{The Lab Event}: Inspiration Board Contest! Vote!

A couple of weeks ago the fabulous ladies over at The Lab Event asked us to host an Inspiration Board Contest where the winner would actually have the opportunity to see their design brought to life! We asked to see YOUR inspiration boards and boy did you deliver! All I can say is that I absolutely do not envy the judges because they had a tough decision! There were truly SO many beautiful boards. Want to know which ones they chose for the top 5? Well, get excited because today the voting begins! We want to know which board you LOVE the most? Aren't these color palettes just to die for? I'm seriously blown away by all of the creativity! So tell us, do you have a favorite?

Please Vote on Your Favorite Inspiration Board! To “vote” for your favorite, leave a comment below with the name of the board you’d like to see brought to life at The Lab Event. You have until October 7th at 11:59PM (EST) to leave your comment. A winner will be announced on October 11th.

#1: {Coral + Raspberry Wedding}

#2: {Mustard + Yellow Wedding}

#3: {Orange + White Dreamsicle}

#4: {White + Burlap Wedding}

#5: {Black and White Polka Dots + Stripes}

* The board with the most votes will be chosen as the winner and that board will be brought to life at The Lab Event in Sonoma, California! Also the winner will receive a swag bag chock full of wedding goodies! Eeeek! So exciting. So tell us, which board is making your heart skip a beat?

PS. After you cast your vote, please head over to The Perfect Palette on Facebook to see ALL of the wonderful submissions we received! We just couldn't go without sharing all of these beautiful boards with you! We truly have some talented readers!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the other finalists over at Snippet and Ink, Weddingbee, and Style Unveiled.

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Chrissy Arpie Ott

Chrissy Arpie Ott is the founder of The Perfect Palette. Since its launch in 2008, The Perfect Palette has been the go-to color resource for couples who dream of a unique, creative and colorful wedding day.

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105 Comments " {The Lab Event}: Inspiration Board Contest! Vote! "

Leah October 04, 2011

Such a hard choice, but seeing as I'm really into the purples and deep reds I am gonna have to go with #1. Loving that colour combo.

xo L.


I love the yellow!

Jackie @ EatLove&Style October 04, 2011

Such wonderful colors and palettes. It's hard to choose. If it were my wedding I would go with the "white and burlap."


Andrea October 04, 2011

Coral and Raspberry for sure!!! So fresh and fruity!


#4: {White and Burlap Wedding}


coral and raspberry!!

Gwen Akacin October 04, 2011

Orange and white creamsicle. Soft, fun but different and clever.

Brenda's Wedding Blog October 04, 2011

I have to go with #5: {Black and White Polka Dots + Stripes} - it's a timeless and classic color combo yet modern with with stripes and polka dots. LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!

Shanny October 04, 2011

#1, for sure!


I vote for the Mustard + Yellow one - it's so perfect!

{Bridal Woes}: Sincerely, Kat

White + Burlap is my all time fave!!!

♥ Kat

{Bride on a Mission}

I love the Coral + Raspberry board :)

xo, Jenna

The Thirty-Something Bride October 04, 2011

Burlap, baby!

Pauliina October 04, 2011

I definitely like the most table number 4:{White + Burlap Wedding!! So simple and beautiful :)

<3 Pauliina

postcards and pretties October 04, 2011

my vote goes to #4: {White + Burlap Wedding}

Gina October 04, 2011

White and burlap is definitely my favorite (clean and simple). The black and white will be classy forever, but my heart is with burlap.

hailey mathers

LOVING the white + burlap wedding

Christine Szekeres October 04, 2011

Ahhh....dreamsicle! My fave: #3, of course! Taking me back to the summer's of my childhood! Simply wonderful!

Blooms By The Box October 04, 2011

#1 orange and rasberry has my heart but the # orange and dreamsicle is musch fun for flowers - peach and orange shades with white!SO MUCH FUN <3 inlove with all of these though, really beautiful! insane eye for color! I use this site all the time for inspiration to tell brides pick out their wedding flower colors! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

louise {bijouxbride} October 04, 2011

Love #1! Perfect :)


Tough choice! I think my favorite is #5 ~ Black and White Polka Dots + Stripes ~ it's timeless!

