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March 27, 2009

A Color Palette We ♥ Slate Gray & Red

March 27, 2009

{A Color Palette We ♥ }
Slate Gray & Red

What's one of the 'it' color combinations for 2009? Spicy red and slate gray are definitely one of the top contenders. Just check out how modern and sophisticated this couple is! Slate gray is the perfect compliment to red! I just love how gray tones the color red down yet still lets it shine! This perfect pair is lovely for just about any season and is recommended for any bride who wants red in their wedding but is tired of the traditional red & black palette. They say gray is the new black ya know! Whoever 'they' is...I'd have to agree! Soft, spicy, and even a little saucy, this dazzling duo has the goods to make your guests go ga ga!

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