black as a foundation color. I hope you can help bring this crazy idea to life! Love the blog!


I would love to see your take on Red, Yellow and Orange with a garden theme for summer. Really bright and vibrant!

This is my colours in which i am going all secret garden with :)

Thanks xx



I would love to see a palette which contains accents of sand, peach and aqua on a base of ivory.
I´m going for an vintage-boho sort of look with a hint of whimsiness and inspired by nature and handcrafted items. A natural look with a dowm-to-earth-feeling. I like the antique chic look aswell but a little bit more influences from nature with sand, stones or handcrafted things with a romantic but still rough feeling into it. I hope you understand what i´m trying to discribe and I hope you would like to make a palette inspired by this things i´m mentioning.

I like your inspiring blog!


I forgot... my sand, peach, aqua, ivory-wedding is in september 3d. The ceremony is outdoors on a small rocky islet in the Swedish west archipelago. The reception/weddingparty will be indoors after the ceremony. It´s sort of casual. I´m gonna wear a vintage lacedress inspired by the 20´s and my m2b is gonna wear the formal uniform from the swedish army.


Hi Chrissy,

I love your site -- it's given me a ton of ideas. I'm planning an October 2012 wedding. The location isn't nailed down yet, but I'm looking at barn/vineyard locations. I would love it if you could do an autumn board using sage green, burnt orange, yellow/gold, and brown. Thanks so much!


Hi! I love your website and the great ideas!! Our wedding is set for June of 2012. My boyfriend is very country while I'm very much the city girl. The location we chose is my family farm, so we could incorporate the country feel. I would really love to use bright colors: Pink, Lime, Purple. Any ideas would be great!! Thanks, Amber :)

Unknown February 09, 2011

Hello. I just stumbled upon The Perfect Palette and I love what you have put together thus far! I would love to see gray/silver/slate bridesmaid dresses with a jade/teal sash. We are thinking our wedding will be this September in northern Michigan. I would LOVE to see what you could put together with the colors above and see some flower samples, etc. Thank you so much!

Fabiana February 09, 2011

Hi...just found your blog and Love it! I'm Brazilian and my fiance is American and we are planning our wedding in Brazil. It's going to be in a closed location but ocean view. It'll be in the Summer and We'd like to use light blue + light purple + light yellow + nude or peach. I haven't found any palette yet with these colors so I'm concerned it might not look good. Can you help us, please!!!

Jennifer February 09, 2011

Destination beach wedding...
White sands
Blush pink bridemaids
Sparkling Aqua water
Hints of antique gold
Romantic, vintage theme :D


hi, i really need your help.
wedding is at a chapel, followed by a reception in a garden.
i love different shades of purple. and am working on a vintage theme.(not so strict on the vintage, though I am using a white 1930's car as my bridal car-
gown like the 1st girl here: hope you could help. :)


hi, i love your palettes so much. my dilemma is im planning a september wedding, i'm not into the fall theme, and im considering a wedding date that would still technically be summer. what would be the best colors for such a wedding, thanks a bunch :)


Hi Chrissy, my wedding is going to be June 8, 2012 with the beach in our backdrop. I'm struggling so much with my colors. I was thinking maybe a blue with gold and ivory accents. It looks good in my head but when I try to put the colors together it doesn't seem to work. My fiance wants to do a beach theme so I'm looking for colors that will go along with that. Please help us check off another to do on our list. Thanks so much!

Unknown February 11, 2011

Hi there,

I am getting married in late October church wedding and reception inside with a feel like your outside. I'm having a little trouble envisioning my color scheme. I would hate for it to be Halloweenish. I love the colors of fall but I don't want to over do it. I would like to have the color navy involved if that's even possible. Thanks a bunch!

christinaines February 12, 2011


Think you can help me envision the following? -- We are having an early summer outdoor ceremony in a sculpture garden in Austin, Texas. The ceremony will overlook a lily pond, and Austin will be a dusty green shade that time of year. I am think of plum, a dusty olive green (like the color of succulents) and a gold or champagne to accent. I'm having a hard time including the green because our surroundings will already be that color, and I want a color (like the purple) that will pop against it without being too bold. I am considering an art nouveau theme for the wedding, with strong architectural details but with a romantic bent.

Thanks, Chrissy!


