March 25, 2009

Trends We ♥ : After Dinner Beverage Station

March 25, 2009
Trends We ♥
{After Dinner Beverage Stations}

Looking for a way to wow your guests? Trying to figure out a way to make your wedding day even more special? An after dinner beverage station may be the perfect addition to your wedding day plans. Specialty drink stations are a really nice way to treat your guests to a little something extra. Whether they love cappuccino, espresso, cuban coffees, or even cognacs... Your guests will definitely appreciate the added touch.

Another option is to offer a specialty drink station where your guests can actually create their own beverage to their liking. A hot cocoa bar is sure to put a smile on faces young and old. Guests can accent their cocoa with Kahlua whipped cream, shaved Mexican chocolate and mini-marshmallows.

Of ...if you are having a fall wedding, a hot cider bar may be more fitting. Check out these personalized stirrers that incorporate the newlyweds monogram! Aren't they adorable?

For an added touch, make sure that the beverage station is set up with 'to-go' cups & lids.

That way, your guests will be able to leave the reception with their after dinner beverage in hand. Feeling creative? Make it personal by creating your own labels for the cups.

(Tip: An after dinner beverage station can also be considered a wedding favor to your guests)

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Gentlemanjoe said...

I love the idea of a specialty drink station. I don't know how many weddings I've been to and have not liked the selection. Way to go. Thanks