Wedding Inspo!

From the beginning of The Perfect Palette, the one thing I've loved more than anything is taking special requests and putting together wedding color palettes for my readers!

Do you have a vision you want brought to life? Or perhaps you're having a hard time determining the perfect color palette for your upcoming wedding?

Want me to put together a palette just for you? Simply leave me a comment below including the colors you're considering, the theme and/or venue and any comments you'd like to add regarding the look you're going for.

Every week, I'll take your requests and create custom boards with your thoughts, color palettes and ideas in mind! Please note - Not every request will be fulfilled and we do not accept requests via email.


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Diana Stutzman November 22, 2012

I almost forgot to mention - we will very likely get married at my home church, which has red velvet carpet that more or less dominates the sanctuary. I hadn't planned on red at all, and it's throwing me off in a big way!!!


I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog (yay Pinterest!). I'm planning a winter wedding to be held in late January. I absolutely love winter, and my decor will include birch trees/branches and lanterns. My favorite color is a warm, chocolate brown, so I'd like to try to incorporate that. I don't want to use red (no Valentine's Day or Christmas!!) or those icy blue colors. I want my wedding to be warm, and cozy but still reminiscent of a winter wonderland. Any color ideas?


Neat site! I love that you are helping brides to see their ideas! I was looking for a red (more of the cranberry) and oranges (burnt, regular, and possibly a lighter orange?) for a fall wedding. Our venue will be a zoo, probably above the jungle exhibit. Do you have anything like that? Keep up the helpful work!


Kristen Vargo November 24, 2012

I love the many color choices on your website, so much so that I can't decide on the perfect palette. My fiancé and I are planning a wedding for next fall 2013 and I want our wedding to have a natural, rustic, but elegant feel.

I love taupes, linens, sage green, and creams while he loves the fall colors of burnt orange and cranberry as well as gray and yellow.

Do you have any suggestions to help us figure out a color palette we both will love? Thank you!


I am getting married next May in a new barn. We are doing that rustic style but I am adding touches of modern to it. I have Gray long bridesmaid dresses with Mint necklaces and I am thinking about doing Navy suits with mint ties. I cant find a single picture online with gray dresses and navy suits so I am afraid I am trying to put something together that doesn't work. I am doing the color mint every where, my napkins, my cake in all the little details. I am thinking ivory linens on the table with mint napkins, a burlap runner on some of the tables and other a gray and white chevron runner. I am not sure if I am trying to do to many colors or if the modern and rustic barn styles will go together. So I was hoping you could put together a board for me that includes mint, gray, and navy and my themes.

Thank you so much!!

Amanda Brittney November 25, 2012


I am having a very hard time determining my colors and cannot picture what would look best with what color. I am leaning towards Peach as my color, but would like to interpret a turquoise type color with it. I noticed you have a lot of light orange and burnt ornage/copper together and was wondering if that would work too.

Please help I am at a loss!

Unknown November 25, 2012

Amazing site!! I would love to please see a pallet of aubergine navy blue, accent colors magenta, hot orange, and lime green, our bridesmaid dresses are aubergine taffeta so the main color is dark purple, all jewel tones a mixture of ear rich purple and blue w hot colors magenta orange and a bit or green like the orchids that are like green!! Can't wait to see it!! Thanks

Unknown November 25, 2012

Amazing site!! I would love to please see a pallet of aubergine navy blue, accent colors magenta, hot orange, and lime green, our bridesmaid dresses are aubergine taffeta so the main color is dark purple, all jewel tones a mixture of ear rich purple and blue w hot colors magenta orange and a bit or green like the orchids that are like green!! Can't wait to see it!! Thanks


I would love to see a palette of neutrals... Chocolate, Camel, Antique gold, and ivory. With a few accents of dusty teal and dusty rose. We'll be getting married at a resort in Southern texas with a vintage western feel, but classy... not cheesy. :) Thanks, and LOVE your boards!!


Good morning! I am hoping you might be able to help me a little. I am having a late afternoon wedding (3/3:30) in March of next year. I live in northern Florida so it should already feel like Spring more than winter. It is a formal wedding in a church (groomsmen plan to wear black tuxes and the bridesmaids have cranberry colored dresses with jeweled necklines). The reception will also be indoors in the church dining hall - lots of light. I am excited for the rich cranberry accent color - I plan to wear cranberry-red shoes and lipstick. My style can probably best be described as classic and elegant, but I'm not afraid of something a little different either. I would love to make the color pallete soft and romantic with bursts of rich sophisticated classic deep red. Maybe mix the red with ivory/cream, and silver or light gray? Perhaps some very pale blush colors too? If you have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated! Thank you!!


What a fabulous site! This is perfect for us brides who have millions of ideas, but can't quite piece the colors together.

I am getting married next summer at a ski resort in Colorado. The area is known as the wildflower capital of Colorado, and our wedding will be taking place on the mountain at the peak of the wildflower season. The actual ceremony will be at a rustic cabin, outside on the deck with panoramic views. The reception will be in a ballroom at the base area of the ski resort. My dress has beautiful lace details with a bit of a blush undertone. I love the idea of rustic elegance. I know that dark purple is a must in the color palette. I think champagne may be a nice neutral color to use and my fiance loves burnt orange. I'm just not sure how to tie all of those colors into an elegant, rustic palette with a bit of a vintage feel.

I would absolutely love and appreciate a color palette that created this vision!


What a fabulous site! This is perfect for us brides who have millions of ideas, but can't quite piece the colors together.

I am getting married next summer at a ski resort in Colorado. The area is known as the wildflower capital of Colorado, and our wedding will be taking place on the mountain at the peak of the wildflower season. The actual ceremony will be at a rustic cabin, outside on the deck with panoramic views. The reception will be in a ballroom at the base area of the ski resort. My dress has beautiful lace details with a bit of a blush undertone. I love the idea of rustic elegance. I know that dark purple is a must in the color palette. I think champagne may be a nice neutral color to use and my fiance loves burnt orange. I'm just not sure how to tie all of those colors into an elegant, rustic palette with a bit of a vintage feel.

I would absolutely love and appreciate a color palette that created this vision!

Abbey Revard November 27, 2012

I would love to see a palette with the new Panetone 2013 colors! I want to use different shades of blue for my bridesmaids and poppy for my flowers.

obatkhan November 27, 2012

My colors are coral/salmon, navy blue, silver, and pearl white. The feel I am going for is classic, elegant, and romantic. Please help me with a palette board, I don't know where to go from here.

obatkhan November 27, 2012

My colors are coral/salmon, navy blue, silver, and pearl white. The feel I am going for is classic, elegant, and romantic. That's all I know and don't know where to go from here. Please help me with a color palette!


I'm attempting to pick my wedding colors. I want to use the colors from this image:

Rose Pink, Creame, and I suppose that's a champagne color or a bronze?
I also wanted to have accents of a french or slate blue.
Just hints of it....
The main color being that pink.

Can you help. Come up with a palette? I love the colors scheme in the pic....but I have to incoporate a touch of that blue...

Jennie Marchant November 28, 2012

Your website is amazing!!! So many ideas. I'm getting married on April 26th 2014 in a tythe barn, in the uk, priston mill near Bristol to be exact.

I have a lace dress, in ivory, and am looking to use my belt which is a mocha colour, satin as an accent or colour for my bridesmaids. I am looking for them to have tea length dresses, not strapless.

I am planning a rustic/lace theme, planned with lots of mason jars, lace and candles. i am looking at cream and pale yellow flowers, for my bouquet, Lilly of the valley for my bridesmaids, and, lots of baby's breath for centre pieces and garlands and daffodils, in the barns little alcoves.

I would love some ideas on how to bring these colours together. Any help would be very much appreciated.

From Jennie over the pond!


I love your blog--thank you for the inspiration! I love grey and would love to see a palate with grey as the color of the bridesmaids dress using yellow and royal purple or plum for accent colors.

I'm getting married outdoors with a very green background and a red barn. I want the colors to stand out.

Hope you get around to this one--thank you so very much!


Shannon P


I have absolutely loved browsing this site. I'm afraid it's made my decision on wedding colors even more difficult! There's just so much to choose from!

I am having a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, so I want a vibrant, bold color palatte.

I was hoping you could put something together using cobalt blue, orange and kelly green. I'm loving these 3 colors, but wanted to see them all together. I'm also debating if I should leave one of the colors out. Please help!


Love, love, love all your ideas! I always have so much fun browsing your site!

I am currently thinking of using navy blue, light pink and gray (I'm not sure what shade) for my December 2013 wedding. I'm hoping to find a way to incorporate a wintery atmosphere with this preppy color combo. Pearls are a must, I'm thinking pink roses, and possibly snowflakes to bring in the wintery aspect. The wedding will be at a golf club with an amazing view of the city, with an outdoor ceremony.

I would love to see what you come up with! Thank you, thank you! XOXO

Megan Sliger December 02, 2012

I love your website!!

I'm getting married in June and I picked coral reef for the color for my bridesmaid dresses. Now I don't know what color I should pick for my centerpieces. I was thinking gold vases with ranunculus and other big pink, orange and yellow flowers. I was also think another color from the coral family or maybe a Tiffany blue or a mint. Do you think gold and coral goes well together or is there a better color that goes with coral?
My wedding is in a church and the reception is in a modern hotel.


Hey, there!

I am obsessed with your blog! I just got engaged and have been brainstorming colors for awhile now. I want a blue/orange/themed wedding...but my fiance would prefer brown to my choice, gray. We picked orange and blue because my favorite color has always been blue, and his, orange. And hello, complementary colors! The oranges and blues would have to be less bold for the dark brown, but I am still having trouble picturing his vision in my head, which is where I am hoping that you could shed some creative insight, because I really want to incorporate his ideas, too. It is OUR wedding, after all. We are both very outdoorsy people, and therefore have a cute little mountain lodge all picked out for a late summer/early fall wedding. Thank you for all that you do!


Lady Kyle December 03, 2012

Hi! I am planning a wedding for the end of September in Central Florida. I would love to find a color palette with blues and greens maybe. I want something classic and looking to maybe use succelents or perhaps baby's breath. i'm all over the place and would love suggestions. Black and gray and purples are floating around too. Help! I need color focus and to find something that goes well together and is appropriate for the seaon. Thanks!


Hi There,

Would love to see Teal, Burnt Orange and Greys Pallet - I am having trouble finding all three together - I have found: Grey & Orange and Orange & Teal and Grey & Teal but not the three all together & though I'm pretty sure they'll go together perfectly - I love to see it!