Unknown February 12, 2011


I'd love some advice on my colour palette...I'm getting married on July 7th 2012 and I'm really liking the idea of incorporating peacock feathers into my palette. I'm torn between royal blue and a deep purple for my main colour, though. The wedding will be an outdoor ceremony at a golf course, lots of greens in the landscape!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :D



boo February 14, 2011


im a huge fan all the way from the philippines. ive been looking through your blogs for months, and needless to say, your creations have inspired me so much. i would just want to request to put a palette of the following colors: gold, taupe, champagne. my wedding is in december, and since we only have 2 seasons here, i want mine to be of a classic elegant feel. its a garden wedding by the way. thanks!

futuremcbride February 14, 2011

HI! So I really need your help! I know you get so many requests, but I have been trying to make my own palette and have been unsuccessful!

We are having a Christmas wedding, but are not using all traditional Christmas colors...

We want to do black with ivory, cranberry and plum colors...with accents of silver and gold. do you think that combination will work?

People tell me that I have chosen too many colors! But I think I will love the way they look together!

Love your blog, thanks so much!

CC February 14, 2011

I just stumbled upon your blog and I have found it to be very helpful! I would like some personal advice regarding the color palette for my July 23, 2011 wedding.

I have chosen Horizon Blue from Davids Bridal to be the primary/bridesmaid dress color, but am unsure about what to do for the accent colors. My ideas so far are to do green, pink or orange with the blue but am having a hard time visualize it.

The wedding will be in downtown Madison, WI but will be inside. We plan to take some pictures around the lake and capitol. The style is semi-formal, but other than that I don't have much of a vision.

Thanks a lot!

destination jamaica February 17, 2011

Hello! I came across your site a couple of years ago when I was planning my own wedding. My niece is getting married July 2012 and has asked me to help her design it. Her color choice is turquoise + white with hints of black and silver (rhinestones). I came straight to your site once she decided on colors in hopes of finding inspiration. Would love it if you could create something; all of your ideas are so beautiful. The wedding and reception will be held at the venue. The ceremony will be outdoors weather permitting. The venue is the Country Squire in Grayslake, IL. She is looking for glitzy, modern chic. Semi-formal. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to seeing what you would do.



I'd first like to say how truly jealous I am of your obvious talent. I've been looking through your work and can honestly say that your visions are breathtaking!! It's simply incredible what you can do with colors...something I've been trying to accomplish for a few weeks already!! :)
I believe I need help!!
I was born and raised in Hawaii, however we are getting married in Las Vegas, NV. Although I would love to be married in my hometown, surrounded by lush green foliage and the smell of the ocean--it is just not possible. I have found a lakeside venue for the ceremony. Intimate and as close to Hawaii as I can get, it has romantic flowing willows, a panoramic view of the lake and green gardens. My fiancee would like to see burgundy in the colors, and I'd love to see some kind of gray. On the other hand, I'm thinking maybe a green would be nice also. I know you are swamped with requests--so I hope and pray you can help me!!!

Stef February 18, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

I love your blog so much. I refer all of my friends who are planning their weddings to it. There is one color palette I've been searching for on your site, and I have not come across it yet - gray and apple green. We're also using black and antique white elements too.

Our wedding is going to be in a beautiful venue in Santa barbara, with some amazing old spanish architecture -

Our theme is fun and vintagey hipster and this is my dress -

I would love to see how you would put all these elements together! Or even just the gray and apple green. ;)

meaganmims February 18, 2011

Hi! I just saw you started following me on Pinterest. I love your blog, and I need some help! I am in the process of planning my early November wedding, and I am confused with my colors. I want my colors to be appropriate for the Fall season, but I don't want the typical Fall colors (brown, orange, cranberry, etc.) I love gray, and I've looked at several of your gray palettes. My wedding will be early in the afternoon, so not too formal. However, I know my hubby-to-be will want to be in a black tux. Will it look ok if I go with my subtle, vintage-ish theme, while the men where black??


Hi there! I'm trying to visualize a palette of plum and pumpkin (burnt orange) with accents of white or silver. It will be a late September church wedding with a rustic/romantic reception in a carriage house. Please help!!


I am planning a May wedding at an old historical hotel in Pittsburgh, PA. The theme is "A Taste of the Finger Lakes" b/c I am originally from wine country in Upstate NY. I would love pinks, purples, and greens for my indoor wedding and reception. The room has tons of colors: brown, tan, gold, blue, sage green, and marroon/wine colors and I'm trying to balance my color choices with the colors in the room. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


I am trying to envision a palette with diamond blue and coral. Having a destination wedding in the Dominican.

Unknown February 21, 2011

Your palettes are inspiring. I am getting married on 12/31/11 New Year's Eve! I want to use the traditional black and silver of NYE and accent with teal or maybe plum. I would love to hear your thoughts and see what you come up with!


