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March 27, 2010

{Welcome Spring}: Orange, Latte, Pink, Peach, & Shades of Yellow

March 27, 2010

{Orange, Latte, Pink, Peach, & Shades of Yellow}

Nothing says Spring like this blend of citrusy color! Shades of pinks, oranges and yellows blend effortlessly to create this beautiful eye opening, attention grabbing palette! To me, this palette conveys a certain celebratory vibe, one that is definitely far from stuffy and one that truly carries the fun factor. It's colors like these that remind you of your favorite popsicle flavor, of days spent beneath the sun, and of a carefree time in your life. Some of my favorite ideas in this board include the fruity drink display, the beautiful and vibrant favor boxes and of course those floating candles that look like lemons and grapefruits! I hope you are enjoying your Spring as much as I am. If only every day could be Spring!

{Click to Enlarge}

top row: arrangement, newlyweds in love, fruity drinks, bridal fascinator,
middle row: invitation by Bella Figura, pencils, lemons, buttons, invitation,
bottom row: pink dress, favor boxes, bridesmaids attire, floating candles.

Details We Love
Beautiful Floral Arrangement & Beautiful Bridal Party

Citrus colored favors {buttons and pencils}

Beautiful Handmade Fascinator

So how are you feeling about these colors? There is something so fun about this palette. Any brides-to-be out there who are considering this palette? Do tell!


Mrs T said...

Love this board. It's so sunshiney.

Jenna said...

Loving this!

Jenna said...

So vibrant!

The Wedding Outlet said...

Great mix of colors! Beautiful board!

Tulle and Taffeta said...

Happy. That's all.

leo said...
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leo said...

I love the feel! The colors are so happy. I really feel that Spring is here! I am so impressed with the palettes! They look good together.
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Pretty Personal Gifts said...

so so pretty!

elledee said...

wow wow, so gorgeous! I really love these colors together

Anonymous said...

wow. all i can say is wow!

Sirocco said...

I love everything about this collage! That bouquet, the pencil favours, those buttons and the boxes with rosettes. Beautiful!

Maria said...

Love the colors! And LOVE those little buttons!!

jennifer cole said...

I love this palette. I would love to make that bridal bouquet!
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Bridal Gowns said...

Whether gold, orange or brown, these colors provide a stunning backdrop for the autumn wedding.
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