P.s - so glad I found your blog! Google Image search just wasn't cutting it ;-)

Y. xo

Saf December 04, 2012

Hi ;)

I'm sooo glad I stumbled upon your Blog.
I'm planning a end of July/beginning of August wedding. I have a hard time choosing a palette. I like yellow, coral and turquoise and Iwould like beautiful sunsets to be the inspiration for the palette.
We are having the ceremony in our own garden and the party in a venue with a lot of visible wooden beams and hard wood floors.
I hope you are willing and able to help me and I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Katie Friscia December 05, 2012

I absolutely love your blog and your color palettes are amazing. I am planning a wedding for next October 19, 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA and am looking for a color palette with some yellow in it. I wanted to stay away from the classic yellow, orange, and red hues for fall so I was thinking of latte colored bridesmaid dresses, steel grey tuxes for the guys and then accents of yellow. I absolutely love lace and burlap together and was wondering if you have any ideas for latte/camel, yellow, and grey together with some ivory/lace!

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.
Katie from Pittsburgh

Ali December 06, 2012

Hello There! I have gone back and forth on my colors so much it's driving me crazy. My soon to be husband loves brown and is planning on wearing chocolate brown, my dress is ivory and my bridesmaids are wearing latte. I want to incorporate purple and green but I am not sure how to do that, maybe different colors would look better? I love the color purple so I really want to add it some where. The wedding ceremony is outside but the reception is in a very modern building.
Please help! Thank you :)

Katrina Nolan

Love your color palettes, but I'm lost on what mine will be. I've beein browsing for months and I still am lost on where to begin and what to do. I'm getting married in June 2013, either in our church or else a family memebers huge yard. I'm torn on my ideas. I want it rustic and kind of woodsy, but I want a splash of color, like teal or turquoise. I love greens and nuetral colors, as well as chocolate brown. Then again I feel like maybe something different with black. My fiance is wearing an all black tux, black tie and everything. So I want my bridesmaids and the decor to match as well. I feel like the black wont work so great in the woodsy look. I'm open to anything. I hope that you can help and come with some color schemes for me that would work in the woodsy feel, or something black with teal or green colors. Thanks! Sorry if I'm scrambled on my color thoughts :)
-Katrina N.


Stumbled upon this and absolutely love it! If you could post a palette for a June wedding with inspirations from any of the following: 1920s, Film, Lace, Art Nouveau, George Melies, or any other inspiration that would fit, Our venue has an Art Nouveau/Deco vibe.. I would greatly appreciate any help! :)

KirstenF December 07, 2012

We are planning on getting married in the fall (October probably). I'm thinking black tuxes (groom with the black on black), grey/silver/slate knee length dresses, and possibly fall themed flowers with oranges in them. I also love the look of burlap and we plan on having it outdoors possibly with the reception in a refinished "old" barn to give it a classy country style. Haha, is there anyway you could make me a palate of that???

Thank you so much!

Kirsten F


Hi Chrissy,

Congratulations on your blog -- it is so fun!

I just got engaged and am having a late July wedding in Annapolis, Maryland. The ceremony is at the US Naval Academy Chapel, and reception is at the Governor Calvert House, a cozy historic inn built in the late 1770's.

My dilemma is that I want to try and incorporate a few themes:

My fiance and I love anything vintage, and I am looking for a romantic lacy gown. And the reception venue is historic.

We love all things water, beach and seafood; we will be in walking distance to the water for some photographs, but neither the ceremony or reception are overlooking the water.

The last thing is that I love fun bright colors, but the banquet room inside the reception venue is kind of dark -- a lot of cream, gold and deep burgundy. If I can light that up a bit with champagnes, metallic golds -- I would love it.

Is it possible to pull off a semi-nautical/vintage theme with gold hues?

Your ideas are much appreciated! Thank you!

Ocie O

Your blog is absolutely amazing!! ^^ My fiance and I just got engaged this weekend, and we would love to have a palette created for us! It will be a May wedding at the James J Hill Reference Library in St. Paul, MN. We'd love soft, sunny blues and yellows, with possibly grey for the groomsmen?

Thank you!
Ocie Olson


Hi! My name's Alanna and I'm from near Toronto, Ontario. I'm planning on getting married in late November 2014 and I'm having trouble deciding on a palette for a couple of reasons. The first problem is that I'm not sure what season this is - it's still fall according to the calendar, but Christmas decorations are already up and we can sometimes already have snow. The other thing is that my fiance is pretty set about wearing a kilt for the wedding - how do I make that work?
Thanks for all your help!


Andrew&Anna December 12, 2012

Hi there!
I have ideas in mind, but need some help bringing it to life.
Here are a few details about my October 2013 wedding.
- old church (Hard wood floors, red church pews)
- black bridesmaids dresses
- red flowers and ties (accessories)
-Ivory white for my dress and some flowers
- Reception- community hall
- candy bar
- old coca cola bottles as decoration (vases)and/or party favors
-coca cola crates

I would love to see what you come up with as far as colors and details. Thanks so much!

Amanda December 13, 2012

Navy Blue, Wine (Darker Red), Orange, & Ivory Rustic Fall wedding!

Brittany Knox December 14, 2012

Hello Chrissy,
Let me start by saying how much I LOVE your blog! I wish I knew it existed when I planned my wedding, I know I would have put together the best color scheme with your help.

I wanted to reach out to you because my husband and I are renewing our vows and I need some help putting together my new color scheme. Our 1st wedding was very limited, I did a 3 color scheme that we could do very little with, so this time around I really want to create something warm, beautiful and different.

We are having a fall renewal in the mountains at a Victorian/vintage bed and breakfast. So the trees will be vibrant with yellows and oranges, but I want my color scheme to go beyond the traditional orange, yellow, and brown colors of fall. We are having our ceremony outside under a gazebo type structure. I will hang mason jars and lanterns with candles and flowers and surround the area with them. We are doing a rustic, vintage type feel.

I am interested in some ideas you have in terms of color. I am thinking mustard, burnt orange, gold or bronze, coffee or tan, cream/ivory but I would like to add another 1 or 2 stand-out colors. Like a deep maroon or maybe a deep plum.

Would love your thoughts and ideas!!! Your creations are the best.

Nicholett Jones December 14, 2012

hi my nicholett

Am getting married in August 2013' August 16 2013. My favorite color is orange all shades of orange. My whole house has orange in each room. I even have orange fridge. My fiance last name is Gray. so I wanted the groom and grooms men to wear gray. the groom in a lighter shade of gray and groomsmen in a darker shade. My fiance likes the color purple. so I wanted to do my eight brides maids in four purple and four orange. I love the color of the fluorescent purple and tango orange. My dream will be to have two shades of grey, two shades of orange and the fluorescent purple.

Nicholett Jones December 14, 2012

hi my nicholett

Am getting married in August 2013' August 16 2013. My favorite color is orange all shades of orange. My whole house has orange in each room. I even have orange fridge. My fiance last name is Gray. so I wanted the groom and grooms men to wear gray. the groom in a lighter shade of gray and groomsmen in a darker shade. My fiance likes the color purple. so I wanted to do my eight brides maids in four purple and four orange. I love the color of the fluorescent purple and tango orange. my dream will be to have two shades of gray and two shades of orange and fluorescent purple.


What about Peach, Yellow and Mint?


I just got engaged and my date is July 2013. We're a very fun couple and don't want a traditional wedding we want our wedding. My fiance favorite color is baby blue and mine is purple. I would like those two and a shade of green. FYI the guys are not wearing tuxedos. Please help!

Thanks a bunch!

Allison December 17, 2012


I would really appreciate some help. I am planning an intercultural wedding for October 2013. I am American and my fiancé is Punjabi/Sikh.

My fiancé will arrive on horseback in morning for the religious ceremony at the gurdwara.

We will then have an evening outdoor American ceremony at the Grounds for Sculpture (outdoor sculpture garden) in Hamilton New Jersey. The outdoor ceremony site is shown in the middle photo below: I plan giving out pashminas and serving cider and/or hot chocolate to keep our guests warm. I will likely have way too many bridesmaids in Indian clothing (either Salwaar Kameez or Saris). My current thought is that they will all wear different colors and I will wear a cream lengha to the American ceremony and reception (

The cocktail hour and reception will also be held at the Grounds for Sculpture. The artwork in the reception room is currently the following: It will have changed by next October but you can get an idea for the space. I love clean lines and the modern feel of the reception space. My dream would be to have ghost chairs at the reception.

I also love the outdoor space of the sculpture garden. My favorite color is orange but I am in love with the fig and gray of the Palette of the Year. I already started to confuse myself with thoughts of orange, fig, and dark gray when I realized that pink and/or red will also need to be thrown into the mix. I will need to wear either pink or red to the morning ceremony and my fiance’s turban will need to match. So now I am absolutely baffled.

I love romantic flowers like peonies and ranunculus but I also love the look of winter branches and white/gray anemones (

If you happen to have the time I would love to hear any recommendations that you have.

Chelsea December 17, 2012

I absolutely love all of the fabulous color palettes you have created! We are planning a wedding in Grande Prairie, Alberta in September of 2014. We are attempting to decide between a couple of different "outdoor inspired" venues and I'm looking for a palette of apple green, ivory, chocolate and burlap. I would absolutely love to see what you can come up with!!!!! Your blog is fabulous :)

MK December 18, 2012

I wish I would've found your blog two months ago!!! My fiance and I have chosen to go with grey and cranberry colors, however we are getting married April 6th, 2013. Now I'm freaking out about how to add in some accents that will make it seem more like Spring. I'm not completely set on cranberry, but the grey is already 100% set (the bridesmaids will be in grey/pewter). Any help/advice?!?!

I don't want it to look like Christmas or Fall, but everything I like is more of a fall color...

-Mary Katherine


Just came across this site and think you might be the answer to my prayers! We're having a fall wedding and will be using gerbera daisies - they can be dyed all different colors. We want to have bright pops of color, but not too girly - maybe orange, fuschia, blue, and purple. I think it will be so cheerful but don't want to look overdone. I'm thinking maybe against black tableclothes to "anchor" the colors a bit? Would love your input.



Hello! I'm needing help with my colour palate! I'm getting married Sept 2013. Our ceremony is in the Rose Garden in Vancouver's iconic Stanley Park. Our reception is in the Arctic Gallery of the Vancouver aquarium (with the belugas!)
I want a warm, intimate wedding, definitely candle lit. I am wanted to keep the colours simple. Im thinking white, a tan/taupe/champagne, a grey, and something with a pop like a sea foam green colour! I need help though! Ahhh!
Thank you!

Samantha December 19, 2012

Hi there!

I love your blog, and ever since I got engaged I have come back to it time and time again to help me decide what colors i want for my wedding.

My fiancé and I are born and raised Floridians, and we are p,aging that up. We are getting married in an aquarium! I know I want to use teal, and maybe some blues and greens. I also want a pop of color to accent with.

I hope you an help me with my "Under the Sea" wedding!



Hi Chrissy

Thank you for such a wonderful blog - it's a beautiful break from my work day to look at all the inspiring pictures and to get some wedding ideas.

I'm in Australia and I'm planning a wedding for our Spring in 2013. I would love a colour palette that is romantic, with pink and purple and blue. A really beautiful, soft colour pallette would be fabulous.

Thanks so much!