I LOVE your site!! I am color-challenged so it is an absolute dream for me. Thanks for doing what you do! I'm getting married in a tiny (28-person) ceremony here in NYC on June 18, 2011 (followed by a dinner at Village restaurant where we spent our first Valentine's Day. I'm looking at a jade color for my two bridesmaids/my dress is an ivory lace/considering bright yellow shoes/our theme (if we have one) is birds (our invitation is the birds shown here Any thoughts?!
Thank you so much in advance!

Stephanie Hamblen Freedle February 21, 2011

I am getting married on 11-11-11...but wanting to avoid a straight up typical fall color scheme.

We are having both the ceremony and reception at Pratt Place Inn in Fayetteville, AR--the ceremony outside before the sun goes down, and the reception in the dining hall and spilling out on to the stone terrace. Northwest Arkansas in the fall is beautiful and should be full of fall colors...but no one should be wearing fall colors. I'm thinking a purple and blue combo (maybe even similar to An Enchanted Evening), but would like to keep the fall colors to anything natural--flowers, brightly colored leaves scattered on tables, brightly colored leaves instead of flower petals for the flower girls, etc.



I am getting married Aug 20, 2011. My reception is at the Petroleum Club in the Leduc room in Edmonton, Alberta. The room has a wood ceiling and dark green carpet. I am having a hard time figuring out a palette. I love both sea and bright greens and blues and the combination of the two together but I don't know how it will fit in with my room. I want my bridesmaids to be different colors from each other too. Your thoughts would be great.

Mermaid Jordan February 22, 2011

My name is jordan. I am getting married on the beach in florida in december. I was hoping for a coral,teal, and goldish palette. I was thinking not too tropical. But it reminds me of sand shells and the sea. I want it romantic and a little offbeat.
I spend way yoo much time on here. I love all your colors and combos.

Sarah February 22, 2011

Slate gray, light gray, gold, taupe, mauve, plum!

Unknown February 23, 2011

Help! I desperately need the perfect palette for my August 20th Wedding in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Darling Fiance wants his men in black tuxes.
Princess Bride loves fun and freedom and bright colours. EVERY colour!

I narrowed it down by looking at pictures of my 4 beautiful bridesmaids and little junior bridesmaid. The common denominator is they all look good in blue! I love every blue but going too light makes it too informal for matching the men!

We need a sapphire and sunshine scheme with the perfect accent colour: silver? smoke? tiffany? magenta? malibu?

Chrissy, we need you!!!

Nicole - Craft My Soul February 23, 2011

Hi! I've been a fan of the perfect palette for a while now. I'm having a fuschia and charcoal/slate gray next September. I'm getting married outdoors in a country-looking estate in Murrietta, CA. I'm also having little hints of vintage keys in different spots. I would love to see what you come up with. Thanks so much!

Unknown February 24, 2011


How would you interpret a palate of harvest gold/mustard, peach, grey and stormy blue?

The wedding will be in early October on a bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean in northern California. It's a rugged place where you could watch for whales from the porch of a 100-year old inn. The roses topple over in the garden on a windy day, the seabirds call out constantly, and the setting sun changes every color with its warmth.

Thank you for all of your insights and inspiration!

Carla Mac February 24, 2011

I'm so glad a came across this BlOG it might just save my sanity! I am beginning to think that my wedding vision is crazy and only exsists in my head.

My wedding is going to be in March of 2012 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. I originally wanted soft pastels to have a vintage/victorian feel but since I am getting married in a tropical rainforest I know I must add some bold bright colors.
The colors I was thinking were Ivory, white, peach/oranges, with hints of purples (plum and lavender),lime green and accents of gold. (Please let me I'm not crazy)
Also, I love lace! My dress is Ivory/Champange lace. Our venue will be a hotel or private villa, poolside overlooking Ocean. I need mostly flower ideas, but also details. I know my bridesmaids will be in dark purple.
Please help me, I've looked and you don't have one with these colors yet!
Although you do have some amazing ideas. I don't think I will put my ideas to rest.HAHA.

Thank you soooo much.

Unknown February 25, 2011

Hello there Chrissy!!

First off, what a wonderful blog you have going! So informative and fun!
I am getting married March 24, 2012! We live in Miami. We are have a traditional catholic ceremony and then going to "The Douglas Entrance" in the evening.

