December 9, 2009

25 Days of Christmas, Day 9: I'll have a blue Christmas without you

December 9, 2009

{Blue, Sky Blue + White}

I'll have a blue Christmas without you...I'll be so blue thinking about you...Decorations of red, on a green Christmas tree...Won't be the same ...If you're not here with me. Sort of a sad Christmas song but the lyrics definitely ring true in terms of what the holidays are all about! Celebrating the holidays just wouldn't be the same without having your loved ones there. And that goes for weddings too! This little inspiration board is a palette of bright blue & snow white. {continued...}

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Details We Love
Striped Bowtie
Hand Crafted Earrings
I happen to really like how this one feels. The blue striped bow ties add some personality & fun to the overall look while the favor packaging is both classy and unexpected. And what better way to nod to this wonderful season of Winter then by including the motifs of snowflakes & candy canes. I hope you all have plans to celebrate with your loved ones this year. Anyone traveling this holiday season? Or are the family & friends coming to you?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice!

Christina said...

Oh, this is the most pretty blue.

Christina said...

i've got to have those earrings.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks, i like working with blues!