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February 20, 2009

Inspiration Board # 67: Hot Pink, Gold + Black-White Damask

February 20, 2009

{Fuchsia, Gold + Black}

For this palette, the bride told me she loved the color fuchsia-but she wanted to see if I could put a new spin on the color since, in her opinion, so many people have 'been there, done that.' She also added that she loved damask and wanted the wedding to have a very romantic vibe. Here is the inspiration board that I designed for Ashley. In my design, I incorporated the fuchsia color that she loved so much with black-white damask. To kick this scheme up another notch...I added gold accents. The addition of gold added to the overall richness of the look, and gave her that romantic feeling she so desired. Bridesmaids wore black and held simple fuchsia bouquets. Tablescapes stole the show which incorporated beautiful low centerpieces with 3 tall candles sticks surrounding the piece. Little twinkling lights made the room glow and made for a very romantic night.

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