I love the warm tones of fall but I want to embrace the spring feel of March.
I am thinking about a "Simple and Modern Victorian". I want it to feel like a "Warm Spring Night"

Colors that I have in mind: Peach, Latte, Ivory with a SLIGHT accent of a light orange.
My chivari chairs and chargers will be Gold and lots of little tea lights with a tint of amber??...

I would really really appreciate any info and ideas that you can give me. I think I need an inspiration board to be 110% sure that this crazy color scheme will work!!

Thank you in advance for your help!!!



I absolutely love the perfect palette! I am on here nearly every day getting ideas for my wedding! I think I have narrowed it down to some of the colors I want, I just need a little help perfecting it!

My wedding will be in June 2012 and the reception is at a big cathedral style church with the reception following at a country club. I am thinking I want my bridesmaid dresses to be plum and maybe have accents of chartreuse or light green. I was wondering if you could make a palette incorporating these colors! Thanks so much!



Hello Chrissy,

Recently, I found this blog and it helping me in determination of my colour theme wedding. However, I just thinking about green/gey or silver combination. can you please create it for me? TQ.


Hi Chrissy,

I just want to request for teal blue and silver. We have a December wedding and I'm thinking that my entourage would wear cocktail dress.

Appreciate your response. (kindly email me

Thank you very much in advance.


Whitney Pagan

Hi! I need some help too! I'm getting married this September. The ceremony is at The National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia PA, the reception is at Perfect Settings LLC (also in Columbia and my families Reception Hall!). For some reason I can't seem to be able to actually picture my color pallet..... Both venues have big splashes of yellow, and cream which works great because I was already planing on having both colors anyway. I'd love to have Yellow, Cream (or ivory), and Gray as my main colors and have little detail accents of red, glass bottle green and a taupe/paper bag brown color...... (my shoes are also a bright turquoise color!)

I love them all but I'm scared they won't work together and that there's just too many of them!

Can you make this work?? And if not, which color do I ditch???


I am getting married in October. Our venue is an old school. It is a jazz/1920s vibe wedding. My fiance's favorite color is orange so we were thinking about having that as one of our colors. Purple and green are also an option. Sunflowers (in yellow, orange, and red) will be our flower, and we are thinking about ostrich feather centerpieces. I don't know how those colors will work with the theme though. Any ideas you could come up with will help us out a lot! Thanks!!


Hi Chrissy!

I'm getting married in mid August 2012, and I'm looking for a palette including light colours - purples, blues, and silvers.

I'm hoping for an outdoor ceremony and reception under the evening stars.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


gitz March 03, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

I really love how you play with colors! It's amazing how you make palettes from colors that won't seem to match (in my head at least!).

I'm getting married in December 2011, with the ceremony in the early afternoon in an old stone church. The reception will be in the late afternoon onwards to an evening party, and will be in the courtyard (with some plants and trees) of a small library/photo gallery. I'm looking at red and violet/lavender but can't decide which will be the accent and the main color. I really like lavender, and am hoping to use hydrangeas for the flowers, while red stands out and looks good in pictures. We also plan to display some pictures inside the gallery as well.


Jessica March 04, 2011

Hey Chrissy!

I love your blog! I've got a bit of a tough request. My fiance is an Air Force Academy Cadet and we're having an Air Force wedding in June of next year at the Cadet Chapel. Rather than ignoring what all the groomsmen will be wearing(their Air Force mess dress), I want to use Navy Blue as one of my colors! But I want to pair it with a pretty Coral color for bridesmaids and accents along with a Vanilla or Ivory, because the last thing I want is to be swimming in blue and silver. I haven't seen many Navy/Coral wedding combos, so I thought you could help me out! We won't be doing any decorating for the ceremony since the venue is so gorgeous on its own, so the reception planning will be the most of our worries. The reception location is undecided, but since we'll be in mountains we may go for an outdoor reception to show off the beautiful landscape.

Do you think Navy and Coral could work together?? I want it to be clear that it's an Air Force wedding, but I want to add in some color as well!

Thank you!
Jessica :)


hello -

i love your work - i am getting married on halloween - i know that my wedding dress is going to be black with white accents (i found it on etsy) but i wanted to add some color also and i am having the hardest time figuring it out!

thank you so much for your help!

xox dawn

kisah aku March 04, 2011


Daniela Shore March 04, 2011

LOVEEEEE your website. every color palette is soo beautiful!
my fiance and i decided that we want a blue and yellow themed wedding for our may 2012 wedding. but we dont want it to be nautical at all.
we were thinking more along the lines of Slate blue and Lemon yellow and maybe ivory details (i love how the yellow pops against the slate blue) with yellow and ivory tulips!
but its going to be a cocktail-then ceremony-then reception so i dont want it to seem like its a theme that belongs in the daytime..HELP

sammy March 04, 2011

you're website is fabulous. I'm getting married in Dec this year and my colors are brandy, antique gold and ivory. It's an elegant but family oriented theme. Ideas are welcome!

