February 20, 2009

{A Sweet Romance}: Slate Gray, Plum, Gold + Light Pink

February 20, 2009
{Gray, Plum, Gold + Light Pink}

Deanna's wedding is in June of this year, and get this... she still hasnt determined a color palette! This truly disturbs me :) Anyhow... Deanna went on to tell me that she wanted her wedding to be very romantic and timeless. She also mentioned that she loved the idea of using lavendars, grays, accented by soft pinks but had also considered more of a champagne color scheme because she feared that the gray scheme would look too wintery.

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In my design, I gave Deanna a color palette that is perfect for her summer soiree. Slate gray, plum, champagne, softened by pinks & even a touch of gold here and there-this color palette is truly charming and definitely timeless.

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Anonymous said...

I love the dress, can anyone tell me were it's from??