October 15, 2009

{Sponsored Post + Giveaway}: The Wedding Outlet

October 15, 2009

Last Minute Items Giveaway: The Wedding Outlet

You’ve been planning your wedding for what has seemed like forever. Counting down the days until it was time to say I do! Now you realize your wedding is right around the corner and the panic begins to set in. Do I have everything? What am I missing? Believe me, I know the feeling!

Luckily, we've teamed up with The Wedding Outlet in order to lend a hand. We’ve done a little research and what we've found is that brides are most likely to forget or wait to last minute for these top ten items.

Most Forgotten Wedding Accessories:


Wedding programs are simple to make with The Wedding Outlet's selection of quality wedding program paper. Choose a design that matches your theme and all you'll need is a printer to create your own personalized wedding program.

Card Boxes

Decorate your gift table with an elegant wedding card box that will double as a keepsake card holder after the wedding.

Unity Candles

Unity candles are a perfect way to represent the joining of two people and their future journey together as husband and wife.


Every bride needs a beautiful bridal garter under her wedding dress. Many garters come with a free tossing garter too.

Toasting Glasses

Cheers to the newlyweds! Toasting glasses will make a lasting memento of your wedding and can be used on each anniversary.

Server Sets

Cut your first slice of cake as Mr. and Mrs. with a beautiful wedding cake server set that can later be used on an anniversary or other special occasion.

Guest Books

A guest book can be a treasure that will last forever. It is filled with memories of those that shared your special day with you and will be a keepsake you will treasure forever.

Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers are available in a wide assortment of styles. Choose from the traditional bride & groom cake toppers for the ceremony or comical cake toppers for any pre/post wedding event.

Enter to Win
- Think about which one of these accessories you haven’t purchased yet.- Visit The Wedding Outlet
and chose your favorite of that accessory.|
- Leave a comment with the name and link to the accessory you would choose if you won a TWO gift certificate.

Winner: Winner will receive a $75 Gift Certificate to The Wedding Outlet.

Deadline: Deadline is Wednesday October 21st. A winner will be announced on Thursday October 22nd.


Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

I actually love the bird cage hold featured in your blog ..; finally I would choose THE GAZEBO CARD HOLDER (http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Bird-Cage-Card-Holder/Gazebo-Gift-Card-Holder)

and those comical cake toppers .... I love ll of them, especially the Playful Football Couple Cake Topper (http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Comical-Cake-Tops/Playful-Football-Couple-Cake-Topper)

now I am off to tweet about this great giveaway :)

Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

I would definitely get the "Heart Arch Bridal Couple" cake topper. That is one thing that I haven't been able to find in my budget...a cake topper. At least, not one that I actually like!
Here is the link:
(crossing my fingers)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I just love the Brushed Rhinestone Server set


and the Fan Program paper kit!


Veronica said...

CARD BOX!?!?! I didnt even know I needed one! Oh goodness! Panic is right!
PROGRAMS!?!?! Is my wedding even big enough for those?? OH LOWDY!!


Great Blog!

Janna said...

So much cute stuff on that website- definitely going to be bookmarking it!

A few of my favorite items because I love the monogrammed and personalized looks-



Stormin' said...

I love the birdcage card holder that you featured above. It's exactly what we've been looking for.


Amanda said...

I love this goblet set...my fiance and I always put our two hands together to make a heart like the glasses do

I also love these: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Unique-Toasting-Glasses/Love-Knot-Flutes_2

I think they're very unique!

Amanda said...

(I thought I already posted a comment on here, if I did, I'll just delete this one.)

I love the Scrapbook Guestbook, not to mention everything else on here that I didn't even think about.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

Alicia said...

I'd go for the Program Fan kit!

I also really like this Guest book picture frame:

Courtney said...

We haven't chosen toasting flutes yet because we can't find anything we like (cue the wedding outlet) they have a black stemmed pair that goes perfectly with our colors.


stigg100 said...

We still haven't purchased a cake topper. But "The Love Pinch Cake Top" would be perfect! It's just like us - Jason trying to be prim and proper, while I subtly do inappropriate yet fun things :-)


Shadia said...