Meghan March 05, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

First off, I absolutely LOVE your blog! It has been so fun to look at ideas and get great inspirations from colors to unique details for the big day.

I am getting married in December 2011 and I am having the hardest time narrowing down my color palette! I am leaning very heavily towards using a charcoal gray as my base 'neutral', but I go back and forth between a yellow and gray palette or a eggplant or wine with gray palette.

We are having the wedding in a beautiful old church and the reception to follow in a grand 1920's ballroom. I still want to have that touch of Southern elegance with cozy details to make it feel warm and welcoming, despite the grand space. I picture a lot of votives, mercury glass centerpieces and touches of greens (i.e. moss initials). Although I am having a December wedding, I am not focusing on Christmas decor (although the venue may have some decor and I will probably add a few small touches, but do not want it to scream CHRISTMAS!)

I just think of you as a palette mastermind, so any help you could give would be so appreciated. If you created a palette for me, that would be so amazing! I just feel its the one thing that I am really struggling with and is holding me back from making other creative decisions!


Thanks so much, Meghan

Katy March 05, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

I am so very happy that I cam across your blog. Your palettes are amazing and would love for you to help me envision mine!

The wedding date is 11.12.11 and we are getting married in Canton, Ohio at a Methodist church followed by the reception at our country club.

The gown has been purchased, date set, venue secured, band contract signed, but am still having the hardest time determining my colors! Given the style of my dress, I want the theme of the wedding to be a vintage, romantic, antique sort of feel.

At first, I wanted shades of mauves and pinks with splashes of gold. But, all my bridesmaids have different skin tones, and the pinky dress would not work well. I cam across (on your blog!) this beautiful marigold color that could possibly be lovely for the fall! But, I don't know if the theme I was envisioning would work?! Too often I see fall weddings with browns and plums, but I want to step outside the box and do something a bit different!

I really look forward to your ideas and learning more about your creative spirit. I think it is so wonderful that you have a blog dedicated to colors and such because many brides to be struggle with this very important concept.

Thank you for all of you help and I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,



So I need your help, as I am very indecisive and am inspired by all of your posts.

So far, we have chosen a date and venue. We will be getting married at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri. It is a beautiful rustic lodge which I love. ( The ceremony will either be held outside with the lake in the background or in a chapel they are about to build that will have wall to ceiling glass windows. Reception is in the Lakeview rooms (we have the whole downstairs as well as the lawn).

Our wedding will be August 25, 2012. (Yes, I have plenty of time to plan! But that means I get to focus on details!!)

I am leaning towards a shade of purple, white, green and brown. But again, I'm indecisive!

My vision: Elegant, semi formal, rustic... I love peonies and hydrangeas.

Help!! Please!


I would love to see what you could come up with for my wedding colors. I am having a May wedding in a hotel ballroom. My colors are jade and raspberry. I haven't seen a lot of inspiration boards with this color, so I would love it if you would create one to give me some ideas :)


DIYBride March 07, 2011

I love this site. I always enjoy seeing what images you find to create that perfect color combination. I'm trying to do the same for my own November wedding and I would love to see what you can come up with! Our colors are navy blue, evergreen and white and I am aiming for a very vintage overall theme throughout the banquet hall that is hosting our celebration! I'd love to see what suggestions you might find!


Erin March 07, 2011

My dear friend, Bryan, and I are getting married in a short four months.

Part of our difficulty with decorating is that our venue has so much character and beauty in and of itself that I don't want to overwhelm it with bold color. We've gained a lot of inspiration from the venue in our minds, but have trouble translating that into something that we can actually make tangible.

There are pictures of the place as it will look in daylight here:

Wedding and reception are in the same place. We'll have a lovely family style dinner with local farm fresh food followed by an evening of dancing. Because the venue is often used for concerts, we have all sorts of lighting options to choose from, including things like this: (though I would prefer something as simple as strings of white lights, I think. maybe complemented by a little color to light up those beautiful walls?)

I like things that are old and natural and earthy. Old maps and books, wildflowers, birds, bicycles. We're making the invitations and many of the decorations ourselves (and really need to get moving!). My fiance has been collecting vintage blue glass Mason Ball jars to use for candles and vases. He has also begun building our alter, which includes these vintage leaded glass windows that he plans on antiquing and hanging behind us during the ceremony.

