August 3, 2009

Advertise with The Perfect Palette

August 3, 2009
Looking for an opportunity to advertise? Consider becoming a sponsor of The Perfect Palette.

The Perfect Palette is dedicated to providing daily wedding day inspiration. We create custom inspiration boards that take into consideration a bride & groom’s chosen color palette. Because our designs are tailored for each bride & groom, The Perfect Palette has an incredibly strong following.

{Why Advertise with The Perfect Palette?}
Readers of the Perfect Palette primarily consist of newly engaged women who are planning their weddings and are looking for wedding day inspiration. In addition to seeking inspiration, many of our readers are still in the process of finding the perfect invitations, the perfect favors, the perfect wedding attire & all of the details that go into making a wedding incredibly special. Advertising on The Perfect Palette is a great way to introduce your products/services to brides-to-be around the world.

{Advertisement Placement & Pricing}
The Perfect Palette offers banner advertisement on a monthly basis with a first-time minimum purchase of two months. Ads are 125 x 125 pixels & are located on the left-hand side of the Perfect Palette. There are two price points available.
Email us at for current rates.

{Etsy Sellers} We support Etsy and we offer a special low rate for Etsy Shops who want to participate in our advertisement program!

In addition to banner advertisement, we are now offering what we call a sponsored post. This type of post includes a nice article about your company, up to 3 pictures & up to 2 links. This is a nice option for someone who is not looking to make a monthly investment. All sponsored posts remain in The Perfect Palette archives. If you have a product or service that you think our readers would enjoy definitely send us an
email for consideration.

{Products Featured Within Our Posts}
When a vendor signs up to be an advertiser on the Perfect Palette we then try to keep your products in mind when we put our color palettes together. You can expect to have your products included in our boards from time to time on a monthly basis.

When a vendor signs up for monthly banner advertisement with us, only then are they eligible to participate in giveaways on our site.

To request a media kit with our current advertising rates, please send us an
email. Traffic information also available.

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Les Bouquets said...

How do you create those collages? Is this a template you use? I'd love to know how to do this.