We still need a card box and I love how we can personalize the 3-Tier Wedding Cake Card Box with ribbons in our wedding colors (pink and orange). Bonus: we can use the box after our wedding to hold our keepsakes!)

Natalie said...

Hello! I have been thinking abour Garters, and I know I decided to throw a Kansas City Royals garter. My Fiance LOVES the Royals (no one knows why!), so I wanted to surprise him when he takes it off.

However, I LOVE the Tickled Pink Garter! My favorite color is Pink, so I am doing Fuchsia, since it's a fall wedding. However, Light Pink is my favorite shade, and I think it would look so cute next to my Fuchsia heels! :)


Lacey said...

I haven't made/bought a card box yet because I couldn't decide what I want, but I love the white treasure chest card box! http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/White-Wedding-Card-Box/Treasure-Chest-Card-Box-White

Heather Martin said...

First I have to say I love the Wedding Outlet. I purchased my 4 flower girl baskets and flower petals from there!

I ordered my guest book a couple of weeks ago and totally forgot to order a pen to go with it. I would really love this personalized pen and optical crystal base. http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Personalized-Pens/Personalized-Crystal-Base-Pem

Nate and Nalie said...

Love the wedding cake card box (http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Cake-Card-Box_2/Wedding-Cake-Card-Box) as we are likely not going to have an actual cake at our wedding.

Haven't gotten this far to think about a garter yet but this garter is too cute! http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Bride/Wedding-Garters/Tickled-Pink-Garter

Katerina @ GirlWithARing said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I completely forgot about a guestbook! I really like this one http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Red-Guest-Books/Red-Allure-Guest-Book

Tegan and Tage said...

The friends and family gift plate would be a really nice gift! http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Bridal-Shower/Housewarming-Gifts/Friends-Family-Keepsake-Plate

Aubs said...

I love the birdcage idea as a cardbox!!!


and these look awesome for a DIY project!

Katelin said...

i think i would get this serving set:

or this super cute card box:

heart them both!! :)

Dabney said...

I would get the Guest Book Picture Frame with Nameplate.


JD said...

Initial cake toppers are on my to-buy list! This would be so helpful!

Mariam said...

I would love to get the Delightful Monogram Unity Candle Set if chosen! Thanks for offering this contest!


Miss Clyde said...

There's no doubt about it; I'd choose the wedding program fans. I'm a practical gal, and I like things that multi-task! :)


ashley said...

I would get the birdcage card holder. They are adorable!


Laura said...

I would love to get the Jewelry Roll for my girls: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Gifts/Cosmetic-Bags/Cosmetic-Bag_2

Great giveaway, thanks!

Joanne C. said...

I'm going crazy finding a card box believe it or not! My fav is the 3-Tier Ivory Cake Card Box. http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Card-Box/3-Tier-Wedding-Cake-Card-Box_2

*Kim* said...

I don't have toasting flutes yet and I love the Modern Flair Flute Set that TWO offers:



Katherine said...

I love the Birdcage Card holder box. We need something just like that for the big day! I also love how fun the Plum pen is! People will love writing with it!

Stefanie said...

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing for a cake topper - but there are a lot of gorgeous options on the website! I particularly love the jeweled ones, although it might be hard to convince my man that jewels are okay :)

Becca said...

there are so many adorable cake topper on this site. i really want one that could double as a cool work of art afterwards and not just be a bride and groom. there's quite a few on TWO that i'd love to get! unfortunately, it's not letting me post links here.

Michelle said...

Bridesmaid's gifts. Love the personalized cashmere scarf because it's something all the girls can actually use again!

Parisian at Heart said...

I still need most of these things! That's scary. But I would love the birdcage cardholder....

For some reason I can't paste the link here...But its the same one as Stormin' posted.

Betsy said...


Letter Cake Topper <3

Lisa said...

No cake topper here yet, but I've always loved the comical ones.

The "Couple Eating Cake" is adorable and just like us :)



D-Day said...

thanks for this contest! I would love the Vase & Toasting Flute set, that's not a style I've seen before, they're awesome. http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Unique-Toasting-Glasses/Vase-Toasting-Flutes

and since we'd get $75, I'd also choose the Classic Silver Plated Serving Set - love that simple classic look. http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Classic-Silver-Serving-Set

April said...