I hope I've given you something from which to gain inspiration. We're certainly building a vision, we just need some beautiful color to tie it all together.


Kate in Indy

Hi Crissy,
You are an wonderful artist! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Colors: Pink, champagne, black and white
Style: Classic vintage
Design element: antique/vintage keys

I hope you pick me!


With still a little over a year to my wedding, I want to get ahead of the game and I need your help.

We are having an outdoor wedding at a resort in Big Bear California next June 2012. My ideal colors style would be black, white, charcoal grey, ivory, and slate blue or a lighter shade of blue. Theme would be love birds incorporating some French vintage styles and eco-friendly keeping in touch with nature.

Thanks in advance!



I would love to see a palette featuring cobalt blue and a bright pink (maybe fuschia?) for a formal Spring/early summer wedding.

All I have been able to find are navy with hot pink accents. I love the vibrancy of cobalt blue, but I am unsure if the fushia will be too much of a competing color.

Please help! Thanks so much!



Can you come up with a cute Purple, Green, Brown and White palette?
Outdoor and indoor (floor to ceiling windows sperating the two)
Formal, Elegant, Fun

Shelby March 09, 2011

I'm getting married next June and am having a heck of a time coming up with my colors! I *love* red, but am really over red white and black as I've been to three weddings this year with that palette! My original thoughts were coral, banana, ivory, and taupe, but coral is hard to find for bridesmaids dresses that I love, taupe is going to be my fiance's suit, and yellow will wash them out. SO. This is my next idea:
Except maybe with taupe/kraft for the cream? Unless you can come up with something beautiful and original with red.

We're thinking romantic, sweet, casual...

Would REALLY appreciate your help as I've been obsessing and wavering for 6 months now!



I really, really appreciate this blog, I only wish I had found it sooner! Luckily there's still time, but unfortunately I haven't figured out much of anything regarding my colors so I'm starting to panic. I'm getting married in October of this year at Saltwater Farms Vineyard in CT. It's a small vineyard, but the space is kind of rustic/industrial (I don't know how else to describe it so feel free to google). I am about to tear my hair out with some of this planning, mostly because I cannot come up with colors and I've made the mistake of soliciting the advice of my bridal party and I'm starting to feel like I can't please anyone!

The thing is that I am pretty open-minded, but I have had a really hard time finding colors that don't seem too spring-y or summer-y. My fiancé and I are pretty relaxed people and, to be honest, we both feel totally out of our element with all this wedding planning. I don't have an idea of colors so much as a feeling I want to capture for the big day. I want it to look natural and almost effortless (though I know that it will actually take a lot of work to look effortless, but that's okay). I know most brides love being the center of everything for their big day, but that's not exactly my style. I'm hoping to have a wedding that is beautiful but understated. I think a more relaxed feel will help me feel relaxed on the day.

As for styles I like, I love weddings with rustic/vintage charm. This inspiration board you've put together I think is beautiful:

Oh, one more important thing: one of the only things my fiancé and I do know for sure is that my fiancé wants the guys (himself included) to wear a black, Mad Men style skinny suit with a black skinny tie - like Don Draper meets Marcello Mastroianni (in the movie 8 1/2). I know it should be easy to find colors that go with black, but I have been struggling to find anything that doesn't look too spring-y or summer-y!

Does this make any sense? I really hope so - I desperately need help! I will be really grateful for any help you are able to provide.

Thank you!


madelynne moulton March 10, 2011


Corey and I (Madelynne) are getting married in a white chapel in October and our reception is going to be held at an art gallery in downtown Birmingham. My dress is from Carolina Herrera's spring 2004 line and is timeless and beautiful. I want my wedding colors to be yellow, green, grey, and white. We wants lots of modern touches (soon-to-be architecture graduates), but want a casual feel with barbecue and singer/songwriter type of music. The bridesmaids dresses will be short and mix and match. We will be designing our own invites and making some of the decor.

So I guess overall vibe is "quirky modern" with yellow, grey, green, and white.


Unknown March 10, 2011

Hi Chrissy,

My fiance and I just booked a ballroom for October 22, 2011. I originally wanted to do fall colors (yellow, orange, gold), but the ballroom has intense red and a little blue and gold in the carpet, ivory walls, and sky blue on the ceiling. The lighting and chandeliers are gorgeous. it is beautiful even though that description sounds a little crazy. so i am thinking mostly white flowers maybe with some gold? I don't want yellow because then i would have all 3 primary colors, yuck. I think lots of candles and maybe some whimsical branch details would be pretty and neutral. i feel like there is so much color in the room already and i want to keep it sophisticated. I am at a loss for what color the bridesmaids should wear too. I just don't want anymore red involved, but red dresses just feel so aggressive to me.


