June 5, 2009

{A Color Palette We Love} Shades of Blue

June 5, 2009
A Color Palette We ♥
{Shades of Blue}

Are you considering the color blue for your upcoming wedding? Perhaps you would like to use blue as your primary color but you are struggling to determine a complimentary color to use with it? Well, why not use shades of blue? Using shades of one color really does have a way of working out nicely. By using shades of one color you really achieve a certain depth that you might not achieve otherwise. Plus, it makes shopping for your wedding a lot easier. Stop worrying that you cant find invitations in the exact color as your bridesmaids dresses. If you stop trying to be so matchy-matchy you will probably find that the end result is just as beautiful. Check out all of the fun ways you can infuse the color blue into your wedding!

Lovely Invitation Design

The Bridal Party Attire

Blue Get-a-way Ride!

Fun Hair Piece

This is where I'm getting married!

image by ledford photography


Louise said...

I did a blue color board for work and added a Robin's egg blue and a medium grey-ish blue with the same royal blue and it looks FAB! Thanks for sharing.

Tashahart said...

this is pretty much what mine has turned out to be, shaeds of blue with pops of white !

Jenny.Lee said...

I love that cobalt blue and those invitations are so pretty!

I hope you get everything accomplished that you want to! :)

Preppy 101 said...

Gorgeous as usual. So look forward to you perfect palettes ;-) xoxo

Chris :: cisforcharmed said...

i love blue! Those fans in the top pic are fantastic!

Mo said...

Oh I love the fans!!
I hadn't thought of full images on fans, I'll have to consider this for our wedding.

Hanako66 said...

the wedding that I am planning has sapphire blue as the accent color!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I love your location! It's gorgeous!!

Also, where is that hairpiece from??