What a great idea this give-away is! I think I'd go for the jewelry rolls for my bridesmaids -- they're all big travelers, so this gift would be really useful to them after the wedding too.

Here's the link: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Card-Box/3-Tier-Wedding-Cake-Card-Box_2

Alison said...

The silver scroll guest book, the lucky sixpence, and TWO silver lasting radiance ring bearer pillows for our twin 3yr old nephews!

Alison said...

Guest Book

Lucky Sixpence

Ring Bearer Pillows

Jenn said...

I love the custom color server set! :)


Jacqueline said...

I would have to go with a set of programs, because I view it as somewhat unnecessary, it would definitely be a splurge. I like the embossed rose programs: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Stationery/Wedding-Program-Paper/Embossed-Rose-Program.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

ben & libbi said...

I am getting close to the actual day and, like you said, I am putting of buying a garter! I don't know why and they are so much fun but they are just the last thing on my mind! So...the garter I would choose from TWO would be the Enchanting Moments Garter (http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Bride/Wedding-Garters-All/Enchanting-Moments-Garter_2). Thanks so much for this giveaway!

heandshewillwed said...

These flutes are beautiful. I know I'd use them again after the wedding, too.

Annie said...

I would buy a personalize server set. Such a great momento!

Stephanie & said...

I would buy the TeaTime Heart Tea Infusers as a favor for the Ladies Tea I am hosting 2 days before our wedding. My fiance is English so, in honor of his heritage and his amazing family traveling from around the world to celebrate, we're having a proper tea.


Julia said...

I am all about the birdcage card holder!

Tom said...

So much great stuff on The Wedding Outlet website!

We are looking for a way to tag the Favor Bags for our Out-of-Town guests and love some of the ideas on wedding outlet, especially:

Cape Cod Bride said...

Thanks so much for this post, you're a lifesaver as I'm getting married on 12/12 and have tons of last minute items to purchase still! Since my fiance and I are not registering for gifts, so we are mostly expecting cards, and I did not even think about getting a card box! I love the Bird Cage Card Box because it would fit perfectly with our white vintage wedding theme. And it's on sale for $71, so the $75 gift certificate would cover it perfectly! I really hope I win!!


PitaGirl said...

I love the Oceans Away Heart Vase with Toasting Glasses. It's perfect for our beach wedding. Thanks for this great giveaway!



Mullzigatani said...

I still don't know what to get my b'maids. I wanted to get a tote and fill w/ goodies. So I would definitely buy these w/ my $75 gift certificate!


Pirate Sam said...

They have the cake topper that I want SO BADLY!!! It's Tropical Breeze (http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Cake-Top/Tropical-Breeze-Cake-Topper) and it is stunning. It will go perfect with our tropical reception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

endrase said...

The Contemporary Double-Walled Flutes http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Toasting-Glasses-All/Contemporary-Double-walled-Flutes and Dotted Serving Set http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Cake-Server/Dotted-Serving-Set are both clean and modern. I love both items.

Amy said...

Treasure Chest Card Box White

Annie said...

I would definitely pick the gazebo or bird cage card holder. I definitely want to have one at my wedding :)

Sigi said...

I've always wanted a birdcage card holder for my wedding! This one is perfect :)


San said...

Oh the birdcage card holder, of course! I've been wanting one of these for months now!



Miss Type-A said...

I love the silver monogram cake toppers! I didn't think I even wanted a cake topper until I saw this-- I love it!


angelica said...

We are having a LOVE theme. I saw these and they are too cute plus our guests would be able to use them again.


nk_s24 said...

I would use the monogramed stickers to seal my favor bags filled with homemade cookies!! Love them!SOO CUTE


Rachel said...

I love the fan program ideas! http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Ceremony/Wedding-Programs/Fan-Program-Paper-Kit

This would be perfect for our outdoor June wedding in North Carolina...phew it's gonna be hot.

Toffy and Jen said...

We've been looking for a cake serving set. I like the Dotted Serving set:

Very modern and elegant!

Alvina said...

Oh too funny! Love this comical cake topper with the bride and groom eating cake! :)

Couple Eating Cake Figurine: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Comical-Cake-Tops/Couple-Eating-Cake-Figurine

Ms. Latour said...