Christine E (CapeS_coddEr)

Hi Chrissy,

I love the palettes you have already! I am getting married in October 2011. The reason: my fiance and I love the fall season; so that is our theme.

We have deep chocolate brown dresses on the bridesmaids and will be using deep browns, reds and yellow/golds throughout the reception. I am aiming for a mix of rustic/romantic. What I mean by that is that I want my guests to walk in to a warm fall reception hall with the scents of cinnamon and spice.

I love the idea of using unique rustic DIY guest books, centerpieces, and favors. But for the romantic aspect, I'm hoping to have beautiful candle-lighting all around the room. My favorite idea so far is to have the candles burning in cute lanterns at the center of every table surrounded by the beauties of fall: pumpkins, leaves, wheat, etc...

So that's my current brainstorm but it's still in pieces and I would love to see a palette!

Thank you!
Cape Cod, MA

asklisam March 10, 2011

Hi Chrissy

My wedding is scheduled for 11-11-11 in Hawaii. I havnt even picked colors yet! I do have my dress and that is about it. Very hard to plan because I have a 2 year old and one on the way =) That's why I'm here to ask for your help!! I want to incorporate a dark red and love antique and romantic feel. My dress has lots of ruffles and some crystals. Please help me! I love all you colors but can't settle. What is throwing me off on decisions is being in Hawaii in November..fall but in Hawaii??

Thank you!


Hey Chrissy!I desprately need ur help.My best frient recommended ur website cause i am having problems imagining the colours i want for my wedding recepyion and party venue.Wedding is happening in Africa this dec and its going to be boiling hot.The colours i have in mind re red or rich deep red with royal blue,and champagn/gold and was thinking of adding fuschia to this mad combination.Please help cause everyone even myself is waiting for me to decide on the colours so that we can start organising the outfits for the bridal party ie i was plannignfor the bridal and groom party to wear these colours somehow.Thanks.Hope u pick me.

Unknown March 10, 2011

Please pick me!
You are the woman I have been looking for! We are getting married June 2nd, 2012 and have zero idea where to start on colors. We are getting married in a Barn in SW Michigan and want to accent the natural, rustic style of the venue while also keeping it elegant. I also love the vintage feel. I'm hoping you can help us figure out how to incorporate some of our favorite colors, without it seeming too much like an easter egg or kaleidoscope. Here is what I've come up with as a general guideline: green, coral, blue, brown and grey.

Any wisdom you can bestow would be greatly appreciated!

Sara Jane


I am definatley have a design block for my upcoming wedding. We are getting married on New Years day 2012 at a beautiful venue on the water. We have picked gray and gold, with some accents of a teal blue as our colors. We are going with a romantic feel with lots of candles, but I am having a problem pulling everything together for the decor. I want the wedding to seem personal but still have the spirit of New Years.

Any sort of direction will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance and I absolutely love your website!

PK March 11, 2011

Hi there Chrissy,

I absolutely adore your blog and would LOVE for you to bring my color palette vision to life!

My fiancé and I are thinking of a summer or fall flower garden wedding in Little Rock. He proposed to me in West Africa so we’d like to incorporate some soft West African accents into our wedding.

As far as the color palette- I have an obsession with pearls and he is a former Jeweler (specializing in wedding bands), so we decided to choose “diamonds and pearls” as our theme. In addition to the traditional crème/beige look of freshwater pearls, I’d like to incorporate a dusty rose/blush pink, bronze and a metallic silver/chrome color for accents.

A good depiction of the palette that inspired me is on the welcome page at I love chiffon, bling and pink… thanks for your help Chrissy!

Kobi Morton


Hey Chrissy!!

I have been following your blog for over a year now, and I need your help!! My fiancé and I are getting married on October 7, 2011, but we don't want a typical fall palette. Our venue is an old estate built in the 1700's- lots of brick, wrought iron, and southern charm, and is situated next to a millpond with tons of trees and spanish moss. We will have a sunset ceremony and a candlelight reception, and are trying to incorporate lots of vintage touches- old chandeliers, family heirlooms, jazz/swing music, etc. My dress is Casablanca 1975 in champagne, and the men will be in all black tuxes.

