April 7, 2009

Traditions We ♥ Wedding Send Offs

April 7, 2009
Traditions We ♥
{Wedding Send Offs}

The wedding send off has long been a tradition at the end of a wedding reception. It's a time where friends & family all gather in order to wish the bride and groom farewell.
You have said your "I do's," the band has played, and you've made a promise that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, as sad as it is... all good parties must come to an end. But wait... It's not over...it's time for the send off!

Its time for your friends and family to shower you & say their goodbyes.

Let Your Guests Blow Bubbles
A bubble send off is a popular trend that makes for a fun filled send off. A lovely photography opportunity, this trend is both charming & whimsical. Consider making your grand exit in a sea of bubbles.

Let Wedding Sparklers Brighten Up Your Day

Everyone ooohs and ahhhhs when the fireworks come out on the Fourth of July. Using sparklers at the end of a wedding has the same affect. The sparkling fire brings a childlike excitement out of people that can't be duplicated.

I just love the looks on all of these bride & groom's faces!
So happy to be married & so in love with one another.

Let Guests Shower You With Rose Petals

Your flower girl isn't the only member of your wedding party that could be throwing rose petals.
Make little baskets and fill them with dried rose petals.

You can place the baskets at the tables in your reception hall, or have them handed out as guests file out.

Another option is to fill a basket with rose petals and then simply allow the guests to fill their own rose petal cone.

Here are some fun send off that I ♥

{Tip}: When you are planning the perfect wedding send off, you want to make sure that every guest has their hands on the favors and props needed to make it a memorable moment.

So whether you choose bubbles, sparklers or rose petals for your send off, one thing is for sure...You and your husband will never forget the night that you just shared & you will never forget all of the love that you felt that day surrounded by your friends & family.


AmyJean said...

I'm going to need to start brainstorming our exit :) Your post inspires me!

Pink Martini said...

What a great idea! I love your blog. Very creative! :)

Westside Wedding said...

Great pictures of so many wonderful send offs!

lusterstudios said...


I wanted to thank you for linking to one of my photos. The link has changed in case you'd like to update it. GREAT BLOG BTW!