February 13, 2009

{City Chic}: Black -White Damask, Teal & Aqua

February 13, 2009

{Teal, Black, White + Aqua}

I absolutely love this combination of blues and damask. This combination is best for indoor receptions and even better for ballroom settings. I absolutely love the idea of repeating a motif, pattern or monogram in a wedding or event. This wedding is fun yet still elegant at the same time. A perfect blend of elegance and fun is generally the mood that most of my brides try so hard to achieve.

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Favorite Details: Customized monogram, Damask pattern on purse, Trim on Bridesmaid dress


NotQuiteaBride said...

I have a friend who is looking for that exact dress. Any idea where you found it? The one on the bottom row??

Constance said...

I have a question, where on earth did you find those shoes? I love them!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find those shoes???? I WANT THEM!!!