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March 13, 2009

Inspiration Board # 154: Slate Gray, Light Pink & Black

March 13, 2009

{Slate Gray, Gray, Light Pink & Black}

Slate gray are pale pink are two colors that marry nicely, especially for a spring or summer wedding. In my design, I gave the bride exactly what she was hoping for. A beautifully coordinated design, full of softness, warmth and texture. How did I pull it off? To start my design, I concentrated on these beautiful silhouettes. They are both vintage and modern looking which is really neat because they really are such a powerful motif. Gorgeous pale pink roses were displayed in square vases which came across as simple and charming. Bridesmaids all wore combinations of slate gray and ivory. One dress even had a touch of black which added alot of interest. The bride wore a beautiful vintage dress and carried lovely pink peonies.

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Teresa said...

Love those silhouettes! Also loving the new blog layout! Very snazzy...

The Perfect Palette said...

ooo thanks. I was wondering if it worked better than the other layout... Great to hear the feedback. I appreciate that.

Anny said...
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Sarahi Morales said...

I loved the two color bridesmaid dress... where can I get something similar for my bridesmaid?!