Laura Brown December 19, 2012

Hi I'm getting Married in November 2014 at Vista West Ranch in Austin, Tx or the N at Hard way Ranch. It's a rustic chic wedding and my dresses is ruffled rose organza design. I woud LOVE to if you could please do a palate of:
easy shades of purple,
shades of grey,
dusty rose,
and white. We'll all be wearing cow girl boots and the dresses I want maybe in different styles of lace. I love white roses, burlap and pearls and I love the Maid of honor in an accent color from the palate. Thank you so much!


Laura Brown December 19, 2012

Hi I'm getting Married in November 2014 at Vista West Ranch in Austin, Tx or the N at Hard way Ranch. It's a rustic chic wedding and my dresses is ruffled rose organza design. I woud LOVE to if you could please do a palate of:
easy shades of purple,
shades of grey,
dusty rose,
and white. We'll all be wearing cow girl boots and the dresses I want maybe in different styles of lace. I love white roses, burlap and pearls and I love the Maid of honor in an accent color from the palate. Thank you so much!


Melanie Baessler December 20, 2012


I just want to start by saying I absolutely love what you do!

After four long years of talking about marriage, my boyfriend has bought the ring and will be proposing over Christmas with his family. This means I get to start the official planning (even though we've done some already).

We are doing an outdoor ceremony next October. It'll be at a private park in front of a large lake. October in Georgia has early Fall colors with typically warm temperatures (mid 70s and up). We don't have a theme and I don't know that we really will. I threw out my color scheme to my boyfriend the other day and he agreed with it and gave me really full reign in that department as long as it doesn't include pink.

I was hoping you can help me visualize this. I am thinking hunter (close to the sage in your palette), teal, and gold. I have seen a few palettes you've done already that include teal with lighter greens and aqua, but I haven't seen any with the dark green which I love. I'm thinking knee length bridesmaid dresses. I always liked mixing the colors and styles rather than having them all wear the same. Can you help me put this together? I would not mind adding in shades of green that include dark with teal and gold if that would work better than just the dark green.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

Keep up the fabulous work!



Absolutely love your work! Thank you for being an inspiration!

Getting married next August in San Diego. Both places are historic locations with rich history which deem a more formal and elegant formality. The dark amber wood and 24K gold chandelier plus the mahogany wood and dark red carpet of the church has made it difficult for me to think of a palette that could work with this rather dark background.

Any inspiration you could share my way?


Roby Bobby December 22, 2012

Your blog is a wonderful treat to have stumbled upon! I would love it if you could help me out with some pallet ideas for my wedding next october!
The ceremony is being held in a garden in the back of a gorgeous house that was built in the very early 1900's. And then the reception will be held throughout the house and we will be having dinner outside.
I know my theme is going to be a romantic-vintage carried out in a very simplistic but gorgeous way. I don't want anything flashy but there will be lots of pearls and lace carried throughout.
My husband doesn't care to have a lot of input into the wedding, except for colors! He for sure does not want anything super bright or overly obnoxious. So I was thinking of doing a navy blue and mauve, with hints of ivory, blush and champagne.
I would love to get your feedback and thoughts of my pallet so far. And any other suggestions you have would be great!


I love your site! I'm getting married on September 21, 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the reception will be outside on a lawn. My primary color is navy, but I'm looking for an accent color. I initially thought just ivory, but now I'm thinking I need another color to make it pop- maybe slate gray or a very pale blush pink?

Jenny December 24, 2012

Hoping to get some ideas for a deep peach, light pink, white and silver theme! Trying to test out color ideas for a winter wedding!!


Jackie D

Hi, I just recently got engaged and am trying to figure out colors. I am going to be getting married in the Spring (April, May, or June). My favorite color is purple and I have always wanted a purple wedding. I haven't had much luck finding purple schemes for spring time weddings. I was thinking of maybe purple with some green and orange? I would love to see your ideas!



I'll be having a wedding in Maine in September. It will be at a private residence with a barn, and the property is overlooking the ocean. My dream color palette is copper, teal, and deep pinks. Think copper jewelry that has developed a patina, and a bouquet of fuchsia ranunculus.

The wedding will be intimate and rustic. Elegant, but simple.

Any color palette ideas you might have would be wonderful. Thank you!

Jess December 26, 2012

I always had my mind set on a fall wedding but my fiance and I have decided to do a winter wedding instead. We are having our wedding the Saturday before Christmas. I love the greenery and lights but I am not a big fan of the traditional red and green wedding. I want something that has a pop of color and not just a neutral scheme. The original scheme I had in mind for a fall wedding was: grape, lime, marigold, teal, and cranberry. Like this picture: I would like to somehow incorporate a few of those colors into the winter/Christmas wedding. I would love to see what you could come up with! If you could add some shimmer as well it would be great :)


I would love to see Navy Blue, Mint, and Gray


Would love to see a palette for light yello, navy blue and silver,

Mary December 27, 2012

Hello! I'm stuck with how exactly to do my colors, and I would love some help. My situation is a little odd because my husband and I are already married. He is in the Army and received deployment orders to Afghanistan, so we did a very small civil ceremony in October before he left. On July 4, 2014 we are going to be doing the big ceremony in the Catholic church where we will renew our vows and the church will bless our marriage. Anyway, since we are doing it on the 4th (and he's in the military), I wanted to do a red/white/blue theme, without it looking like Uncle Sam threw up all over the place. I'm contemplating doing 2 hues of blue (blue and navy, maybe?) with white and silver, and just accenting with red minimally. Any ideas/pictures/suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I am trying to plan this by myself while my husband is still in Afghanistan.


One of my good girlfriends just got engaged!!! I am BEYOND excited for her, and she's already come up with her color scheme :) Damask, magenta & crimson...she's getting married at Virginia vineyard. PLEASE HELP!

Amy Snyder December 28, 2012

Can you please point me towards a pallette with yellow, peach/coral, and aqua. I can't seem to find anything like it on your website.

Our wedding is June 2013, outside, at our farm house, under tent. Do you think these colors can work?
Thanks so much!!


I'm getting married next September. I'm having trouble with a color palette because I don't like pastel colors, but in Georgia we have warm weather so deep fall tones would seem out of place. I'm considering navy blue, gold and a mellower shade of pink like peach or dusty rose.

Jenna Lyn December 28, 2012

... how about batman colors, please? Black, Yellow, Gray and Dark Blue?

jmj185 December 28, 2012

I would love to see a palette including:
Light Green
Bright Purple
and Ivory


Not sure if you check this anymore or take requests? My sister in law recommended your site for my upcoming wedding. I am looking to combine a Fern green With a lavender or Amythist purple and gold together. The wedding will be a forested setting. Thanks for your consideration!

Claire December 29, 2012

I LOVE this blog! I'm here frequently planning colors for my wedding in 2013!

I would love to see a couple palette if you have time :)

Aqua & Coral

Black, White, & Aqua

Aqua & Light Coral

White & Aqua

Thank you so much for everything you post on here! It helps out so much!


Your website is fabulous! I am getting married downtown Chicago May 2014. It is a military wedding with a mix of Army/Airforce uniforms so I am trying to keep a neutral palate so that it doesn't clash with the uniforms. I am trying to pick colors that are elegant, classy, yet modern. I've chosen slate grey for the bridesmaids but I would love to mix other grey tones, and neutrals like champange in with the mix. My fiancee's favorite color is a carolina blue (he is a UNC graduate) and it was also my grandmother's favorite color, so I would like to incorporate hints of that blue with other shades of blue. Help please!!!


Heather Grunauer December 30, 2012

Hi! Just found your blog. I love everything I have seen so far. I am in the early stages of planning my wedding for 11/12/13. I am liking a color palette of purple and gray. I do love a damask pattern as well. I don't know if you have come across anything like this, but my fiance wants to somehow incorporate his love of Star Wars...of anyone out there has ideas or places for ideas, please send them my way!

Ms. Fennelly December 30, 2012

I love love love your blog! I constantly find myself coming back to it looking for wedding inspiration! My fiancé and I are getting married next December and are having a big, formal city wedding in Philadelphia. We want our wedding to have a holiday feel without being too over the top Christmasy! Our bridesmaids are wearing jade dresses. We'd love to incorporate some metallics, hints do cranberry as an accent, and possibly a little blush or cream. I think thee colors would work well together, but would like to see what you come up with as your ideas and visions are way better than my own!!!! Thanks so much!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!



hello i just found your page and i love it. we are planning our wedding for December 2013 its going to be in a traditional church follow by a reception in a banquet hall. family wants color pallatte red black and white but i want something more simple like peach, green. i am having a hard time visualizing which one is better.


Mary January 02, 2013

Hello! I am SO happy a friend introduced me to your blog! I am smitten with your creativity and beautiful collages!

My fiance and I plan to get married next spring (2014). I'm thinking long gray dresses for the bridesmaids with purple/plum flowers. We're getting married in my small town Ohio Catholic church and are still working on a venue for the reception. I'm hoping for a unique venue, but may have to do a hotel.

My dream wedding is classy, whimsical, and here's the hardest thing: different! I want something unique, something that guests will think, "yep, this is very Mary and Andrew." We're huge sports fans, too, so I aim to incorporate that into the theme...which is no easy task considering my dream of keeping it classic and whimsical!

Anyway, if there is even a small chance that I could get any sort of guidance I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this.

Take care,

Danica SW

I'm dying to have my colour--sorry for the "colour" spelling..I'm Canadian and we spell it the British way!-- vision come to life!

We are having a New Years Eve wedding (it's when we met) at a camp, so very rustic themed. What I'm seeing is lots of cream and camel, with hits of deep red/cranberry, a succulent green and perhaps a blush pink and/or light yellow.
Thanks so much, your website is great, you always pull ideas together very nicely.



Love your site. I have my eye on a Sept 2012 wedding and would love to see a late summer inspired outdoor gray, yellow, and green palette. I love flowers, butterflies. I am considering a sunset wedding.

Pick me! Pick me! :-)

Prairie Whispers January 04, 2013

Love your pallets, so I thought I'd reach out for you to create another.

I love fall and I love rich colors. My two favorite colors are deep red (with a rusty hue) and turquoise (the dark one). I'd love to take these two colors and put in some fall shades to create a country western wedding pallet, can you help?

Margaret Thatcher January 04, 2013

This is going to sound crazy, so please bear with me:

After about eight hours of looking through wedding palettes, I was exhausted and went to bed.

I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted my palette to be, but when I went to look for it, it was nowhere to be found! Seriously, I combed my ENTIRE INTERNET HISTORY and came up with zilch. Googling didnt do any good, either.

The only thing I can think of is that I dreamt it. But as you can probably imagine, it's really hard to show something that exists only in a dream to a florist, baker,etc.

The colors were a dark (but not muted) mint green--darker and bluer than the one on the site. The pink had a purplishness to it, and the purple was half blue. None of the colors were muted, and they were all darker than your typical Easter pastels. I was thinking of pairing this with ivory and metallic gold.

