March 13, 2009

Inspiration Board # 153: Slate Blue & Latte

March 13, 2009

{Slate Blue & Latte}

Slate blue and latte are really a match made in heaven. They are both soft and truly compliment one another. In my design, I gave the bride exactly what she was hoping for...A beautiful palette full of elegance, texture, and all things natural. Where did I start you might ask? Well, to tell you the truth...I started with the picture of the blue bird. Right now I'm really into nature inspired designs. Its so neat to see these vibrant colors found together in nature. For the centerpieces I incorporated rustic urns that sorta had a bird bath feel to them. This added both texture and richness to the overall look. The bridesmaids wore lovely slate blue dresses that were both stunning and very unique.

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Details We ♥
Lantern Lined Aisle

Urn Centerpiece

Blue Bird

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