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{Big News!}: The Perfect Palette DOT COM!

So you might of have heard that I had some big news coming your way? Go ahead look around. You see anything different? No? Look a little harder my friends because something IS different.

Okay, I'm done making you wait! And to be honest I can hardly contain my excitement! Part of my big, super exciting news is that the official home of The Perfect Palette is now www.theperfectpalette.com. In case you don't remember, we were previously www.theperfectpaletteblog.com.

Aren't you loving the simplicity? Plus, be honest, how many of you have accidentally gone to theperfectpalette.com expecting to see me? Only to discover that I'm nowhere to be found? Perhaps you're sitting there thinking, ''Chrissy it's just a new domain, what's the big deal''?

Well, to me it's a big deal because the truth is that I started eyeing this domain shortly after starting my blog back in early 2009 - and to be honest I've always kicked myself for not checking it's availability before starting my blog. But how was I supposed to know that my little creative outlet would become my business?

Unfortunately, my dream domain was taken at the time and so I settled for www.theperfectpaletteblog.com instead. Settling has never been my thing, but after a while I really grew to love my second choice domain. Admittedly, though, as the Perfect Palette grew I often dreamt of someday owning this domain, but wondered... would it ever happen?

Time went on, and honestly I just sort of gave up on the idea of it all because I figured the current owner would never let it go. Of course I'd often visit my dream domain always in hopes that it would be available...and then just the other day, there was a notice on the site saying that it was pending deletion! Could it be? Could I actually get my dream domain? It sounded almost too good to be true. All of the sudden my dream was in arm's reach!

Well, it did happen and I am now doing the happy dance over here because it's MINE!! ALL mine! The only way I can really put my excitement into words is that it's sort of the feeling of wanting something really, really badly, not knowing if it will ever be yours. And then suddenly + surprisingly, you get that thing that you want with all your heart. Ugh, it's a fabulous feeling.

So listen up, little ladies! I need you to update your blogrolls + bookmark our new site because we've relocated. Oh, and of course I'm not going to just up and leave you hanging! In the off chance you happen to forget, we will be sure to forward you to our new site. I have to admit it feels really good to have a new shiny domain. I mostly love knowing that my readers can get to the site with fewer clicks, plus I think from a branding standpoint this just suits us best. Besides, there is NO WAY I was going to let someone else have my dream domain!

Yep, it's true there were other interested parties and I had to go to auction for this {my} site!! UGH! I can't even tell you how anxious I was. As each minute elapsed on the clock, I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I guess it just goes to show how much passion I have for what I do. So many thoughts raced through my head! Was someone trying to swoop in and capitalize on all of my hard work? If someone else won the auction, would my readers get confused and not know where to find me? Would I have to take legal action? Gosh, that would have been the worst.

Luckily, I didn't get into the bidding war I thought I was going to get into and all ended up being right in the world! I think I would have freaked out just a smidge if I had not been the winner! he he. So there you have it... I'm over-the-moon excited! And to top it off, this is just the beginning of great things to come! I hope you will join me in celebrating. It just goes to show that a little dreaming can take you far.

So here's what I need you to do:
1. Update your blogrolls and bookmark the new site!
2. Share the Perfect Palette with your friends! At a loss for what to blog about? Why not share a palette from our 'Palette Library?' Me and my google ranking will thank you :)
3. Get excited because this is just the beginning of more exciting news to come.

So tell me, have you ever had a dream come true that you thought might never become a reality? Feels pretty darn good, doesn't it? That's me...always livin' the dream!

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Chrissy Arpie Ott

Chrissy Arpie Ott is the founder of The Perfect Palette. Since its launch in 2008, The Perfect Palette has been the go-to color resource for couples who dream of a unique, creative, and colorful wedding day.

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38 Comments " {Big News!}: The Perfect Palette DOT COM! "

chandra ~ oh lovely day August 01, 2011

YAY! That is BIG news! Congrats Chrissy. Big things will continue to happen for the perfectpalette.com :)


Congrats, Chrissy! Loved your story. I'm glad it all worked out in your favor. It would have been awful had you not been able to get your hands on this fabulous domain!