I have looked through your site to no avail--you don't have anything even near this yet, so maybe I can be the trendsetter :D

Kristi Koon January 05, 2013

I love all of the colors you have... and that's my problem! We love colors so much that we didn't want to choose. We're having an outdoor summer wedding filled with greenery and want to spice it up with colors you'd find in a bright garden - pinks, blues, yellows, etc. We'll anchor that with greys but would love some help!


Hi Chrissy,

I absolutely love your blog! I am having an indian wedding in June! I would love to see a palette with red/coral, fuchsia, pink, and gold.. We have having an outdoor wedding followed by a tented reception! We would love to incorporate bold indian colors but still keep it elegant!

thank you so much,


Michele Ringer January 07, 2013

I'm getting married and my fiance and I are moving into a new apartment! My mother made me a gorgeous quilt that has dusty teal, cream, and black floral and paisley fabrics. I want to use that color palette throughout my tiny apartment, but I need to add more colors and don't know what. Please help me!!

êllo ♔ callié January 09, 2013

Oh my! I love your site! So many inspirations and you have such a great eye for colors and details!!

Anyway, I would love to make a request for a vintage romantic UP theme. Have been having serious headaches coming up with a color theme to reflect the joyful colors while wanting to keep it softly romantic and whismical.


meaganrebs January 09, 2013

LOVE your blog! Thank you for all your inspiration!!

I would love to see a colour palette of Black, Grey, White & Blush!

Our wedding is likely going to be in a tent on a golf course, but I want to create a romantic setting and think that adding the blush to this colour combo will be beautiful!! Can you come up with some possibiities?~

THANKS and again You're blog is amazing!!!

bebs45 January 09, 2013

Hi Chrissy!

I'm new to your blog and newly obsessed with what you have to offer on it! I am planning a winter/christmas wedding for Dec 2013 and I noticed the other day you posted about emerald being the hit color of the year. I am considering using emerald in my color palette but not sure what else to use with it. Can you put together a palette using emerald? My other thought for a palette would be a deep purple, along the lines of plum. Hopefully you have time to put something together! Thanks!

-Contemplating Colors


Just found your site and it seems awesome! I'm gettin married in August at an outdoor venue, and originally wanted to do coral with yellow accents, but I also wanted to do bright, fun colors like bright yellow and lime green. I didn't know if there was a way to incorporate all of these ideas without making things look like a hot mess of colors!

alexis crayne January 11, 2013

hi i am having a outdoor wedding in late september! i want my colors to be blue, orange, and or red instead of oragne! my main flower that i want in a stargazer lilly!! dont think it comes in blue so maybe orange or white!!! i just wanna know if blue and orange or red go together blue is my favorite color and red is my mans!! but i think orange goes better and is softer with fall!i dont know if it shows my email or not but i will cheack back often!!! i really hope to hear back!!!


I recently got engaged on the beach… and I’m started to search the web for ideas. We would like to get married on a Mexican beach in 2014 and I would love to see your ideas for a color palette. I was thinking of ivory, because of my dress color; red/ coral and white, because of the bridal bouquet and light green, aqua and light blue to reflect the ocean.

I hope u can help to put my idea of colors in a warm and modern way together :)


Irelynkiss January 11, 2013

It is quite difficult to find bright green, bright blue (like aqua) and a pop of orange! Think tropical and fun. I've noticed that bright green dresses are hard to find... green dresses in general are pretty hard to find with a nice color green- not subdued or dark.

little black flats January 11, 2013

Hi! I have been a loyal follower of this blog for years now. Now it is finally time to start planning my own wedding, as I recently got engaged. I believe I am settled on a color scheme, but I feel like I haven't quite seen all of the colors together, just some of them here or there. The colors I am going for are navy, light turquoise, lime green, and subtle hints of basic gray here and there (not light, not dark-- just gray). My wedding will be in a church, and most likely the venue will be inside. The mood of the wedding will be a bit on the relaxed/comfortable side, but still sophisticated. If you could help me out I would LOVE it! Thank in advance if you can!!!


Dear Perfect palette,

I've been browsing your website for my reception color palette and I think I found the palette I like.
However, I still cannot decide on the palette for the ceremony at church. We will be having the wedding in August this year. The ceremony will take place at an old church named Alte Nikolaikirche in Frankfurt, Germany. The church building itself is white and orange (brick color), and they use wooden chair cushioned in grey. The lighting in the church is a bit dimmed. It would be great if you could suggest the perfect color palette for my ceremony...Thank you.




Love your blog!!!

Im getting married this April 2014. Ceremony and reception will be indoor. I love blue so i was thinking to combine with gray. Can you please creat an inspiration board/ color combos for these. Since the venue will be indoor, want that color would look stunning/bright in the pictures.


Unknown January 14, 2013


My fiance and I are getting married in July in Vail, CO. I'm having a difficult time picking colors and creating a "perfect Palette" as I have a hard time committing to something. I want to show the vibrant colors of the summer in Vail, CO but our wedding will be tented in the middle of Vail Square so will not be actually "in" the mountains. I love the color coral and buy lots of clothes, jewelry, etc with that color so I keep on coming back to that. My fiance is wearing a midnight navy blue tux for the wedding so I have been thinking about a palette with coral, navy, and grey. Would you be able to put something together to show that? We want our wedding to be mountain chic and a bit preppy. Thank you!!


The Real AI January 15, 2013

Hi. I love your website! I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

I am getting married this December in Nigeria and I have a serious color palette issue. Let me begin by saying that though the weather in Nigeria is hot year round, we do not follow any seasonal fashion rules as far as colors, fabrics, or dress length. ANYTHING GOES!

My vision is a formal wedding with floor length royal/electric blue bridesmaid dresses and fuchsia flowers. HOWEVER, I have always imagined a dreamy Marie Antoinette themed reception with gold, creams, and pale blues and blush pink.

I'd like to see a palette that a allows me to transition from my bold bridesmaids colors to a dreamy whimsical reception.

Good Luck!


Hi, my name is Alexandria, my fiancee is in the army so for our wedding we are planning on him wearing his dress uniform which is like a navy blue. I want to have coral and peach in the wedding, and have gold accents. I also want to have a neutral color like beige to balance out the pinks. We aren't sure where we are going to have the wedding yet, but it's going to be in mid October and we want it to be unique.


Hello, I am planning a wedding and I'm trying to figure out what colors I want. I'm stuck on purple, red and teal or aqua....I just dont know if they go together?


Hi Chrissy!

I just want to say that I LOVE your pins and pallets. Gorgeous! I draw so much inspiration from them, not just for my wedding, but also for my crafts and clothes.

I'm getting married June 2014 and I'm going for a country chic/ vintage summer look. The wedding will be very casual and I want to emphasize vintage romance and fun in the sun. After looking through your boards I feel like I'm torn between themes and therefore two pallets, but I know I can make it work. I made a mood board with lots of color, but I don't know which colors to play up and which to use as accents, and mostly I'm afraid I'll have too many colors so it looks like I have no pallet at all.

Thank you!

Ashley from Louisville, KY.


Hi!! I love your website!! I was wondering if you could create a palette of muted mint, tiffany blue, chartreuse, lt. green, and lt. yellow? Also I wish you guys had a function where we could drag colors together to see if they work as a palette. That would be awesome!! Thank you!!!!


I'd love to have a color palette using the color cardinal (RGB 196, 30, 58) along with black, white, and cream. It will be an outside wedding. I would like to know what colors go with cardinal and cream - thanks!


request for a palette:

key color: emerald
accent colors: mint & blush

curious as to how this would look!

keep up the coloring ;)

Ashley E.

Love love love the site! I'm a Philly girl getting married to a Texas boy. I'm getting married in Texas at the end of August under the stars! The stars there really are big and bright! and I want fireworks...I'm a Fourth of July Baby.

I've been looking around for a palette with sky blue and grass green. The blue should be a little more blue than what you have listed as sky blue in your color list. The green should be a grass green. I'm thinking of adding in hints of navy blue to accommodate the night sky and stars for my invitations. You know what would be really cool, if you had a feature on your website where we could put colors next to each other on our own to test out how they look with each other. I have been looking for a site like that for the past couple days. I'm not sure one exists. Just an idea. I'd really appreciate it if you could put together a perfect palette for me! Thanks!

Retour_du_soleil January 19, 2013

Hi Chrissy,

I've stumbled across your blog as I'm researching ideas on decor for our hall, and I think it's such a great idea!

We're getting married in London, England, on 1 June 2013. The bride is going to be in red, so doesn't want to blend into the background by having lots of other red on the day.

We're looking for something summery and light based on teal, possibly blending in blues and ceruleans. We would absolutely love it if you could come up with something we could use as inspiration!

Many thanks,


Hey there!
I found your beautiful site through Pinterest (and I'm so glad I did!). I don't have a ring on my finger yet, but that won't stop me from dreaming! :P I want a fun, outdoor Spring wedding... I'm in love with Tiffany Blue, and I also love purple and silver/platinum. I'd love to see a palette made that had those together to see if it's a good idea or not! So I need your wonderful talent :) Hope to see your beautiful work with my color idea soon.

Jenny January 20, 2013

Hi Chrissy!

I've been a big fan of your blog, and now that I'm engaged I finally have a reason to request a palette! I'm getting married in late May 2014 in Chicago, so it should be nice and summery weather. The ceremony will be in a beautiful, cathedral-style church and the reception will be in a historic library. Reception venue has lovely dark mahogany walls & wooden floors with art-nouveau chandeliers - lots of dark metal wiring & exposed edison bulbs. I'm sort of going for a classic, elegant, vintage-y feel, I guess. I'm planning on a lacy dress in ivory (stark white is too sharp with my skin tone).

I'm in a color conundrum though. My fiance INSISTS that he wear a chino suit, and prefers dark navy & orange for our colors! I'm fine with the chino & the navy, but how the heck do I incorporate orange into an elegant wedding in a library? I was thinking navy, dusty oranges, and white, but have no idea how to pull it all together. Can you help?? I would so appreciate it!


Awesome blog! I thought I would post here in the event that you happened to feel creative. I'm getting married in October 2013 in Michigan, outside in a gazebo looking out over a lake. The reception is also near the lake and forest. It's a little bit rustic with exposed beams and stone floors, heated by fireplace.

I'd like to be able to play up some of the colors in the environment and create a generally organic/outdoorsy vibe. I'm wondering if you have any ideas on how we can make a warm pallate that has some of the traditional fall elements (red, yellow, or orange) but also might use some of the blues from the lake or the sky to brighten it up? I'm planning to use sunflowers so that's one color I know I want. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello! Your blog may be a wedding lifesaver for me. I'm not the best with colors and decorations and probably still need inspiration for my wedding, but we're planning a wedding for spring 2014 and I love Navy blue, dove gray and lilac or lavendar, but I don't know if those colors are too subdued for spring. I want something simple yet elegant. Can you help? Thank you!


Jess Philp January 21, 2013

Hi I was wanting to know if you think this colour choice works.

turquoise, black, white & hit of fushia?

Wedding will be in Australia nesar the beach end of spring.

