February 16, 2009

Inspiration Boards # 27-28. Fuchsia, Light Pink + Latte

February 16, 2009

{Fuchsia + Latte}

When Barby wrote to me with her design delimmea ...I was immediately looking forward to helping her determine what the perfect palette would be for her picture perfect wedding. She explained to me that she was trying to figure out whether she wanted to go with hot pink & latte or light pink & latte. In order for her to make a good judgement call, I agreed to make 2 inspiration boards for her! One in each palette. Here are the finished designs! You be the judge! Should Barby go for the soft pale pink, or for the bright and vibrant fuschia?

{Light Pink + Latte}


Janna said...

My vote's for fuschia; it just pops!

Chrissy said...

For all of the readers out there- Here is Barby's response: Wow!!!! I really have to tell you when I saw both of these boards the fuschia is exactly what I really wanted it to look like but had a very hard time visioning the mixture of colors and I actually even lost sleep over it. I was also very close to calling the florist to change the color but now after viewing the inspiration board I am very amazed and very grateful its definitely a no brainer.. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU HAVE REALLY HELPED ME.

BTW i tried to comment on the post but I needed some kind of login with google account, etc. THANK YOU AGAIN.

berr2 said...

How do i contact you to make me an insptarion board too
Bride to be