March 9, 2009

Hello Perfect Palette Readers

March 9, 2009

I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for stopping by!

I cant tell you how exciting it is for me to wake up each morning ...and open up my email and see the many many emails sitting there waiting for me.

The amount of email is truly impressive ladies :) I never thought the demand would be this high!

I have to tell you...I absolutely love reading about the details you are planning, the color choices you are considering, and the venues you have chosen.

You all have wonderful ideas and its just so much fun to take those ideas, add my own spin on it... and put something together for your wedding day!

Admittedly, I'm a bit behind on fulfilling these requests but only because the out cry for help has been so great that I can hardly keep up!

I promise you, however, that I will get to each and every request. Life has certaintly been busy for me lately.

What with planning my own wedding & helping to plan all of yours... But I would not have it any other way! Keep the request coming and please spread the word about the Perfect Palette!

Thanks for reading!

Chrissy From the Perfect Palette

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Teresa said...

We love what you're doing!