My dilemma is this- I absolutely LOVE rich, opulent colors. However, we wanted our wedding to have that soft, romantic feel and somehow merge the rustic setting with vintage glam. The colors I came up with to fit this idea are eggplant/aubergine, champagne, and pearl/ivory. I am having a very hard time envisioning how the purple will fit in to the night without looking out of place. So far, only the bridesmaid dresses/flowers would incorporate the purple, and I'm afraid that won't be enough. Please help me put together a board that can unite all of my separate ideas into something cohesive and beautiful!



Hi! I am getting married this Sept. Can I request for a combination of Teal, Copper, Fuchsia, Silver? :)


Hi! My favorite color combo right now is lime green, gray and aubergine...perfect fit for your all green week! Our ceremony will be held outside with the reception inside and I'm really hoping these colors will transfer well. Thanks!



Hi! I love your website! It's been great to get ideas.

I'm getting married August 2011. It's a very beautiful place so I want some elegance but we're a fun couple and I want to be true to that too.

My colors are green and purple with hints of orange. The bridesmaids will be in green and I'm hoping to do flowers in green/orange.

Any ideas on how to mix them all to look complimentary would be great!



Hi! I am getting married in Caleruega,Philippines on Dec. 27,2011.
Purple is my favorite color and the Proposal happened in Paris. That's why we chose a Paris themed wedding. I need your help for an inspiration board or color combos that suits our wedding theme with touch of purple.

Salamat(thank you).

May you always be a blessing to everyone. All the Best!


Unknown March 16, 2011

Dear Chrissy,

I want to first thank you on your nice comment that was given in response to my wedding back in 2009.

I love your blog and still enjoy reading up on weddings. My best friend is starting to plan her own wedding and asked for me to help choose colors. I have been researching a ton of websites and blogs and haven't found anything that fits into her style. She is getting married at a golf club in January and wants it to be timeless. She was thinking jewel tones. The choices have been narrowed down to Navy or a dark Teal. I think a plum or fuschia color would complement those two colors. If you could create a inspiration board for my best friend that would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,



we are a young swedish couple, we have been following your blog for a long time and we just love it. we are having a august weeding, with the reception held outside. my man is a really romantis guy who wants lanterns haning from trees, and i want the wedding to be love and heartshape inspired. the colours we want are red, pink and minty blue. please help get us inspired.

best regards,
the future De Young family


Hi Chrissy,

I'm hoping you are able to help me because I am having a fall wedding (October) and I am finding it really hard to avoid colors that seem totally unseasonal. I've been asking around and most people tend to use darker colors for fall (eggplant, chocolate, etc.), or have a harvest theme for the wedding, and neither seems quite right for us. My fiancé and I both like the look of eco-friendly weddings that are soft and natural and unassuming. We both liked the idea of maybe incorporating deep yellow flowers to bring a little brightness to the day, but we're worried that bright colors evoke images of spring again. I don't want to be forced to use dark colors just because I wanted to get married in the fall ... Can you help us come up with the right palette?


Unknown March 18, 2011

Hi Chrissy!

I am hoping you can help me as my wedding is less than 4 months away and I don’t have a color palette!

Our wedding is going to be at a California winery which has lovely colourful gardens and a spectacular view of the surrounding hills. The bridesmaid dresses are ordered, and each dress is a different style, however they are each made with the same deep purple fabric (Jim Hjelm Silky Taffeta in eggplant). Also, the invitations have also already been created, and they are printed on a metallic ivory paper with a linen finish (Petallics Beargrass linen), with a dark purple scroll pattern as an accent. Beyond that, I’m lost! So many of the pictures of dark purple wedding are in the fall/winter in lovely jewel tones, or purple and grey, which I absolutely love, but I really want to lighten it up for the summer.

We are not very traditional, but we want the wedding to be classic, simple with very clean lines. I already know I would like my bouquet to be made with only deep purple flowers, and I’m considering dark purple, lavender and green, but I’m not finding any pictures to help me visualize!

We are both transplants to California and most of our friends and family are travelling from outside of the US to join us for our wedding, and we really want to make it special and unique for them!


OMG! Your website is truly amazing, in-fact heave-sent! I loved the color combinations you've provide and would really one for my own wedding.

I'm getting married January of 2012. It's going to be a garden wedding, in fact in a mango orchard! But I'm having a difficulty visualizing the perfect color combo for it. I really wanted a romantic feel to it. Personally I am a girly girl, but this is not my debut, I don't like my groom to feel alienated at his own wedding haha! I love purple and pinks, lace, white, gray or gold or silver.

So there hope you could help me. please please preetty please!


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