March 9, 2009

Inspiration Board # 135: Red & Chocolate Brown

March 9, 2009
{Red & Chocolate Brown}

Tiffany wrote to me and told me all about the wedding she was planning to the love of her life!
She said she was referred by the knot.. (thanks knotties) and that she could really use some help. She went on to tell me that she and her fiance were undecided when it came to the colors for their big day. Red and brown was her favorite, she said. In addition, she mentioned that she really loved butterflies and she was trying to tie them in without looking cheap or cheesy. This is my design for Tiffany. It incorporates alot of pattern, some great texture, and even butterflies! In my design, I gave her bridesmaids cute red dresses. Both the cake and the centerpieces were designed completely in red which really made a statement. The couples monogram was creatively incorporated throughout the day which also showcased a great paisley print. This same paisley print was also used on the guys neck ties. To incorporate the butterflies, the bride and groom released butterflies at the very moment they were announced husband and wife! Guests went home with strawberry jam and a sincere thank you from the bride and groom.

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