December 24, 2009

25 Days of Christmas, Day 24: Twas the Night Before Christmas

December 24, 2009

{Red, Green, Camel & Ivory}

Twas the night before Christmas! Can you even believe it? I hope everyone is enjoying quality time with friends and family! Today, for me, has been full of last minute trips and last minute preparations! I've been wrapping gifts, and packing bags! I've been really looking forward to tonight's festivities! It's our annual Christmas Eve party! Always hosted by my parents! Will definitely be a fun gathering! Full of great food, lots of laughs and time together! {continued...}

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Advent Calendar

Holiday Decor

Holiday Inspired Bridesmaid Dresses!


Handmade Vine Crown

Festive Mantle

Tomorrow we're waking up bright and early to open up gifts with my family and then shortly after breakfast it's time for us to head down to South Georgia to spend some time with my husband's family! I truly hope that you all have a memorable & special Christmas this year! It's been really fun putting these little holiday palettes together for you all! I hope you have enjoyed them! Be sure to swing by tomorrow if you can, for our very last holiday board in the 25 Days of Christmas series!


Emily said...

I love these colors and that mantle is stunning. So pretty for a winter wedding. I could change my own date if I knew snow would be on the ground!

Jenna said...

this color palette is so warm and cozy. i really like it.

Jenna said...

will have to re-create that mantle next year during the holidays.

sanjeet said...

I could change my own date if I knew snow would be on the ground!

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Yet said...

I like this color palate for the holidays!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

glad you enjoyed this one.

Anonymous said...

Do you know who makes the dresses seen in the photo titled "Holiday Inspired Bridesmaid Dresses!"?

Sun said...

Do you know who makes the dress in the photo titled "gorgeous party dress"!?