What do you think?

Ms. Brame January 21, 2013

I stumbled across your page when I first starting thinking about wedding colors. My fiance and I both want to get married outdoors (we are thinking may, june, or july). I want to incorporate a country feel, and he wants more "classy". I'm thinking a chic country theme. He'd really like to wear a black tux, but I'm struggling with finding summer time colors that would go well with country and black. I sure hope you can help me !!! THANKS SO MUCH


I was hoping you could help me with a challenging color scheme situation. My fiance and I are planning to have a Snow White-inspired wedding in the spring that will include motifs like apples and songbirds.

I would like something unique, with a pop of red that is appropriate for spring and not too heavy, and that will complement a nude-colored gown and the groomsmen's military dress blues. I hope you can help!

Molly January 22, 2013

I'm having my wedding in Chicago at a tango studio they rent out for weddings. I have no real theme, just classy/chic. I'm looking at doing gray, orange and light green. Would love to see any ideas you have! Haven't been able to find too much inspiration.

Jessica Dawn January 23, 2013

I love your website and have been browsing palates like mad as I begin to plan my wedding. My fiance and I are getting married August 24, 2013. The dress I've fallen in love with is ivory lace with a platinum ribbon under the bust. I've long been drawn to images combining burlap, lace and twine, but I'm struggling to come up with suitable colors to accent it. Any ideas you have for adding a pop of color, as well as bridesmaid/groomsman looks that would accent my vision of a laid back, rustic and vintage wedding would be fabulous!

Latisha B.

Hi Chrissy,

I need your advice, maybe you can get a palette together for me. My wedding ceremony and reception is on Sept. 14, 2013 at LaCosta Resort in Carlsbad, CA. Outdoor ceremony at 4:30 pm and evening reception. I am a bright and pastel color lover. My bridesmaids/Maid of Honors are wearing the Dessy Twist Wrap dress in the color Firecracker similar to coral. I'm trying to use coral, periwinkle, Orchid lime green or mint green, peach and monochromatic white. I want to use pop colors that are bold like coral. But I just can't see my colors come together in my head. Hopefully you can make these colors go together. Please help me Chrissy I want to look back at my colors and still enjoy them years later.

I wanted to also let you know that I just so happen to find your blog and I love it! its perfect for every bride! Thanks Chrissy.



I would love your help! All of your palette are beautiful!

We are doing an outdoor ceremony/reception in the same location in the forest. We would like a travel-ish theme with a pastel range from tan to green to blue, with maybe a darker accent color? We're not entirely sure what that would work out like.

Thank you so much for your help!! I look forward to see next week's palettes!


Hi, My name is Katerina Sefeti and i just happened to stumble upon your blog while trying in vane to come up with the perfect color theme for my up-coming wedding. i will be getting married in September of 2014, a church wedding followed by a garden theme reception. my fiance have decided upon a champagne colored theme for the bride and groom for the wedding ceremony. we live in the Pacific and have no shortage of flower power and i would love to incorporate yellow, light pink, papaya (frangipani/plumera flowers) and light purple and white orchids. these are some of the flowers i intend to use a bouquet and would love see how all these colors come together to set a beautiful backdrop. if you can help i would be so eternally grateful......


Hi Chrissy! Your site is amazing - I have been bookmarking and repinning your ideas like crazy.

But do I have a puzzle for you! I love ALL the colors, but I really need to narrow down my wedding color scheme so I can start making pinwheels.

We are getting married in June at a summer camp, with an awesome wooden dining hall with big rafters, lots of grass. I want something springy and fresh, but not easter-egg bright or too much like a little kids birthday party. I love/wear colors like blue, aqua, purple, pink, but my fiance is more of a green and brown guy. I am picturing my bridesmaids in purple, I think they will look charming. My dress is not quite quite white - more like ivory.

There will be pinwheels and twinkly lights hanging from the dining hall rafters, maybe some big paper poofs (I really like paper crafting). I am going to break out the jar collection and maybe color it up. I am really excited ... but I don't know what color anything should be :)

Can you help me?




I am getting married at a CT vineyard this August. My sister shared your blog with me because I have changed my mind so many times about which colors I want to use! The ceremony will be in the green vines (weather permitting!) and the reception will be inside their building, which is mostly a dark wood interior. Our theme is vintage/antique and the centerpieces will be simplistic with a wooden base and mason jars to hold the flowers.

So far I know ivory (my wedding dress-strapless and lace) and blush pink (the bridesmaid dresses-one sleeve and floor length) will be in the palette. We are thinking that yellow will be used as an accent color and the men's suits will be navy blue. I also assume some green will be used in the bouquets and the boutonnieres. I am just worried that this will be too much going on! Our other option is charcoal grey for the men's suits if the navy does not work well.

All in all, we are meeting with the florist and caterer in a few weeks and have no idea what color the linens and flowers should be! I would love to see your ideas for a palette using these colors since I love the palettes I see on your blog!



Hi there, First of all I absolutely love your site and your talent for
colour mixing! Great work :)

I am getting married this upcoming August and I think I have chosen
my colours (although I'm having troubles finding brides maid dresses
in the right colours). I need some help with my colours...Any ideas
or suggestion for putting together a look?

Seafoam/seagreen or Mint green (on your site it would be closest to your Aqua)
Emerald or Kelly green shoes and jewelry maybe?
Peach or blush accents especially in flowers, table cloths, etc. I also want the boys in grey suits.

I also wanted to add touches of lace in ivory or white in decorations.

Any help would be appreciated!


Nina Police January 27, 2013

You're blog has given me so many ideas!

My wedding is April 12th, 2014 in the suburbs of chicago. Our venue is a neutral banquet room with large windows looking out onto a golf course.

I would love to see a palette with blush pink, pink and aqua. I've seen aqua with magenta, but not much with lighter pinks. Also, the boys will be wearing grey suits.

Thank you so much for all of your inspiration!


MarcyB January 28, 2013

I'm in love with your blog!!!!!!! I'm looking up bridal shower/wedding ideas for my older sis for her October 2013 wedding and the colors are crimson, cream, and chocolate brown. It would be great for some help with love Marcy B.


What a wonderful blog! My fiance and I are planning a nautical bohemian wedding at Lake Powell in June, 2014. We are planning to be married on a secluded beach and I would love your ideas on a color palate. The colors I am thinking are: bright blue with a purplish tint (or navy blue), blush or champagne and ivory. I am a DIY bride and can't wait to start planning.


hi -
i would love to see a color palette with fuchsia and purple. something casual, fun and bright!


Hi, I love this blog! My fiance wants to wear a midnight blue tux on the big day. What would be a good color for my bridesmaids to wear if the men will be wearing navy? Thanks!!

Ms. Hecker January 30, 2013

I found your blog on Pinterest months ago and have been anticipating planning my big day so that I would have the opporunity to ask you for advice. The time has ARRIVED!

I am having a July 6th wedding. Both the ceremony and reception will be held in our downtown. I am not sure of the best color palatte. I like things traditional and classy, yet unique. I toy with the colors blue or champange or pale pink. I know that I'm not looking for red, white, and blue. I am very visual so I am hoping to see what your ideas are to help me.

Thank you very much!

Brittany February 01, 2013

Hello!!! So, I am madly in love with your site!! I am envisioning a color palette and I desperately need advice or a palette to help! I love the Rustic palette you have with mustard, yellow,and I also like the Baby It's cold outside. I want to know if it's possible to create something that is a combination of the two. I am wanting to do a rustic wedding with Sunflowers, Lavendar, and baby's breath. We would like to use a log cabin from a nearby park, or an old family barn. It would be in fall, so I want to do something appropriate. I am not sure what colors are OK to use in fall, but I am hoping the mustard yellow, white, lavendar, and maybe a dark purple would be suitable.

Hopefully you can create something similar! :D

Thank you,
Brittany Kent


Hi! I'm hopeful that you can help me out because everyone keeps insisting that I choose colors, but I love all the colors and can't choose just 2 or 3! Additionally, to further complicate things, I recently bought my wedding dress in champagne. The dress is perfect because it reflects my personal style of glamorous bohemian, but it really won't look good with reds or greens, in my opinion. And, I think peach would look amazing for my bridesmaid dresses but my best friend is having her wedding 3 months before and she has peach bridesmaids!
For my wedding, I'm imagining that there will be tons of candlelight & warm I suppose that the decor will have a lot of champagne/gold with color accents.
As for the colors, well, I like blue/teal & purple pastels and perhaps fig?
Please forgive my rambling. You're the expert and if you take on my humble request, feel free to create whatever palette you think would fit!


Hi Chrissy,

I'm such a fan of your palette. My wedding will be this coming December and i thought of having a red and teal motif. Been seeing combination for these colors but i'd like to have more idea from you.

Thank you!

Brittany February 03, 2013


I absolutely love your site. I am having a hard time with my colors. My favorite color is red and my fiance's is blue. The bridesmaid dresses we found are a brighter cranberry (maybe more towards a cherry red). Is there any blue that I can pair with this that won't make my wedding look too much like the 4th of July? The wedding will be in September 2013.

Thank you!!

ljf88 February 04, 2013

Love your website!!! I am getting married in May in New Orleans, La. The ceremony and reception will both be in a beautiful courtyard in the french quarter. I would love some help with color combinations. I LOVE bright colors, however, I'm just not sure what colors would look great together. I am trying to stay away from the deep purple that you think of when you think New Orleans. I would love your help! Thank you so much!!


Hi! I love your blog! I am getting married at the end of May and love all the colors on your site. However, I was wondering if you have a board or create a pallete (havent seen one yet) that would include cerulean, powder, mauve, peach and antique gold. thanks!


:::octoberlove::: February 05, 2013


I am so upset that I am just now finding this blog! You are amazing! And I am still trying to understand how you keep up so well while still caring for 3 kids?! Way to go!

I am in desperate need of some help for my wedding colors. My wedding is in 6.5 months and I can't make a decision. I have some factors that come into play however that need to be considered. Here are the specs:
*My fiance INSISTS on using black as one of our colors
*The ceremony is outside (JW Marriott Las Vegas) and the reception is inside (Edge Lounge) so I want something that says "summery, light and airy"
*I am using baby's breath for the main flower so I need the colors to not be too formal where the bouquets will look out of place.
*I'm finding it impossible to match linens to the bridesmaid dress swatches I've found so far that I like. So I wonder if I am over stressing that everything be matchy-matchy.

I need your help!! PLEASE!!
Thanks so much,

the bride who's lost her mind

M February 05, 2013

Hello I son planning my wedding with gold, silver, gray and ivory, I am not sure about white and black.

