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April 29, 2009

{Our Wedding} Save the Dates

April 29, 2009
{Our Wedding}

They say that Save the Dates should be chosen carefully because they not only serve to inform your guests to save the date of your wedding, but they also set the tone for what kind of wedding they should expect to attend. Because we are planning a fall wedding that has a fun fall festival kind of feel, I knew that we needed to find something that would convey this.

I'm happy to say that we found the perfect save the dates!
Check them out!

Not only are they perfect for us, but because they are magnets they are also functional. In addition to our save the date, because our wedding is a destination wedding of sorts...

We decided to include a little insert that tells guests where to book their hotels in town. I even designed the insert myself.

On the top of the insert that I made...I included these two little robins birds. Aren't they the cutest? This was the first time of many that my guests will see these two little birdies appear.

{I also have plans to include them on our programs & on our favors}

On the finished copy of the insert it said "Lodging Recommendations"in a fancy chocolate brown specialty font. {more pictures to come}

Listed inside the insert are our recommendations for hotels in the area as well as the rate per room. Because our wedding fall durings peak leaf changing season, it was important for us to think to include these details!

For an additional touch, we addressed these envelopes with a chocolate brown calligraphy pen & chose a stamp that coordinated in color. Now that our save the dates have been sent out ...I'm happy to say that we've received great feedback from our guests!

Oh and I guess this gives you a good idea about the colors that we've chosen for our own wedding!


City Girl said...

Everything sounds lovely and I particularly like the two little birds. They are so cute!

Amy said...

Wow so I didn't realize you lived that close to me. Dahlonega isn't that far from me.. well kind of. About 2 hours. Cheers to southern brides.

Brett Alexandra said...

those are the cutest save the dates!!

G+D said...

Very cute!

mrsbentley519 said...

Is one bird bigger than the other? lol - kidding

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Mrsbentley- Why must you spill my secrets- lol.

Mands said...

Where did you find those STDs? I love them! They are great!

Jenny.Lee said...

Very very cute!

Truly Engaging said...

Love the Save the Dates and the birds are sooo sweet!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks everyone!