January 29, 2010

{Sponsored Post}: The Dessy Group - Most Loved Wedding Inspiration Board Contest!

January 29, 2010
Dessy + The Perfect Palette,

'Most L-O-V-E-D'
Wedding Inspiration Board Contest!

Today I'm excited to share with you that we're teaming up with the Dessy Group to host an exciting inspiration board contest! And what's even more exciting are the prizes! Up for grabs for five lucky winners is as follows! For the next five weeks, we'll be choosing one lucky winner who will receive a total of $200.00 in prizes! What do the prizes include?

Click to Enlarge

The Prizes: The first prize that each winner will receive is the PANTONE WEDDING color guide valued at $35.00. Use your PANTONE WEDDING color guide as an aid to develop your unique color palette. Match your selected colors to your bridesmaid’s dresses, flower girl dresses, accessories, menswear, flowers, invitations and tabletop design.

-- In addition, each winner will receive, $60.00 worth of PANTONE swatch cards as well as $90.00 worth of fabric in your chosen colors! But it doesn't stop there, if that wasn't enough, Dessy is throwing in a quilted clutch worth $15.00! That's a total of $200.00 in prizes!

How does the contest work? Here are the rules and all of the details! To participate simply go to the Dessy Group website and create your very own inspiration board using their interactive inspiration board building tool. It's SO EASY! To qualify, each board should include a minimum of 5 PANTONE colors, and at least one Dessy product.

DON'T FORGET: Once you're all finished simply come back to The Perfect Palette and leave us a comment including a link to your published board, a brief explanation of the colors you chose, and the vision behind your inspiration board. Don't forget to also include your email address so that we can get a hold of you should win!

SHARE IT!: Winners will need to be in the 'most loved' category in the Dessy Gallery. Therefore, participants who use the 'Share with Facebook' feature will have a higher likelihood of winning so be sure to share your board with your friends and family! So what are you waiting for? It's time to get creative and start building your very own inspiration board!

Good luck to everyone! A winner will be chosen on Friday for the next 5 weeks. The first winner will be chosen Friday February 5th. Looking forward to seeing your ideas & all of your inspiration boards!


k8et said...

Awesome! I've used their tools before, but just created one for the contest based on the latest updates in my planning.


Our wedding is planned for fall, as we love the natural colors of the season and it will be easy to decorate with pumpkins and leaves. I've known for a while that I don't want a white dress, and the color I love and want is the teal dress shown here. However, my mother will be making my dress so that's just the stunt double! And who knows what I'll fall in love with in the fabric store!

The colors are just those that come together naturally with fall decorations, with the accent being the teal blue. I'm looking for a sophisticated yet laid back look that's full of personality and eccentric details, and really represents us.

(I've linked this to our wedding blog account, but the blog will be moving hopefully this weekend, www.nateandkatie.com is the permanent link. My email is k8et1120 (at) gmail.com)


beth said...


This was so much fun! I think I'm going to do several of them for our wedding!

This is for our June wedding in Puerto Rico. This is what I have in mind using the peacock feather as my inspiration. We are planning a church wedding with a beach house reception.
The bridesmaids will be choosing one of the colors in a style that suits them and it will all be tied together with the flowers and jewelry. the rings are platinum and my dress is in ivory.

Clare Richardson said...


I'm having a spring wedding, so I chose a bold purple (Amethyst), some soft pastels (Cloudy, Ice Lilac), the color of my dress (Ivory), and the color of my shoes (Mystic).

My vision is a little more formal (swirly script on invitations and cake), but also fun (polka dot flower girl dress!)

k said...
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k said...


Honestly, the inspiration came from us going back and forth with each other over "tiffany blues" and which site had the "real one" and trying to make sure that once one was picked, EVERYTHING may have to come from that same place. Realizing, how stressful that might have turned out, we decided, what if we had different color blues and purples on PURPOSE? Then we looked at having different hues of blues, purples, and that grey for the men would go with this kind of idea the best....so the palette commenced. Not to mention the fact that picking the standard TWO wedding colors can be pretty, BUT may be boring sometimes haha! Your blog also inspired us to use more than just two colors. I also love hydrangea so they also played a part in the color selection.

The yellow came in to play because the previous color scheme we looked at had yellow in it. We realized that too much yellow would be over the top, but agreed that some yellow would be really nice for a spring wedding and that it really is a "happy" color. Also, just in case the regular color palette might become a little dreary on the eyes, yellow would be the perfect color to offset some of the darker hues and keep everybody in a great mood!


Sarah said...

Hi! I love this blog! :D it makes me happy.

I'm not getting married anytime soon. But I enjoy planning parties and weddings.

Here is my board for a "Moments in Time" wedding.