Marissa February 06, 2013

I am absolutely loving your website!! I feel like I have a real pallet conundrum, combining blue with a metallic for a summer wedding. I found a Navy/Blush/Silver pallet, but I don't want the wedding to feel cold and wintery with Navy and silver. I haven't been able to solve this from browsing! Can I mix a dark blue with gold? Do I need to stick with a powder blue because it's summer? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

***Win Wizardess*** February 06, 2013

What an awesome website, your work is fantastic! I would love to see your creativity in action with the ideas that are floating around in my head... :)

I am planning a November wedding, at a venue on the river in eastern Georgia. The venue has panoramic windows that look out on to the river and rapids, lots of beautiful trees, spanish moss, water - it's lovely. The room is very natural high ceilings, wooden beams, etc. I would love a palette of slate blue, blush and ivory/champagne or moss green, blush, ivory/champagne. Can't wait to see your interpretation and inspiration!!



I'd love to get your advice on creating a color palette for my upcoming in November 2013. My style is modern, sophisticated, and glamorous (lots of rhinestones). My wedding flowers are phalaneopsis orchid, calla lily, mokara, and rose. Currently, I'm considering a color palette of fuchsia/magenta (orchid) and white with silver accents (table linens, candle holders, ect). I'd like to have a third color perhaps in the purple family(lavender, plum ?. I don't want it to be too feminine or too dark. Please let me your thoughts. Thank you!

Erica Howerton February 08, 2013

Hello Chrissy!

I love love love your blog and the inspiration it provides! You put together such beautiful creations. I am a newly engaged gal and have decided upon the wedding colors I would like. However, I have not yet found a wedding or a previous palette that has the combination of colors. I will be getting married at a barn in summertime so my vision for the wedding is rustic elegance. I would love if you could come with a palette of purple, green, and brown if you have the time! I love earth tones and deep hues, but nothing too deep that wouldn't be appropriate for a summer wedding. I would love to see what shades you would put together with these colors as I am not sure what would look best and blend well.

Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the work that you are doing! Thank you for your creativity and inspiration!


J February 10, 2013

Hi! :)
I am thinking about purple as a main colour with turquoise and gold for details. And white ofcourse ;) Bridesmaides in white dresses to the knee and gold sequin up in the dress. Bestmans in grey suits, keeping it simple :) You have not put this together (what I can se) and is now wondering if u could try for me? ;)
really love the website!
XXX / Jonna

Sari Abraham February 14, 2013

Hi Chrissy,

This is a fabulous site--I came across it long ago and bookmarked it for the day I started planning my wedding. That day's today...! I have what I think is a cool idea for a color scheme but I'm having trouble visualizing it and (more than that) I'm not sure that it'll all work together.

I'm having a winter wedding in January 2014 at the Tribeca Rooftop in NYC. It's a loft space, big windows, and an industrial loft space feeling. I'd love to play UP the loft feeling (exposed ductwork and brick etc) rather than cover it up.

In keeping with the modern feel, I thought it'd be cool to use a Chartreuse or an Acid Green as an accent color against a blue (maybe cobalt?) grey (like a gunmetal or charcoal) and a light color (i'm not super keen on white white, but I don't want to muddy it up too much by going with an ivory or champagne).

Anything you can put together would be absolutely amazing!

Thank you!

Maye Giselle A. Santos


Good day to you!

I and my fiance have yet to decide on the date come 2014 for our wedding. This gives me a lot of time to plan and prepare. Though I'm getting a wedding coordinator, I'd like to organize my theme and palette. I adore your blog and I'm certain you can help me organize my thoughts.

We're thinking of a 1920's inspired wedding wherein we have antique gold as our primary color and cranberry red & emerald green as secondary colors. My prob is that we refuse to have our secondary colors appear Christmas-y. Maybe we can put in some dainty neutral tones as tertiary? I was thinking of having these colors for our entourage while our secondary will be our ceremony and reception decors. Help please?! I need your expertise and we'd appreciate your inputs.

Thanks so much in advance. = ) More power to you and your blog. = )

Maçãs&Borboletas February 16, 2013

Hello my name is Cátia i live in Macao near Hong Kong, and I will have a Destination Wedding in Thailand, but not in the beach. Is going to be in the high hills in the north - Chiang Mai. We choose the black, white, gold and emerald green. Can you help me to have some inspiration? I have look for every yours boards and i never found this tree colors. Thank you so much for you help.

mariannelizabeth February 17, 2013

Hi Chrissy, I just stumbled across your gorgeous blog and it's already been helpful for me in planning my wedding day! I'm trying to put together a colour palette for my June 15th, 2013 wedding. We're going to be married in an art deco-style town hall in London, UK and moving to a bright Victorian pub for the reception. I want everything to be bright and cheerful, and my favourite colour is blue, so I've been looking at combinations of blue/yellow/corally red, but I'm wondering if a combination of the three colours might be too much. My dress is white with a lot of lace and silvery beading details, so I was thinking about potentially bringing a bit of silver into the mix.
Can you help?


Tanith Williams


My name is Tanith and I live in England, although we are actually getting married in Wales, which is where my dads family is from. Our venue is Peterstone Court which is a Country House Hotel in a Georgian style.

I was originally thinking of have different shades of blue for our wedding palette but after stumbling weddings slightly obsessively I have fallen in love with pastel colours.

I would really like a palette that features a selection of pastel colours, with at least one blue. We are getting married in the summer, I want to have a classic wedding but with lots of fun elements. We are having about 100 guests and I have somehow managed to have 8 bridemaids with varying ages of 9 to 25!

I am a massive fan of fresh flowers and believe that the little touches make a wedding, your help with our colour palette would be greatly appreciated!!!



Oh my Gosh, this blog is completely amazing! I wonder if you could put together a pallet for me, I can't really find many pictures of things people have done with my colors.

My colors are yellow and blue, th blue is close to a cerulean sort of shade, and I'd like to incorporate light and dark blues into the wedding as well. For the yellow, I'm trying to stay to the lighter, pastel side so as not to overwhelm the blue, but yellow is my favorite color, so I don't want it to be too understated. If I had my way, the whole wedding would be yellow, but my fiance isn't too crazy about that idea.

I also had the idea to make a brooch bouquet, or at least a partial brooch bouquet. I'm not sure how to do that with my colors, and without making the whole thing very vintage-y.

Think you could help me out? I'd love to see what you can find!

(Thanks in advance!)



I love your blog and te wedding ideas. I am planning a wedding for this year in December. It will be a church officiation, followed by an indoor reception in a hall.

I am confused about my wedding palette right now. One thing I am sure of is I will have light yellow or buttercup yellow and grey, but i am not sure of which other colours this combo would go with. I am torn between blue and grape. Please on the shades of blue that would look great and elegant with light yellow and gray/silver?

Best regards,


Hi - I absolutely love your blog and I aspire to have a wedding that lives up to the stylish palettes you are constantly putting together.

I will be getting married in July 2014 and we want a multi-coloured, vintage weddings with colours that don't quite hit you over the head, but tie everything together nicely.

All that I know for sure is that I will have yellow and orange roses in my bouquet. Can you put together a palette of soft yellow, orange, mint and teal for me please?

Or do you have any other great ideas for me? Yellow and orange don't have to be central colours, they just have to 'go.' Also, I love super pale bridesmaids dresses, in blush or taupe for example, but I can't seem to reconcile that with my yellow and orange bouquet. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your beautiful work!

Jillian Elmhirst February 19, 2013

Your blog is amazing and has helped me a lot. Im looking for more of a dark regal fall wedding with Navy, Hunter Green, and Plum. I was thinking of maybe doing a metallic color in there as well, but its been harding finding a dark pallet for fall with out using brown (I don't like brown)

Jess February 21, 2013

Your blog is amazing, so glad I stumbled across it! I am getting married in August 2013 in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It is technically Winter but average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius with blue skies! We're getting married on a rooftop terrace overlooking the ocean so the obvious choice would be shades of blue but I am actually considering something combining coral and turquoise - but am a little afraid of combining two such bright colours! I couldn't find one of these palettes on the site already so would love to see what you could do with it! I'm having a vintage style wedding dress but the rest of the details (re decoration etc) are very much up in the air!

LiveLovePlay February 24, 2013

Hi Chrissy,
Great site, Im wondering if you can do a red black and white palette?
thank you!

LiveLovePlay February 24, 2013

Canyou do a black red and white palette?

Jameka Richards February 25, 2013


Im getting married to my wonderful fiance July 5,2014 and we would love to have some inspiration.
We were thinking plum and a peachy-coral(were not a fan of the pinky-coral) We would really appreciate if you could create a palette for us to help us. Were having a church wedding in Baytown, Texas

leighleheidi February 28, 2013

So happy I found this blog!!

So I'm going for a vintage inspired, romantic, but easy, effortless, and casual event. I'm thinking peacock-ish colors. Shades of blue with gold, yellow and teal accents. Our venue is a gorgeous Brooklyn venue called The Green Building. It's all exposed red brick with big gold chandeliers. Our ceremony will take place in Grand Central Terminal. So I'm trying to tie all these wonderful elements together. Help!!


Hey Chrissy

I just found out about your website after some crazy mind blowing time on internet to fin THE website for my wedding palette!
I'm French and I'll get married in Summer 2014.
I'm having a really hard time trying to combine my fiancé tastes and mine.
He loves blue, it's his favorite color. And I want him to have it on our wedding. I, on the other side, don't really have favorite color but I love warm color (red, oranges...) and silver.
I'd love to find the good shades to mix some blue/red/silver together without looking too much '4th of July' ... Could you help me?


G'day -Love your work and I really need your help! I'm trying to organise my low budget wedding from Australia while I wait for my visa so I can get married within 90 days when I get to upstate NY, USA! So I have no date & no season to work with. We are planning on a evening wedding with Dessert reception. Since we have six kids between us our wedding party are all kids that are still growing so nothing can be bought to far in advance! I have bought my dress - its not white-

We have decided the bridesmaids will be in vintage inspired black dresses ( easy enough to find) the groomsmen in black pants/ suits with suspenders? .
So we have black and the burgundy/wine colour in my dress and I would love to have my fiance wear a blue shirt with his suit - he has amazing blue eyes! I just cant seem to picture these colours together and imagine a rich slightly vintage feel without tons of gold to give it lift. I dont really want a lot of gold unless its vintage brass keys - old /rose gold etc- would love to have peacock feathers but do not want to introduce the super vibrant purples just some green/blue/dusty gold. I have even toyed with making a brooch bouquet to avoid seasonal issues /expense with flowers.

So I guess what I need is a pallet that can cross spring/summer/fall -I really hope you can help and I'm not asking the impossible, Thank You :)


I need help! I have a general color pallet in my head but I can't figure out exactly what I like. There's just too many options and different shades of each color!
I really love yellow, its my favorite color but I don't like just plain gray and yellow, or black and yellow. I really want a colorful pallet where yellow is still really prominent. I don't want something crazy and over the top. I just want formal, simple, and cute.
These are the colors I want:
cream/beige, light yellow, Blue, burnt orange, and coral.


We are having a mid-summer wedding, outdoor ceremony, indoor reception. Having said that, am in love with the colors listed below:

Bridesmaids in mint/light teal/aqua or similar color.
Fuschia (Darker pink - probably only in the flowers)
want to throw some dark blue in there somehow (will be having some blue toile)
groom / groomsmen likely wearing khaki or tan of some sort
My dress is ivory

Thank you!


