February 20, 2009

{Backyard Picnic}: A Palette of Navy Blue, Blue, Green + Orange

February 20, 2009

{Navy Blue, Blue, Green + Orange}

For this wedding, Heidi wrote to me about the hometown wedding that she and her fiance were planning for July 2010. She told me that ideally she'd like the wedding to have a backyard picnic feel, and that although she loves the color orange, her fiance thinks that too much orange or any large quantity of orange is way too bright. He instead suggested greens and blues. This design is my attempt to give Heidi and her fiance the perfect palette. For the primary colors, I opted to go with the blues and greens. {continued...}

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To accent the space- I went with little pops or bright orange. Guests sat on picnic tables with blue and white checkered linens and orange centerpieces in green watering can really added to the down home charm. To break things up a bit, some tables had centerpieces made from fresh fruit. As night fell, little orange votives were lit which gave the space an added glow.


Heidi Elyse said...

This is absolutely perfect. Thank you SO much!!! Hopefully, this will direct us in a better direction. :)

The Perfect Palette said...

So happy to hear that you think its perfect :)