March 5, 2009

Inspiration Board 121: Plum, Silver & Gold

March 5, 2009
{Plum, Silver & Gold}

When Bethany wrote to me about the plum palette she was planning accented with both silver and gold..I thought to myself "hmm, silver & gold?" But the result really shocked me! The colors simply just work together. This palette really has that sense of royalty, an effortless polished affect. Its gorgeous! Another palette that really made me reconsider my color palette! And the best part....another happy bride and groom with a concrete vision of what they want their day to look like!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I was just going all around the internet with a few things in my mind and you had it all here! I'm thinking of a fall wedding but I don't want something dripping with pumpkins and leaves - I really wanted something that includes plum and fuchsia and metallics with ivory thrown in for a warm glow-y feeling (is that a word???)
You read my mind!
Thank you - it's a beautiful inspiration board and I am definitely saving it in my favorites folder!

The Perfect Palette said...

Hey I'm thrilled that you love it :)
I made this one for a girl named Bethany...Did you email about your wedding or did you just happen to find this one and love it ??
Just wondering ?? In any case, I'm so happy it inspired you!

One Love Photo said...

Your blog is a great resource, I am adding you to my blogroll so my clients can get ideas and inspiration from you!

Elizabeth said...

Hi again - I just happened to find it out of the blue! I was telling my guy about it last night (he smiled and nodded...very patient...) but I really couldn't get over it! It's been saved and will be a great reference point going forward. I was going to email you and then clicked on your homepage and there it was! Faboo. All your boards are beautiful - this one just seemed to read my mind!
Thanks again - I'll be a frequent visitor!

The Perfect Palette said...

Elizabeth..I'm so happy that it inspired you :)
& am thrilled to hear that you will be a frequent visitor :) That makes me happy to hear!