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July 14, 2009

{Summer Picnic Wedding}: A Palette of Apple Green & Red

July 14, 2009

{Red, Green & Chartreuse}

Picnics are simply fun. Wouldn't you agree? An outdoor meal shared with friends & family really seems like the perfect way to celebrate after a wedding. Looking to create a fun & casual reception but tired of idea of backyard weddings? Why not consider a picnic? Grilling out never looked like more fun to me. Whether you decide to serve simple sandwhiches paired with pasta salad or BBQ paired with cole slaw...This reception idea will surely keep your guests entertained. In the board below, I dressed the bridal party in the most beautiful and eye catching apple green. For bouquets, I used red roses & berries. {continued...}

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Details We Love
Lovely Bridal Party Attire
Bicycle Built for two

Oh how this combination pops! I absolutely adore the simplicity of this look. Guests were invited to enjoy their lunches on picnic tables & picnic blankets. As the night came to an end, this couple said their goodbyes in style as they pedaled away on a bicycle built for two. Guests left this wedding with little cartons of fresh cherries & a sincere thank you from the bride & groom. Tip: Looking to keep the cost down? A picnic wedding might be the perfect idea for you. This idea works great for afternoon receptions. And just think of all of the incredible photo opportunities you'll have!


Jenny.Lee said...

The BM dresses are so pretty!

Truly Engaging said...

wah! i can't enlarge to see the details! but, very very pretty. LOVE red wagons and bicycles built for 2...

Sassy Scribbles said...

it's the perfect shade of green against the red! This palette looks fresh and juicy! ^^ 'love it!

BEL said...

my friend used this palette for her wedding. i was a bit skeptical but it looked FANTASTIC!

Gabrielle said...

beautiful! More colourboards I say!

Odd Sundays said...

oh wow. i love both of those bridesmaid dresses. the styles and the colours...fabulous!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

thanks SO MUCH for the feedback!