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February 22, 2009

Inspiration Board # 80: Yellow + Chocolate Brown

February 22, 2009
{Yellow + Chocolate Brown}

If this one looks familiar.. It should because its very similar to the Black-Yellow-Ivory one that I just made earlier today. I just switched out the black for brown-and added a couple of different details. You see..The bride emailed me about her wedding and I must have read the request wrong. No worries though- Because I really like the one that came out of my innocent mistake :) Once I realized what I had done, the bride told me that she really liked the one I made her and it kinda made her want to stick with the yellow cream and black combination she was initially planning to go with. So just for good measure-I told her Id remake the design and do it this time with some brown. That way...She can decide which palette is perfect for her wedding! I even included a picture of her inspiration cake in this design!

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