Will you really consider our requests? That's incredible.

I'm planning a summer wedding. I've always loved blue, especially a steel blue. As I've tried to select a pallet, I keep wanting to select something with these beautiful cool tones... but I don't know how to make it work for summer. Any ideas?

I don't know if it helps, but my style is very elegant and traditional. This will be formal wedding.

Thanks for taking time to consider this, and for creating this blog. What a resource!

Molly March 08, 2013

Hi! I wanted to say you have an incredible site with such inspiration that its been so helpful. I have been in contact with a design company and they had a proposal for the color palette but I'm having a really hard time just seeing it all together. The colors we were thinking are: creams, peaches, and soft green with touches of blue-black berries, hints of navy and pewter gray. I do think its the type of palette I'm looking for but if I saw it all together it would really help me make sure it's the colors for me. We are looking for a classic romantic feel with a spin on the great gatsby era with feathers and other accents. If it wouldn't be to much trouble to put something together for me so that I know what it would all look like together it would really put my mind at ease. I understand how busy you must be getting comments all the time and working In new uploads so I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my post. Thank you very much.

- Molly

Aida Krgin March 13, 2013

Hi Chrissy,
First let me say that I love your color palettes. I'm a huge fan. I am working with a brand new wedding planner publication based in Westchester, NY. We are working on our very first local printed issue and would love to include some color palettes for Spring/Summer 2013. Please let me know if you would be willing to provide us with four color palettes (two per season) for our fist issue. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance,
Preston and Fireflies Media, Westchester New York

Melissa Snyder March 14, 2013


What you do is amazing! I cannot tell you how long I have looked for the perfect palette for my fall wedding. I have yet to find it, but have full faith you can make my vision come true for me. I'm looking for a palette of Tiffany Blue & burnt orange. I saw these yellow roses that were variegated with the orange and loved the combination. Can you help me?

Yours truly,
Soon-to-marry Mel :)



I have to say that I absolutely love what you do. When we were planning our wedding last year, we came straight to your site first. We found our perfect colors too! Now, one of my best friends/former roommate is getting married this summer, but she's having trouble picking colors. Ideally she is looking for a combo of dark purple, rose red/burgundy, and silver. That is a hard combo to find, especially if you don't want it to look like a Vegas Casino in the end. Can you put together one that is classy, formal, and elegant on her behalf? Thanks much!



Hi Chrissy,
I hope this will be an extra surprise, as I am contacting you from Australia! I found your blog through Pinterest, and it has become a massive source of inspiration. My partner and I are recently engaged (about 6 weeks now), so we are still in the very early stages of ideas and planning.

Although we are currently living in Sydney, we would like to have an outdoor wedding in Canberra possibly in June (which is winter for Australia).
I would love to have Australian Native flowers, and have a very cosy family atmosphere to the whole event (punch, roast pork, finger food/buffet). We don't, however, want it looking to "country".

My favourite colour is a dark reds, but cool colours look best on my future Mr, especially deep blue. My fear is that we will end up with a mish-mash of Country-Nautical-Winter-Picnic-Look that would be cringe worthy.

Any help on a colour direction would be highly appreciated.


Your site is awesome! I have been on it about every day for the past 2 weeks since I have been engaged!

I am looking for the color combo of a lighter coral, sage green, and a yellow. Can't seem to find those 3 together! I have my heard set on these 3 and am hoping to find ideas for our upcoming wedding!

Thanks! - Lora

Jonalee March 18, 2013

Hi Chrissy,

I'm a florist and I am working with a bride who is using teal and silver as her main colors. I'd love to see a palette that uses silver, teal and coral. I checked both your teal and coral links but I didn't see any that combine the two. The bride wants a fun, cute, simple feel to her wedding. originally we were thinking pink with the teal but I think coral is more "fun". We'd love to see what you come up with!



I love your website.. Simply PERFECT! :) Getting married in a tropical country by April.. It will be summer back there.. I was thinking shades of mint blue or aqua, peach pink type of coral and mint green. I still don't know what looks I will go for. Can you pls suggest something using these colors? The reception will be in the evening.. Pls advise and hopefully you could shed me some light.. Thanks!


I'm lost, your ideas are so beautiful, but I can't seem to find one for my wedding...a November evening at Church Street Station (Jonesboro, Arkansas). The venue has golden walls and gold chivari chairs. I've ordered my dress (casablanca couture B055) in champagne silver. (The dress is champagne silk with a little silver and pearl beading.) Both have a vintage vibe. Here's why I'm struggling for inspiration:
-We're not a "rustic" sort of couple.
-I like art deco or a more vintage glam, but would it be too bold for the venue and dress?
-I do not like brown.
-I love emerald, but I'm not crazy about white/ivory flowers and I don't know what other color would coordinate.
-I have considered a deep red, but what other color?
-Peonies are my favorite, but in November?
All of this information leaves me with no idea which colors to use! Please help!



Kate March 23, 2013

Hi Chrissy!

I love you blog and think so many of these palettes look great. I am completely stumped with our wedding because the space is so original it offers lots of possibilities and challenges.

We are getting married at the George Peabody Library in Balitmore, MD on August 18th. I've always been an outdoorsy kinda girl but the humidity in Baltimore really made us need an indoor venue. The ceremony and reception will be held in the neo-Grec style soaring stack room with six tiers of stately cast-iron columns, decorative railings, and classical embellishments touched with gold-leaf in this room that rises 61 feet from its black-and-white marble floor to the massive skylight that caps the central interior.

The challenge is that the lighting will be nice and natural for the ceremony starting at 5:30 but will become darker and a bit more yellow as the natural light fades.

I would love to use poppies, anemones and maybe some summer flowers in the room. I like red, blue, orange, yellow... I am totally confused and need help!

Hoping you can point me in the right direction!

Here is a link to the library:


Jessica Claire

Hey Chrissy,

My groom's only request is that he wants to wear a red tie, however, none of the color palettes I like include red. We want to have a forest wedding in July, incorporating lots of nature (wood, succulents, among flowers of course) into our decorations.
The colors I tend to like are pastels, on the warmer side of the color wheel, like peach and yellow.
And both of us tend to like greys as well.
Can you help us??

Teagan Butterworth March 27, 2013

Hi Chrissy

Your blog is exactly what I have been looking for! I have a colour scheme in mind but am having a hard time trying to communicate this with my family.

I really like the combination of dusty aqua, muted mint and (off) white. Our wedding is in the country with a vintage farm style to it.

I hope you can help, thank you so much


I love your palettes!
Could you create me one with grays and tiffany blues. I am wanting a vintage wedding nothing to fancy but laid back and classy. I just cant decided on the colors. It will be in November. Let me know :)
Thank you
Kirbie :))
Email is


I'm looking to pull together some warm neutral colors- latte, antique gold, ivory and camel- with peach and blush accents. I felt like this would have a nice "Indian Summer" feel. Would you be interested in pulling an inspiration board based on that palette?
Thank you!

Tayler B.


I am in the beginning stages of planning my wedding set for early July 2014. We live in central Texas so it is going to be hot! We are planning for a wedding in the hill country with a country/rustic/vintage vibe. OUtdoor ceremony, indoor reception. I am in love with the color combination of eggplant, oranges, and greens. I haven't seen many palettes with this combo and was hoping for your help.

Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

Tayler B.

perfectly unglued March 31, 2013

hi! i love your site and it has really helped with finding visuals for my wedding. i was wondering if you could come up with a palette for my wedding. my theme is "enchanted wedding" and the colors i've been looking at are chartreuse, fern, ivory and antique gold.

i really love fairy tale style weddings that are still dark and mysterious, like you would see in lord of the rings or snow white and the huntsman. imagine if the evil queen got married and what her wedding would look like with my color scheme. i'm getting married on june 22nd 2013 and i would love to see what you come up with! xoxox

meghan smith


Hi there!!
I'm absolutely loving your blog! It's giving me heaps of ideas for my wedding! I'm getting married in march next year in port fairy, the ceremony is in a garden which is overlooking the river/wharf and has 6 old historic cannons surrounding the clearing in the garden. The reception is in a big room next to the pub which used to be an old barn in the 1800's and still has the big double stable doors to enter.
So I'm thinking a vintage/ old world charm theme, I'm liking the ideas of the bridesmaids in lavender, myself in a creamy lace and the groomsmen in charcoal??
I'm also having a silver/pearl brooch bouquet, that's what has given me the vintage idea.
Any ideas/inspiration that you could give me would be fantastic!!!! :) :)


H!! LOVE the color combos that you have put together. I'm having a hard time picking palettes for my wedding next Spring in Hong Kong and would really appreciate it if you could give me a few pointers or some inspiration.

We are going to have an outdoor garden ceremony so I'm thinking of summer vibrant colors (e.g. peach, coral, white, lavender, aqua)...but the banquet hall at night has a lot of dark wood (e.g. walls, ceilings, pillars) with white seat covers and table cloth so i'm not sure if my outdoor spring colors will go well with the dark wood. Would be great if you could help me pick out a palette that will set a happy spring tone for my garden wedding but at the same time go well with the dark wood elegant banquet hall at night. I like lavender and peach but wouldn't mind going with bolder colors like red, yellow/gold, purple. We really want to set a mood that is fun, romantic and cozy.

Hope to hear from you!!!

S. Lim


I love your site! I really really hope you or some of the other readers can help. We are getting married in August in an historic Prairie Style hall north of Chicago. It has dark wood walls, exposed beams, and a dark ceiling. Here is the problem: the walls are mustard yellow and the trim and stage curtain are hunter green. We want to brighten and lighten up the space for a summer wedding, but I am not sure how to bring all of these colors together.
Here is a link to photos of the venue:
Thank you SO SO much for your consideration.


Your website is so lovely! Some of these combinations are so unique!

So I hope you can help me! I'm getting married in May of a yet-to-be-determined year. We love the idea of soft, romantic colors (rosy pinks, soft greens and cream, etc.) BUT, we want to include TARDIS blue somehow. I love the idea of some bold color in with the softness, but I'm not sure how to pull it off!



I just stumbled across your website while looking for the perfect palette for my wedding!

I hope you could grant my request for a color palette with the following colors:

tiffany blue, vintage-y pink (not sure what color is this actually but not the loud pink), gray and white.

Our wedding is this December 2013 and I really really really hope to hear from you!

Much love from Manila!


ali72 April 02, 2013

Really loving looking through your site, and viewing all the different palettes.
My wedding is August 24th in FL, so it will still be summery here. The palette I'm considering is shades of pink, coral, and gold accents. I haven't seen this exact combination anywhere, so I'm not sure if it goes well. In particular, I want pink flowers for the bridesmaids, but I'm not sure I can do that with coral dresses. Would love to see any inspiration that you have! Thanks so much!



Hi ! What a GREAT website. I didn't know where to get started until my friend shared your website with me - simply amazing!