~ Lena

Lush Events + Co

Aw, that's wonderful. I definitely love the new domain. So easy to remember. Will definitely be sharing with my readers.

xo, Kate

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} August 01, 2011

Congrats Chrissy!! That's so exciting!!


The Dainty Doll's House August 01, 2011

Congrats, really exciting!! I wish it continued success! Have a great Monday!! xx

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking August 01, 2011

Congrats Chrissy! I am so excited for you after reading this post! It just shows you what a bit of determination and passion can achieve! Fantastic that you didn't give up on it!

Tamra {walkswithBella} August 01, 2011

Congrats on the new domain!! So happy for you, much deserved.

The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County August 01, 2011

love the site and share it with my brides every time you post. Glad you are where you wanted to be. Congrats and continued success in all you do!
Colours are such an integral part of a wedding day and you showcase them well!

Lace Affair August 01, 2011

Congrats!!! That is so exciting - it's like moving into your dream house! Your story is so great too, especially the bidding war anxiety (cuz we've all felt that on a way smaller scale - thanks ebay!)

Updating the blogroll as we speak. Have a fabulous Monday!

Lace Affair xxx

Sheryl Davies August 01, 2011

my blog site is http://www.bridaltalk.theweddingguide.ca
Your login wouldn't recognize it- perhaps because it's a Canadian URL?

Meg {henninglove} August 01, 2011

congrats on making the dot.com jump you have a truly terrific website so it is well desired!! love all your posts and thanks for helping us current and former brides with color palettes, that was the hardest thing for me initially


That's awesome news!!! Congrats, sweetie! :)

Jenna Lee August 01, 2011

Congrats on the new name! Looks great!

Closet Fashionista August 01, 2011

Yayy congrats on your domain! :D

Lovely Little Bride

Congrats on the new domain. I'm lovin' it!

~Lovely Little Bride

Debby August 01, 2011

My ideal domain is taken. This gives me hope that it will someday become available! xo

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} August 01, 2011

Awesome! Congrats on taking that next step. There's a lot on the horizon for you...I can feel it. :)

Danielle August 01, 2011

Congrats dear! I'm glad you were finally able to get what you wanted :)

Laura *You Stir Me* August 01, 2011

wooo hoo! I totally understand getting this excited about a new domain:) It's all yours now - don't you almost feel more complete? Congrats!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} August 01, 2011

That really is big news and *CONGRATS*! I always look forward to the new color yumminess that you have in store! Happy Monday, darlin'!

Sandra @ The White Library August 01, 2011

Congrats sweetie! Such a lesson. I always check for domains, so that never happens. You must be excited!

Erika Lee Sears August 01, 2011

woohoo congrats :) my hubs is crazy about getting the right domains for his work- so I know how you feel.

Courtney Erin August 01, 2011

Yay - congrats on getting the domain name (finally) - that's awesome!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Rebecca - A Daily Something August 01, 2011

What a great story! I know how you feel about having your own domain with the perfect name....so congrats on WINNING the auction! :)

Couture Carrie August 01, 2011

Congrats, darling!
Will update my blogroll right now...


Aleah + Nick August 01, 2011

Congratulations! That's a wonderful feeling! We'll be updating our blog roll!

Taylor Greggory

Congrats, girl! That's super exciting!

~Taylor G.

Raelyn Thomas

Congrats on realizing your dream. that's an amazing story.

xo, Raelyn

la petite coquine August 01, 2011

What a wonderful day, and a gorgeous new blog! Congratulations, Chrissy!

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi August 01, 2011

Congrats, and love, love, love theperfectpalette.com!!

Nikki August 01, 2011

Congratulations! That is big news! Okay I'm going to update right now.

I didn't know you could auction blog names. Crazy!

t August 01, 2011



Laura August 01, 2011


Demü August 01, 2011

This is actually so useful! Im currently planning a destination wedding and getting a little overwhelmed with color choices!!!
I love this blog :)

Julie {love, julie} August 02, 2011

wow! how exciting for you, what great news!!

Drew {Coral Cafe} August 02, 2011

I totally know what it's like to have your ideal domain name!!! Congrats on getting just that!!

Bride-onicles August 02, 2011

Yay congrats!! That is soooo exciting and awesome!

Chamonix August 04, 2011

i just found this site and I absolutely love it!!! it's so cool and very clever! I could spend hours here!


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