Tamra {ever swoon} October 04, 2011

My pic is the mustard yellow!


1. Coral & Rasberry! Love the pictures and am having my own coral wedding next September!

Unknown October 04, 2011

Wow, wow! I adore each & every one but #4 White & Burlap stole my heart.

Jessie Thomson October 04, 2011

Coral & Raspberry get's my vote, love it! xx

Amanda in AR

#4 White and burlap!! Its traditional with a twist and refined and relaxed all at once!

reub-envision October 04, 2011

I would love to see the #3: {Orange + White Dreamsicle} brought to life :)


They all look great, but I'm a #1: {Coral + Raspberry Wedding}- kind of girl! The colors are so vibrant, elegant and fun. Can't wait to see which one wins.


All beautiful but I would love to see #4 White and Burlap!


Coral & raspberry took my breath away! :) xo

Nicole - Craft My Soul October 04, 2011

#4 white and burlap!

whitney allen

I love the orange + white dreamsicle one - it's FABULOUS

Closet Fashionista October 04, 2011

I love number 1! Perfection :)

TamJam October 04, 2011

#5 black and white

Kristine {In Love, Engaged} October 04, 2011

This certainly isn't an easy choice. I'm torn! But I think I'm choosing #3--orange and white. It's so fresh and fun. I'd love to see it come to life!


I'm choosing #3 Orange and White!!! So modern and different


#3 ALL the way :)

Gina October 04, 2011

#1 Coral & Raspberry!

Rhian October 04, 2011

#2 Mustard and Yellow was my favorite

Allie Love

They are ALL so great :) But I love the yellow one most!

Kishah October 04, 2011

Going with #5! Such a beautiful and different concept...

Bonnie October 04, 2011

I can't choose between #1 and the black and white!! Uggghghgghghg. Decisions ... I think I have to go with the black and white combo, though!!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Mallory October 04, 2011

I personally love love love the white+burlap theme! As many different lovely color palettes as I've seen, I keep coming back to the simple beauty of white.


I am smitten with the mustard and yellow board.

claire @ the realistic wedding October 04, 2011

This may just be because I'm 100% in love with fall, but I vote mustard and yellow!! So gorgeous!

Alexa October 04, 2011

Coral and raspberry, but they are all so lovely


The yellow makes an unpopular color look to die for!

Ally Marie October 04, 2011

Coral & Raspberry, definitely


LOVING #3{Orange + White Dreamsicle}

Sam, Editor of The Frosted Petticoat October 04, 2011

This is like choosing a favorite child... but if I had to:

#5 {Black & White Polka Dots + Stripes}

Unknown October 04, 2011

I vote yellow, although I am loving them all. And I am super sad I didn't get a chance to enter. I blame the baby cutting 4 teeth!


The coral and raspberry is my favorite but the yellow and mustard is a close second!

Crystal October 04, 2011

Coral and Raspberry!!


I vote number 1

Unknown October 04, 2011

love the white burlap!

xoxo from rome


I LOVE #1 Coral & Raspberry... so unexpected and vibrant! xo


Love #4, white and burlap. It never goes out of style!

Adrienne O'Connor Ruffles and Tweed October 04, 2011

I heart #1, but they are all gorgeous - great job everyone!

JLP October 04, 2011

I love the Coral & Raspberry, so warm & elegant!

Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} October 04, 2011

They're all gorgeous, which makes it very hard to choose! But the first one that caught my eye (on Pinterest actually) was the Mustard and Yellow! <3

Alicia@CharityWedding October 04, 2011

Of course I REALLY wanted to pick the burlap one as you know how I feel about it. But in the end I couldn't resist Coral and Raspberry, it is a gorgeous and vibrant combo!

Ashley HH October 04, 2011

White and Burlap with out a doubt. I love it!!!

Carolyn Christine Photography Blog October 04, 2011

I really like white and burlap #4... Clean and crisp!

Zoe @ The Chic Classmate October 05, 2011

all i can say is wow!

amanda @ twoninenine&ever after October 05, 2011

Orange and white creamsicle! But they are all gorgeous!!

laf3g October 05, 2011

#1 (though I love them all)

Yvonne @ Mayesh Wholesale Florist October 05, 2011

#2: {Mustard + Yellow Wedding}

Although, I love them all!