I love the throw away cameras. They are a great addition to the expensive pictures that I have to pay for. They also let me see what guest where doing at the wedding and get some cheap entertaining pictures.

I like the wedding ring camera:


Corrin said...

I would love to get the swaroski crystal cake toppers http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Monogram-Cake-Toppers/Swarovski-Cake-Toppers

They are great and add bling to the cake! ;o)

Maria said...

i keep debating if we need a card box, and after seeing the ones here, i know we need one now! i'd love to add that to our wedding this july!

thank you!

kayLad said...

As my fiance and I get deeper into the world of wedding planning, we're starting to realize how many details we haven't considered—one of them being our cake serving set!

We love the simplicity of the raised loop heart set: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Cake-Server/Silver-Server-with-Raised-Loop-Heart

Janet Stroman said...

I scour the pages of The Wedding Outlet on a weekly basis making sure that my bases are covered when it comes to what I need to complete all the details of my wedding. One of the things that I have put off buying is the Server Set. I absolutely love the Embossed Server Set seen here:

I think I will be adding that to my next order!

Asquared said...

I've been putting off deciding on a cake topper, but I think I have found it! The Love Pinch topper

It's perfect because while we are having a formal wedding- we want everyone to feel comfortable and have a blast. It'd be a funny touch to the reception!

Steampunkbride said...

Oh I've totally forgotten about the server set- and I'd love a custom colored one like this: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/wedding-cake-server-color/Custom-Color-Server-Set_2

I also love the floral cameras. Our budget is so tight we can't afford a flashy photographer so ever bit helps! http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Cameras/Floral-Camera

Jessica said...

I love the vintage bouquet fushia and orange guest book. The guest book is one of the last things on my mind so I hope I don't forget to buy one!

Taylor said...

I am so glad that I saw this because these are exactly some of the things I've either forgotten or must go without do to finances. I love the flutes. http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Toasting-Glasses-with-Graphics-Images/Modern-Flair-Flutes
Flutes can add so much to the wedding especially for the couple. They can make toasts that much more special and I would love to have them for my fiance and myself. I also love the paper fan programs. I wasn't sure about programs just do to money however this solves another problem we were worried about too. My wedding is outside in the middle of the summer and we worried about our guest burning up. Great solution!!!

Grace said...

I would pick:
1. Birdcage card holder (http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/Wedding-Card-Boxes/Birdcage-Card-Holder_3)
2. Guest book "Bronze Elegance Tradition"

aberhottie19 said...

I would definitely pick the Elegance Unity Candle set, (http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Ceremony/Personalized-Unity-Candles/Personalized-Unity-Candle-Set_2). I would have forgotten this if I wasn't reminded by the email that was sent out! I feel that since we aren't using sand we need to use something to unite us. I would have definitely forgot about this important part of the reception if I wasn't reminded.

Jennifer Narrow said...

I have not bought a serving set yet. I would get this serving set: http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Reception/personalized-wedding-cake-server/Crystal-Elegance-server

It matches my dress, which I am in love with.

Alex said...

If I won, I would pass this gift certificate along to my sister who's planning a beach wedding for August 2010. Her colors are soft blue and sea foam so when I saw these favors, I thought they'd be simply perfect:
Little white shell-shaped guest soaps in a pretty blue box – LOVE IT!!! And my little sis will, too – what a fun surprise that would be if I won – fingers crossed :)

amandaleigh said...

our wedding is going to be outside in april so i definitely would go for the program fan kit!!


erika said...

I am having a military wedding and we both new we were ment for eachother since day one like a fairytale. Thats why i would go for the Happiky ever after guest book and pen with also the ring pillow. He is my hero and prince.

nem said...

I really like the reception gift card holder -- I've been to weddings where a lot of people didn't know what the card box is for, so this would take care of that problem!


Laura said...

L-O-V-E the Scrapbook Guestbook.
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Emmanuel@Wedding Program Ideas said...

The giveaways are stunningly beautiful! The card holder's the best. Parting time with the guests is the last activity of a wedding program, so guests must have wonderful giveaways to commemorate a wedding happily. :D