February 23, 2009

Inspiration Board # 90: Burnt Orange, Green & Chocolate Brown

February 23, 2009

{Burnt Orange, Green & Chocolate Brown}

When Kelly from Atlanta wrote to me about her wedding plans, I was definitely excited to help a fellow Atlanta bride out. She told me that the colors she was considering were a spring orange, a spring green and chocolate brown. In my design, I gave Kelly's bridesmaids beautiful floor length gown with an interesting v neck. Orange gerber daisies were used everywhere and really gave the palette some extra depth. Beautiful long cascading orange ribbons were used in bouquets to give them some interest that guests definitely appreciated. The newlyweds monogram could be seen throughout the ceremony and added a special personal touch.

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OrangeHibiscus said...

I absolutely love it Chrissy! Thanks again for making this for my and my fiance.

The Perfect Palette said...

Oh, I'm beyond thrilled that you love it so much :)