I love #2!!!

olivia waters

I LOVE #4 SO SO much - hoping to see it brought to life

lisa loves

Burlap and white ALL the way!!!!

nicole anders

I want the orange and white one to win! It's so dreamy =)

Ling October 05, 2011

Goodness me how is a girl meant to choose just one of these beautiful palettes? I'm torn between coral & raspberry and mustard & yellow....well, yellow's my favourite colour so that has to be the winner. They're all simply stunning tho... X

Jackie October 05, 2011

It has to be # 5 the black and White such striking images and those shoes are just gorgeous!

beth anne

I love them all but I have to go with the orange and white one!!!

Bonnie Marie October 05, 2011

First place: pinwheels and rootbeer, Mustard and Yellow

Second place: Elegant white and burlap


My favorite is #4 White and Burlap.

Cindy M. October 05, 2011

#4 so elegant and simple. Lovely.

brancoprata October 05, 2011

nº1 and nº3 OMG I LOVE them!!!! My favorite for sure!!!

Aleah + Nick October 05, 2011

The coral + raspberry has my vote. Perfectly timeless!

birdie to be October 05, 2011

I love them all! But if it were my wedding, the closest would have to be the 'white + burlap'

Robyn-Redletter Event Planning October 05, 2011

#5 ~ Black and White Polka Dots + Stripes it is modern and classic at the same time-also love the dots on the wedding dress

Chelsea October 05, 2011

[ Mustard & Yellow ]

Feminine without relying on hues of pink! And spunky, too! Love it.

bridal girl October 05, 2011

#2 Mustard and yellow! They were the theme at my own wedding.

Rachel Garcia October 05, 2011

Love them all but if I have to pick... #3: {Orange + White Dreamsicle}.

Elizabeth | Bridal Musings October 05, 2011

If I really had to choose...coral and raspberry but I think they'd all look gorgeous brought to life!

Diana October 05, 2011

What a great contest...I cant wait to see it come to life! I really think they are all so beautiful but I love the colors of the Coral and Raspberry and I love the fun, chic look of the Black and White Polka Dots + Stripes! So I vote for both of them! :)

Good luck to everyone!

bridechic October 05, 2011

All are gorgeous but I have to go with the Black and White and Polka Dots and Stripes. Just gorg!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} October 05, 2011

How do you even choose between all that perfection??? If I had to do it over again, I would be thrilled with any of them...I think I'm going to go with Mustard + Yellow...the details on that one are so darling and the feel of it is so I think I have fall on the brain!

Unknown October 05, 2011

They are all fantastic, but if I must pick only one...I adore #1 - the raspberry + coral colors are so lovely! xoxoxo brynn

Nikki October 05, 2011

What a fun contest! I love them all but #1 is my favorite. So unexpected!


#1 raspberry + coral !! :)

Krissy167 Make Believe'N October 05, 2011

Mustard has my vote!


white and burlap

Connie October 05, 2011

I've never been a fan of orange and white together. But they made it work. I'm going with #3 Orange and White; it just pops for me.

erin {a lowcountry wedding} October 05, 2011

coral + raspberry!

Unknown October 05, 2011

I love the White and Burlap! Love it!

Colleen {Soundtrack To I Do} October 06, 2011

I love #4. White and burlap - rustic chic perfection!

Layla Mayville October 06, 2011

Oh my! How can you decide!!!? There are soooo many great boards up there, but I do like #2: {Mustard + Yellow Wedding} and the Bee inspired one

Sandra Downie October 06, 2011

totally raising my hand for #4


How can one decide? So many pretty boards. I LOVE the orange and white one best I think :)

Paper Moss October 06, 2011

Mustard + yellow! :) They're all gorgeous though- can't wait to see which one wins!!!


Definitely #4 White and Burlap! Understated elegance and rustic chic. So beautiful!

Unknown October 06, 2011

I love the mustard yellow palette! If I could redo my wedding I might be influenced to go for that palette!

Mindy October 07, 2011

I love #3 - Orange and white dreamscicle!

Melwel October 08, 2011

such a hard decidsion...but the burlap one has me won over #4

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