"I've had my moments, and if I had to do it all over again, I'd have more of them. In fact, I'd try to have nothing else. Just moments. One after another, instead of living so many years ahead of each day."

This quote is on a poster I own. And it reminds me of what love is, a collection of moments that we remember, that we are wrapped up in, in the arms of the one we love.

Who valued the moments more than Cinderella?

I wanted to plan a Cinderella wedding that wasn't "disney-disney" Disney Briday has some pieces I would definitely incorporate into this wedding, i wanted the cartoon(y) fairytale played down, and the elegance played up.

I chose Blues and Silvers to play with the Idea of the Stroke of Midnight. This would fit nicely into a Wedding on New Years Day. How wonderful would it be to be kissed at the stroke of midnight by your true love, to seal the fairytale.



i.am.a.radiant.bride said...

is this for USA residence only? i'd like to join but i'm overseas.

Danielle said...
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Sarah said...

Aw super flattered you chose my "I Love You" Inspiration Board for your mascot. Your website inspires me! :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks for your inspiration boards! Keep them coming!

Jenna said...

Great contest!

andreajoyce said...

testing commenting. :)

leslie said...

Testing :)

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I chose pink, green, and champagne because those are the colors of my wedding. I think they're the perfect color for a spring wedding and they look gorgeous together. They're very preppy as well.


navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

(soon to be) Mrs. G said...


I'm having a winter wedding and was SO tired of seeing RED BLACK AND WHITE! Subtle Christmas :) Love it!

newlibrarian said...

I'm not planning my own wedding right now, but I'm hrowing my hat into the ring: http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=13586 .

My style board is simply called "Fall Blues". Of course, your wedding is the happiest day of your life, but I found that shades of blue complemented woodsy-brown quite nicely. In fact, I envision the venue outdoors near a wooded area or even inside a big, brown barn.

Brittany Dawn said...

I had some fun and made 5 boards, to use for my blog as well www.tulleandtaffeta.blogspot.com.


The first one, the "Vibrant Winter Wedding", was actually inspired by a very pretty bottle of Sake I stumbled upon at the grocery store last week. I would have never put the colors together until seeing it somewhere else. (I tend to find my inspiration in random places, which at times seem to be the best ones.) Check it out! It's the one I am most excited about.


Who doesn't love the "Warm Summer Fun"? I wanted to do a color palette of all warm colors. It's definitely bright, fun, and full of energy. I see this as a great fit for a young and spirited couple.


I've been wanting to make a yellow and gray palette because it is so popular right now, and why wouldn't it be? I live in the northwest, and I love that you can embrace the cloudy gray into your color scheme rather than fight it. Just add some yellow and you've got your "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day."


I did a few fun palettes, and decided to go for an elegant "Plum and Pear" one as well. I am personally very into purple and green right now, and it gives such a soft but sophisticated look. I wish I had more space on this one because I feel like there are so many beautiful pictures what would go with this, but I wanted to feature the select few that I did choose.


I think it's obvious what this one was inspired by. The Champion Colors in honor of the Winter Olympics coming up. I am just too excited because I am lucky enough to join my family in going to see them this year! I am curious to know if I will be able to spot any olympic fanatics tying the knot in the midst of all the festivites. I am sure they are out there, and this board is for them! (I know it's not a typical inspiration board, but I just couldn't help myself! ;)

Becky said...

My backyard, casual, summer brunch wedding is FULL of color. The orange mimosas, red raspberries and brightly colored zinnias were my inspiration. The zinnias will be coming from a local farm along with some of the seasonal food. Vintage touches like the beautiful milk vases will be woven throughout.


Laceydoo said...


I wanted to invoke the beauty of a summer sunset using the bold sherbet colors against a neutral of Pantone Concord.

vjorge2004 said...

For some reason the dessy Gallery keeps posting my board with only one swatch when I picked 4 swatches!
Here's my Grey,Green, Orange Palette! Just picked my Sterling Bridesmaids dresses for an outdoor Summer wedding but I'm having a hard time incorporating my favorite color orange! I'd like to use corals oranges along with beautiful green mums... Green is a staple color for me right now!


Ivy said...

Since Spring is approaching, I decided to use pastel colors for my inspiration board. The colors I chose from PANTONE are 3 shades of rosy pink and then 2 shades of a champagne color. The overall theme is "Happily Ever After". It's a combination of the Renaissance Times and a Fairy Tale. I picked the picture with the vintage crown on the cake as my main inspiration for the theme. I chose the Lela Rose cocktail dress for the bridesmaids since the one shoulder look is very in this season, the cocktail length is perfect for a spring wedding, and not to mention the ruffled neck line is adorable!


tweety158 said...

i love this idea! i created a board with shades of aqua and chartreuse. i love, love, love this color combination. it's so fun and vibrant. my wedding is in santa barbara in august and i wanted to create an exciting but casual vibe. vintage with a hint of modern.


roxyqt2525 said...

