April 22, 2009

{Happy Earth Day}

April 22, 2009

{Happy Earth Day ♥ }

You've decided to marry, you've set the date, you've found your dress, & you've chosen your china pattern...

Now do something totally unplanned....
Go plant a tree!

This is a wonderful, romantic, and lasting way to commemorate your wedding. To plant a celebratory tree to honor your wedding, follow these steps:

{Decide Where to Plant}
You have many options -- your new home, your parents' home, a city park or arboretum, the wedding site itself, or your place of worship. Many organizations and public areas will gladly accept the donation of a tree, and it can be especially meaningful for you to watch it grow and become stronger over time, just like your marriage.

{Check With the Experts}

Professionals at your local nursery or garden center can recommend trees that grow well in your local climate. They can even plant the tree for you (or recommend someone who can), if you want to have a ceremony and leave the actual planting work to someone else!

{Celebrate the Planting Event}

Plan a gathering of friends and family to help plant the tree. Offer light refreshments or make it a bring-your-own picnic. If you want to spend some quiet time together, pack a picnic for two, plant your tree, and spend a peaceful afternoon admiring your work.

No matter how you celebrate, planting a tree is a unique wedding celebration that will last for a lifetime.


Jenny.Lee said...

I love this idea!

City Girl said...

This is lovely - I wish we had done it 3 years ago when we got married - thanks for commenting on my blog :) :)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

Happy Earth Day!!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

I'm loving this idea too!

Bridechka said...

Absolutely LOVE this idea!