May 13, 2009

Inspiration Board 245: Plum & Light Blue

May 13, 2009

{Powder Blue & Plum}

I just love the colors light blue & plum. Don't you? They're soft and pretty and there is just something very approachable about this duo. That's why when bride-to-be, Courtney, wrote to me with this charming little palette in mind- I was thrilled to put together some custom inspiration for her upcoming summer wedding. In my design, ladies wore vintage plum colored gowns that were custom designed for the occasion. To coordinate, in lieu of the traditional tuxdeo- the groomsmen wore slacks with either a plaid shirt or a nice pull over. A rustic elegance was acheived on table tops with the display of plum colored wild flowers while purple hydrangea was used to accent the buffet tables. Programs were designed in the form of a fan which made for both a nice guesture & a charming touch. The ceremony took place in a rustic locale where guests were encouraged to make a weekend of it! Inside each guest room the bride & groom left a bottle of homemade red wine & a sweet note welcoming them to the area. Guests each went home with a jar of homemade raspberry jam & memories that would last a lifetime.

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Sampoorna said...

Oh how lovely this looks. Hey thank you for following my blog.

magpiesandmagnolias said...

I have no idea how you found my tiny little corner of the blogsphere, but thanks for commenting! I love all the inspiration boards. I would love to see one in ivory, champagne, pale gold/latte, pale pink/peach, sky blue.

Have a lovely day!

Shell said...

Love this color combo! We almost chose purple and blue (with accents of silver!) for our upcoming winter wedding, but I couldn't deny my love for pink, so we chose pink and orange (fiance's fave color!) instead.

Fabulous blog, by the way! You're so color savvy! I'll definitely be following!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful and unexpected color combo! Love it. I love those vintage plum dresses!

Wendy said...

Love this combo! did a wedding last spring with this palette- so pretty and fresh!

bridechic said...

Perfect. Love those cool colors

Marty J. Christopher said...

I'm not a big purple fan, but I love it with the light blue. Very nice! Thanks for reading my blog! I love yours and am adding it to my blogroll. Would love it if you did the same! Thanks! Keep stopping by! I know I will. : O )

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks everyone!

Kristy Goldman said...

Great combo - purple is finding its way into all kinds of new palettes this year!

Remember Something Blue

Julia Remix said...

These look so fresh together. I love the images you chose, too. More homespun than beachy!

Megan said...

Could you tell me where the bridesmaid dresses are from?? Thanks!

meantforthestage said...

This is beautiful! This is the palette I'm planning for my wedding someday!