March 11, 2009

Inspiration Board # 143:Light Green, Light Yellow & Silver

March 11, 2009

{Light Green, Light Yellow & Silver}

When Kate wrote to me about the palette she was invisioning...I tried my very best to put something together that really gave her something to work towards for her wedding day. In my design I incorporated a beautiful craftsman style chapel that had extraordinary natural light. In keeping with her soft palette, I gave her a vintage lace dress and had her bridal party carry beautiful all white bouquets. Bridesmaids wore simple yellow strapless dresses and gorgeous silver heels. Other silver accents were added as well to add some more depth to the design. Silver candle holders and jewelry really added a sense of richness. The cake design stole the show both visually and because it tasted so darn good :0) Guests went home with homemade wine and a sincere thank you from the newlyweds.

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Craftsman Style Chapel


Kate the Great said...

Oh hey, that's mine! Yay!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

:) yep!

Katie said...

Wow, love that cake! Wish I had found this site before my own wedding! :)