Here is my Inspiration Board :)

My inspiration first comes from my groomy and mine love of the beach! Our palate is mainly hues of blues with a splash of pink and green to represent our wedding location, Key West! I have always loved the beauty of waves and the inspiration for a "Wave and Starfish wedding" came from a picture of a wave that was double to make it look like a heart! From there my imagination went wild :)Our wedding party will all be in different shades of blue, the bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses and the groomsman's ties. The touch of pink will be in the flowers we all carry and the touch of Key lime green from my groomy and his favorite desert :) Key Lime Pie :)
Thank You for letting me share my inspiration!

CuteCArmel02 said...



Meeting the most caring guy was the easy part, now deciding my wedding colors, that's the tricky part! I am a very modern girl with a traditional background. So I like to go outside of the box while still making you feel like its familiar. Navy/Midnight blue, baby pink and silver started the love affair. Then turquoise and an even softer pink swindled their way into my heart. These colors co-exist in a beautiful yet off beat way which gives birth to a glamorized love! Thanks!

CuteCarmel02 said...


Chocolate Raspberries!!!

Hey! Nothing beats chocolate right? Well, adding some raspberries could only make life better! Hope you enjoy!!

Nate and Nalie said...


My inspiration was this succulent plant centerpiece I saw on a blog. I loved the purples and greens. It's earthy and subtle.


Bailey said...


My inspiration came from wanting to have a fall wedding but planning a summer wedding!! I feel like i get the best of both worlds with this colour palette, brown, greens,ivory and purple.

This is what I am using for my wedding and i feel the greens and browns add the hint of nature that i wanted while the purple and ivory add some elegance.

baileyhenderson (at) hotmail.com

Becky said...

I've already commented once with my board, but I just realized that the 5 colors I chose arent't showing up! Only 2 are :(

Here's the link to my board: www.dessy.com/shareboard/?user+moodboardguest&password=12935

The colors I chose are Flame, Sunrise, Dailsy, Ginger and White.

My comments above are under "Becky"

fallonmb said...


I am having a September wedding, and I want to use the bright colors of summer and the warm colors of fall. I also used my family as inspiration. My favorite colors are peaches, my mother's is pinks, and my aunt that I'm very close to are purples. Plus I'm drawn to earth tones in my personal style, so browns and greens fit in perfect.

I hope you enjoy!



Laurel said...


This was so much fun!! I'm definitely going to make more!

My inspiration came from my own wedding that will take place sometime next spring, hopefully in the month of May. I am loving the blue, yellow, and gray hues. I even threw in a bit of orange and purple.

I find the board colorful and full of fun and love!!

Hope you all enjoy :)


Katie said...


I have a dream of becoming a wedding planner and had so much fun this afternoon styling my inspiration board!

My inspiration came from my love of olive green and the fall season. A tastefully classic cake with a hint of olive green ties in the bridesmaids dresses. The floral pieces and arrangements tie in the beautiful fall colors. While the broaches and lace infuse classic southern style.

I wish I could get married again to utilize my new inspiration! Enjoy!


Amy said...

When I was a kid, I would help my grandpa in his garden. They had a huge hydrangea bush in the backyard, and at the end of the summer, the petals would turn a beautiful dusky purple and blue. I absolutely loved those colors, and used the hydrangeas as the inspiration for my wedding color scheme. My grandpa passed away in 2000, but my grandma will be there. I hope she enjoys the colors as much as I do.



Jenna said...


Inspiration for this board came from our country inn venue. I love the elegance of slate greys and golds, but want to do them in a rustic feel. I think the palate is hard to picture... and had my friends and family wondering about them together... but I think it could turn out great!

black said...

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yodelsoda said...


I am having an early June Wedding, but wanted to keep a more springtime palette, so I chose Primerose Pink, Sunflower Yellow, Ivory, Seabreeze blue and Gold Tone. Unfortunately the last two are refusing to show on my board no matter how many times I edit, but hopefully I will be able to fix that later.

Overall, I think this varied pastel palette adds an air of whimsy and fun without becoming informal. The bridesmaids' gowns are vintage tulle, inserting an edge of old romance. Personally I can't wait to use this palette!

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Cathy - Curls for Girls Author said...

Thank you for the fresh look at how beautifully colors add to the romance of a wedding! Don't forget about your little flower girls - they would look like angels with a flower halo hair piece or a beautiful bow to tie into the color scheme!