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March 8, 2010

{Summertime is Sweet}: Blueberries + Raspberries = Love

March 8, 2010

{Red, Aqua, and Blue}

Looking for a fun and unexpected color palette for your upcoming Spring or Summer wedding? Well, don't let the combination of red and blue scare you off for fear that it might come across as too patriotic! This combination of red and shades of blue really is kind of unique. Wouldn't you agree? I just love the pale fabric used on those gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and the way that using touches of red really bring this palette to life. Some of my favorite ideas include the fun and modern presentation of the cocktails, the beautiful vintage lace used on the bridal gown and of course who could resist the idea of candy apples as favors?

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Details We Love
Signature Cocktails & Groomsmen Attire


creationsbyeve said...

Fantastic combination!I could never think of these colors for a wedding, but they look great!

Jenna said...

SO pretty!

everygoodandperfect said...

GREAT pallet! This is one of my favorite color schemes.

Jenna said...

I Love this

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Oh Wow!!! This color combo rocks!!!

Lydia said...

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Amy said...

i've been seeing a lot of this lately! first it was a red and blue july 4th americana wedding, then i saw blueberry/raspberry color invitations..just gorgeous!

Jodie said...

Ok, I love these colors and am having a winter wedding and I wanted to make it more of a "frost" like feeling. My question is, should the bridesmaids wear more of a light powder blue or a light aqua color? I still want to use accents of red. Do you think this will look ok for an end of November wedding?