April 20, 2009

{First Love}: Teal & Yellow

April 20, 2009

{Teal & Yellow}

Keke's email to me was short and sweet. She was looking for some inspiration for her upcoming wedding and she had decided upon a color palette of teal, white and yellow. So with this lovely color palette in mind... I was off to the drawing board. I blended classic elegance with some quirky and fun details. And the result is definitely a lot prettier than I had imagined. Who says you have to sacrifice elegance for the sake of having fun? Not with this palette! As you can see you can have it all! I'm not sure that I've ever really done a board in these colors & so it was fun for me to work with a new color palette.

I'm just loving details like those fun & quirky yellow shoes & the halter style dress I chose.

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Details We ♥
Cute Photo Opportunity

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