February 24, 2009

{Shimmery Winter}: Coral, Cranberry, Black + Silver

February 24, 2009

{Coral, Cranberry, Black + Silver}

Watermelon and cranberry...Not a combination you see everyday. That is why I was so excited to put something together for this bride-to-be. When I found out that this color scheme needed to fit into a winter wedding...I knew I was in for a bit of a challenge. She also said that she wanted to be able to show her doubting fiance that the watermelon color was not that girly! {continued...}

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In my design, I gave bridesmaids two looks. One in cranberry & one in watermelon. I figured she could have her maid of honor wear the cranberry color. To add to the wintery feel, I used a lot of silver accents. Guests went home with beautiful personalized cranberry colored ornaments.


bigvoice3 said...

thanks so much! i love it! he is a doubter no longer!!

The Perfect Palette said...

Oh good :0)