I wanted to ask you for your advice on a yellow / golden color palate for our wedding in May in Berlin. This is the location: and we will be indoors in a pretty white room. We are thinking of decorating with paper garlands or balloons and certainly some flowers, but want to keep the colors pretty simple (gold / yellow / orange / white?) Thoughts? Would love your advice! Thanks so much!

kalekt April 03, 2013


So we are planning an August 2014 wedding. We are having a bird/book theme and want to base our colors off of the rufous hummingbird

(but vintage style so a bit more muted) - mossy green, vintage orange, maybe a hit of magenta? and pale rose or cream as a neutral? I am not sure of which colors should be the primary -either having a hit of metallic orange or a hit of metallic magenta! I am a designer so I am having color overload, can't choose!


Hello there!
We are having a September wedding! Purple has always been my favorite color so I chose plum, black and ivory as the colors for our wedding. We haven't yet picked a theme. Any suggestions with these colors?
I would greatly appreciate if you would put a color scheme together with these colors. Please & thank you in advance!
Thank you. :)

Erin Richman April 04, 2013

I would love to see a palette that includes gray, fig, dusty rose or light plum, yellow, and light green. I am thinking of using these colors in our 'rustic chic' outdoor wedding in Northern California in August 2013. Thanks!!

Anna Swisher April 05, 2013

Hello! Love the blog. My wedding is April of next year in an old ballroom that is very art deco style. The building has tons of beautiful gold details, so I know I will be incorporating gold into my colors. I had initially thought of doing mostly neutrals, black, gold, ivory, white and mixing in lots of fabrics and textures, with maybe a hint of blush tones in the florals or something. I've been seeing so much mint and gold lately, it got me thinking of doing neutral BM dresses with mint/gold necklaces and some mint details throughout the decor. Any way you could help me visualize a neutral palette, heavy on the gold that incorporated hints of mint and maybe blush/coral to play up spring would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all the inspiration!
xo Anna

Aga April 08, 2013

I just love your blog!
I'm getting married this July and I would love to see white, navy and peach together. I think it would look lovely with my romantic light dress. The ceremony is in an old little church and the reception in a regional restaurant. Oh, I must mention that the wedding is in Poland ;)
Kisses from Poland!

Jenny Klein April 08, 2013

When I first started planning my September 2013 wedding I was dead set on your "Autumn Elegance" palette with fig, plum, gold, and ivory. That palette is just gorgeous! However, I'm starting to lean towards gray (groomsmen will be in charcoal suits) and I would also like some silver candelabras-- sometimes gold metal is just way too harsh! Can you help me combine those colors in a nice way without having too many metalics going on? Thanks and love your site!



I'd love to see a board with these colors -
Fig, Fuchsia, Antique Gold, & Mustard!

Thank you for your help!!


Plum, light yellow, and gray for a late August reception to celebrate a destination ceremony. We are not having a wedding party so we are mostly focused on table settings, flowers, invitations, and decor. Thanks!

Moriah April 10, 2013

Hi! I really like your blog. It's such a great idea. I recently got engaged and have been having trouble deciding what colors to use (I like so many). My wedding is going to be June 15th. The ceremony and reception will both be outside in a wooded area. My style is romantic/ whimsical/classic...
I love bluish purples, light slate green, dark gray, ivory, and blush. Do these work? Is it too many?
Hope you can help!

Blaire Brandon April 12, 2013

Hi Chrissy!

Thank you for creating such an amazing wedding resource! I am getting married in May 2014 at a beautiful historic garden. I was thinking of doing dusty lavender and khaki/burlap with pops of coral/peach especially in the flowers. I am having a hard time convincing my mother and future MIL of my vision. Do you think you could create a pallete for me with these colors? Thanks!

flor elizabeth zepeda April 13, 2013

I can't believe I was lucky enough to come across your site! I was just complaining to my friends that I am having SUCH a hard time deciding on colors!!

I guess I'll dive right dream was to have a winter wedding. i love the snow, blue and silver that is associated with winter,but because of holidays, vacation times etc. the summer season or springtimes worked out as best. We decided on March 2014.
However...I do not like pink! And almost all palettes for spring are pink or too "light" and "girly".
i've always been drawn to darker colors. After browsing wedding sites with example i have found that I like the different shades of grays, black and white. I also like the royal/navy blue color (maybe small details with blue??)

(A little background) We live in Chicago and will be having the wedding downtown. We have not decided on a venue,however, most of the venues that we are considering have the decor in common- they are all "darker"- gray walls, silver decor , votive candles,& larger windows to see the skyline. We are planning to have a small intimate wedding of under 75 people.
BUT (here is my huge back&forth) my ring is untraditional- it's rose gold with a halo around a peach sapphire...I am torn between incorporating a gold/taupe color to match the ring...
I never thought COLORS would be driving THIS crazy!!

Please,please, please help!!!!


The link below is of a ring similar to mine


Hello. I am having an early August wedding in 2014 and I have yet to pick colors. I am not really wanting to use wedding colors that everyone has seen. The other day I was on Google searching palettes and I found 3 different ones that I liked: Plum and Blush, Plum and Peach, and Blush and Peach. My question to you is, do you think that Plum, Blush and Plum could work together?

I will appreciate any advice you can think of. Also, if you could make an inspiration board, I would love that!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Hello! I have enjoyed viewing all the lovely palettes that you have put together. I have a request that doesn't involve peacocks but most of the colors that go with it.
These colors include, Navy, Gold, Chocolate Brown, Yellow and Purple. I would love to see how these colors work together because I am choosing Navy and Gold for my wedding colors.
Thank you for reading this comment!

Ashley Ann

I'm getting married in November 2014. I'm so lost with this planning, and the only thing I have is my wedding dress. I have been engaged since 2011, this whole planning thing has just been frustrating. I finally found some colors that I would like for the wedding. I love love love blush and I'm a huge fan of sparkly silver and my dress is Ivory. I have some ideas but your input would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks, and love the blog!

Francine April 18, 2013

I'd love to see a combibation of plum & mint...


Hi! Thank you for your wonderful blog, it has been such a joy to look through your beautiful inspiration boards! We will be getting married in June 2014 on the island of Lana'i (Hawaii)as it is where I grew up and a place I feel a very special connection to. I would LOVE to see your idea for a forest green (sage), pale pink and white theme, as I will be having white Christmas lights, lanterns, herbs and ferns in my flower arrangements, (pink accents) with the setting in an open meadow under the stars. Thank you for your continuously beautiful ideas!

mama.on.the.move April 22, 2013

Hi there,
I have just found your site and it is AMAZING!!! I have just booked our big day, yay! and am strugging with colours. I really like the rich purple or blues, so more jewel type colours, but want to be able to add a pop of hot pink into the mix. Our wedding will be at the end of summer/start of autumn and will be outside, so dont really want green as my bridesmaids will blend in with the grass!!

Your help will be much appreciated!

Kelly H.

Hi! I've browsed your website many times, but can't seem to find the 'perfect' palette that I am looking for. A June/July wedding - the ceremony will take place in a greenhouse, and the reception will be in a hall with a rustic feel (post & beam, farmer's porch, etc.) I'd like it to have a rustic yet somewhat modern feel to it, as well. The colors I'm looking for are navy blue, coral(ish), antique gold, and white. I've seen a few things on Pinterest, but I am curious as to what you can come up with! Thanks so much!!


Hi there! I love your blog. My fiance and I are getting married September 1 2013 and we need to decide on our palette. I love the idea of garden chic/ garden luxe. We're getting married at an arboretum, so the wedding will be outdoors, with the dinner under on a cobblestone area that's tented. So far I have the bridesmaids dresses in a blush pink. So very soft and romantic. My dress is ivory with some lace... I want it to feel romantic—lots of candlelight and white lights. Very clean, elegant but we also love the idea of incorporating a little burlap here and there. But other than ivory and blush, what other colors can we do to really make it feel clean, bright and give it a little bit of something? I'm really undecided! Should we go with a green/yellow? Or maybe green and a little bit of coral? Any help would be so, so appreciated.

Thank you!

xo jenna


Hello Chrissy,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Your blog is awesome!

My wedding is Oct 6th, 2013.

He is French and I am American and the wedding will be in the Oregon country side. The estate has a very European vineyard feel and an Oregon woodsy side. Our theme is a 1920's-30's vintage inspired Gatsby era soiree, think classic and chic not flapper.

The colors I have in my head are a dusty burnt rose, brassy gold, champagne, black and creamy ivory. The surroundings will bring in mossy green.

I would be honored and so thankful for your advice of a color palate/scheme. Your wisdom is sure to take my idea to the next level.

Kind regards and much appreciation.

Portland, OR.


Hello Chrissy,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Your blog is awesome!

My wedding is Oct 6th, 2013.

He is French and I am American and the wedding will be in the Oregon country side. The estate has a very European vineyard feel and an Oregon woodsy side. Our theme is a 1920's-30's vintage inspired Gatsby era soiree, think classic and chic not flapper.

The colors I have in my head are a dusty burnt rose, brassy gold, champagne, black and creamy ivory. The surroundings will bring in mossy green.

I would be honored and so thankful for your advice of a color palate/scheme. Your wisdom is sure to take my idea to the next level.

Kind regards and much appreciation.

Portland, OR.


Hi Chrissy,

Loving your website!!
My son is having a 8th grade graduation party/Jr prom next month and we have chosen teal,silver and white as the parties colors,but having a hard time visualizing the colors together and every time I do,I visualize it being too girly. Please help me!!Need to be inspired and soon,June 1st is around the corner.

Best Regards


Hi! Your website is great! I am looking for a vintage/retro DIY themed royal blue and bright green board. I couldn't find anything like that, they were both navy...thanks!

Amy Johnson May 03, 2013

I love this website! How amazing! I have been browsing for HOURS.
I am getting married in August to the love of my life in an outdoor chapel ( on an island off the coast of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The reception will be at his parents' cabin.
So, even though my wedding is very much a SUMMER wedding, there will be evergreens everywhere. I really want to play that up, because the scenery is so beautiful. However, I don't want things to look wintery or Christmassy at all.
I had thought some peach, blush, or ivory would look lovely and whimsical, but I'm not sure how to tie that in with the evergreen/sagey colors. I am not so into "bright" colors or metallics.
I also have seen evergreen bouquets with blackberries and blueberries, and I thought that looked really nice. Not sure how to tie this all together. Please help!

Frances N

Hello there!
I love this site, and I've been perusing many of the different palettes in hopes of seeing my ideal color scheme represented. Unfortunately, I haven't seen my colors put together here!

I was thinking along different shades of dusty aqua, blush pink, and mint/jade. I would love to see bright pops of accent colors as floral arrangements for my outdoor brunch wedding, but love the light feel of the dusty aqua, blush pink, and jade.

I am stumped on coordinating groomsmen and bridesmaids, though! I love the idea of monochromatic shades of blush pink for the bridesmaids, and seersucker blue suits for the groomsmen.

Any help is much appreciated!!

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