March 18, 2009

Slate Gray, Silver & White: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

March 18, 2009

{Slate Gray & Silver}

Slate gray, silver & snow white really are quite magical, especially when used in a winter wedding. Jill wrote to me and told me that she really loved a recent board that I put together for another bride. She said she loved the color palette but that she was struggling with her mother who felt that there needed to be more color. Jill suggested perhaps adding some red, but I could tell by her email that she really wanted to go the direction of this simple almost monochromatic palette. So for my design, I gave Jill exactly what she wanted. A beautiful streamlined palette that incorporated pillar candles surrounded by crystals and the confidence to follow her heart when it came to chosing her color scheme. Some new additions to this palette are the gorgeous fur wrap, and the charming little slate gray outfit that I chose for the bride to wear upon her departure. Guests were wowed by this winter wonderland and were sent home with gorgeous crystal ornaments and a sincere thank you from the newlyweds.

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Details We ♥
Slate Gray Outfit for Departing the Reception

Pillar Candles

Crystal Draped Winter Tree


Army Brat Bride said...

Ohhhh...great inspiration!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

thanks! It's one of my favorites too.